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  1. Hi all .. I’m in the market for a winter cover for a lunar clubman sb 2012 .. can anyone recommend a good cover that they have used . cheers
  2. Hi all . Having recently purchased this van I am wondering how the alarm works . The dealer didn’t seem to know . The fobs seem to be working but I’m not sure we’re on the van the alarm is . I also have a mystery key which presume it belonging to the alarm system . Any help would be appreciated
  3. Cheers .. van toasty now .. should the gas setting be “ on” constantly ?
  4. Hi .. I’m new to this alde heating . Can anyone tell me why it keeps cutting out on me . ? i have power ser to two amps and have re set the master panel to factory setting re manual .. but it only stays running for less than 10 mins then switch’s off .. it’s driving me nuts.. im left with the attached menu on the unit ( now it’s come back on)
  5. Hi all . This could be a bit long winded . I recently changed my van to a 2012 clubman sb . When I inspected it at the dealers I noted a black mark on the bedroom wall . The dealer has said that it was not damp but she would replace the wall board which they did . Since I took it home I note the taped seams are coming away an there is black marks on the tape edge . I’ve also noted this past weekend the floor in the bathroom is a bit springy . Ive also noted a long scuff mark on the outside that stops at the awning rail which I only noticed when I washed the van . My
  6. Hi all .. following a spate of caravan thefts here in Ireland I’m looking for advice on security for my van “ lunar clubman 2012 “ . It’s currently stored in a secure lock up yard with the following locks and clamps . alko wheel clamp and hitch lock .. also a milenco wheel clamp Is there anything else I could to deter these “ travelling “criminals or is it just the luck of the draw as to whose van gets stolen ? cheers
  7. Hi I picked up my 2012 lunar club man today and am onsite doing a shake down .. I’m having an issue with the tv . My tv box is tuning in the channels but showing no signal when I try to watch .. any thoughts ??
  8. That’s what I planned to do with the tarp ... only cover the roof and tops of windows to stop water duetting at them ..
  9. Hi all .. I’m changing my van soon and want to protect it from the elements .. I have been using a cover up to this point but it can be a struggle getting it on and moisture still gets through.I’m thinking of changing to a tarp . Has anyone used one and what are the pros and cons .. cheers
  10. I know I’ve mentioned this before . I’m still getting splutter in my water system and it driving me nuts . If the water is not used for awhile it’s a spluttering start particularly on the hot side . Can a dodgy non return valve cause this issue or could the issue be to do with the whale pump? . Can water run back into the aqua roll causing the splutter ?.. i don’t want to buy a new pump only to discover it’s the non return valve .. i tried the vinegar thing but it didn’t work any thoughts ?
  11. Had a leaky nrv and it was wrecking my head .. just prodded it gently with a knitting’s needle after reading here some one stuck a twig in theirs and bingo no more drip drip drip ( hopefully) cheers
  12. How do I go about descaling the no return valve ??
  13. Cheers .. that might explain the dripping of water onto the ground from the pump inlet into the van .. when I disconnect the aqua roll water .. any thoughts on this and is it a difficult job ?
  14. Hi all .. late last season I had to replace the fold away tap in my swift challenger 530se model (2002) since the when filling the system I seem to get badly air locked and the seems to be lots of splutter with very little pressure in the taps . The bathroom eventually comes good but the kitchen has very little pressure .. any advice on draining down the system and then refilling in order to eliminate the air in the system .. cheers
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