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  1. LenV

    Weights again

    Thanks everyone for your replies. Here is the information I think you require. Gross vehicle weight = 2400kg Gross train mass. = 4500kg Front axle = 1270kg Rear axle = 1200kg Max. towing weight =2100kg Towball = 90kg Caravan = Buccaneer Flyute MTPLM 1800KG Hope this helps
  2. Sorry to bring this up again, but. I cannot get my head around this topic. My car has Gross Train Mass is 4500kg. Had car and caravan weighed comes in at 3983kg. My licence is B+E. Am I legal?
  3. Hi all. I am travelling from Weymouth (Littlesea Haven site) to Plymouth on Saturday 26th June. Tomtom is giving the B3157 has the route then taking the A35. Is the B3157 ok for caravans? Any local knowledge would be gratefully received. Len
  4. Got it thanks guys. Mine is Gross Train Mass - 4500kg Gross Vehicle weight - 2400kg. Towing weight is 2100kg.
  5. I am sorry to diverge a little on this thread, but can some please clarify which car weight is the legal towing weight with a caravan. Is it the kerbside weight or the towing weight. I know the caravan can only go up to its MPTLM.
  6. As my caravan us in storage and not accessible because of Covid, can anyone please tell me the size of tyres fitted to the Buccaneer Fluyt 2014.
  7. Now we agree WispMan. If people read postings correctly at the beginning they may be able to reply with good advice. Again my point was to say that if, unlike you and I someone from Lancashire booked the Burrs Park after searching the website saw that it was in Lancashire (again which is not) that could turn out very disappointing as well as expensive (fuel price etc). As for my booking lets see what happens in the next few weeks. Do you cancel your bookings 7 or 8 weeks in advance
  8. Thanks guys. Wildwood you have hit the nail on the head. Most areas are under different rules even though they are in the same tier. WispMan I think most people know what tier they are in and not only the rules but the advice. What I am trying to say is the club have a site (Burrs Park) which is listed on their website as in Lancashire when it is not, its in Greater Manchester, which just adds another bit of confusion. Fleetline. The club has not told anyone they should cancel their booking. As just been said things are changing daily, so why should anyone cancel a booking which is 7 or 8 weeks away as they then maybe able to travel. Lets be fair there are people who book sites for almost every weekend thought the year and cancel at the last minute, or do you think that is OK?
  9. My Wife and I are booked to attend Burrs Park CMC site in Bury for Christmas and New Year. Having just spoken to a warden on this site I have been informed that if the current levels of restrictions to some areas continue until that period we will not be allowed to go there. We live in Lancashire which is in the highest tier of restrictions and Bury is Greater Manchester which is also in the top tier. It appears the club are saying that travel between these areas is forbidden, which I disagree with as it is advisory only. When I searched for a club site in Lancashire I found only 2. Blackpool which is closed and Burrs Park. The point I am trying to make is that if someone from Lancashire did a search on the web site they could book the Burrs Park site, but when they arrived would be turned away as Bury is actually Greater Manchester. Also this means that anyone living in Lancashire cannot use ANY CMC site as the only one (Blackpool) is closed. Its about time the club got its act together and gave correct information on 1. The actual rule for travel and 2. The correct location of sites on the website
  10. Thanks Hawkaye and Benny. I will have a look next time I'm at the storage.
  11. Can anyone please tell me how to fully remove the spare wheel carrier from a 2014 Buccaneer Fluyt. I am putting the spare wheel inside the van.
  12. Buccaneers have a upgradable MTPLM weight available. I am not sure if this is when the unit purchased from new or later in its life. I think that the amount of increase depends on the model of caravan.
  13. We like most caravaners worry about the weight of our units when loaded. We stripped our caravan of everything not fitted, and weighed each item individually. There are items fitted to caravans as extras when purchased, motor movers and solar panels to mention two. We worked out our caravan was near to the MTPLM weight. Today we took our fully loaded caravan to a weighbridge and was amazed to find it was way under what we estimated. Obviously our calculations were totally wrong. Using a weighbridge is in my opinion the best way to weigh a van, and hopefully be pleasantly surprised like us.
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