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  1. Hi Are you pushing the black button on the top left of the EC400 ? If so this shuts down the whole system. Or am I not understanding what button you have pushed ? Do you mean the 'power' button on the control panel over the door ? Alan
  2. I think you have got this wrong. For the same period of time this year, i.e. March 2019 the adult per person price was £7.10 and for the same period in 2020, i.e. March 2020 the price is £7.30 - a difference of 20p which is a 3% increase. No, I don't see that the increases are necessary at all myself but being fair to the CMC the increase is nowhere near what you imply. Alan
  3. Dave You say that the lights and the power cut out - what do you mean by the power cuts out ? - to What ? Have you got the solar panel fitted to your Coachman (ours was standard on our VIP but may have been an optional extra on your Laser) - only thinking aloud as you say it only happened when it is raining and of course if you have a solar panel it will be fitted on the roof and could have a fault on it. On our VIP I have never heard the charger fan operate at all and wonder if one is fitted at all as in previous ones I have heard the fan cut in from time to time when a heavy electrical load is on it - however with all the lighting in the caravan now being LED's that is not an issue now. As respects water ingress via the external fridge vents I doubt this as there is quite an up stand on each louvre part and I have checked mine after washing, i.e. accidentally blasting the caravan side with a hose and found no water has got through the vents. Alan
  4. Hi Paul Many thanks for this. A friend of ours who we were with last week in France phoned us today to say that they have ordered a new 2020 VIP 520 last weekend at a pre-show event and it should be with them before the end of the month - getting a bit common, eh ! Alan
  5. Hi Simon Yes, that is the cable I was referring to. Either socket can be used to plug into and the other socket is used to plug diagnostic kit into, so doesn't matter what one you use. Have you checked that the small glass fuse where the wiring terminals are has not ruptured ? Usually you get a warning code come up on the display panel for any problems but your panel seems to be coming on after you have done a pre set and then shuts down which gets me thinking as to the panel cannot 'see' the device on the other end, therefore I thought about the comms cable connection. There is one more fuse buried in the lower part of the Combi - but for now take one step at a time. Alan
  6. Simon Have you disturbed the comms cable link between the boiler and the control panel / You said that you disconnected the wiring at the boiler end, so did you pull the comms lead plug out too and if so have you re-inserted it correctly. From memory there are two sockets that the plug can be inserted into and either one will/should communicate with the panel. Alan
  7. That means they have got slightly smaller than the 2018/2019 versions then. Paul, Any more information on the washroom mirrored glass cupboard above the sink or is it a mirror only ? Alan
  8. Hi Simon White/Orange is the negative - hope that helps. Alan
  9. Hi Paul Spare kitchen paper and loo rolls - that is what the linen basket is for with us too. Hope you will be pleased with your new 520 - we are going to see a new 2020 dealer special VIP at our dealers next week so will let you know our thoughts and possibly 'watch this space' ! I wouldn't say that we exactly hate the Dometic loo now as I suppose after 18 months we are getting used to it but we would much prefer the Thetford. I have been looking at some photos of the new model - in the washroom, is the large double fronted mirrored cupboard still there above the sink or is it just a mirror ? When you say that the rooflight is smaller - do you mean the Heki or the panoramic one and how much smaller is it as we do think that the 520 lacks a bit of daylight at the kitchen/dinette end ? Our one issue with ours has been the Whale Watermaster inlet and pump, not fit for purpose and whilst on holiday I repaired two other caravanners water systems who both had water gushing out of the pump plug inlet and the water inlet housing letting the water flood into the seat box, both on new Eldis caravans. Also, after having our brakes re-built under warranty they are squealing again but not as loud as before - on our last site in France before we came home last week the characteristic sound of the high pitched brake squeal was heard again on a new Eldis caravan coming onto the site so Alko haven't cracked it yet ! Enjoy ! Alan
  10. From the videos of the Acadia range and the Laser range you can see that they now use Thetford toilets again so presume the VIP will do so also - hooray, sense at last !! It also looks like there is a Thetford oven too. AS for the washbowl in the WC area - not too sure about this and we do prefer the one in our VIP along with that 'sticky-out' tap. The Laser Xcel certainly looks roomy especially with the double bed pushed back. Alan
  11. Ken Ours did the same as yours complete with the corrosion. Whale were very helpful after a moan from me that they didn't offer any help when our inlet unit failed miserably when we were in France last year for 7 weeks. They instructed our dealer to replace the whole unit which is bonded in to the caravan wall and not screw fixed as in previous units we have had had in other vans. Coachman agreed to respray the area where the corrosion was and our dealer made a good job of it and no sign of corrosion again as yet (fingers crossed). They still do not know why the corrosion had taken place which is a bit worrying. Also Whale told me to check the hose connection as mentioned in one of the posts above - easy job to do as the hose connections do seem to move away from the spigot connection. Alan PS Coachman gave the go ahead to carry out the remedial works to our dealers almost immediately and all was carried out in a couple of days.
  12. Why not download it direct from their website - simples. Alan
  13. We had brake squeal on our Coachman VIP 2018 almost from the off and our dealer replaced the whole brake components under warranty at its firs service. During our 6 week tour in France the squeal has come back, not as bad as before but still audible. We will be away again in France towards the end of August and will see if it is still evident - if it is, it will be on the list again at its second service. Alan
  14. It is worth trying to pair the handset again with the control board. The following are the instructions from Powertouch :- All electronics systems are supplied with the handset mapped (tuned/coded) to the electronics box, should you require to map or remap the system the sequence is as follows: Using the plastic needle provided (attached under the hinged lid of the electronics control box) press the remap button through the small hole in the lid of the box, this enables the control board to search for a signal. Then switch on the handset, and it will transmit a welcome mapping signal to the control board and the system will automatically code. I did this on a friends caravan a few years ago and it worked - worth a try ? Alan
  15. We have a 2018 Coachman VIP and have an Isabella Minor Porch awning and an Isabella Sunshine canopy both of which use the Fixon II clips. I reversed the rubber pads on the Fixons as per FG's post above and our's work perfectly with no problems whatsoever. Alan
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