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  1. I agree with the comments made by the static owners. In our case it was not a change from touring, but an addition. We still use our tourer when we visit other areas of the country, but the static is a great "home from home". for us and our family. The benefit is that it is always ready for us to use without needng to make bookings. We can decide to go at short notice, or cancel without any problems. It is on a lovely, owner-only site, so no sub-rentals are allowed. We regarded the initial price as "lost" money because we knew that it would never be recovered if we changed our minds. The annual costs are good value compared to renting holiday accommodation. We did not regret the decision to buy. Always do your research and make sure you are aware of the costs involved and make sure all agreements are included in the written contract. Good luck.
  2. If the main TV gets a good picture, connect a booster to that aerial cable to supply a signal to both TVs
  3. In my case it was the hinges to the glass door, so possibly not as close to the burners as in your case, I had tried normal superglue, car interior mirror fixing kits, Araldite epoxy resin, double-sided adhesive pads, contact adhesive, but all failed within days, or weeks. I reached the point where I would try anything, but the High Viscosity superglue did the job. It is industrial grade.
  4. I took mine to a local "canvas, plastic and leathergoods" business, after marking the outline of the solar panel using ballpoint pen. They fitted a clear panel of PVC (not UV filtering) for about £15. Collected it the next day and it has been fine for over 10 years.
  5. When I had a similar problem, I tried many adhesives, but they all failed after a short time. The final answer was HV Super Glue 50g from Toolstation at £2.78. This product worked and lasted several years. It successfully bonded metal to toughened glass.
  6. I got a new Calor rental agreement for a full bottle 2 weeks ago.
  7. Could it be the switch for the mains supply to the boiler, to run the igniter, pump etc ?
  8. We are now insured with Happy Place. History and review checked out ok, and although I had never heard of them before, they have been around for a long time.
  9. Also with ClubCare, last years price £252, this years price £391. No claims, exactly the same cover but they had no explanation for the massive hike. Gone with a different company now.
  10. Just looked at some library pictures of your model. Try to twist the entire housing anticlockwise to see if it disengages and lifts away from the ceiling.
  11. If you could post a photo, we may be better able to help.
  12. Have you tried shaking the bottle, just to make sure there is gas in it?
  13. Welcome - there are no stupid questions, but we can't guarantee there will be no stupid answers. Ask away, we all enjoy sharing our experience.
  14. £320 per year on a Cassoa Gold storage in the North East.
  15. No trigger, just a spray nozzle. You need to keep the hose moving to maintain flow. Picture here of the original kit. The original kit also includes a sqeegy thing. There are various kits on sale, with different accessories.
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