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  1. We had trouble with our Dometic fridge in our VIP in France this summer too. we were out for 7 weeks and had temperatures on site of just over 40 degrees C. Like many others on site who were similarly struggling with fridges not cooling, most people took the fridge vent covers off and some like us put a domestic fan in front of the vents to help boost the air flow to help it cool better, which it certainly did. So, when I got home I sorted out a couple of old computer fans that I have collected over the years and some cabling etc. , and have it ready for when we are away again, in fact we out to France again at the end of August until the end of September last year but the weather was not as hot so didn't need to fit the fans this time but they are all ready to be fitted for our first trip to France this year at the end of May. Alan
  2. The green / red indicator on the hitch show whether there is wear in either the front and rear stabiliser pads or the tow ball itself. If it shows red it could mean that either the pads are worn and need replacing or that the tow ball has worn below the minimum 49 mm diameter requirement. The only way to find out is to measure the tow ball accurately or if you have a new spare tow ball insert that into the hitch and give it a try. The wear on the 2 side stabiliser pads is shown by the arrows on either of the stabiliser hitch. Alan
  3. If your Coachman is relatively new, i.e. from 2018 onwards the toilet will be the Dometic which is a lot different to the Thetford they used to install and which they have returned to for the 2020 model year. Un the Dome tic the only way to empty the flushing tank for draining is to press the flush button on and off thus emptying into the toilette cassette via the loo until the tank is empty. Alan
  4. On the Truma control panel you have there is a set button which gets you into the system set up mode. Have you checked to see if the system is set to Winter mode or Summer mode ? The reason I ask is that the heating set point on the panel is 30 degrees C and the room temperature only shows 19 degrees and water set to 60 degrees C but not reached temperature yet ? Alan
  5. Hi David and welcome to the forum. You will certainly get plenty of good advice from the members and I wish you well in your search for a caravan. Just take your time, ask lots of questions and above all enjoy yourselves whilst you are looking. Alan
  6. AlanS


    Got mine this morning direct from ACSI as usual. Tried the Apps download on both my phone and laptop and they download to 31.12.20 date. Have updated most countries of mine and work OK but I am sure that some of the site reviews are not showing the 2019 comments as they had done previously - or is it me ! Alan
  7. AlanS


    Anytime now I would think - last year they were early and I received mine during the first week of December. Alan
  8. Considering that we are just approaching winter and we haven't yet arrived at what we normally consider to be the wet months, does this mean that caravan cover whether from the CMC or other insurance providers will be difficult or nigh on impossible for some people for some time to come ? What about renewals - will that mean that no insurance for flood damage will be available for some / many ? Alan
  9. Just noticed the following on the CMC site :- "Please note: Effective as of 2pm, 15 Nov 2019 As a consequence of the extreme weather conditions being experienced across the country, The Club has considered it prudent to implement the following temporary measures, applying only to members purchasing new caravan cover in relation to flood cover. The Club will continue to sell caravan cover but exclude any claims that are caused by or due to flooding where the caravan is stored or located in an area that has been the subject of: • A severe flood warning • A flood warning • A flood alert (Issued by The Government via any of its agencies*) In addition the Club will exclude any claim caused by flood damage on any new cover purchased within the following geographical areas; specifically at or near South Yorkshire, the Lower River Don Washland The River Derwent, Derbyshire The River Trent, Nottinghamshire In more general terms; South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and the Midlands. *The Environment Agency, Gov.UK, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Natural Resources Wales and Nidirect.gov.uk The Club will keep these measures under constant review and when the extreme weather conditions abate remove the restrictions."
  10. We have had our VIP about 18 months now and with extensive towing across France on our travels can say that we have perfect confidence in the soft close doors at high level We do store heavier items in the high level cupboards, mainly rice, pasta, cooking condiments, oil etc; but do put them in polythene baskets which sit 'in' the bottom shelf which has a low recess - also we put non-slip material on all our shelves. It is surprising how much force is needed to open the soft close door from the bottom edge. Alan
  11. Hi Are you pushing the black button on the top left of the EC400 ? If so this shuts down the whole system. Or am I not understanding what button you have pushed ? Do you mean the 'power' button on the control panel over the door ? Alan
  12. I think you have got this wrong. For the same period of time this year, i.e. March 2019 the adult per person price was £7.10 and for the same period in 2020, i.e. March 2020 the price is £7.30 - a difference of 20p which is a 3% increase. No, I don't see that the increases are necessary at all myself but being fair to the CMC the increase is nowhere near what you imply. Alan
  13. Dave You say that the lights and the power cut out - what do you mean by the power cuts out ? - to What ? Have you got the solar panel fitted to your Coachman (ours was standard on our VIP but may have been an optional extra on your Laser) - only thinking aloud as you say it only happened when it is raining and of course if you have a solar panel it will be fitted on the roof and could have a fault on it. On our VIP I have never heard the charger fan operate at all and wonder if one is fitted at all as in previous ones I have heard the fan cut in from time to time when a heavy electrical load is on it - however with all the lighting in the caravan now being LED's that is not an issue now. As respects water ingress via the external fridge vents I doubt this as there is quite an up stand on each louvre part and I have checked mine after washing, i.e. accidentally blasting the caravan side with a hose and found no water has got through the vents. Alan
  14. Hi Paul Many thanks for this. A friend of ours who we were with last week in France phoned us today to say that they have ordered a new 2020 VIP 520 last weekend at a pre-show event and it should be with them before the end of the month - getting a bit common, eh ! Alan
  15. Hi Simon Yes, that is the cable I was referring to. Either socket can be used to plug into and the other socket is used to plug diagnostic kit into, so doesn't matter what one you use. Have you checked that the small glass fuse where the wiring terminals are has not ruptured ? Usually you get a warning code come up on the display panel for any problems but your panel seems to be coming on after you have done a pre set and then shuts down which gets me thinking as to the panel cannot 'see' the device on the other end, therefore I thought about the comms cable connection. There is one more fuse buried in the lower part of the Combi - but for now take one step at a time. Alan
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