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  1. This is not a link to the one mentioned but it is a link you might find interesting to what takes place now. http://caravanmanoeuvringchampionship. simdif. com/latest-news. html
  2. I have helped to marshal a couple of rallies here. http://www. coin-tranquille. com/en/home-p1. php
  3. Is it pantomime time already. "Oh yes you are"
  4. The next one on the list is 26th – 29th August. CMC. Oakhill Leisure. Swinderby Road. Norton Disney. LN6 9QG If you look at their website http://caravanmanoeuvringchampionship. simdif. com/gallery. html photo 8 of the venue and they will also provide a caravan for you to use.
  5. I see you are from the Leicester area and thought that this might be of interest to you. http://caravanmanoeuvringchampionship. simdif. com/track-test-events. html 29th – 31st July. CMC. Pine Tree Alpacas. Ashby Road. Lutterworth. Leicestershire. LE17 5PX
  6. I asked the question to the sink manufacturer (Plas-tech)and this was the reply " The only temp repair I would recommend is to use the fibre glass resin on the underside of the basin." What product would you suggest?
  7. Hi Gordon It is like the one in the first image. 560/4. the shelf underneath the sink goes from front to back with just a slot cut out for the waste.
  8. Help required please on removal of the washroom sink in a 2013 Coachman Pastiche. The reason for this is to repair a very small split in the basin by putting a fibreglass resin patch behind the split. Thanks in advance John
  9. Site is minutes from Caen Brittany Ferry
  10. SERIOUS INCIDENT Subject: SOUTH LONDON CENTRE: NEW YEAR RALLY To: Divisions, Regions and Centres SOUTH LONDON CENTRE: NEW YEAR RALLY Further to my email of 4 January and in response to replies received subsequently from Centres, I am now able to provide a short update on the incident that took place on South London Centre’s New Year Rally, which was being held in the car park of the village hall in Addington, West Malling, Kent. A major fire broke out at around 8. 30am on 31 December in a motorhome occupied by three ralliers and their two dogs. Those on site describe it as an explosion, followed immediately by a very severe fire. The Fire Officer believes that the fire may have been caused by a leak from one of the appliances in the motorhome, but the severity of the fire has made it impossible to identify whether that was the case or which appliance it might have been; however, this serves as a timely reminder to all members to note the advice on liquid petroleum gas on pages 647 and 648 of the 2015/16 Sites Directory & Handbook. The three occupants of the motorhome remain in hospital and one of the dogs died in the incident. The severity of the fire was such that the motorhome and an adjacent caravan were destroyed. Another caravan was badly damaged by heat, a nearby motorhome suffered minor blistering and the village hall saw damage to its windows, guttering and felt roof. Fire Service vehicles were able to access the incident easily; moreover, the fact that no ralliers in adjacent outfits were injured demonstrates the importance of effective pitch spacing. In light of a call received from one Centre, I should like to reassure Centres, in particular Rally Officers, that The Club holds Public Liability insurance as detailed in Section 4, Paragraph 1 of General Letters to Centres. Our thoughts continue to be with those in hospital and those who were on the rally at the time of the incident. Kind regards Martin Stringer Executive Secretary THE CARAVAN CLUB
  11. I asked a friend the question and this was her reply. I have spent the last two winters there and I am going there in two weeks time. It is owned by an English couple, and has a very friendly atmosphere. It is situated in the countryside beside orange, lemon and mandarin groves. Lettuces are also grown on the opposite side of the road. It is about 6 miles into the very lovely town, port and beaches of Aguilas, which has plenty of bars, and restaurants. Hope that helps x Christine Johnson · Friends with Nita Halliwell I live there and it is the most beautiful part of Spain, everybody is lovely
  12. Reworded your text slightly and posted on 3 Closed group facebook pages and a couple of C. C. centre pages It really is time for all uses of bottled LPG gas to campaign against the monopoly that Calor enjoys. Please write to your MP and bring this to their attention. Equally we could all write to the Monopolies Commission and put the 'skids under their price fixing. I am told that all suppliers are regulated and must sell at a standard price. By the way we can not rely on our clubs such as the CC or the C and CC to act on this one as they both enjoy massive sponsorship deals from Calor. "rocking the boat" would not be a good idea from their point of view.
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