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  1. Hi Brian. A year or so on. I have just acquired a 530 D Auto and the pins are actually not there. Do you know if these are available and if so where from? I’ve spoken to my local approved towbar fitter and they say that they can’t get hold of the actual bmw sockets with 13 pins so they can’t replace the existing one. Any suggestions appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Hi guys and gals. ive Just acquired a 2011 530D with an electrically retractable towbar. As discussed above, the frig supply isn’t wired, although the ATC is. I’ve been to a local reputable towbar company who say that they can’t obtain the bmw one that sits in the towbar itsef and there aren’t any pins in the holes to connect to. It’s easy to get the relay and wiring etc but can anyone please advise a source of the socket with screwed connections in the back. Thanks
  3. Have you spoken to the Caravan club ? If they won’t insure you, I doubt that you would get Red Penant with them either. Your caravan and car have to be Suitably maintained and in roadworthy condition in their small print. It’s your choice whether or not you insure when travelling to Europe ( red Penant is insurance and breakdown/repatriation combined),. Your car insurance would cover you third party I believe but I’d check with your insurer whether the green card would also cover the van abroad. I believe some do and others don’t.
  4. It would be interesting to compare instability incidents of the two countries but I don’t believe such records exist. For Tom. Your point regarding the ATC system not being legal . ..do you mean not a legal requirement? Also regardless of type of towedtrailer, it’s irrelevant what type of trailer as the rules are the same. There’s the risk management aspect that the driver considers when towing but this choice still has to sit within the mganufacturers maximum allowances plus the driver’s licence allowance. Im not criticising just looking to clarify. As a further example, my medium sized Ford Kuga has a kerbweight of 1613 kg with lots of electronically based protective bells and whistles to aid stability. My caravan also has ATC, which is very reassuring. Ford allocate up to 2000kg allowable towing weight but to be honest, although I tow at about 92%,I wouldn’t go anywhere near the maximum on normal roads at anywhere near permitted National speed limits.
  5. Absolute and utter tosh. Tell your story to those overturned vans on the motorways, particularly around Bristol on the M5. Ill guarantee that although nowhere near 100 mph speed was a factor. Maybe not the whole story but certainly a factor. I tow at/about 90% most of the time after many years so no,I’m not anti experienced caravanners doing it. Read Bristol University’s stability research if you want more proof.
  6. I often wonder why people bring this old chestnut up repeatedly. If you’re competent, knowledgeable and sufficiently confident to ignore the guidance then just do so. No one will argue with you. It’s your choice. However, for someone just starting out towing, I see no reason why they shouldn’t receive some form of guidance as to weights, loading, speeds, types of suitable tow vehicle etc. . The manufacturers limits are just that and as someone above said, they take no account whatsoever of type of trailer. As for those who take towing to over 100 mph, they’re normally expert drivers trained and experienced to do it in track conditions.
  7. Are you sure they haven’t paid over the phone?
  8. Hi Did you see any Kampa poled annexes. ? They seem to be like rocking horse muck at present. Dealers with whom I’ve spoken still don’t seem to know when they’ll have them in. Air annexes no problem.
  9. I would try carefully drilling two 1/8th inch holes in the clear plastic on the underside. The water will drain naturally and I doubt that you’ll get the problem reoccurring. If the bulb hasn’t gone, I’d leave it for now. As someone above said, you carefully squeeze the two ends of the fitting and it should unclip but if it has hardened it might crack. if you do get excessive condensation, you could dry it with a hair drier then apply clear tape over the holes, but I think it will be ok without.
  10. We decided to stick with two berth about 6 years ago but then along came the grand children so we reverted. Must admit that the dinette is lovely if one of us wants a lye in. Towing a smaller caravan didn’t make a whole lot of distance.
  11. If you purchase Corelle, don't bother with the mugs. They are not of the same material, merely made to look something like. We used melamine successfully for more years than I can remember and have handed it down now when we bought our Corelle. Just wish we had bought it years ago. We use simple white china mugs for hot drinks.
  12. It was so secret that the membership, who had apparently been consulted, didn't know either lol
  13. . ..and those with kids, barbecues, cycles, friends, opinions . .. etc Who cares at HQ. When I read the committees' response to a members question about the caravanners of the year fiasco, I gave up trying to find influence our members club. There are benefits including travel and insurance but the running of the club by the present hierarchy seems somewhat 'odd' to say the least. I send to defend the club to all but I'm afraid no longer. They just don't care any more. Imho. I wander in from time to time but it's thevsame old same old aim afraid. Locking discussions seems to have become prevalent now . .. or is it my incompetence as a wrinkly. I would hope dear chap that you would forego a part of your pitch in order to not bespoil the alternative caravanners stay.
  14. It was so secret that the membership, who had apparently been consulted, didn't know either lol What about the barbecue era and the under 5s cycling clubs. Come on now let's be inclusive in this brave new exciting adventure. . ..and those with kids, barbecues, cycles, friends, opinions . .. etc
  15. Back in the day I also had a Corniche 14/4 EB with an aluminium (Syspal?) chassis. It also sat very low and I often found sods of grass from rally fields.
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