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  1. Scorpio

    Basic toolkit

    also good for awning curtain tracks.
  2. Sorry, but I agree with everyone else here, it sounds too dodgy and could end up costing you a lot of money. Walk away.
  3. Have a safe journey, hope the roads are not too busy. Enjoy your time away from home, you have waited a long time.
  4. Maybe they had just bought it and were taking it home, the caravan sales places are open for business.
  5. good point, an alternative is an electric insect zapper - Lidl have them for £7.99 this week.
  6. That is it, but ours had a UK 3 pin plug on it, we found it very effective. I think the Site were selling them for about six quid, complete with a pack of tablets.
  7. There is a new toilet finder available, called Lockdown Loo. "Lockdown Loo is a website that marks all the open public toilets across the UK, making it easier for you to decide where to head for the day. The website relies on people submitting toilets they have seen reopen in order to get a clear image for people". This may be useful.
  8. Many years ago, when we were attacked by midges, the Site Warden sold us a plug-in device which held a small tablet and produced a vapour which quickly killed hundreds of the blighters. Had to hoover them up in the morning. We only stayed one night.
  9. Ours is a Spinflow Enigma oven, as far as I am aware, it works as efficiently as our gas ovens at home. It roasted chickens in a similar time. Not noticed excessive heat blowing from around the door, but will check next time we use it.
  10. We have the best of both worlds. keeping the tourer gives us the opportunity to visit different places without using hotels or B&Bs, while the static is perfect for regular breaks away from home and is much more spacious than the tourer, especially when having other people to visit.
  11. Quite a few options here. Personally, I use pieces of water pipe insulation foam, which slip over the ladder and stay in place while protecting the van and awning rail.
  12. Good luck with everything and enjoy getting back to your van. Don't forget to carefully check the contents of the freezer in case the power has been off (hopefully it has been on all the time, but could have been off if any site maintenance has been done during lockdown).
  13. Thanks for that info Wispman, I will have a look when the Site opens. I have deeper boxes, if the wall can accomodate them.
  14. Hi, I have not changed any light fittings, just upgraded the bulbs to LED ones. The fittings in my van are standard mains unit as used in domestic housing. Regarding sockets, I will (as soon as I can get access to the van) change some of the sockets for similar ones, but with USB charging points included. These again, are standard domestic units.
  15. The Canal & Rivertrust website says: "On Sunday 10 May the government announced a first step in lifting restrictions on outdoor activities, and is now allowing people to drive to spend time outdoors with members of the same household. Based on this decision, from Wednesday 13 May we are lifting any remaining restrictions for boat owners in England on visiting their boats. " I see no reason for not visiting caravans in storage.
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