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  1. Great news,When you get it home jim run a hose pipe over the area and see if the water gets in to the cassette area again!!
  2. Hi Yes you will find its coming in from the seal of the toilet door area I have repaired a few like this! www. markcaravanmedic. co. uk Mark
  3. After the company name it will have - (NCC APPROVED) If that is there then like me approved to work on new vans Regards Mark
  4. Here's my email - Caravan. medic@hotmail. co. uk Send some photos to this email & i can give you a idea of the cost Regards Mark Caravan Medic
  5. Hi I am NCC /AWS Approved covering a 40 mile radius of Milton Keynes Able to service all caravans (Apart from Adria caravans) Without invalidating your warranty Member Number - 1552 Sorry its a old post but whilst updating listing online this post came up Regards Mark
  6. Yep. .More engineers will be added in time. Website not 24 hour old yet! Regards Mark
  7. Give me the postcode and i'll check for you As it has been checked with over 300 postcodes so far And all working Regards Mark
  8. How so. ... Just put cheshire in the postcode box came up with 3 engineers? Regards Mark
  9. A new website has just gone live - http://www. ukcaravanengineersassociation. com/ If you need any help with your van Then check out this website
  10. Mark Caravan Medic Aws / Ncc Approved Engineers Membership Number - 1552 Offering a 10% Discount if you book a Caravan Service or a Habitation Service Or a Free Carbon Monoxide Alarm (Not both ) For January 2015. Aws / Ncc Approved means i can do the servicing on new leisure vehicles whilst under warranty!! Fully Mobile Covering a 40 Mile Radius of Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire http://www. markcaravanmedic. co. uk - 07807 244 480 https://www. facebook. com/Markcaravanmedic Regards Mark Attached Thumbnails
  11. Hi Not been on here in a very long time Just a little update about my company I am now - Aws / Ncc Approved Which means i can do the servicing on new leisure vehicle whilst under warranty Fully Mobile Covering a 40 Mile Radius of Milton Keynes www. markcaravanmedic. co. uk Hope this is ok to post here. Regards Mark
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