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  1. It is down to a matter of choice as many of us who have the latest Coachman caravans find the double beds very comfortablewhereas there are quite a few who find them too firm and have put toppers on them to suit their personal sleeping requirements. In the end you can't please everybody. Alan
  2. The 1600kg tow limit is an advisory one by the manufacturer of the vehicle. Your caravan payload if you took off the 50kg would be around 100kg and by the time you take about 20kg off for the habitation battery, say 10kg for your gas cylinders and another 25kg for the motor mover if you have one it really startsto eat into your allowance. I am sure that the RAV will tow that caravan with ease but in the end its your choice. Alan
  3. We have stayed at Le Capeyrou a couple of times and it is an excellent site in a great area. Hopefully the new owners will keep it the same or make some minor improvements - not that there is that much to improve. Alan
  4. We always have both the map update and software update carried out at the time of our annual service. I always request it at the time of booking the service and never been charged for it. Alan
  5. We have always had Red Pennant insuranceon a yearly policy. When it was due for renewal the CMC wrote to me with a price to renew and advising of our 'no claims discount'. When I phoned them and explained that we couldn't travel at this time because of our and the French Governments restrictions they told me that I would loose my discount if I didn't renew. I then asked them if they wold cover me on the RP insurance if we were to travel to France against the Government's edict and they told me that they wouldn't. I then told them that they were trying to sell me a product that was in fact not lawful and it was tanatmount to mis-selling and unfair in contract terms. I then wrote a long letter to the Club's Director General and Charman and explained the conversation I had with Insurance Services. I told them that they should not be selling a product during this time of Covid if they were not providing Insurance under this product. I also mentioned that for my last year's RP insurance, although purchased in good faith before 'the world went mad' that I couldn't make use of that insurance due to the restrictions last year. I did get a replly in which I was advised that my file was noted and that my 'NCD' would be honoured when we are next able to go abroad and take out RP insurance and they gave me a partial refund of money for my last year's insurance that I couldn't use (the caveat being that it was a goodwill gesture'. 'tiz', if you took out RP insurance in January this year was it an annual policy, if so then they should not have sold it to you as they were fully aware that you could not travel and effectively 'use that policy if needed'. If it was a one off policy for a date in August then I feel that it was unfair of them to take your money and should have advised you to take out the policy nearer to the date of travel when one would know what the situation would be with respect to foreign tarvel and Covid restrictions. Alan
  6. Before you go ahead, check the dimensions and positions of the bolts that attach the 'towing hitch head' to the shaft to ensure that it is compatible.
  7. Sounds like you have the Whale Watermaster system with the small yellow IC box attached to the rear of the inlet point ? It could be the external O ring seal on the inlet so lubricate it with a little bit of olive oil after cleaning it first then plug it in again. Another thing to look at is the plug that goes into the inlet as often the pump water hose (like a figure 8) that goes onto the plug pushes off the connector inside the plug. Undo the 2 screws of the plug and it will reveal the water part of the hose and the elctric cable from the pump in the other section of the figure of 8 tube and make sure that the water one is pushed onto the connector as over time the soft hose stretches and starts to push away from the connector. If it is this you can slice a small amount of the hose off (plus you have to do it on the elctrical sideitoo) carefully with a sharp stanley knife or similar. Then push the hose back on the outlet and put the 2 halves of the white plug back together and tighten the screws up which then helps to crimp the hose to the outlet. If you don't want to cut the hose you can put a small bit of bathroom sealant on it and push the hose on tight then put the plug together and tighten the screws. I had to do it on mine one year and I did the same for a guy whilst on holiday in France in 2019 who had the same problem. Alan
  8. Is it a late 2017 model based on the 2018 esign with 2 front lockers ? Only asking because the awning rail dimension is 1024 cm for this version because the awning rail doesn't go to the front edge of the front panel.
  9. Yes, there was a very recent statement from the Erwin Hymer Group who own Bucaneer, Eldis etc. saying that the service can be extended during this recent lock down due to Covid. They put togethe a good chart showing information and dates and this was quickly followed by Coachman Caravans saying the same. Alan
  10. Our towcar has done less than 2K miles last year. We usually go to France for 14 weeks touring with the caravan plus we stay on a few sites in England but we only managed one site at Cirencester for 6 days (that is the best we could get). Hope to do better this year.
  11. Have a look in the front off side seat box - you should find a bank of fuses there and that is where the 13 core cable enters and terminates in the caravan before it goes off to the main PSU. However, if you damaged the cables at the plug end then it would normally be an upstream fuse that has ruptured, i.e., on the car and not downstream as in the van. As said previously it is best to check that the 12 Volt permanent supply for the ATC is present first at the car socket then work from there.
  12. We have a Coachman Laser Xcel 575 on order and we already have our Isabella Porch awning. We have looked to see it fits and think that the left hand pole support would have to go between the edge of the window and the door - there is room for the pole and the pad/cushion. The other end of the awning is not restricted as there are no windows on the near side. The only other issue is that there is the underbed side access door to consider. As our awning is the Minor that won't be a problem for us so should be OK for the Marlin. I looked at trying to fit the awning on the left of the near side window but having had a 2018 Coachman VIP previously we had already tried this and there is insufficient room. Alan
  13. We have loved cruises in the past but it will be some time before we have confidence in them again. I am surprised that they will be able to fill many this year and even into 2022, I think people will be wary. So, why the price hike - I know they need to get their finances in order after an appalling year plus possibly this year but, to me this would not encourage people to try it for the first time or to regain the support of seasoned cruisers. Alan
  14. A full and comprehensive list of Truma Fault Codes here:- https://www.slideshare.net/tmcleisure/truma-combi-fault-codes-2018-tmc-leisure HERE Hope the link works .............. Mod edit : Link made click able
  15. Our's arrived this morning too. Already looking to see what sites to use for next year's trips to France. Ever the optimist and got to be really - think positive I say. Alan
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