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  1. just done this, van is 22 years old, so carpet came out bought the kit on eb, for £18, then drilled and glued it, put a new floor covering, stick on vinyl planks, in same beech pattern, and hey ho, no bounce. note old van, dry as a bone cheers rodders
  2. had this prob with a bailey. check the bolt in the centre on the axle tube. screws through floor. cheers rodders
  3. same prob with my bailey, monarch took carrier off and put back when sold. there was a tyre well in the front locker, just fitted a holding strap. also realised when abroad, the rack would pull into the road, not reccomended cheers rodders
  4. got an oops. most of the area solid, except one part. think i boobed, i put a weight on that part to keep it flat, i think it pushed to much glue back out. redone that bit, and was surprised how much glue it took. waiting now for 24 and see then, still got plenty of vinyl. the saga continues. cheers rodders
  5. yes finished the floor, and laid vinyl stick on planks. managed to get beech colour, as bailey use, see pics, ignore bits , too hot yesterday cheers rodders
  6. we had a similar problem, it turned out to the bolt to the centre bracket,on the cross tube. tightened that, squeaks gone. cheers rodders
  7. done it, will need to scrape/sand the floor after checking 24 hours, any tips. not hard to do, just tedious anyone needs a small amount of the green stuff, contact me, as have only used a 1/4 of the bottle, the saga will continue cheers rodders
  8. just doing the same to my van, all drilled ready to go. did anyone consider varnishing/sealing the floor before putting down the vinyl ? using green poly bond, so should be fine when finished.
  9. we had metered hook up, in germany, we did not have to pay any extra, as we only used the fridge,but one guy had air con on, as it was so hot. went ballistic when told his bill. cheers rodders
  10. always used blue connector in those countries. you can get a multi adaptor, we have one that came with a travel iron, not sure how much power it would take, cheers rodders
  11. hi val, got another van since transplant, and getting back into it.

    are there any other off season schemes for EU sites, 


    cheers roddersB)

  12. came to look at fire this year, gas valve all corroded, metal to metal reaction as well. tc couple housing disintegrated, are they replaceable? or is it whole new burner? looking locally for a gas fitter, mobile, or could take fire out. cheers rodders.
  13. thanks for your thoughts folk. always had a diesel for last 20 years, but now not going abroad, need a smaller car, and only can get out 3/4 times year now. love my skoda superb tdi, but is a bit too big now by the way, the new kidney is doing fine. cheers rodders
  14. thanks, just wondering about petrol torque, i know diesel is plenty, cheers rodders
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