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  1. I have had a good look at the photographs and it looks like it has been looked after very well especially considering that it is a 'family' caravan - very tidy and clean and a very good price if all is well. Enjoy. Alan
  2. Apart from what has been previously said - Check the heating, hot water and all water systems if you are serious about this caravan and you must check the tyres and running gear. Twin axle means 4 tyres plus the spare - what is the age for the tyres on the sidewall and condition of the tyres ? Damp is a must check on any caravan as this can be a deal breaker whereas all other items can often be easily remedied. Alan
  3. You will find, in our opinion having had Coachman caravans. that they are much better built than many other manufacturers offerings. Yes, if you are buying second-hand, damp is something you should check for in any caravan and Coachman are not any worse than others in this area and we think in fact a lot better in this respect. If you provide more information on what your intended purchase is likely to be we should be able to give you a far better idea as to what to look out for. Alan
  4. I would rather use my own toilet when you see some of the public ones and how they are used on sites. I would have thought your Mrs B would prefer this too as the public ones are "touching" other peoples dirty business in more ways than one ! At least you know who has used your own toilet and what their habits are Alan
  5. Usually TV1 is in the lounge area and TV2 the bedroom area. However, some caravans have 2 TV outlets in the lounge area. i.e. one at the front by the window and the other on a shelf or cupboard top in the lounge/kitchen area plus another one in the bedroom area. If I remember correctly I think there is a splitter in the offside front seat bunk behind the PSU and adjacent to the back end of the battery housing which supplies to two TV outlets in the lounge from TV1 - worth checking to see that the cables are made off correctly at this point and are properly inserted into the splitter. Alan
  6. Opening the slide on a Dometic toilet is not that easy - well on mine it isn't. But if you can't get the slide to move could you not fill the cassette up with water again so that the panel indicates full (red) then this would mean that the float has risen and may have 'un-jammed' so to speak - then carefully take the cassette out and empty it carefully and the see if all the lights are now extinguished. Alan
  7. I agree with everything that has been said about Andorra. 30 years ago we caravanned at Ordino and El Serrat which are higher and above Andorra La Vela and it was beautiful but a couple of years ago we took a day trip up to Andorra to see what it was like now - what a disappointment, the beauty had gone and there was the 'shanty town' affect and La Vela had just become one mass of shops, apartments and traffic jams which extended for miles around ! As I said, a sheer disappointment. Alan
  8. The Kia Sorento has an intelligent alternator (smart) and in order for you to charge your caravan battery and operate the fridge on your travels you may need to switch your headlights on when you first start your vehicle just to 'kick start' the alternator but you don't need to keep them on as once initiated everything starts to work correctly. We did about 4K miles towing last year in Europe with no problems with the caravan fridge not working or the leisure battery not charging and have just come home from a week away in the UK and all was good. I have the genuine Kia wiring loom for the towing electrics and it comprises 2 separate parts that join together to give you a fully functioning 13-pin socket. It does cut out the fog lights and the reversing lights on the car but it does not cut out the reversing sensor. i.e when reversing the car and caravan you get the beeping noise but the Kia instructions are for you to isolate the beeping by switching it off from the button on the centre console around the gear change levers. Also, there is no programming to be carried out between the car's 'trailer control system' and the one that is normally on your caravan, i.e. Alko traction control. Regards Alan
  9. Hi Does your Laser have the whale IC inlet unit and if so, is a green LED showing on the yellow IC backplate ? If there is it means that you have both a positive and negative DC supply to the unit which is good to start with. Is your new Laser a 2018/2019 model with the separate onboard water tank - if so have you tried filling this tank manually and then see if the water system is operating with this ? Alan
  10. AlanS

    Coachman VIP.jpg

    Now, that is a nice Laser but will they charge you extra on Eurotunnel !
  11. The Isabella Winter has a heavier duty 'canvas' and a steel frame I admit but to me the vulnerability is still where the wind hits constantly against the side of the awning and eventually will allow the padded edge to lift from the side over time. As I said, if you are there on site to correct and adjust then no problem, if not could be disaster. Perhaps the site you are on is sheltered and not exposed to the elements ? Alan
  12. My one main concern with your awning is that it is a 'porch' awning, i.e. it is no a full awning and the side are not locked into an awning channel. My reasoning is purely that it is on a permanent pitch and will be erected at al times and unattended. We have a porch awning as our early season use and have had a couple before that on previous caravans (all being Isabella) and although I pride myself in pitching them as perfect as can be, when it is very windy you can get the wind getting between the side of the caravan and the awning padded vertical side. This means readjusting etc, which you can do whilst you are resident but if you are not there you could be inviting problems - however for your sake I hope not. In no way would I leave this type of awning unattended for any amount of time. Alan
  13. AlanS

    Tow Assist

    Isn't this purely a mode to assist reversing a trailer and knowing where the trailer trajectory is relative to the car ? Alan
  14. That is definitely an Arizona then. Alan
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