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  1. Tina, please read the report on the internet this morning regarding a driver in Essex who went for a drive because he/she was bored. They came off the road and partially destroyed a metal fence around someones property. The police commented "Us and the ambulance crew are both really busy and don't need extra work". This COULD be you on your non-necessary journey. I'm sure that you and your husband are excellent drivers, but nobody PLANS to have a crash do they?
  2. Meanwhile, There is a report on Yahoo News this morning about a driver in Essex who "went out for a drive because they was bored". They "came off the road" and crashed into a fence. The police statement said "Us and the ambulance crew are both really busy and don't need extra work". I really hope that they give this moron a five year ban. (But he/she'll probably get away with a £60 fine to be paid at £5 a week).
  3. Local Labour party has withdrawn the whip from her and apologised to Boris and his family for her remarks. Whether she will have the decency to resign, we'll just have to wait and see.
  4. But by the end of the evening, they'd drunk so much that they just didn't care.
  5. Unfortunately, that's the problem with (anti)social media. When you're wound up about an event, it's TOO easy just to post something without thinking about it first. There are quite a few people in the media who I really can't stand, but to say that a person who you've probably never even met "deserves to be in ICU with CV" is completely out of order, and this "mayor" should resign immediately. I'm glad to see that the local Labour party has done the decent thing and withdrawn the whip from this idiot, (although, maybe they should have USED the whip on her) and also apologised to Boris and his family on behalf of the Labour party. We can only wait and see if she has the decency to resign.
  6. I received another call from the tracker people yesterday. The caravan alarm has been triggered again. I checked it online (via Swift Command), the alarm has reset itself and the caravan hasn't moved. It's stored amongst around 300 other caravans, so the odds of it being the only one broken into are quite low. I've decided to ignore it, and will take it back to the dealers when they reopen as this seems to happen on a fairly regular basis, the signal drops in and out which sends a false alarm. I normally drive the 10 miles or so to check it, and the rest is always the same, alarm is still on and, when it's disarmed, the caravan just bleeps twice, (normal disarming signal) (I haven't called the police on the 101 helpline to see if I can visit, as I was accused of "wasting police time" by a poster on here when it happened last month.)
  7. We've got a SsangYong Rexton (2014), with SsangYongs own engine, (2.0litre). It's been a great car and easily tows our 1475kg Swift. I would say that although it is a 7 seater, the rearmost seats are only suitable for small children. I would say that adults or teenagers are a definite no.
  8. Don't see THAT happening, We can't even keep PEOPLE indoors, and they know WHY we're being asked to stay there!
  9. Sorry Albert, but if this story IS true, (and not just a misstest,) then it is quite a worrying occurrence.
  10. Please DON'T "retreat back into your shell". You've done a very brave thing by revealing your depression and anxiety. SOME of us on here have been through similar things, (me), and are ready to offer support, even if you only want to mention it in passing. I responded to show that what some people smile about is deadly serious to others. No offence meant personally towards you.
  11. Gordon, this story was not copied from a local news site, it was copied from "Yahoo News UK". This is my internet browser and it is thus internationally available. I'm not trying to spread doom and gloom in the current situation, I posted this story in response to another posters comments about "death from boredom".
  12. Sorry Easy T but I totally disagree with your post. Doctor Catherine Calderwood visited her second home, along with her husband and children. They then spent the night there. Why did it take all of them to check on the house? If THEY can do this while she is appearing on TV telling everybody else NOT to visit second homes, why does she think that everybody else will listen to her messages? Most of us on here have caravans, some (like mine), is stored at a remote storage facility. Do you think that Dr Calderwood would consider a visit to our caravans as essential, even if it was "just to check"? A lot of us have invested a great deal of money in our 'vans, why shouldn't we be allowed to check them? If it's ok for HER to take the entire family to their second home, and spend the night there, why shouldn't WE be allowed to visit OUR mobile second homes? THAT'S the way that a lot of the public view her actions.
  13. Dr Catherine Calderwood, (Scotlands Chief Medical Officer), and her husband and children were photographed visiting their second home "just to check it" this weekend. They (according to reports), stayed overnight and then travelled back to Edinburgh. She has been on TV over the last few weeks urging people to stay at home and protect the NHS. Do as I say but NOT as I do??
  14. Sorry Gordon, but I am quoting the story as it is currently shown online where ANYBODY can read it NOW. Are you suggesting that ANY story which doesn't support the governments stance should be "censored" or swept under the carpet? How about Scotlands chief Medical Officer, Catherine Calderwood and her family being pictured visiting their second home, and then spending the night there, "just to check it". This, despite her giving the advice to stay at home and help to save the NHS. Should THAT news not be shared? Admin, Our posts were sent at the same time. If you think that I'M breaking the forum rules or am being a negative influence, please let me know.
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