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  1. If you go to "Caravan Accessories & Equipment", scroll down to "Caravan Water", the very first post is titled "Length of waste pipe needed on a serviced pitch?" Click that and the third post is by Flying Tog. He includes a link to his very excellent Caravan Chronicles post about his set up for the very thing you're asking. Have a read of that, I'm sure you will be impressed. I've been using his idea since 2013 and haven't been caught out yet.
  2. While I agree with just about everything you've posted, I merely asked the question because I didn't know if a new learner driver was LEGALLY obliged to have a certain number of lessons with a qualified driving instructor, as my friends wife had been told that she did. I also asked the question about supervising qualified drivers remaining under the alcohol limit because I had asked the same question of a serving police officer, (many years ago), and he didn't know the answer. (This WAS just after the breathalyser had been introduced in Britain.) Both questions were asked simply out of curiosity.
  3. New motor mover is working well. They couldn't find any problems with the electric water heater or the pump. They did find a fault notification on the heater panel, but they reset that and everything seems to be working normally, (just back from a week in Plough Lane Chippenham).
  4. You did exactly the same as me JCCD. Perhaps we'll both go to hell together!!
  5. Our local dealer, (Newport Caravans) has always been a Swift dealer. For some reason. they have now decided to become Coachman dealers. (We were in there last week). They did however confirm that they will still be looking after all previous caravans bought from them regardless of make. Ours is a Sprite Major, mid washroom and free standing bed. Suits us, but as others have said, find which one suits YOU best and go with that one.
  6. An old one but STILL a true one Andy. As an aside, I went out this morning to try to fill up my car as we're off to Chippenham this weekend, (the wonderful Plough Lane site again). I left the house at around 11:30 am and returned with a full tank at around 12:00 midday, (£29:52p's worth). Drove straight to the filling station,(supermarket filling station), waited for the bloke in front of me to finish filling his tank, drove forward, filled tank, (pay at the pump, limited to £30), and drove back home. This was in Newport, no problem and no queues. Why are things so chaotic elsewhere? My friends daughter used the same station on Friday evening and also had no problems, wonder why?
  7. Go to ReggiePerrins link, fill in the details, (including the year of manufacture) and you will be shown a design of wheel. If yours is the same as the one shown, it will tell you which insert you need. You can then try EBay to see if there's one for sale. Yours seems to be either a No 2 or a No 19 depending on year. Both are available on Ebay at the moment.
  8. Had nothing yet regarding Covid booster or flu jabs, (I'm 71, Mrs is a mere stripling of 68). I'm currently taking part in a drug trial with the local hospital and am due to get my next drug trial jab on 13th Oct. The nurse told me that if I'm offered my Covid booster, I should rearrange my drug trial and take the booster. I'm not supposed to have the booster within 5 days of the drug trial, (either before or after).
  9. The thing I find really annoying is the media hyping this up into a "crisis"which causes the usual panic buying. I watched the local news on TV last night which ended with the quick roundup of the headlines. The newsreader said, "It looks like the panic buying has calmed down with local garages saying the there are no queues". (South Wales). Great I thought. Woke up this morning to hear Nicky Campbell on Radio 5live whiterring on about the "fuel crisis" and how the government were training up the armed services to deliver fuel and how people were still panic buying. It really doesn't help when so called responsible reporters inflame the public by continuing to refer to the "crisis". I tried to call the BBC phone line in order to explain to Mr Campbell that there is no fuel crisis, it's simply a shortage of delivery drivers. I couldn't get through. Wonder why?
  10. Thanks for that L.E. you were one of the ones I was thinking about when I mentioned 'knowledge of the law'. As an aside, I guess that the supervising driver must also be below the drink/drive limit? (A question that I asked a police officer 20+ years ago and he told me that he wasn't sure!!) P.S. Thanks to everybody who took the trouble to reply. Me? Buy her some lessons?? Let her husband pay for them! He bought her the car!!
  11. Hi people, genuine question as my friends wife has just got her first car and is learning to drive. Is she required by law to have a certain number of lessons under the supervision of a professional driving instructor, or can she learn by just having full licence drivers sitting alongside her? She was told by "a friend at work" that she legally has to have a certain number of lessons with a professional driving instructor before she can apply for her test. I told her that I'd ask on here as there are a lot of members with FAR more knowledge of the law than me.
  12. As my Mrs said yesterday, "The same muppets who've STILL got a room full of toilet rolls". I do remember, many years ago when I was still working and we had the last "fuel crisis". my mate and myself were filling up at a fuel station, (B.T. van), when a woman at the next pump said to us, "Does it matter whether I fill up with petrol or diesel?", (she was driving a new Jaguar). We told her "Of course it matters, is yours petrol or diesel?" She replied, "It's my husbands car and it's petrol, but they've run out so I'm going to top it up with diesel!!" We tried to persuade her that she REALLY shouldn't, but she said, "You WOULD say that because you're using diesel and you want to keep it all for yourselves!!" True story. What happened later I don't know, bet her husband was pleased though.
  13. The alarms are tilt activated, indeed, if you leave them on the most sensitive setting, even a strong breeze will set them off!! (I know, it happened to me until I reset the alarm to it's least sensitive setting!)
  14. Townie

    Tow car?

    I would suggest SsangYong Rexton or Korando, ( with the later SsangYongs own engines). Both come in 2 litre or 2.2 litre engines. I've had my 2.0litre Rexton since 2014, (bought brand new) and have only had it MOT'd and serviced annually, no repairs needed so far. The 2.2 litre engines came in around 2016 I think. The 2.0L engine has a towing capacity of 2.5 or 3 tonnes and has never let me down (yet!!) Back seats folded down gives you a huge boot space. Around 30mpg towing our 1450kg caravan and close to 40mpg solo. Worth a look if you can find anything in your price range.
  15. Townie

    So am I evil!

    Alan, It's fine for you to do something about it if you're physically able to confront somebody who has been drinking and is in the "I'm right so what are you going to do about it" mood. As Steven says, why should wardens be responsible for other peoples children? I've luckily had very few encounters with "feral children", but since my heart attack and subsequent triple bypass, i've had to try to ignore potential situations where drunken idiots might just take offence at anything said by normal, sensible people, hence, I tend to use adult only sites wherever possible.
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