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  1. Shows much of the same as the old one, but it does give the outside temperature as -273! If thats degrees Centigrade, I believe that is absolute zero!
  2. I bet you believe everything they promise on party political broadcasts as well!
  3. Until the OP returns and makes it plain exactly what he is asking, we're all just guessing what he meant. Over to you Jay.
  4. Looks like our law abiding friends from the traveller community are being "victimised" again. When 100+ of them attended the wake of one of their own, the police broke up the "party" where "some" were consuming alcohol and got angry when they were told that they were breaking Covid regulations. 42 of them were fined £200 each and one person was arrested for "an unrelated theft"! (Evening Standard, Anthony France, 15/1/21, 8:42pm.) Wonder how many of them will actually pay the fine?
  5. I do the annual "insurance dance" for all the major renewals, cars, house and caravan. Every year after I turned 60. I tried Saga and it was always much more expensive that any of the others, then, around 4 years ago, they suddenly became one of the cheapest, don't know why, nothing had changed, same cars, same address and the same annual mileage. I did try NFU after receiving a mail shot from them, sent to my address by them. When I asked for a quote, they declined because, in their own words, "you aren't rural enough". When I pointed out that they had sent the mail shot to my address, they m
  6. A new coronavirus variant has been found in four travellers from Brazils Amazonas state according to Japans Health Ministry. Why on earth are people STILL being allowed to travel? (Reuters, 10/1/21, 9:13am GMT).
  7. My next door neighbour was in hospital in March 2020 for a cancer operation, (successful thank heavens), and he contracted Covid while in there. After several weeks he was allowed to return home, and he has been fine ever since. Speaking to him over the garden fence, he said that he had no symptoms and wouldn't have known he had it if it hadn't been for the positive test in hospital.
  8. We've also got a Sprite Major 4EB which has a mid washroom so if one of you gets up for a night time visit, it can be done without disturbing the other. The bed is not massively long, and some have said that they find it a bit on the short side, (with both of us being 5'8" tall it's fine for us). Single axle and it weighs in around 1435kg.
  9. I read it on Yahoo! news on the internet, where they took it from is referenced in my post.
  10. High Street pharmacies will start to offer shots of the Oxford/AstraZeneca covid vaccine next week as part of the Governments push to immunise more than 13 million of the countries most vulnerable people in the UK before mid February. (The Guardian, Ian Sample and Denis Campbell, 6/1/21, 8:13pm GMT) Sooner the better!
  11. I would hope so David, but you know what "celebrities" are like, we're all equal, but some are more equal than others. (Usually government "officials".)
  12. Or the Scilly Isles. On the news today, the only area of England still in tier 1, they haven't had a new case of Covid since September. (PA News, Edd Dracott 30/12/20 9:16pm GMT). They are now worried that "selfish people" will try to holiday on the islands to escape lockdown.
  13. In 2019 I trusted the NHS to cut my chest open and to operate on my heart. Will I trust them to stick a needle in my arm? I think so.
  14. Speaking to my next door neighbour who is an NHS doctor of psychology, you are totally correct joanie. She's even been told that she might have to go on ward duties in the near future.
  15. It will work.........IF everybody obeys the rules. If people continue "bending" the rules to suit themselves, it won't.
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