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  1. Last year I bought an 18 Volt Li-On Battery operated drill complete with 2 batteries and accessories from Robert Dyas and useit for everything including winding down/up the caravan steadies. Here is the link :- https://www.robertdyas.co.uk/pro-craft-18v-li-ion-cordless-drill-driver-with-13-piece-accessory-kit-and-2-batteries-blue-black?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkZb02u6M7QIVCLp3Ch1r9wBJEAQYCSABEgLtt_D_BwE We bought it with a £5 voucher that they had on one of their leaflets if you spend over £25 - we were in our local Robert Dyas on Tuesday and they had them and the leaflets with the voucher
  2. Many thanks for that - a bit of a cheek I know but what was the order of cost ? We are not that far from Isabella UK so could deliver and pick up thereby eliminating delivery costs.
  3. We have had many awnings over the years and had a Bradcot with easy alloy poles some time back - I thought that the pole system was a disaster although the canvas wasn't too bad for the price. For the last 12 years or so we have had Isabella and they are superb. Only problem being that each time we change the caravan we have to change the awning ! We always have an Isabella Porch awning for early spring / late Autumn but also for the last 3 years we have used the Isabella SunShine canopy (with sides) and carbon poles) and is used for our long breaks in France where we don't need the front
  4. Hi I subscribe to ACSI and just looked it up and this is what they say :- Cancellation period for subscriptions CampingCard ACSI The minimum subscription period for the CampingCard ACSI combi-subscription is two years. If you switch from a current subscription to a new type of subscription, a new minimum period of two years will take effect. You can cancel your subscription to CampingCard ACSI before 1 October, by completing the contact form. If you go to the bottom of their web page under Customer service there is a menu and select Contact Us then drill down
  5. In 1972 we were 24 when we first purchased a caravan having been tent campers prior to this, Our first caravan was a 4-berth Ace Airstream towed by our Vauxhall Victor SL 2000. Oh what great times.
  6. We stayed at Cirencester site at the end of September and the site was full during the week we were there. The road presented no problem to us and as long as members obey the rule regarding the time to arrive on site and leave with your caravan then there should be no problem. We have been there a few times over the years and the road surface itself is a major improvement over what it used to be. As you come into the lane leading to the site you come up against a speed bump which is angled across the road which causes a bit of cross axle, so go over it slowly. You can see along most of the roa
  7. Make sure that the bed bases (there are slots at the bottom of the bed base facia boards) are not obstructing any air coming through it as the system relies on a convection current of air circulating across the finned heating tube and vertically upwards behind the bed wall boards - so store any items in the bed boxes away from these slots. There will always be an amount of radiated heat from the finned tube to the mattress however and of course the wall board does get warm too.
  8. We have a Minor porch awning on our VIP 520 and it fits in 2 different positions along the caravan and does not touch a window. What I think the salesman was getting at is that if the porch awning side went across a window then the pads could rub against the window and scratch it. As said by Alan above measure the caravan carefully to see where the awning will sit along the caravan side avoiding the window if possible. On one of our Coachman caravans in the past we used a Magnum porch which did go partially across a window without any issues. We also have a full size Isabella Sunshine awning a
  9. I thought that the VIP and Laser were the luxury range already but I did hear a rumor that they were going to bring out a motorhome ?
  10. I would say the damper has or is failing too - may not have been serviced in 22 years.
  11. We have had a 'Carte de Fidelite' from LeClerc for many years and the 'home' address we supplied when we 'signed up' was the campsite address that we always stay at on our way out and on our way home in France - these give you discounts or special offers etc.. All other major chains issue them too. LeClerc have an App you can use on your phone, tablet or laptop to order your requirements from LeClerc Drive and you pay on line and select the outlet you want to collect from, although not tried it ourselves yet. Alan
  12. Yes, definitely LeClerc do with their 'Drive Thru' sites which are sometimes separate to their store or attached.
  13. We too are going to France at the end of August for our usual 5 week stint and still intend to go unless the 'Government' blocks all travel to Europe and in particular France. We have many friends who are already out there and they say that there are no problems in the areas they are staying (Loire and Dordogne) and don't intend coming home as they feel safer where they are rather than at home. We missed out on our earlier trip to France so don't want this to happen again. Why don't we stay at home on a UK site ? - we much prefer the sites and the space we have around us on the sites we
  14. We loved the motorhomes we have had and personally, despite being ardent caravanners think that for touring holidays you cannot beat a MH. Most of our holidays are touring in France and sometimes Spain for about 14 weeks a year and we visited more places in the MH than in our caravan where you tend to stay in one place longer. In Europe (not including the UK) everything is set up for MH's. If you want to visit towns or historic places/buildings there was always somewhere provided to stop and sometimes that included overnight (some with and some without facilities). In the UK and in particu
  15. Yes, our 'van is 2 years old and we have the same 'problem'. We don't use the blind that much and in fact leave it in the open position most of the time with the net blind pulled across yet, we still have these little pin holes. This issue has been around for a number of years with Hekies for some reason. Personally we are not too worried about it. Alan
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