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  1. Thank you for your helpful reply!
  2. Our fridge temperature rises significantly whilst I am towing. In a couple of hours it can rise from 4 - 12 degrees. Surely this cannot be normal?
  3. So Belfields are doing quite well with everyone paying for new seats. Who made the rubbish seats?
  4. Theres maybe more floor space but you are not gaining locker/storage space.
  5. I have the GT70 Palermo and I can say it's the best van I've owned. Towing won't be a problem but getting down narrow roads might be.
  6. war200


    Andrew dittons unit.
  7. Someone at our storage yard left the roof sky light open the last time I was there and it was hammering it down with rain. I told the guy who owns the storage site and he rang them to let them know. Would it be a good idea to put your mobile number in the caravan window so you could ring them if you see any problems.
  8. This is what I do. And it helps if you don't look at them.
  9. I love these so called snobs. We just pitch up next to them with our two dogs and a child and look at their faces!
  10. The fridge door doesn't hit the screen at all it hits the housing that holds the screen This is why the door is hinged the other way. we don't have a problem with the fridge at all in fact we don't even notice it to be honest. I've looked at all the new layouts in all brands of caravan and was disappointed with all of them and I was determined to buy a unicorn but the family layout wasn't to my liking so opted for the Palermo and I'm very happy with it. i bet I could find a fault in every layout but that's just me as an individual so the Palermo doesn't have a bad design it's just how it's supposed to be to stop damaging the fridge door. I would rather have the fridge door hung the wrong way than a damaged one.
  11. I thought what a stupid design at first but since we own one, it's amazing. No problems at all (seats great now) and loving our holidays. We didn't like the Unicorn with a middle washroom and tv next to the door, so we didn't buy one. Simple. Don't buy what you don't like, get a life, enjoy your caravan, and stop moaning about other people's caravans ! There are far more things to worry about in life.
  12. Hi TXS. It’s not just Bailey. I know of brand new Swift and Elddis customers have issues with there seats.
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