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  1. We have a factory installed 100w panel installed on our Sprite Major (2017). It's kept the battery charged for the last 18months or so since we've had it, even with a tracker on permanently. It also keeps the battery charged enough to use the caravan mover when we need it. (P.S. It hasn't been used much on EHU this season due to my heart attack and subsequent bypass operation.)
  2. Maybe a photo of the problem would help?
  3. Alko hitchlock, 30 seconds to fit. Nemesis Ultra wheel lock 30 seconds. Insurance requirements complied with. If I don't fit them, they're only rattling around in the back of the car. (I would have bought the Alko wheel lozenge, (receiver fitted), but the lozenge was £250 and it had a 3 month waiting list and the Nemesis was half the price plus the dealer fitted the receiver during the pre sale inspection.)
  4. Trying to get the British government to push ANY legislation through "in record time" is doomed to failure I'm afraid.
  5. It would help if you told us what make, model and year of caravan you have. Then anybody who has or has had one can help you.
  6. One more thing, ALWAYS make sure that the cap is firmly on the peppercorns!! Maybe not high up the list but we were still finding the odd peppercorn when we changed the caravan 3 years after "the event"!!
  7. Ah, the Practica! Excellent solid camera. As one photo reviewer said, "The ideal camera. You can take it to a wedding, photograph the bride. Photograph the reception and when it gets rowdy, use it as a club to defend yourself and then photograph the ambulance when it takes away the injured revellers." I had two and learned a huge amount about the basics of photography.
  8. Thanks for the update. Glad you got it sorted.
  9. Can you unplug the caravan microwave and take it home, plug it in there and see if it trips the circuit breaker at home. That way, at least you'll identify the microwave as the faulty item.
  10. For goodness' sake people! Surely ANYBODY who has a need to tell anybody about something as serious as a heart condition will find out the relevant information from the insurers/DVLA/medical authorities, and not simply ignore it because "somebody on a website that I use said it would be OK"...........would they? Surely the OP, (Tintaglia), was just asking for our (elderly) experiences of medical conditions. Lets not start zimmer frame wars.
  11. Sound like a loose connection. The old 7 pin plugs were prone to loose/dirty connections, but the new 13 pin plugs are very much better. As Bolingbroke has suggested, check the tightness of the screw connections.
  12. Shame that this didn't happen in Honolulu. He would have been exonerated and she would have been fined. Read my post, "Honolulu", posted in the Social Club section on Oct 26 2017. (I'd post a link but I'm a techno dummy and don't know how to do it.)
  13. We've been with our storage site since I started caravanning in 1992ish. They've never asked for insurance details, but they can have them if they want them.
  14. Mine is on a Rexton. As soon as I insert the plug, the ATC activates with the ignition off. It was the same with my previous Mitsubishi L200 and the Kia Sportage before that. (Rexton was wired by the SsangYong dealer, L200 wired by the Mitsubishi dealer and the Kia was converted from 7pin to 13 pin by an independent tow bar fitter, (Bank Farm Trailers))
  15. New type Rexton owner here. 4 years old and still towing well. Mines a 2 litre manual with a maximum trailer weight of 3 tonnes. The newer version is a 2.2litre, so it should be even better. Previously I had a Mitsubishi L200 which I changed because it was too lively with an empty load bed, (2.5litre manual with a 5 speed box). Before that I towed with a Mitsubishi Pajero, (import version of the Shogun). Absolutely bulletproof engine and gearbox which will pull your house down! Incredible tow car BUT you'll need a fuel tanker following you, they are THAT thirsty! Best I got was 25mpg on a motorway run with a very light right foot, (solo). Best I got towing was 17mpg. Sufficient to say that my next car, (if I ever get one), will be another Rexton, (probably an automatic).
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