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  1. Having just gone through my old Amazon orders, I find that my RX-10 camera was "inspected, tested and cleaned by Amazon-qualified suppliers". My apologies to to everybody for my inability to understand.
  2. Oh dear Steve, at least one of the aforementioned cameras was serviced by Amazon technicians. Does that contradict myself?
  3. Not necessarily GPS, the last two cameras that I've bought from Amazon have both been pre owned and serviced items, a Canon 1100D and a Sony LX-10.
  4. Do you know if this was how the caravan was wired by the manufacturer? It's possible that these items were redone by the previous owner, for example, we had a mains plug point fitted in the washroom of our previous caravan by a previous DIY owner. Our servicing agent, (Newport Caravans), informed us and disconnected it at the first service because it was dangerous for it to be in the washroom. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has absolutely no say in what is done to the caravan once its handed over to the customer.
  5. Lutz, if YOU want to exceed the manufacturers towing limit, go ahead. I'm sure that YOUR insurer will be interested. My advice remains the same, do not exceed the MANUFACTURERS towing limit.
  6. If your car has a stated MANUFACTURERS limit of 1200kg, you must not exceed it. The manufacturer gives this limit due to various parameters such as the chassis strength, engine power, braking power etc. If you exceed this, you will invalidate your insurance. The TOWING limit should be printed on the V5 and should not be exceeded.
  7. From its website, (still under construction), it appears to be a new company who are trying to sell British made caravans to the Australian market due to their lighter weight and ability to be towed by smaller vehicles. Is this the company you mean william212?
  8. Thanks for the info Guzzilazz. We get Wales/West Country/Midlands here as our local news.
  9. Could these fools have contributed to the "significant outbreak of Covid-19" at Cranswick Country Foods at Watton, Norfolk, where 140 employees have tested positive? (Yahoo! News. 26/10/20).
  10. Maybe it was because they were driving in "the early hours"? Plus, your journey sounds as if it was genuinely "essential" John. I don't know.
  11. A family who travelled for 5 hours from Sussex to Wales were stopped and "escorted out of the county" by the police. The family were stopped on the A40 at Whitland in Carmarthenshire in the early hours of Friday, (October 23) and were escorted out of the county as the police said their journey was "non-essential". I'm sure that we'll have the usual complaints about this incident, especially as the lockdown didn't actually start until 6pm on Friday, but the question remains, why were this family entering Wales when the lockdown was due to start on that very day? There's no explanation fo
  12. I don't really see the problem with getting tested!! It was recently reported that Mr Tony Blair, (the ex PM), recently visited the US of A and "was tested before leaving the UK, was tested on arrival at the White House, was tested on arrival back in the UK and has been tested several times since, (all negative)". It seems that you CAN get tested (if you're a VIP) without any problems!! It's only if you're a non VIP that the delays occur. As the old Communist party used to say, we're all equal, it's just that some are more equal than others.
  13. You must stick to the manufacturers guidelines for the towing vehicle. If Vauxhall state that the maximum towing weights are 1000kg braked and 750kg unbraked, you must not exceed these figures. (Caravans are usually braked). The 85% is NOT a rule, it is simply a guideline for inexperienced towers.
  14. Everybody else!! (But never them.) Just like the stupid woman who was interviewed on Durdle Door beach when lockdown was first eased, "We left home at 5.00 AM this morning and drove for 2 hours to get here, but I didn't realise that all these other people would be coming here as well!!"
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