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  1. Further to this discussion I have been looking at the interlocking tiles (if that's what they are called). I would require 40 of these for our awning and would appreciate peoples opinions on this compared to a ground sheet. They feel a lot lighter than a normal ground sheet but are quite bulky.
  2. Thanks for your replies. I will look into the options before we go away.
  3. Hi everyone. We have just bought a brand new Isabella full awning plus a Isabella carpet. Looking on their web site they are showing a ground cover and a ground sheet. Can someone please tell us which we should get. If you have all three including the carpet your van would be overweight i am sure.
  4. Thank you everyone for your good advice. We are looking forward to visiting this site. Len
  5. Thank you Jim. I will go on google earth and look at so I have good where I am going. I did forget to mention that I am coming North from Garlieston.Len
  6. We are hoping to use this site in June, but the directions are sparse. The CCC directions seem to end on the B852. I used google earth and the only roads I could find to the site are quite narrow. Can someone please tell me which is the best approach to this site. Thanks
  7. I always plan my routes where ever possible before I travel. I use TomTom My Drive on my computer. This has the options for car, motorhome and truck. I always use the truck option although there is option to put in size and weight of your unit. I then download the routes to my TomTom appliance. Up to press never had a problem. I do check with a map just to make sure. My TomTom is not a truck or camping one. Regards. Len
  8. Thank you everyone. Lots of nice things to investigate before we decide. Its good that we will not need to book in advance. Its good to get advice from people who have been visiting France for a long time. As we will still be in the EU until the end of the year is seems an ideal time to go. Len
  9. Hi everyone. My Wife and I are thinking of venturing to France for 2 weeks in June. Estimated dates 15th to the 29th. As its our first time touring abroad we do not want to travel too far from Calaise. The furthest south would probably be Tours. We would like to stay at 2 sites spending 7 nights at each one. We like walking and cycling and would want to be reasonably close to a town. Can someone please give us some on advice on known good sites for us. All advice would be appreciated .
  10. OK got that. Then charge per person instead of per unit.
  11. My Wife and I have been members of both clubs for many years. I can honestly say we have never met any bad, grumpy or over zealous wardens yet. May be we are lucky. The thing that baffles me about both clubs is why is there pricing in two parts. ie pitch fee and a charge for each person. I cannot see the relevance of the number of people. Surely it would be much easier to just charge for a unit. If anyone can explain this, then I am all ears.
  12. Its not an affiliated site and it is listed as open all year. December 2020 is fully booked according to the web site and as been since October from what I see.
  13. Thanks for your reply. I assumed it would be something like that, but its almost fully booked upto December 2020
  14. Hi all. Can anyone please tell me what is the earliest date I could book a CMC site. I have just checked for 2020 at Baltic wharf and it is nearly fully booked up to December. That means bookings must have started 14 months in advance. If that is correct its ridiculous. Thanks
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