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  1. Didn't know that Andy. I assumed that the Post Office did it in those days because they were part of the Civil Service. In those days, (late 60's), you couldn't drive a P.O. vehicle with an external, (non Civil Service), licence until you had undergone "changeover" training. I remember getting my first car insurance £1:10 shillings cheaper because I'd passed the Civil Service test. (£26:10 shillings instead of £28!!)
  2. When I left school, (1966), I became a Post Office Telephones apprentice. In those days, the Post Office had it's own driving instructors and examiners. If you passed your test on the P.O. you were eligible to get a small discount on your car insurance as you were considered to be a better trained driver, mainly because you learned to drive on vehicles that had no rear windows and therefore you had to use your mirrors to check behind you. You were also given "changeover" driving training as you had to drive trucks. You were also given training on hitching up and towing trailers. Indeed, up until my retirement in 2007, we still had to do a 3 monthly computer quiz on current driving restrictions and hazards, not sure if engineers still do that now. As Gordon says in his post above, we were taught how to drive and not how to simply pass the test. One of the reasons I still insist on checking the safety of the caravan hitch up myself. As my instructor told me, "YOU are the driver, YOU are the one responsible for the trailers safety. YOU are the one who will get prosecuted if anything goes wrong." Ah! The good old days eh?
  3. At home in Newport S.Wales. Woke at around 5:30 this morning to see light rain. Went back to sleep and was woken again at 6:15 by thunder and lightning accompanied by torrential rain and strong winds which lasted for around half an hour. It's now 8:15 and all the neighbours roofs are dry again, the wind has died down and the skies are full of broken cloud. Lets get it over with in the next few days as we're off next weekend. Fingers crossed.
  4. Until you really need them, (NHS). I did two years ago, (20/7/19), when I had a heart attack, was taken into our local hospital, (Royal Gwent), checked and found to need a triple bypass. Had the op on 8th August in the Heath hospital Cardiff and went back home on Weds 14th. I'm still alive and breathing today thanks to the NHS. Two sides to every story. In my opinion, the NHS are worth ANY benefits they can get.
  5. Unfortunately Gordon, you are correct. It was reported this morning that an "anti vax" woman in the USA lost her 58 year old mother to Covid. She has since stated that her family WON'T be having the vaccination because her mother didn't die of Covid, (despite what the medical experts said), she died of "stress and overwork" so nobody is going to "con" her into having the vaccination. They live among us!!!!
  6. I had exactly the same problem when my Mother passed away Andy. Everybody, apart from Sky couldn't have been more sympathetic or helpful. I asked Sky to send any correspondence to my address to save me from calling in to her house. Same as you, "We can only send correspondence to your mothers address unless we speak to her in person to authorise the change of address". I told them that any correspondence sent to my mothers address would be marked "Return to sender" by me. Her bank accounts had already been stopped by her bank, so they couldn't take any payments without her solicitors agreement. Never heard from them again, so I assume that my late mother is still on Skys "bad debtor" list somewhere. Must be something in their training!
  7. According to the Zoe app, which is used to track the spread of the virus, the most common symptoms for COVID infection when you've had one jab are headache, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat and a persistent cough. If you are lucky enough to have been double vaccinated, the symptoms are the same, but there isn't a persistent cough in the top five common symptoms, (Yahoo News, Jimmy Nsubuga, 24/6/21, 6:13pm). Something to look out for especially during the current hay fever season where the most common symptoms are headaches, sneezing, sore throat and a runny nose, (I get them all. Or have I got Covid?)
  8. To balance things out, I had a triple bypass operation in Aug 2019. I have recovered well and have continued to exercise and gradually grow stronger during lockdown. I had my first jab (AZ) on the 8th Feb this year and, apart from an aching left arm, I had absolutely no reaction. I was called for my second jab on 28th Apr and I didn't even feel the needle. Since then I've had absolutely no reaction whatsoever. My neighbour who is in his mid 40s has had his first jab and had no reaction at all, while two of his workmates, also in their early 40s, both had to take time off work due to reactions to the jab. He assured me that neither of his workmates are the type to suffer from "man flu". Most of the people I've spoken to have said the same thing, people over the age of 50 seem to have little or no reaction to the jab, while others in the under 50 age group seen to be the ones suffering with reactions to the jab, (I'm 71.)
  9. As already said, come renewal time, vote with your feet.
  10. Sounds like a rip off to me, I've never been charged for declaring a factory/garage fitted towbar on any of my cars by any of my insurers.
  11. I don't think anybody is "Tory bashing", after all, this was a new disease which emerged around 2 months after this Government was elected. We also had various political leaders around the World who were downplaying the seriousness of the outbreak, especially the POTUS Donald Trump, which didn't help matters. The point being made here is that Pakistan was already on the "red list", and thus had restricted travel between our countries, while India, along with its new variant was not placed on the red list until around four weeks later. Australia largely escaped the death toll of the 1919/20 "Spanish flu" outbreak by simply introducing quarantine ships anchored offshore for everybody entering the country. Here we are 100 years later and we still can't seem to manage to quarantine all people entering the country from "red zones", whichever political party is in charge.
  12. Townie

    B+E test.

    I tow with a manual because I couldn't afford to change my existing car to an automatic. I'm sure that there are many in the same position as me.
  13. Strangely enough, Pakistan was already on the red list. India was added several weeks later. The two countries are in close proximity to each other and yet, one had travel restrictions and the other didn't. Maybe it had something to do with the P.M.s proposed trade visit to India on 24th April, (since cancelled)? Just saying.
  14. Apparently, an estimated 20,000 people entered Britain from India between April 2nd and April 23rd due to the Governments decision not to put India on the "red list". This despite warnings about the more virulent new strain that had emerged there. India was added to the "red list" on April 23rd, (Todayuknews, 16/5/21). Shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted??
  15. I leave all our blinds open when travelling as the window side of them is silvered and I find that it it reflects in my real view mirror.
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