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  1. It's probably going to be the same at any British tourist destination. I believe there have been similar sentiments expressed in certain English tourist beach areas, in Scotland about English tourists, and some signs were shown in Wales regarding tourists. The reason it happened in Wales was because us Welsh were restricted to 5 miles travelling, (relaxed today thank heavens). I'm sure that MOST English, Welsh and Scots welcome the influx of tourism, the people behind the signs are in the minority. (Although I can never understand the desire to travel somewhere the instant it becomes available.)
  2. Are you saying that the DVLA doesn't send out reminders? I was 70 in January this year and the DVLA sent me a reminder to reapply for my licence.
  3. You sound like Donald Trump. To quote the President on Weds 1st July, "I think we are going to be very good with the coronavirus. I think that, at some point, that's going to sort of just disappear, I hope."
  4. Steve, You started your original post with "Would anyone have any experience OR THOUGHTS on the Dyson cooler/purifiers for cooling a caravan....." Andy replied with his thoughts that it was "ludicrously expensive" and that it wasn't in fact a cooling unit, it was just a fan. (I'm glad he pointed out the second fact, because I was under the impression that it WAS a form of air conditioner, but thats just me.) I don't know why you seem to have taken such exception to his posts given that you asked for "experience or thoughts". Simply say "thanks for your opinions" and move on.
  5. Battery charged for 72 hours, refitted to the car and still sounding a bit "flat". Ordered a new one from Tayna and it arrived 48 hours later, (despite being told by the website that it might take longer due to Covid). £89:44 delivered. Would love to Lee, but the car is parked on the road outside the house, so the lead would need to cross the public footpath.. Thanks for all the help and suggestions, Mike.
  6. If you look at the tracker, it should show the voltage on there. If you want to access all the remote access options, you will need to leave the control panel on, (which will flatten the battery!) You can check the caravan battery state of charge by going into Swift Command, clicking on your vehicle, (caravan), then click 'remote access', then click 'history' followed by 'date'. You then have the options "today", "yesterday", " last 7 days", "month to date"etc. Click on one of these, then click "Download", when the "Create" button turns blue, press it and your battery voltage will be shown for the chosen dates. (Full remote access is really only for use if you have the mains connected to the caravan permanently or when it's on site.)
  7. If you have Swift Command installed on your caravan and you have activated it, (paid Sargent ), they actively monitor the caravan and call you if the alarm is set off. You can also install Swift Command on your computer where you can check the caravans location. It tells you if the alarm is armed and also if it has been triggered. It also shows the leisure battery voltage. (i'm assuming that you have a Swift Challenger not a Shift Challenger.)
  8. As your caravan is a 2019 model, I'm assuming that you have a 100 watt panel factory fitted. Ours is a 2017 model and the panel has kept the battery fully charged, (used the mover in June 2019 to take the caravan for its service), even throughout the winter months, and with the Swift Command system, alarm and tracker running. Ours was only used for the start of the 2019 season, then I had a heart attack and subsequent bypass surgery which prevented us using it. We were going to start caravanning again in March, but along came Covid. Provided that your battery is in good condition and the caravan is stored in sunlight, you'll probably be OK. You can always check the battery reading remotely via Swift Command. Hope this helps.
  9. As of this morning, (21/6/20), the number of deaths worldwide is said to be 456,726 with 8.54 million confirmed cases. According to the link posted by Gordon, there have been 42.5k deaths in the UK out of 7.7million tests.
  10. I've got a Nemesis. The Alko receiver was fitted to the caravan, but the lozenge was £300+ and there was a 4 week minimum waiting list. The Nemesis was on offer, so I bought it. Easy to fit, and it satisfies the insurance requirements.
  11. Thanks again guys. Checked Tayna and the exact same battery for my car, (Yuasa) is £83:89 delivered or £99:75 delivered from Amazon. Pays to shop around. Thanks.
  12. I had an L200 and I used the Milenco Aeros which I still use on my SsangYong Rexton W. Mine was a 2012 model, so I don't know if the mirrors on the L200 are the same.
  13. Thanks for the replies. I'll leave it on charge for today and refit it tonight, (wifes car in for MOT tomorrow). When her car comes back, I'll put my battery back on charge for a solid 48 hours and see what happens.
  14. As said, my car battery is starting to fade. It's been standing since lockdown started and only being used to move the car out of my Mrs way, once a week. (I'm "at risk", over 70 and a bypass op last August), so she does the weekly shop. I gave it a full charge at the start of lockdown, 3 days on my CTEK MSX 5.0 charger. When I started my car this morning, it was very sluggish, so I've got it back on charge today. The battery came with the car, brand new in September 2014, so it's almost 6 years old now. The existing battery is a Delkor Calcium battery, 90AH, 160 MIN, 710CCA, MF90. If it is on it's way out, any recommendations for a good one? Car is a SsangYong Rexton W 2.0 litre diesel. Thanks in advance, Mike.
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