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  1. Specialised Cover on my Bailey Valencia. Easy to fit & keeps the front clean & could well stop damage to front of caravan. You need to ensure the front of caravan is clean before fitting to stop possible abrasion.
  2. You say you tripped the mains out, if it’s the bollard you’re tripping it could be that you have several electrical items switched on & are drawing to much electric? I did this on a site in Norfolk recently, supply was only 10amp.
  3. Hairyspinner


    Could be a Sante Fe, looks like it’s hit the side of something, maybe a truck? If it is a Sante Fe then the weight ratio would be ok. A recent post on here mentioned outfits doing 70+ mph, easy to get into snake if passing a large vehicle at that sort of speed.
  4. Think I would consider using 2 Nemesis locks, a lot less hassle than Alko locks on a twin axle. You would need to check your insurance but the Nemesis appear to have the same security level as the Alko ones. Get the dealer to supply them FOC
  5. Honest John, who is a well respected motoring advise always recommends changing the oil at yearly intervals. I guess if your not going to keep the vehicle for a long period you might service at the manufactures recommend intervals.
  6. You need to go back to your dealer & ask them why the fluid is blue. They may have used a different brand than Alde.
  7. My Valencia used to bubble away in the wardrobe, have the pump set on 2, I spoke to Alde & they said to overfill the header tank by about 10mm, solved the problem, hasn’t caused it to overflow when hot. I run mine at night on 1kw, find this tends to stop the system switching on & off as it takes longer to heat. I don’t think bleeding will make any difference as you said it was the header tank that was noisy. A great system, wouldn’t want to go back to blown air.
  8. What with pot holes, so called traffic calming(more like traffic jam makers) speed bumps, these must all contribute to shaking our vehicles & caravans to bits. Broken springs, damaged tyres. I hit a kerb a couple of years back that marked the protruding edge of traffic calming, combination of unpainted kerbs, low sun on a wet road. Tyre instantly deflated, fortunately the rim was ok, still expensive though on a 4x4. I guess there is a need for these safety measures, maybe it needs vehicles to have speed limiters on them, I don’t like the idea though, any other suggestions?
  9. My Sorento does, I leave it on auto & adjust the temperature as necessary. Vauxhall used to say to get a rapid cool down switch to recirc then turn off once cold enough. I used recirc coming back from Sheringham last Sunday, muppets had decided to tar & grit the A47 near Kings Lynn, thought something was on fire as I approached as there was so much dust in the air!
  10. There’s another recent post about tow bars, see: Tow bar fitting company Hope this helps.
  11. I recently had a tow bar fitted by Towbars For 2U, thought I was getting a Witter bar but got one of a different make. The removable ball is fitted from underneath, (Witter goes in horizontally). goes up ok & nice & neat as hardly anything shows when the ball is removed, the 13 pin socket swings up virtually out of site. The break away cable is a bit tricky to attach. The fitter paired.the 2 earth wires together even though the cables were long enough to go to the chosen earth point, got that changed as had problems in this area a few years ago. Also, on my 2014 Sorento the rear bumper should have been removed enabling a crash bar across the rear of the car to be removed, not required with a tow. bar, hit it with a hammer to bend out of the way. Cost was just over £500, fitted at my home. Was quoted another £200 for an intergrated wiring harness but as my car doesn’t have a canbus type of harness I didn’t go for that. I wouldn’t have another bar fitted by them, can’t complain about the service as it was good.
  12. Is the caravan/fridge level? Sometimes fridges will work on electric & not cool properly on gas.
  13. When you you go from a paper licence to photo ID, it's a good idea to photo copy your licence before sending it to the DVLA, check thoroughly when the new photo licence arrives that all previous classes are still retained. Ive been waiting for nearly 3 months for DVLA to send my licence after having the D4 medical(my doctor charged £90). Seems DVLA weren't happy with one part of it, sent it back to my doctors who only returned it after me finding out they were holding it up. I must say that I've found DVLA very helpful when calling them, they said I was ok to drive whilst they sorted out the medical form.
  14. Re the wiring of the car 13 pin socket, I've just had a tow bar fitted to my Sorento, the fitter snap locked the 2 earths together even though both wires were long enough to go to the chosen earthing point. I changed it after he went, didn't say anything at the time as the fitter was getting very grumpy, he hadn't removed the rear lower bumper which caused fitting problems, all ok now. I'd had problems a few years ago when the fridge didn't work on electric when towing, I got the tow bar fitter to come back, he then put seperate earths - pins 11 & 13 - as it should be.
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