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  1. Okay, so another update will be out today for brave testers. In this version: Fixed crash when opening some search results. Devon is no longer in Yorkshire. I think I've got all the CCC and CC club sites in the database now. Cosmetic tweaks here and there. Be aware that if you've saved any favourite sites, they will be screwed up and pointing to the wrong site now. This shouldn't happen again going forward.
  2. Android app, find campsites, satnav to them, get weather forecast etc. it was a small project I started due to a thread on this forum. haha, well spotted, cheers!
  3. In your position, I'd try a payg sim from three. Pop £10 on it, use it in a phone on and off for a week, then shove it in the caravan. T&Cs be damned.
  4. Hello everyone. Well, I've been lurking and putting this off for far long enough. .. To be honest, I have no idea if anyone is interested anymore. .. But anyway. .. Caravan Buddy version 2. It's happening. It's happening right now. It's not ready yet, by a fair margin, but a lot of the "plumbing" is finished, and it's time for brave souls to test it. You'll need to be happy with things breaking, missing features, and be at least a little technically literate, as well as giving me feedback when stuff breaks. Be aware, you will encounter bugs, glitches, crashes, idiotic comments, poor performance, missing features, weird error messages, pet abduction and general brokenness with this release. So, if you're up for it, there are a couple of steps: Login to your Google account (make sure it's the same one you use on your phone!) here: https://accounts. google. com Then, go here: https://plus. google. com/communities/109545990391729621045 and join that community. You'll need a Google Plus account to do this. Google will guide you through if you don't have one. Then, go here: https://play. google. com/apps/testing/uk. co. riblet. caravan and sign up as a tester. Then install or update Caravan Buddy as normal. You can do this via the web interface or your phone, whichever you want. That's it. You'll be getting prerelease versions as and when I release them, probably about one a week. If you want to go back to the "stable" version, then go to https://play. google. com/apps/testing/uk. co. riblet. caravan and leave the test, you'll have to uninstall and reinstall Caravan Buddy. So, changes since version one: * Speed, speed and more speed. Caravan Buddy 2 is literally so much faster, I've not bothered putting in loading dialogues in a lot of places. * Nicer interface. Less annoying, easier searching and more 'to the point' with everything it does. Weather and maps show straight away, for example. * Kindle Fire devices will be supported on final release, and possibly Blackberry, and possibly Nokia X phone. Stuff to still be done before version 2 goes live: * A lot of sites are missing. I am aware of this, this will improve rapidly during testing, but for now, I wanted a smaller database to test with and iron out bugs. * Removing the adverts via in-app purchase will almost certainly not work in this version, but should do in the future. Anyone who has brought Caravan Buddy Plus key shouldn't have any issues. * "Handy tools" is missing. * "Videos" is missing. * "Checklists" is missing. Remember, this is unfinished software If you rely on Caravan Buddy in any way shape or form and can't afford for it to break, then stick with what's already installed. If you want to play around with version 2 and shape it's future, this is for you. I'll keep updating this thread as long as the admins of the site allow me to. This is how nerds typically get feedback for small-time software these days (via forums), so let me know what's working and not working for you. Have fun, and feedback is very much appreciated.
  5. Worth noting that Samba shut down yesterday. If anyone finds a non-expiring data sim, do let us know!
  6. We arrived in Oxford yesterday and managed to miss the worst of the weather. Had some incredibly strong winds about 2 hours ago, glad I'm not towing today.
  7. I towed just fine in heavy winds without a stabliser on my old caravan. As said above, if you do things properly, and be sensible you'll be fine. Admittedly, towing with a stabliser is a fair bit smoother, so I'd still say to "add it to your todo list", but it isn't a requirement to tow.
  8. Well, we managed to get the window on. But I've been told a new one will be required fairly soon. And been told not to open it in the meantime. Thanks for the links LHD, they will come in handy! Managed to get the leak fixed on one of the water inlets as well, the other one is really slight, so I'll get sorted another day. Engineer confirmed no other leaks in the pipework, which is good, but leaves the mystery of why the pump keeps firing every few seconds. We have a hunch the connection to the pump isn't that strong and is leaking slowly, it certainly feels looser than it should. Sadly, no spare o rings were available to try. Have ordered a service kit to try. Also gotta figure out why the shower is leaking, found some very worrying wet patches on the carpet after we used it this morning. Probably just needs a reseal. I *will* finally enjoy this hobby. Once everything is finally fixed. I'm determined!
  9. Well, I've discovered the water tank is leaking, and I might need two new front windows (will find out today), so it's not as rosy as first thought. What kind of work did you do? What kind of costs?
  10. This explains why we couldn't push it back in. Urgh. .. If we didn't have bad luck with Caravans, we'd have no luck at all. ..
  11. About six months (I checked) I don't know what's so magical about these tyres, but nothing seems to get stuck in the tread. I'm on a hardstanding with really fine gravel and the tread is still clean:
  12. Hi guys, Once again, thanks for the responses! Sadly my utter incompetence with Caravans has meant I've managed to do this to one of my windows: (in case you don't know what you're looking at, the top of the window should be slotted into the metal bracket at the top) Obviously I can't really leave it like that, so a mobile engineer will be with us tomorrow morning. It's going to be an expensive weekend. ..
  13. Hi everyone, First outing in new (to us) caravan and already the dramas have started! Here is a picture of our hot water tank, from a Abbey GTS Vogue, 1996: Where the pipes go in at the top and bottom, there is a very gradual leak of water, which is causing the pump to constantly 'pulse', even with the taps off. The leak is slight, I convinced myself it was the pressure switch, until I found it! The water appears to be coming from the cream coloured plastic bits. Is this something I can fix? If the professionals need to be called, is it likely to be expensive?
  14. Okay, got the 'van home (after nearly going under a low bridge!!), oddly had no stones stick to the tyres at all once on the driveway, but I will keep an eye. Was so nice to remote control the caravan into the drive instead of the other half giving me useless "instructions"! Just getting insurance now. .. Been told the 'van is worth over £3000. Almost feel bad for only paying £1700 for it! And the old wreck has been driven away, being used as temporary storage, I've been told. Kinda sad to see it's life end in such a way, but there we go. Impressed to get £360 for it, to be honest! Going away in the new 'van tomorrow! Really excited! Again, thanks for your help everyone!
  15. I was wondering about this. Half the driveway is paved, half gravel, getting it from the road to the paved drive will be easy, to the gravel, maybe a bit tricky. We find the old van often got bogged down into the gravel somehow, making it really difficult to move, despite it being very lightweight, making the mover a desirable option. So I'll probably need a carpet of rubber or something. I'll figure it out. .. Somehow.
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