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  1. New type Rexton owner here. 4 years old and still towing well. Mines a 2 litre manual with a maximum trailer weight of 3 tonnes. The newer version is a 2.2litre, so it should be even better. Previously I had a Mitsubishi L200 which I changed because it was too lively with an empty load bed, (2.5litre manual with a 5 speed box). Before that I towed with a Mitsubishi Pajero, (import version of the Shogun). Absolutely bulletproof engine and gearbox which will pull your house down! Incredible tow car BUT you'll need a fuel tanker following you, they are THAT thirsty! Best I got was 25mpg on a motorway run with a very light right foot, (solo). Best I got towing was 17mpg. Sufficient to say that my next car, (if I ever get one), will be another Rexton, (probably an automatic).
  2. Where can I get one of these please? When I give mine the map and ask "Which way now?" Her reply is ALWAYS, "OK, where are we?"
  3. 2 years ago, (me 67 wife 64), Aviva renewal was £700+ for both cars, (mine SsangYong Rexton 2.0L, hers BMW1 series 2.0L). A few phone calls and the price dropped to £450 for both with Saga. They had been consistently been the highest quotes in previous years, refusing to price match. I accepted their quote and last years renewal quote was the lowest so we stayed with them. This year (Feb 2019) their price had risen, so a few calls and I got a quote for around £150 cheaper. A phone call to them and they agreed to price match so, we stayed with Saga. (TV money expert Martin Lewis suggests checking renewal prices one month before it's due. Don't know why.)
  4. What type of pipe do you use to drain the water from your outlet? When we used to use the corrugated type, it sometimes used to lie flat on the ground and create a sort of "U" bend which backed up the water in the shower tray, (and even in the wash basin and kitchen sinks). Since we've been using straight pipe with a gentle fall, we've had no backing up in the shower tray. Just a thought.
  5. Looks like a few months of training is in order!!
  6. Townie

    South Wales

    We stayed there about 2 years ago. Very nice site and well looked after. Easy drive into the retail park by Parc Y Scarlets rugby stadium which has all the usual retail outlets. Plenty to visit in the area including Pembrey sands, the Gower peninsular and don't forget the National Botanic Gardens of Wales. Use the route suggested by Les, (I think its the A483, A470 and then the A483 again), easy drive, even with the caravan. Mike.
  7. If I'm travelling alone, I check the brake lights by pressing the brake pedal, but by the time I've run around to the back of the caravan the lights have gone out! Is this a fault?
  8. I've noticed recent TV ads for an insurance company which claims that it will keep it's premiums the same whether you are a new customer or a renewing customer. (Can't remember which company.)
  9. We have a 2017 Sprite complete with Swift Command. We use serviced pitches, and the way we connect the water is as follows. On site stand pipe is connected to the Aquaroll (other makes available). There is some kind of ball cock inside that turns the water off when it is full. The water connection from the caravan is placed into the Aquaroll. The water pump control switch is turned on in the caravan. The system in the caravan charges itself and, when it is fully charged, the pump stops until the tap is turned on again. The "fully serviced" part of the site means that you don't have to refill the Aquaroll while on site. The connection instructions are contained in the "quick start" handbook that comes with the caravan. If you are talking about the other type of system which connects to the caravan without the need for an Aquaroll, I've never used that type. Doubtless an expert will be along shortly to fill you in on that type of system. Hope this helps, Mike.
  10. Ours was an ASDA 24" with a built in DVD player. Bought around 5 years ago. Arrive on site, retune to local TV stations, done. Never let us down (so far). It cost around £100 if I remember right. It's 240v only, so you need to be on electric hook-up. If you need a 12v TV for use without electric hook-up, I'm sure somebody else will be along to help you soon.
  11. Thanks for the link Easy T. Mines £298 on Amazon but have found one for £130, (full set inc bag) on eBay, £25 postage though. I'll stick with my Purpleline wheel clamp.
  12. We were with Caravanguard, but their quote at renewal time had climbed by £200. A few phone calls gave the best quote from C&CC. I called Caravanguard and explained that I'd had a better quote. They refused to price match. We are now with C&CC which, when renewal time came last year, renewed at exactly the same price as the previous year. Similar case with motor insurance this month. Renewal quote (Saga), increased by £200 (is this a default rise?). A few calls got it for considerably less, and a call to Saga saying "We won't be renewing" led to them price matching. Always ring around. It's only a few pence for a phone call and it can save you literally £ Hundreds.
  13. We've got the Sprite Major 4 EB. For us it's the perfect layout. End bed. Sliding access door to the toilet from either side of the bed so no climbing over each other during the night. We leave the kitchen door open in the night and leave a childs night light on in the bathroom. There's only us with no dogs. As I've said, it's perfect for us, but everybody different.
  14. Exactly what I was told by my Post Office instructor when I was being taught to tow 50+ years ago. "Don't trust your mate to hitch the trailer. YOU are the driver, YOU are responsible for making sure it's safe. It's YOUR licence at risk".
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