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  1. AlanS

    ACSI 2019 Books/Membership

    Yes, there are 2 books and in one of them there is or should be a small map book as normal. Alan
  2. AlanS

    ACSI 2019 Books/Membership

    Same here. Ours is on continuous subscription and you have to notify ACSI in writing if you want to cancel that annual subscription. Alan
  3. Our' s arrived direct from ACSI yesterday which is pretty good for them. Not gone through it in detail yet but looking at the France section and the renumbering there have been a lot of new sites added. Of course the cost of the sites have gone up by 1 Euro across the range but still good value. Alan
  4. AlanS

    Just Bought aVIP Need Tow Cover

    Paul We have never had a front cover nor full cover in all our years of 'camping' but our dealer was offering the Specialised one as a special offer but the spares guy and the MD tried to fit it on our new caravan but it didn't work. They did tell me later that Specialised were going to re-make them to access the locker. Does the top of yours roll down so that you can see out of the window if say staying only one night and not wanting to remove the whole thing ? Alan
  5. AlanS

    Just Bought aVIP Need Tow Cover

    We were going to purchase a Specialised cover from our dealer when we picked up our 2018 VIP earlier this year but when we tried it on at our dealers they found that the zips to access the lockers either side of the front of the van were installed wrongly so you couldn't access the lockers - so we didn't purchase one. Now, after towing all over France this year and over 4000 miles (at least 3000 towing miles) we have had no issues with the front of the caravan. For bringing it home I wouldn't worry too much and just wait for the cover to come . Alan
  6. AlanS

    I need your support

    Hi We have had 2 motorhomes and moved to them in late 2012. Both of ours were AutoTrail and we did buy new (fortunately we did buy cash so could do a good deal with both). Our first was a 'toe in the water' and was a 2 berth end kitchen and washroom layout - this was really good but you find that there are limitations in respect to storage. We kept this for about two and a half years before looking for something larger and we got a 7. 6 metre long MH with singles beds, L shaped kitchen and separate shower and toilet/hand basin areas amidships. This had a lovely large 'garage' area which met all our storage needs and more. We go to France for about 14 weeks overall in a year and our holidays normally are touring inasmuch as we move on every few days but sometimes stay for a week if we like the area so MH really suited our needs. However we do take a later European holiday where we meet up with friends and stay on site for a few weeks and this is where we felt trapped without having a car to get around with. We did take our MH's out though both shopping and visiting sights of interest. In England we found having the MH a pain as wherever we went no one wants MH's especially car parks etc. so we always chose sites that had public transport reasonably nearby. We loved our last MH, great driving position, comfortable, easy to set up and leave especially if the weather was inclement and do still love them. Another plus is the MH fraternity is much more friendly and we have been 'camping' for 40+ years. However last year we decided that we might change back to a caravan partly for the reason of missing having transport when on site but also being greedy, we did miss not having a 2nd car (I always had to use my wife's car when it was available !). This year we have toured exactly the same as we have done in the MH but this time we have taken the car solo to places we would never have done with the MH (and in the past we have taken our MH's through some tight areas as we always travelled cross country and not via autoroutes unless the were free). One final point is that the lounging space in a MH is always restricted - yes we had a lovely bedroom area and sanitary accommodation plus a L shaped kitchen but you do not have the sprawling space that we have in our caravan. Therefore now, if the weather is inclement we have no problems lounging about, walking around a making a cup of tea, etc. On the other hand when on the move and you need a comfort break it was so easy with the MH - just park up and stop, just move to the loo in the MH whereas in a car/caravan combination it is a different matter. Servicing is another matter - one service for the habitation area and a separate one for the vehicle (often MH dealers cannot or do not have the facility to do both) and thereby this can also be an issue to find a garage that could lift up and service a heavy MH (we used a very good HGV main dealer for ours). If you had something wrong or a warranty issue with the habitation side and the dealer kept the MH you were then without a vehicle - luckily we were never in this position. In all, so many fors and againsts - as I said we still love MH's and who knows we may change back at some time in the future and if we do it would be an A Class next time around. Hope this gives you some food for thought. Alan
  7. AlanS

    Coachman VIP pan drawer

    We have had our 2018 VIP since the end of March this year and have travelled / towed about 4000 miles with it and the pan draw has been no problem whatsoever despite having quite a few cooking pans in it. However, my wife doesn't like the catches and has asked me to get a spare or two just in case something breaks whilst on holiday. Alan
  8. AlanS

    VIP 520 - 2019

    Hi The beds in yours were only 6ft 2inches and you are the same height - have you tried stretching out on the new VIP 520 as they are only 2 inches shorter and not encumbered by the large deep front locker that yours has got ? Alan
  9. Paul No problem with cleaning it out - I use a thin long brush that I bought from Lidl some years ago (to clean the snow off the windscreen has a scraper on the other end) to clean this gutter. There is a small drainage slot at either end of this sort of aerofoil gutter which allows the water to run down behind the deep front window reveals and you can keep this clear by either squirting water from a hose down them or use a small bit of wire. Alan
  10. AlanS

    VIP 520 - 2019

    Simon That will be a nice Christmas present - don't dwell too much on the 'hit' you took as you can't take it with you. Look forward to next year and enjoy. Alan
  11. AlanS

    Omnivent water ingress

    If it was a cold night, could it have be condensation on the underside of the roof vent ? Alan
  12. In the 2019 brochure the weight plate upgrade is only 25 kg bringing the MPTLM of the 575 up to 1550 kg. Alan
  13. I didn't think it would be long before they carried out some action / protest. The prices have really escalated over last years - in 2017 we were paying about 1. 15 euros per litre on average whereas this year the best we were paying was about 1. 44 euros. Alan
  14. AlanS

    VIP 520 - 2019

    Paul I do use Thetford spray lubricant on the seals (2 of them spaced apart) and it is a bit awkward to clean the seals if someone uses the loo and it is not a 'clean shot so to speak' trying not to be crude but honest. Also Coachman have a larger separate key to open the cassette door - why? and the flushing tank filler does not have a lock on it like Thetfords do. We much prefer a Thetford but c'est la vie, it works and the rest of the caravan is perfect for us. Alan
  15. AlanS

    Beware in Italy !!

    Italy has many Low Emission Zones (LEZ) and in addition have Limited Travel Zones (ZTL's) which more and more towns and villages are adopting. It seems very evident that they are trying to restrict general travel through areas except for essential use. It seems a bit of a minefield now whether towing a caravan, motorhoming or just general car travel and you must be on your guard at all time. Alan