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  1. If you are in the south in Limburg (for Brugge), I cannot recommend 'Hoeve Krekelberg' in Schinnen high enough - beautiful site, well worth a few extra miles. Friendly and beautiful location. Maastricht nearby is a great city, very classy. I agree about Amsterdam - don't bother. Haarlem for instance is much nicer, as is Edam and Alkmaar. Curious about the site near Groningen? I live in Groningen, can perhaps give you a few tips. Funny that you will be visiting the north as well, there are some truly magnificent sites, beautiful countryside and not a foreign tourist to be seen. .. (until now, that is!) We are currently on a site in the province of Drenthe (50km from our home in Groningen) for a bank holiday weekend and this is a beautiful region. The north is not so densely populated, but still lots to see and do. Good for walking and great for cycling. WWII concentration camp Westerbork, Groningen city (on the fish market in the city centre grab some fish & chips!), renting a small boat for a day trip on the countryside waterways is super.
  2. Borussia has said it as it is; although I tend to take the ease of highway stations while towing. These will be at 10ct/l more expensive in some cases though.
  3. Didn't remove the paint on my black towbar either; no problems here.
  4. Welcome! Hope you enjoy many happy hours roaming around here.
  5. I don't want to instigate a brawl, but am curious about the main differences in terms of standards and atmosphere. Might seem an odd question, but I don't live in the UK and want to do a temporary membership of either for this summer. Better put: what is the general 'feel' of the respective club sites?
  6. I don't want to start a brawl, but which is better: C&CC or CMC? Or maybe better put: what are the main differences in terms of general 'feel' of their respective sites? CastleRigg Hall seems fantastic - expensive but seems well worth the money.
  7. Which of these has your preference? We aim for scenic location, good with children and not too crowded (spacious pitches). One snag: this wil be in July/ August.
  8. Generally speaking the jockey is attached to the (triangular) chassis, making a 3-point support for the chassis. On most vans the steadies are not connected to the chassis itself, thereby putting considerable strain on the body. Having said that, I have seen many people raisng the jockey after having settled without apparent problems. It would be interesting though to study the relation between this and possible ingress of moisture on the longterm.
  9. We would like to visit the Lakes during this coming summer. I live in Holland, so not very knowledgeable about the area. We can do a guest membership of the C&CC. Which sites could you recommend, bearing in mind - preferably grass pitches with EHU - two children, 6 & 8 (play area) - not too busy (no massive holiday parks with live entertainment, etc.) - picturesque, quiet setting En route from Harwich, what would you recommend (for a few days)? We thought about the southern Dales, or Peak District. (Site or travel suggestions very welcome!) All suggestions appreciated, thanks!!
  10. Funny, I am Dutch and my experience is completely opposite: I much rather tow in the UK for the same reasons. Perhaps a foreign registration plate does the trick?
  11. Great stuff, glad your encounter was so positive! It also makes me kind of sad to think that we are now (rightly) so pleased with the kind of service you describe when years ago this was obvious and to be expected - then a normal way of dealing with customers. . I live in Holland but had a similar positive experience ordering a caravan from Homestead Caravans in Clacton-on-Sea.
  12. Please look at www. kgc. nl This is a site for smaller 'green' sites with excellent facilities. (There is a button for English). We've used several of these sites, no disappointments yet. In general, the more touristy provinces of Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland offer sites with smaller pitches and seldom feature a truly tranquil setting. If you visit the less touristy provinces like Drenthe (where Van Gogh lived), Groningen (where I live) and Overijssel; there are magnificent sites with truly memorabel pitches. Enjoy!!
  13. I am Dutch, so perhaps I can shed some light on how we do it here. Indeed, almost every Dutchman takes his/ her bike along, mostly on the back. So that should plead for the safety of this method one would think. It is often a heated magazine/ forum topic here. General consensus is that the back of the caravan is the worst place for transporting your bikes. The A-frame is better, but obvious disadvantage being the nose weight. Best place is the car: on the back (MPV is ideal) or on the roof - which you will find an increasingly popular place when observing on your next trip. Older people often put them on a (custom-made) frame inside the caravan, over the axle. The mechanics have been discussed extensively here, but also in other topics here I read the basic principles of load being confirmed: heavy items over the axle! I would not dream of putting 40kg on the back floor of the van, on the outside wall is even further from the axle and higher. Madness in my opinion. During this past summer holiday alone two accounts in our circle of friends made me stand by my opinion stronger than ever: our neighbour (30 years of towing experience) overtook a HGV at 95km/h (60mph) and the combination became out of control, slinging all over, very traumatic experience. They were quite shaken. Was it maybe drag from the side while overtaking? Perhaps, but he will never again have his bikes on the back. Some friends came back from France and at the same speed the same thing happened while overtaking. Our friend (a HGV driver) steered towards the hard shoulder - knowing that an accident was inevitable, but was averted by some miracle. Back at home they had to clean cacao and flour from the ceiling, the chaos was immense. In the vast majority of cases the method on the back of the caravan in Holland would seem to 'prove' the safety of this method. But please note: this is strongly discouraged by all experts and authorities here! Use your common sense: it is dangerous! So do what you think is best, but please do not argue for the safety of this method "because thousands of Dutch do it". (So why do so many Dutch persist in this method? It is easy and - we are inseparable from our bikes.)
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