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  1. Many thanks for the replies,the reason we asked the AWS engineer to do the repair as they serviced it,and in fact replaced the rubber around the window in the lockdown service in 2020,quoting it had A high damp reading . My worry is can they keep the van in there workshop for an indefinite time,ignoring my requests for updates,or are they obliged to eventually complete the repair to my satisfaction.
  2. I have had my 2018 crusader mistrial in dock with AWS agents since April 3,problems with water ingress on front right window. Hymer refuse to accept a claim as it's not there approved agent.We have agreed a price with AWS agent for the complete repair there is where we are still at,as they say they can't get parts( in this case the front shelf matching vinyl). So two weeks ago I gave them authority to get an alternative vinyl from a local retailer. Alas there is still no progress,despite a paper chain of emails,and constant phone calls . I'm coming to the end of my tether over this,what can I do?,do I need to take legal action?
  3. Due to Covid19 the caravan will be dorment for some time,it was serviced in March 2020,but my worry is will it all work again,or should I have another service nearer the time that I am able to caravan again?
  4. Just had this recall done by local elddis approved repairs,very neat job,took about 90 minutes.
  5. I have a Elddis Crusader 2018 mistral,I would like to feed a aerial lead from a club site bollard to the satilite in plug located in battery box. Will I be able to use a digital TV in the van running of one of the sat plugs?
  6. Having just taken delivery of a new Crusader Mistral, I cant locate the Carbon Monoxide Alarm. Can anyone help with this point/,I presume they are standard fitting?
  7. Thank you both for your replies!,it seems the owners manual has omitted this!
  8. I have recently brought a 2018 Crusader Mistral,but there is no info on draining the onboard water tank in the owner's manual, does anyone have any ideas on how this is done?
  9. Can anyone advise how to replace the led bulb on the Avante spotlight,or do I need to buy a complete replacement?
  10. Many thanks to all above,I'm not sure how to access the non return valve is there a blow up of the whale inlet assembly?
  11. Water drips from the base of my whale water inlet plug,tried tightening screws,but it still dribbles,can anyone suggest a answer?
  12. I've just purchased whale intelligent controller for Elddis avante 540 2011 . Has anybody installed this device and have any tips for it?
  13. Hi Tim, Any chance of helping me with how to replace a senator 5 Arizona front window. Regards Sparrowhawk
  14. We tow with a Zafira 150 BHP diesel,tugging a Senator Arizona,plenty of power using 5 gear most of the time,averaging 25mpg. Sparrowhawk
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