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  1. AlanS

    12v TV socket for USB?

    No problem whatsoever as the power consumption for the USB charger is well below the capacity for the TV supply outlet. Alan
  2. AlanS

    Unicorn 4 Handbrake Lever

    I am sure that your handbrake lever is the one without a 'button' so not the one you placed a link to. I am sure that Bailey changed to the buttonless handbrake type a couple of years ago as did Coachman. Alan
  3. AlanS

    Unicorn 4 Handbrake Lever

    I don't think Alko will deal with you direct on safety items, i.e. braking systems but refer you to their nominated service centres. If you want to do it yourself the best bet is via Leisure Shop Direct as per Andy's link above. Alan
  4. AlanS

    Truma combi

    When you are running the Combi off grid, i.e. via the habitation battery there is a 12 volt supply required to cover the control aspects of the heater and then in order to operate the combi heater. the fan has to work whilst on heating mode and the current drawn from this at 12 volts can be as much as 5 Amps and averages out about 1 to 1.5 Amps once everything is warmed up and more or less ticking over. So yes you will be 'eating' into your battery capacity a little but it is all dependent on how long you use the heater for. Alan
  5. AlanS

    Laser 675

    Easy enough not to check on everything as you are usually quite excited to pick up the new caravan and you basically have to follow the guy who is carrying out the handover. On all our caravans and motorhomes I have my own check lists that I put together and print out specifically for each type or model and I try to carry out my checks in my order and not the dealers - can be a bit difficult at times but usually there is some give and take. On our present caravan we had to delay the pick-up due to the snow earlier last year and of course there were quite a few caravans waiting to be collected because of this. When we finally went for the handover the guy said "we have checked everything, i. e. appliances, water etc. so we will skip these". Me said oh no ! - I want the electric hooked up along with the gas and water and I want to see everything working. "Oh sir, but we have tested everything" was the reply - "No buts" said me, so off he went to get cable, water etc. and we did find that the main display panel had a fault on it. We were not in a hurry as we missed our original 'need by date' due to weather beyond anyone's control so went through everything methodically. Mustn't knock my dealer though as they are very good and from any small warranty issues they are ace at doing them. Alan
  6. AlanS

    Laser 675

    When you picked up your caravan and went through the handover process did you not insist on seeing the whole system in operation, i. e. electric and gas on, Alde heating and hot water on and all taps and shower proved including pump automatic shut off ? If this has been done and you witnessed it working then there should be no need to ever recalibrate the inlet ICE unit to the pump again. Our water inlet ICE unit failed whilst on our last long trip to France last year and it was only 6 months old at the time. Whale initially told me that they don't fail but their customer service manager has been more than helpful and insisted on my dealer changing the whole unit (which is bonded into the caravan body) including the ICE unit. Now works perfect again once replaced. Another thing to look for which both Whale and my dealer told me to check and that was to look at the pump 'plug' with the hose attached. Sometimes the hose is not gripped properly to the spigot within the 'plug' and air gets in and can cause cycling. Easy job to do is to unscrew the plug cover and you will see a clamp that fixes over the hose to the spigot - make sure that the hose is really pushed on all the way then re-tighten and put back together. Alan
  7. AlanS

    International Driving Permits

    I finally found that the UK ratified The Vienna Convention on Road Traffic on 28 March 2018 and for all those member countries that have ratified it, the old 1949 Convention is superseded. Spain was a signatory to the 1968 Vienna Convention back in 1968 but have failed to agree and ratify it, hence we still need to have the IDP 1949 version if we drive to Spain. Alan
  8. AlanS

    International Driving Permits

    As far as I can remember in 1982 I was only offered one version of the IDP, i. e. the 1949 Convention. Always being based in London for work I always used to get my IDP each year from the AA which had a main office near Leicester Square (they always asked you first what countries you were going to travel in) and I have only had this version, yet the 1968 Convention post dates the 1949 version. Now, if it was good enough to travel to both France, all countries to Yugoslavia and also Spain on the 1949 Convention IDP in 1982, despite a 1968 Convention being in place - what difference is there now at the present time ? Alan
  9. AlanS

    International Driving Permits

    I still have my last IDP issued in 1982 under Convention of Road Traffic of 19 September 1949 (Geneva Convention). We used it to take the caravan down to Yugoslavia and then Spain, travelling through many countries in Europe. Under this Permit there were 36 Countries in Europe that had signed up including Spain, 15 in the Americas, 19 in Asia/Oceania and 32 in the Fra East/Africa. There was a further Convention on Road Traffic in 1968 (Vienna Convention) which Spain did not sign up to but when exactly did this come into force - as stated previously the 1949 Version was still being used in 1982 as I still have my IDP in my possession (It was only valid for 1 year as was the norm)? Alan
  10. AlanS

    Caravan and Motorhome Club - not insurance?

    The Club's Cover for Liability (Third Party Cover) is for £5,000,000. The Club brought this new insurance scheme out last March and I studied the documents and found it to be more than acceptable. I have today received notification of renewal and am pleased to say that the premium has remained exactly the same as last year for identical cover, i. e. no changes to the policy. With respect to the wording 'discretion' - all insurances with any company / organisation is at the discretion of the insurance provider / underwriter so, why take the Caravan and Motorhome Club to task about this. The following is an extract from the Caravan Cover Document (both Standard and Super Cover) We have arranged a Group Insurance Policy in Our name for the added protection of members with Caravan Cover. The Policy has been arranged with Builders Direct S. A. so that You can be sure that a valid claim will be paid if We do not pay. The Policy also means that You may be able to take a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service and enjoy the protection of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme if Builders Direct cannot meet their obligations to You. Should You wish to complain then please refer to the section headed “Your Right to Complain” on page 2. Financial Services Compensation Scheme Builders Direct SA is covered by the Financial Service Compensation Scheme (FSCS). You may be entitled to compensation from the scheme if they cannot meet their obligations. This depends on the type of business and the circumstances of the claim. You can get more information about compensation scheme arrangements from the FSCS at www. fscs. org. uk The whole of the document is written in plain English and I see no problems with it at all. Alan
  11. AlanS

    2019 VIP folding table

    We have had our caravan a year almost and the table folding still gets me going - yes, I too have to turn my table upside-down to work the mechanism. Do not use it that often though except when we leave it out under the awning when we stay on a site for a lengthy period so presume the more you use it the better you get at it. Alan
  12. AlanS

    Michelin Crossclimate SUV?

    37k on an SUV - seems quite good so why change away from Nexen. We have them on our Kia Sorento and are quite pleased with them and in fact when we had our first service recently at 8k miles the dealer said that on checking the tyre depth there was negligible difference from new. Considering that most of our mileage on our Sorento is towing, it seems very good to me. Alan
  13. AlanS

    Motor Mover Wheel Distance

    20mm is the correct gap. With respect to the indicator I thought that the colour went from yellow to red when fully engaged on the Purple line ones so that you saw it as a warning to remind you that the rollers were engaged on the tyre - I maybe wrong though as all my experience have been with Powewrtouch, Truma or Reich. Alan
  14. AlanS

    ALKO hitch lock

    I broke one of my keys when I left it in the lock then promptly dropped the hitch lock on the floor and the key broke in two. So, have tried quite a few times to get a replacement key - even Alko can't help. The problem keys have no number on them and have 3 horizontal slots cut in them along the length of the key apart from the 'saw tooth' cuts. There are two different types of keys for the Alko hitch lock. If the key has numbers on it then it is a CES key and blanks are available even from Alko but if your key doesn't have any identifier on it then you cannot get a blank for it and it cannot be cut. I have tried our local expert locksmiths and they all say no and even last year we tried a couple of locksmiths in France and they too, after looking at the key said that they cannot cut a new one as it is a security key. Alan
  15. AlanS

    Hobby Caravan bathroom parts

    Link works for me - is it your system ?