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  1. hi has anyone any experience on the cheaper tracking devices where you can track the vans movement on a laptop or pc. graham
  2. Hi Does anyone know of a conversion kit to make the awning light work like an intruder light with a passive sensor.
  3. Hi Does anyone know of a good tyre pressure monitor for a single axle van that comes at a reasonable price.
  4. Hi I fitted one of these to my Swift Challenger 2006 today. It works a treat and I know you could make up a do it yourself kit more cheaply but if like me you dont have the time to source the parts this is the way to go. Graham
  5. beemap

    Kleber Tyres

    its really for the van that i want them
  6. beemap

    Kleber Tyres

    Hi Has anyone any experience of kleber tyres. Graham
  7. beemap


    Hi my Swift Challenger 480 is fitted with Matador 205/65-15c tyres and I am replacing them as they are coming up for 6 years old. Has anyone any recomendations and is there a stronger walled tyre rating available. Graham
  8. Does anyone know of a suitable water pressure reducing vale to use in a supply hose to the caravan. Graham
  9. Yes it has got blown air but it not very good and does not give much heat output.
  10. Hi With reference to a post I submitted the other day what I meant to ask was does anyone know the best way to heat the washroom in my Swift Chaiienger 480 built in 2006. Graham
  11. beemap

    Best Heater

    Hi Can anyone give advice for heat in a bathroom. Graham
  12. I have seen the converta flap advertised which does away with the folding flap ontop of the chest of draws and converts it to a pull out table. Has anyone tried it and does it give enough support to eat meals off. Graham
  13. Hi Has anyone tried out the care-avan wastehog drainage connector. Graham
  14. Hi I am going to need about 4 meteres of hose to join an Aquaroll to a tap. Is it really necessary to use food grade hose. Graham
  15. I I have recently become dissabled and am no longer able to change a wheel if a puncture shoul occur. My car is covered by the manufacturer for 3 years roadside assistanc but although they would recover the car and caravan in the event of a breakdown or accident they would not change a wheel on the caravan if it suffered a puncture. Does anyone know of a breakdown service to cover the caravan for wheel changing etc. Graham
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