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  1. Yep. emailed them on 15th of Jan, still heard nothing.
  2. Received my recall letter this morning, (2017 Sprite Major). Booked for week commencing 27/1/20. Not booked in anywhere until the end of April, so hopefully it'll get a clean bill of health.
  3. Have a great time Babs, I'm sure you will.
  4. Get your health sorted first, you'll enjoy your holiday much more when you're feeling better!
  5. Been off caravanning since my heart attack and subsequent bypass operation last July/August. Were given the "all clear" after cardio rehab last Wednesday (8th). Ready to start caravanning again soon.
  6. Mine is the first model of the Rexton W, which is the first one with the SsangYong engine, (as opposed to the older Mercedes engine). It's "only" a 2 litre, (the newer models have 2.2 litre engines). I've yet to meet anybody who criticises its abilities as a tow car. When they first came out there was a huge amount of "badge snobbery" about them, (like Skodas when they were first released and the Dacia range today), with people criticising them without ever even seeing one. As I've said, as a tow car I'm sure that you'd be more than happy with one, it's the third row of seats which I think you'd struggle with.
  7. I've got a Rexton which you mention. Can I suggest that you check the third row of seats as I think they would only be of any use for quite young children, and certainly NOT for adults. That said, ours is now 5 years old and it tows brilliantly, (1450kg caravan), has masses of room and I'll quite happily drive it until it falls apart. (Not for quite a few years yet, fingers crossed!) Maybe the Turismo would be a better choice as I believe the third row of seats are more "adult friendly".
  8. Fred Drift again! The OP, (humberflyer), only wanted recommendations for towbar fitters and whether to have detachable or fixed, NOT to discuss his choice of tow car.
  9. As others have said, if it came with the 'van, I'd pass it on to the new owner, apart from the hitchlock which will fit almost any other ALKO hitch. The wheel lock lozenge is specific to the type of wheel on your 'van, so I would pass it on. Anything that you've bought separately from the 'van, I'd keep.
  10. Sorry you're leaving caravanning AJ, but don't leave the forum. I know you say that you'll feel envious of us, but just think of the wealth of experience you have, it would be a shame not to share it! I haven't caravanned since May this year, (heart attack and bypass surgery), but I'm already looking forward to next year! Good luck with whatever hobbies you take up, but keep posting on here. Mike.
  11. Ah the Ford Popular 100E. My first car. Changed the cylinder head gasket in about one hour. Unbolt the head, take off the old gasket, clean all the surfaces, replace the gasket and head, bolt it down in sequence, torque the bolts and away you go. Starter motor, 2 bolts and the electrical connection, 20 mins. A special mention for the ingenious vacuum wipers, climbing up a hill and they slowed right down until they eventually stopped. Coasting down the other side of the hill and they suddenly became active again, slamming back and forth at such a rate that they eventually flew off unless you got to the speed control before that happened. Such joy and I learned a HUGE amount about cars on that one.
  12. Worse car ever was a Saab Aeroback Estate on a 56 plate, (yes that new). The engine management light kept coming on, the electric mirrors stopped working, the lights stopped working, the engine dropped into "limp" mode and finally the alternator stopped charging the battery when it was 4 weeks out of warranty. I had the alternator rebuilt at an auto electricians, drove it 10 miles to the nearest dealer and changed it for a Kia Sportage. The Saab was a beautiful car to sit in and drive (when it was going), but it kept breaking down. Must have been a "Friday afternoon" car.
  13. How old is the caravan? Ours is 2 years old now and has been back to the dealers twice to sort out alarm problems, both under warranty. It's also worth giving Sargeant, (the alarm manufacturers) a ring, they are very helpful and they will liaise with the dealer to sort your problem out.
  14. Hi ColonelMoutarde, I have no legal training so I won't even comment on your legal standing in this case. I have a little training in newly built estates where covenants are placed on properties. These are USUALLY in force while the estate is under construction. After the estate is completed, it is adopted by the local council and it becomes THEIR responsibility. Many don't bother with enforcing the covenant. It might be worth a phone call to the local council to see if they do enforce such a covenant, or if it lapsed when the estate was finished. We have a regular poster on here called "Legal Eagle", I'm sure they will be along soon to offer their advice and what steps you can take to protect yourself. We posted at the same time! I guessed that you would be along to offer your excellent advice! Regards, Mike.
  15. One or two cups over a fortnight?????? That's an hours worth for me!!!
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