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  1. We won't have an itinerary as such, just a rough route. The only fixed times will be the ferry out and in. Nearer the time I think we'd decide on Dordogne/Andorra or Ardeche/Alps trips to narrow it down a bit. As previous posts suggest we would intend to stay at municipal sites to keep costs down. The aim being to offset the fuel costs. We're not expecting to get the entire "Grand Tour" in. I think 5 stays between 1 and 3 nights is probably as much as we can fit in. My main worry is pitch availability and paper based guides (we could be off hook and away from wifi for a couple of days at a time).
  2. It's got to be the first 2 weeks of August. Probably not the best time for travel in France but hey ho!
  3. Last holiday with the kids before they fly the nest. The UK holds no interest for them. Been there, done that etc. ...... So lets go to France, Spain or Germany (One speaks German, the other Spanish). But then why not all?? My memories are travelling through France to the Costa Brava with my parents in the late 60's early 70's. Sunflowers, melons, dead straight tree lined roads. You just traveled at your own speed and stopped when you needed to. Virtually every town had a Camping Municipal. We don't fancy a thrash through France to spend 10 days on a beach then a 2 day thrash home again. We can't decide where we would like to go exactly. The vision is to just drive and stop over a night or 2 before moving onto the next stop. Sea, culture or cities not essential. We just want to see some sights (say Rocamadour, Andorra, Ardeche, the alps, a big lake or 2). Apart from the ferry we don't want to pre-book anything. So questions are:_ Is this possible and where do I find info on campsites etc etc? We will probably avoid big sites with pools etc to keep costs down so how much will the simpler sites be? We'll be towing a 1. 45 tonne van behind a C-Crosser but we'll be hoping to travel lightly, i. e. no awning, satellite dish, washing line, numerous windbreaks etc. (The Cadac is def going with us!). So we are hoping to cope with mountainous routes okay. All help gratefully received as we are hoping to just buy a map and stick a pin in it each day!
  4. Just had a similar problem and hopefully fixed! We have 3 position switch for 12v supply. Car /O/ Van,With the Charger 'ON' and this switch Set to 'O' 12v is supplied to loads direct from transformer. With switch set to Van 12v supply is via battery. If your charger is working then you will have 12v in 'O' position and your battery indicator will show a full battery. Our problem was not the charger but loose connections on the back of the charger switch. All sorted by our mobile mechanic who had to drill out rivets to get to it.
  5. Draining the shower. ..........don't care. Sleeping level . ....................don't care. Level fridge. ....................really??? Level frying pan . ...........ESSENTIAL ! ! ! Spirit level goes on hob and I don't stop until it's level on both axes.
  6. If you did and it was within 6 months you may have some protection from Sale of Goods Act. Search a for a thread on here somewhere.
  7. Rodders, thanks for that. As you say Swift do give a pretty good circuit diagram but not proving much help. Slight correction though. .......new fully charged battery gives 12v output throughout van but. ........... We have an ESM2000 unit with 12v fuses, 240v cb's, 12v supply switch and battery charger switch. 12v switch to "Van", charger "off" -- all okay 12v switch to "Van" , charger "on" -- lights flicker at the rate of approx 3 times every 2 secs. 12v switch to "Off", charger "on" -- lights flick on/off at the same rate. The van leisure battery has been recharged out of the van and appears to be holding charge.
  8. We had a 13 pin Plug fitted to the C-Crosser to suit the 13 pin socket on the van. We also have an adaptor to twin plugs that we used on the old car. Both work well but I do find the 13 pin connector fiddly to fit. Our Witter towball and socket are invisible when not in use so looks good. I can't for the life of me think why the towbar fitters can't fit a 2nd 7-pin connector to the car but can fit a 13 pin connector. We were offered both and chose the 13 pin as it is becoming the new standard. As for the C-Crosser as a tow car. .....copes well with our 1500kg Swift, reversing camera is great for hitching up, SatNav rubbish, 6speed auto a revelation and it doesn't look too bad. Goes like the clappers solo but I do find the brakes a bit spongy and feel less.
  9. 2003 Challenger 500SE. Battery is 2 years old and fails to charge. Switching on the on-board charger shows the meter reading going to full green. Then 3 seconds later drops to dead point. There is no 12v output anywhere within van. A battery swap shows the same readings strangley from a fully charged battery. I've had a quick surf for a replacement but have yet to find one. Anyone out there had a similar problem?
  10. I used to tow a marauder with a 1150kg MTPLM with a Picasso 2. 0L diesel (Mk1 90 bhp version). It towed okay however like all these cars you are looking at it is geared for economy therefore there will be a bit of cog swapping on M-way inclines.
  11. Update. Top spec exclusive auto with reversing camera too. Excellent tow car. Not sure of it's off road capabilities as it has 18" rims and silly low profile Pirelli P6 tyres. having said that it does have 4WD lock and the auto should prevent wheel spin. Overall I'm well pleased with it. It goes like the clappers solo but. ...........those tyres mean an uncomfortable ride and a lot of pothole dodging.
  12. This problem is not confined to private buys. We had a similar problem when buying from a multi- outlet dealer. Final offer was to repair caravan which he claimed off insurance. This trick enables dealers to sell for top dollar regardless of condition knowing that insurance will pick up the tab later on. much cheaper for them than fixing it at their own cost before selling on.
  13. Thanks guys. I'd seen these and similar but wanted views on automatic version. Car is spot on and on paper there are enough horses and torques but anything can change with an auto box grafted on. many cars are better but some do get worse.
  14. A lot of you seem to have the C-Crosser/4007/Outlander manual which is generally well received. However, does anyone have experience of the auto version? It will be used to tow a 1470kg MPTLM single axle 'van. A bit urgent folks as I'm test driving it tomorrow and looking to do the deal!
  15. Test drove a 4WD SportageTitan and did a deal at the weekend. Then found out it has a puny 75kg noseweight limit. This limits you to caravans of about 1100kg if you stick to the 7% van weight on the hitch. I backed out fast as the van is 1450kg as I have had trouble with stability with anything less than 85kg on the nose.
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