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  1. Alde every time for me, but different caravan manufacturers install the systems differently, some are good, some are not so good. Regarding fluid change, I do it myself and it is not a big problem, I certainly would not pay £200 to have it done!
  2. There are "night before" de-icing sprays available, I have found them quite effective. Just apply at night, then it clears with the wipers or a quick wipe with a squeegie the next morning.
  3. Ours goes through a splitter, then feeds 2 F sockets.
  4. I use a Maypole cover, not made for a specific van, but fits mine perfectly. Very good price and has been used for 10 years, keeping the van clean and has not caused any damage or scratches.
  5. We cover ours every winter, keeps it clean, ready for use in the spring. Always wash the van and allow to dry before fitting cover.
  6. The Honda Accord 2.4 petrol model is a great tow car, especially the automatic version. Plenty of power, good stability and very comfortable. Would be a good weight match for your van.
  7. Ours failed but was less than 2 years old. I used a meter to test it and found the signal was better without the amp, so I sent it back to the makers and they replaced it under warranty. No problems since.
  8. Solved the problem at last. Tried many of the suggested adhesives, but all failed within a few months. It seems the pattern printed on the inside of the door is similar to Teflon ! Final product was High Viscosity Superglue from Toolstation (£1.23). Repair has held solid and seems to be permanent.
  9. Scorpio

    Van levelling

    Fleetwood did this with an in-built level device which emitted different noises to let you know if the van was level in either direction, could be heard from outside the van. Made the job a lot easier.
  10. I always search for the nearest Witter approved fitter, never had a problem.
  11. We bought an Aldi sat system, less than £60 and it includes everything needed except a tripod. Connects via HDMI (cable included). Signal finder and compass are in the case. The free Dish Alignment tool on the iPhone makes setting up very easy. Used in several locations and had brilliant reception each time. We thought it was worth the risk for a low price and have not been disappointed.
  12. Unfortunately. the poster on the other forum did not disclose the area or location. They did state that there were no CCTV systems in place, but there are plans to install some (too late).
  13. Just read this on another forum:- Just had an e-mail from our caravan club storage site to say that 28 caravans have been broken into and the fire extinguishers have been used to vandalise said outfits. There was no attempt to steal the vans just mindless vandalism. Apparently they managed to scale the wire fencing at the far end of the compound. Honestly, what is wrong with people? It seems nothing is safe these days.
  14. I fitted this (Fablon Plus for Windows from B&Q), with a bubble effect pattern, to the clear washroom window on my Fleetwood 10 years ago. Still perfect and no reaction with the plastic window.
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