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  1. A good result. It was with regret that we had to cancel our booking with Eurotunnel for a usual early trip to France at the end of May. I was concerned that having booked using our Tesco vouchers we would only be offered to be able to re-book the trip from the date we purchased our booking, i.e. February this year and that it would be valid for only up to 12 months from the date we boked - this meant if we don't go later in the year we would have to complete our holiday/trip before February 2021 or lose the monies. I had seen on another forum very recently that Eurotunnel were doing a limited offer for the next 6 weeks only but it is not shown on their website. I phoned this morning and the operator explained that we could have a voucher for the total value of our crossing which would be valid from todays date for 12 months and that we could book another crossing anytime during this period and that would be valid for a maximum period of 12 months, i.e. if we make a booking say in December 2020 we could book a crossing any time between then and 12 months hence. The operator told me that everything was in order and her supervisor would contact us within 2 weeks regarding the voucher - just after lunch today I received an email from Eurotunnel with the voucher reference number and details exactly as was described to me previously. I know that they still have our money but as caravanners who do at least 2 crossings a year we will definitely be going to France as soon as we are allowed and it is safe to do so whether this year or not so, trying to demand a full refund was not what we wanted anyway. As I said at the beginning it was a good result for us - but maybe wouldn't suit everyone. Alan
  2. We have a 2018 VIP and our alarm sounder is not very loud - depends on which side of the caravan you are standing on. I think this normal for the Sargent Alarm and a bit pathetic. In our previous Motorhomes our alarm system sounders were so loud you couldn't sit in the MH when they were activated.
  3. Why not just change the wheel ? A new Alko solid rubber wheel is about £30 on Ebay and whilst having my caravan serviced I spotted one in the accessory shop at £33 and they fitted it for me for free and it only took about 5 minutes. When we got home it was surprising how much easier our caravan rolled across our block paving drive compared to the original Alko 'Plastic' one.
  4. Great idea and saved lots of money too !
  5. That was some heavy coach conversion Russ - 26.6 metric tonnes !
  6. I have a removeable towball on my Sorento and can easily see the solidity of it's fit into the socket and check the connection onto the towbar each time we use it. Is it just me but there seems to be too many moving parts on this tow ball that you cannot see or easily inspect. I much prefer seeing something that is solid and which visually you can inspect to hopefully ensure everything is well with the towball, especially when you are hanging up to 2 tonne on the back of it. Also not so keen on the electric cable harness being moved backwards/upwards each time the towball is deployed. It certainly keeps the rear of the car looking tidy but time will tell to see if there are any potential issues. Alan
  7. My 312 screen is and has always been dark and much darker than the 212 we have in my wife's car. However, the play back image from the recording is absolutely perfect and sharp. I just put it down to a different rear screen material on the 312, but then it doesn't worry me as it is not there for me to look at whilst driving and I very rarely have used the dashcam to view a scene direct on playback as much better to view it either on my phone or laptop if needed. Alan
  8. We have had Coachman VIPs and our current one is a 2018 VIP Special Edition from Sussex Caravans which be bought back in March 2018. Our dealer special has additional items to the standard VIP and Sussex always have there own upholstery supplied and installed in their versions - much firmer and thicker fabric. We go abroad with ours a couple of times a year or more for 6 to 7 weeks at a time so the seating certainly gets used but ours still looks and feels as good as new. As for the Dometic oven we have had no problems and works well apart from the fan noise but that is not isolated to Dometic. The toilet was a pain to start with but we have got used to it and soon get used to the silly handle to open the seal. The only real issues we have had is the Alko brake squeal problem - common to many caravans and the Whale water inlet has been an issue with it leaking etc. - again not a problem isolated to Coachman and I have made repairs on a couple of other UK caravans who have had a problem with this whilst abroad. In all I think the quality of the furniture, fixture and fittings are very good and up to or better than previous Coachman vans. Despite initial trepidation at first with the double lockers at the front we now find them very good and amazing what you can store in them, plus it makes for a very good looking caravan in our eyes. We would certainly recommend our Coachman to anyone. Alan
  9. You can pull away on an incline or reverse it up an incline with ease with an Auto, not so easy doing the same with almost 2000 kg and a manual. Plus remember it is not only what you are towing but what is loaded inside the tow car, i.e. people plus all the heavy stuff in the boot. Anyway all the best to you in your choice. Alan
  10. Hope your Santa Fe is an Auto !
  11. We have many friends who use the Hull - Zeebrugge route as they all live up that neck of the woods and after many years of trundling down to the Channel crossings in Kent, now take the easy route with a cabin as added luxury. Whereas we southerners are stuck to the old usual crossings but our preferred choice now is the tunnel - expensive yes but worth not getting earache from she who must be obeyed. Alan
  12. The internal length is 6265mm so the overall external body length will be well under the 7.0 metres and is definitely 'street legal' and with an MTPLM of 1870 kg can be towed by any vehicle that weighs in around 2000 kg.
  13. I have had the same as yours for many years and have had the same ones on my Disco's, Freelander II and now for the past couple of years on my Kia Sorento - absolutely brilliant and no vibration and our travels are mainly long journeys through Europe. Alan
  14. We have had our shares since the Townsend Thoressen days, before P&O took over. We used to use them a lot to get the discount in the early years but find that you can get much better discounts now than what is offered under their scheme. Did you try other sources to see what deal you could have got for the same crossing ? Alan
  15. We had trouble with our Dometic fridge in our VIP in France this summer too. we were out for 7 weeks and had temperatures on site of just over 40 degrees C. Like many others on site who were similarly struggling with fridges not cooling, most people took the fridge vent covers off and some like us put a domestic fan in front of the vents to help boost the air flow to help it cool better, which it certainly did. So, when I got home I sorted out a couple of old computer fans that I have collected over the years and some cabling etc. , and have it ready for when we are away again, in fact we out to France again at the end of August until the end of September last year but the weather was not as hot so didn't need to fit the fans this time but they are all ready to be fitted for our first trip to France this year at the end of May. Alan
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