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  1. Had a phone call yesterday afternoon, (Weds 28th), "We can see you've got an appointment for your second jab on Friday 30th, can you possibly come in this afternoon as we've had a "no show" and we don't want to waste a jab." As I live 80 yards from the surgery, I put my boots on and walked there. Doctor was waiting inside the door and she led me into the consultation room. Quick check to see if I'd had any reaction to the first jab, needle in the arm, information added to my card and a very big thank you for coming in at short notice. Returned home and the kettle hadn't even finished boiling f
  2. Maybe try contacting the local council roadworks dept, after all, they put it onto the road, maybe they've got a method of removing it from cars.
  3. Behave responsibly? Highly unlikely if the weekends scenes of London streets are anything to go by Gordon.
  4. As an emergency filler, cut the bottom off a 2 litre plastic bottle of beer, cider, soft drinks and use it as a funnel. Works for me.
  5. My second jab is due on 26th April. I trusted them to cut my chest open and operate on my heart 18 months ago, I think I'll trust them again this time.
  6. Raise them?? He really IS "rusty"!!!
  7. I have a friend who is still convinced that man hasn't been to the moon. He's convinced that it was all staged in a studio in the States somewhere.
  8. Yes, my Mrs had her second Pfizer jab last Thursday, (along with her twin sister), and they're both fine. Slight bruising around the injection site, but no other reactions.
  9. Thanks for letting us know the outcome Paul R T
  10. Update. My Mrs received the letter in the post inviting her for her second jab on 17th March.
  11. Very strange. Sister-in-law had her first jab on 11th Feb at the same time as my Mrs, (they're twins, 67 years old. Both had it at the Newport Centre vaccination centre). SIL has just rung and she's had a letter this morning offering her second jab on 17th Mar, (she rang them and checked, it IS for her second jab). Just waiting for our post to see if my Mrs gets a similar letter today. I had my first jab at my surgery on 8th Feb and have been given an appointment for my second jab on 26th April, (I'm 71). Strange or what?
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