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  1. Hi Ive a similar problem but haven't yet found where the water is getting in. I also thought it was a good idea to loosen or remove an underfloor bolt to allow the water out. The bolt just turned and didn't come out. Did you manage to get one Outland do you recommend Captain Tollies . I hope you got the leak sorted. John
  2. A spare set always ensures that the thing never breaks again.
  3. Hi, We hade the same problem on 2010 pegasus. It was about 10 weeks before the hinges arrived from Prima ( as they forecast). Luckily I noticed that the underbed locked also used the same hinge pins but 4. So i borrowed 2 from there in order to keep us going on the holiday. About £8 a pair if I remember correctly.
  4. what's the toilet model? the info may be on a sticker in the cassette compartment. My toilet which is a c250 is secured by the 4 screws holding the filling point (just take the screws out don't remove the filler) and i think 4 or so screws under the bowl accessed from the cassette compartment. I took mine out and refitted it about 6 years ago so i can't remember the details. The good thing was that there was no need to break any permanent sealing. If you get the model number it may be possible to look up the fitting details on the thetford web site.
  5. my 2009 bailey 534 had a chemical smell in it that occurred mainly in warm weather. After much searching i found some oily smelly liquid in the fridge drain evaporation tray at the back of the fridge. It must have been there from new. Once it was cleaned out all was well. It could be worth a look.
  6. Oh no it won't adjective. not transparent or translucent; impenetrable to light; not allowing light to pass through.
  7. Whats the point of an opaque roof light? It won't let any light in.
  8. Having had this kit fitted for a number of years I would advise "don't bother" I fitted it because the toilet was always a bit more iffy than our previous ones had been , (it turned out to be caused by a faulty cassette valve). We still use the chemicals as before so doesn't save any money for us in chemicals. I think it does helping keeping the bathroom sweet but if I had my time again i would just have a natural ventilation system without fan, filter or timer. I followed the instructions thetford provided with the kit, which were basically what is shown in the video link above, the only difference being my toilet is a C250. This is what I would do now. To ventilate the cassette you need a short piece of plastic waste pipe to go through the caravan floor some sealant to keep it in place and seal it, and a foam washer to seal the cassette to the floor as it is pushed in as shown in the video, you should be able to make one quite easily. There is no need for the toilet to come out as the hole can be cut by a hole saw turned by hand as the floor is very thin plywood and soft foam. Hope this ramble helps John
  9. I've fitted the the venting kit if anybody's interested just ask.
  10. I had this problem one my pegasus. It took ages to find the problem witch turned out to be the 9Volt battery connector. It was a bit loose on the battery. If your system is similar its worth an easy check to see if this could be the cause.
  11. does the cars gross weight you quoted come from the car vin plate?
  12. If its the moulding on the A frame its glued on. If I remember correctly there are a couple of pieces of wood underneath glued to the chassis and the moulding is glued onto the wood. Yes weird I know.
  13. I was so impressed with the home induction hob that I bought a Teefal the same as shown earlier to use in the caravan. Its used in the awning and and in the van,we rarely use the caravan hob now. Miles faster than gas for boiling water the only issue is the simmer setting is an on off pulsing. Some more expensive hobs may work differently.
  14. Old Boys suggestion seems pretty easy and straightforward. A similar idea and one which may be a bit more simple for the none technical minded, Get a fused spur (Fused Connection Unit) wired into the supply lead using an outdoor waterproof socket box via a short adapter. Take a stock of fuses with you and select the appropriate Amp size when you first connect up. Bit of a faff if the fuse blows but saves that walk of shame and its strait forward and not too expensive. 2A, 3A, 5A,10A and 13A capacity are available.
  15. How did you find out that the 4wd wasn't working? I rarely use the 4wd button but I have never been in a situation where its needed so if it wasn't working I would have no idea. Just thinking that if it was bust I should get it fixed under warrant.
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