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  1. milbron


    morning, i posted a few weeks back that i was looking to buy 2014 kia sorento . but i ended up with a 2017 kx4 in black. you were all correct about how much better the ride comfort and power than my 2005 xt. thanks for feed back.george.
  2. milbron


    morning, thanks for the feedback, looks like it will be 2015. 7. seats automatic, and found out it has cam chain not a belt. george.
  3. milbron


    morning, i am thinking of buying a 2014. 2.2. diesel sorento. any coments about it, good or bad. thanks. george.
  4. morning just read your post i have a 545 pastiche, 2010 model very pleased with it, we do about 3000 miles every year with it no major problems at all. service every year in next week for 7th year service. we love our 545would not part with it. yours truly george.
  5. had the service done power board in back of fridge had to be changed due to getting a good soaking from horizontal rain up in inverness. sorted now. george.
  6. thanks for your coments but it goes in for service on monday let him sort it out. george
  7. morning all, got a problem with the thetford fridge in my 2010 coachman pastiche 545. on packing up on friday to come home from the lakes i saw error code 14 in the panel on the fridge, as we were going home switched every thing off and the gas and went home. next day at home plugged in the electric tried to switch on the fridge but nothing, dead. no light on in the fridge or in the panel nothing. will not turn on at all in any mode, all coments will be gratefully recieved. thankyou. george.
  8. i have 2010 545 pastiche no problems at all, very pleased with the van. george.
  9. dettol cleansing surface wipes. no bleach no taint no odour antibacterial wipes. thanks george.
  10. morning. we have a 2010 pastiche 545 and the shower door is starting to craze the full length of both edges of the door. been told its the cleaning products we have been useing, has any one else had any problems. thanks, george.
  11. morning all, the door on the microwave cupboard, on 2010 545 pastiche, is warped and wont stay closed. been on to the service engineer he,s getting in touch with coachman, under the warranty. find out later iff it,s covered. just wonderd iff any ony else has had the same problem. thank,s george.
  12. didnt know they made a small rolls royce.
  13. must be level or you will not get your fried egg in the middle of the frying pan. george.
  14. morning, just had a look at the tyer,s on my 2010 pastiche same make max miler 195/70 r15c 104/102. no problems look fine no cracks. george.
  15. i have acoachman 545 and the fridge is oppisit the door. george.
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