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  1. From the videos of the Acadia range and the Laser range you can see that they now use Thetford toilets again so presume the VIP will do so also - hooray, sense at last !! It also looks like there is a Thetford oven too. AS for the washbowl in the WC area - not too sure about this and we do prefer the one in our VIP along with that 'sticky-out' tap. The Laser Xcel certainly looks roomy especially with the double bed pushed back. Alan
  2. Ken Ours did the same as yours complete with the corrosion. Whale were very helpful after a moan from me that they didn't offer any help when our inlet unit failed miserably when we were in France last year for 7 weeks. They instructed our dealer to replace the whole unit which is bonded in to the caravan wall and not screw fixed as in previous units we have had had in other vans. Coachman agreed to respray the area where the corrosion was and our dealer made a good job of it and no sign of corrosion again as yet (fingers crossed). They still do not know why the corrosion had taken place which is a bit worrying. Also Whale told me to check the hose connection as mentioned in one of the posts above - easy job to do as the hose connections do seem to move away from the spigot connection. Alan PS Coachman gave the go ahead to carry out the remedial works to our dealers almost immediately and all was carried out in a couple of days.
  3. Why not download it direct from their website - simples. Alan
  4. We had brake squeal on our Coachman VIP 2018 almost from the off and our dealer replaced the whole brake components under warranty at its firs service. During our 6 week tour in France the squeal has come back, not as bad as before but still audible. We will be away again in France towards the end of August and will see if it is still evident - if it is, it will be on the list again at its second service. Alan
  5. It is worth trying to pair the handset again with the control board. The following are the instructions from Powertouch :- All electronics systems are supplied with the handset mapped (tuned/coded) to the electronics box, should you require to map or remap the system the sequence is as follows: Using the plastic needle provided (attached under the hinged lid of the electronics control box) press the remap button through the small hole in the lid of the box, this enables the control board to search for a signal. Then switch on the handset, and it will transmit a welcome mapping signal to the control board and the system will automatically code. I did this on a friends caravan a few years ago and it worked - worth a try ? Alan
  6. We have a 2018 Coachman VIP and have an Isabella Minor Porch awning and an Isabella Sunshine canopy both of which use the Fixon II clips. I reversed the rubber pads on the Fixons as per FG's post above and our's work perfectly with no problems whatsoever. Alan
  7. You are correct - the old one only had the EU symbol on it.
  8. Have you created an 'account' to start with - if you purchased your package direct with ACSI you don't need to do this again. Did you download the correct ACSI App - it should be the one with the blue cc logo on it ? You should have no problems with either Samsung phone or tablet as I run it on my Samsung phone. Alan
  9. AlanS

    acsi app

    I had this problem when I first got the App many years ago and when I contacted ACSI they told me to remove the ACSI App from my device and then re-load it. Worked for me. When you do get the App to work correctly click on the left top 3 bars symbol to enter Downloads then select the countries you require - only choose the ones that you intend to use as the downloads and install for each country takes quite a long time. Good Lock Alan PS this is an excellent App when you get it working and understand how it works. I never leave home without it being on both my phone and small laptop and is good as you don't need to have the internet connected to use it.
  10. AlanS

    acsi app

    Just a thought. Did you purchase the ACSI Combi subscription, i.e. ACSI Book/Card plus the ACSI App or did you just purchase the ACSI Book/Card subscription only ? Alan
  11. A very unfortunate incident but at least the Tracker alert worked. I hope the damage is not too bad, can you repair yourself or is it an insurance claim. Alan
  12. Our panoramic blind failed miserably at the end of our holidays in France in October last year. It had always been stiff to operate since we first picked the caravan up, but suddenly the cord on one side parted followed swiftly afterwards by the cord on the other side ! Our dealer was great and I just emailed him and attached photos of the problem and he ordered a new one for us straight away from Coachman under warranty and we had the repairs carried out a month later. The new one is much better and easier to use being not stiff but it can have a tendency to bunch up or 'concertina' (what a lovely word !) but if I push the blind up gently then no problem. There must be an inherent problem with the blind going on the posts submitted on this thread. Alan
  13. I have just replaced a friends front wall light for him in his 2 year old Lunar Ariva because the LED unit had failed. His dealer charged him £42 for the unit ! How ridiculous when the manufacturers install LED's throughout caravans now for energy purposes but then sting you when the LED's fail and what a waste of material resources that are just binned when a simple thing fails. In the days of tungsten lamps you could replace a lamp for a couple of pounds at most ! Alan
  14. AlanS

    calor gas

    Did the C&CC magazine make any comment about this ? I thought that the major Clubs were supposed to be in discussions with Calor regarding a replacement lightweight cylinder. Alan
  15. On our 12 month inspection all was OK thankfully. Our previous Coachman was damp free over the almost 4 years we owned it. However, if you look at the head of the door frame outside your VIP there seems to be an awkward feature where they roll the aluminium door frame section through 90 degrees and of course the frame turns out at the top and when you look from above the frame to body panel has quite a large mastic joint along it - presumably from how this right angle is formed and it also forms a sort of drip channel over the door. Could it be that there is a gap or split in the mastic at this point ? Alan
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