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  1. Noticed the older type spare wheel carrier - from experience I found this harder to use. Also has the width decreased? Thought Unicorns were 7’.6”?
  2. Back in February they were on time.
  3. https://www.baileyofbristol.co.uk/touring-caravans/unicorn-series-1/unicorn-series-1-cadiz/
  4. https://www.baileyofbristol.co.uk/touring-caravans/unicorn-series-3/unicorn-series-3-cadiz/
  5. Yes they are on course. Mine will be built next week on time.
  6. Macafee2 - Many caravans we have looked at recently, have the cooker positioned this way. If everyone thought it was a big problem, manufacturers would not be able to sell these caravans. I'm not a massive fan of the cookers like this but it's not a deal breaker. I have more things to worry about in life than that.
  7. Totally agree with Mr Plod. the blow air heating does a great job now. We have always been too hot in our twin wheel Pegasus and have to keep turning it down. Completely different to older blown air systems. Caravan warms up almost immediately too.
  8. We watched on site, a small, oldish caravan pull up with a full car of occupants. They then proceeded to unload the caravan on to the surrounding grass, which took a good hour. Started off with the children's bikes, then suitcases, then an awning, picnic table and dog cage. As it carried on like this, we were sure that someone was round the other side of the caravan passing things through the window for them to carry out! We could not believe the amount of stuff they had in their caravan or how their little car had pulled it. We sat speechless at first as we though it was a joke. We still Talk about it 3 years on and laugh.
  9. Had my Pegasus 514 for 8 years, and was in great condition. Part exed for a Pegasus GT70 in 2018.
  10. Hello Teddy Edwards. We had the original Pegasus for 8 years. Loved it. And now own a Pegasus GT70 Palermo. Not had any major problems so far (touch wood).
  11. The Pegasus Grande SE now has the Dometic 10-series fridge freezer in the twin axle models which I would like. The locker doors are the same as my GT70 but curved. It does look a lot better than the normal Grande, brighter inside but still has the corner front locker doors instead of a shelf 😩. Looking forward to viewing one when they are at the dealers.
  12. Our fridge temperature rises significantly whilst I am towing. In a couple of hours it can rise from 4 - 12 degrees. Surely this cannot be normal?
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