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  1. Hi, I purchased the van when at the NEC show in October 2012. At the time our concerns were any warranty issues. The sales guy assured us he would find us a local dealer if and when the time come. (obviously just a sales pitch to get the sale). As our contract is with the original supplying dealer, this is why I have been sending them letters. I have informed them that the van is at my home address and they are more than welcome to make an appointment to come and visit and take a look. They have refused. They want me to make a 500 mile round trip for a 10 minute inspection only to be told it out of warranty. As far as I am concerned I have given them the option for inspecting the van, they have declined. I will however, contact my local CAB to see what they say.
  2. Hi, I have a 2013 Elddis 576. Had a crack in the rear panel that was replaced May 2015. In June 2016 I found a crack in the replaced panel (very similar) to the OP's pics at the top. The dealer submitted the warranty claim and this was rejected August 2016. Van is now 3. 5 years old. I made the big mistake of purchasing some 250 miles away from home, I know, I know, never again. I found a local dealer who took on all warranty work and it was this dealer who replaced the first panel and put the claim in for the 2nd that has now been rejected. I have now written to the original supplying dealer requesting they take the van back as basically we have had enough. Obviously they are refusing. Apart from interior problems which have been rectified, I have had the front panel repaired as blistering and small air pocket cracks 2 x different area floor delaminations 1 x rear panel cracked and finally another rear panel cracked I really want to go down the route of "Small Claims Court" or what it may be called now. I have sent the original dealer a "letter before action" but all I am getting from them is, we haven't seen the van, it sounds like poor workmanship. I have tried explaining to them that at point of purchase (NEC show) the salesman assured us that as we lived so far away in the event of any warranty work, they would find us a local dealer to us to take the work on. Why did we listen ?, they lied and were not interested just kept saying bring the van in. Elddis actually found the current dealer i'm using now for repairs, but I've really just had enough and want rid of this problematic van. Do you think i'm right to proceed with the smalls claims to the original dealer some 3. 5 years after collecting it.
  3. Hi Mark My only issue is that I purchased the van from Campbells caravans at Preston who were next to useless and we so wished we never used them. Also they are up north and we are in the south. (Again another lesson learnt). We were finally able to find a dealer near to us who would take on all warranty work for us. They replaced the first panel. So do I go back to supplying dealer who I know don't deal with Elddis now or go back to current dealer who doing warranty work. Regards Steve
  4. 2013 avante 576 cracked rear panel AGAIN. Totally fed up with Elddis. This is second rear panel that has cracked at the top. 2nd panel has cracked just over 12 months since being replaced. Van is now just under 3. 5yrs old. Warranty repair has just been refused by Elddis. After 2 rear panel failures, 1 front panel blistering, 2 floor delamination, sink drain leak problem, oven issues, cupboard front problems I've had enough.
  5. UPDATE I have now been informed by Elddis, if an approved retailer/workshop completes the work and adds the necessary support then this will NOT INVALIDATE the warranty. They have to install the Teleco directional aerial as being fitted to the 2016 models. I can't comment on motorhomes as i have been trying for the caravan. This is all at your own cost mind you.
  6. I know, I sent the member a question regarding the aerial and how useless it was and received absolutely no reply. If I could afford to, I would change the van to another manufacturer, but then again, the grass is not always greener, so will have to make do with what I've got
  7. Roger Chatfield - the reason is for the same as the rear view mirror in your car - to see what is behind me, the rear view camera will do exactly the same. Sticking a camera on either side of van does not give a clear view and requires 2 cameras not one. Hambo - I like the install, simple and very effective. I have no rear window so looking to do something similar to what volvovanner has mentioned with a satnav mount suction pad on rear panel and I can't drill any holes.
  8. Hi, can anybody tell me if the 12v system is live while towing. I know the fridge is on 12v but wanted to know if the 12v sockets are also live. I'm thinking of installing a rear view camera system and instead of running long lengths of cable between camera and battery was thinking of running to a 12v tv point located at back of van.
  9. Watch TV = simple Bad picture/signal = very complicated
  10. Hi volvovanner You have the old aerial but it already has an amplifier built into the base on the roof. I'm no expert from here, but I don't think adding an extra booster will help - if you have a spare then it's always worth plugging in and seeing. What Avtex advise is bypassing the splitter as in most cases these are at fault. Not so in my case as proved with test lead from Avtex tonight. I have taken lead direct from aerial to TV and retuned - getting exact same number of channels whether I use this or keep to original wiring.
  11. Hi Volvovaner If you can't see an amplifier box near your aerial I would say you have the older Avtex aerial. Do you have a signal splitter unit. Mine is located in front seating area near battery box. If you do have a splitter, then you have the older version of aerial. Hope this helps.
  12. Had a lengthy conversation with Avtex regarding aerial. They sending me a test lead. This will tell me if problem is aerial or cabling. The difference between a 2013 van and 2015 is that the aerial no longer has an inbuilt amplifier. They have now taken amplifier into a separate box and split the signal within the amplifier as quite often than not in the 2013 vans it was mostly the splitter (third party) that was the problem. If once I get the lead it turns our to be the aerial, then as Flynn stated above it covered for 12 months only so will be an expense. If however the fault is the wiring, then depending on warranty this may be covered. So worth a phone call to Avtex to get a test lead.
  13. Hi, many thanks for all the replies. Looks like I will have to go down the route of a third party aerial stuck to side of van / a frame. I will try chasing Avtex today but don't hold out much hope as I believe the aerial is the problem. Thanks for everyone's input.
  14. Ok, I'm just about to ditch my useless aerial. We have put up with it for far to long now that I now need to act. What have other unfortunate 2013 owners done to resolve this. I see the later vans now have a Svensen amplifier. But I have read that the new aerial is now a low gain and not a high gain, and that the amplifier will not work with the high gain aerials. Visited a local caravan dealer who just advised purchasing a status or visionplus system. Have also seen posts mentioning purchasing a adjustable attenuator. Just wanting to know what others have done first.
  15. Found out from the dealer that my floor is going back in for further repair and that they need the van in the dealers to sort the panel. Not sure if they mean repair or replace as they have not answered me on that one.
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