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  1. I wouldve taken this option if it had been an option but they are lease cars and the old car failed its MOT and we had no option but to take the new one. We thought we had found a company to fit the towbar - the towbar sadly didnt arrive from Holland and so there's no chance of it being fitted this week. Using the links you all kindly posted i've established that i can get the towbar but the electrics are not available until August. We've borrowed a 4x4 to tow the carvan up north (6hrs away) my husband will tow it up Thursday evening, then drive home, return the 4x4 and we'll drive up on the Friday morning. Its the only option bar cancelling the holiday. I've not figured how we are going to get the van home yet! We're in East Scotland.
  2. Long story short - my husbands company car has been updated and we go on holiday (towing) a week on Friday. My husbands new car is an Audi Avant Ultra 16 plate 2. 0l diesel. It seems like there is a major problem getting a tow bar for this car - with the exception of Audi themselves who want £1200 + to buy it and more ££ to fit it! HELP! The holiday is all booked/paid for and right now we have no clue what to do.
  3. Why? This is our third Adria and we've been really happy. Good to hear
  4. How easy is it to switch?
  5. We use our caravan all year round - we had several feet of snow however last Christmas and couldnt get out of the drive let alone away anywhere. We use blue gas - we have used this during the winter without problems, but with the dire predictions of another winter like the last one, should we move over to red gas - if so, can you just use red gas all year round? Thanks in advance.
  6. We have, today, bought our third Adria (542DK) - we LOVE them - there's been a few niggly problems with them, but nothing major. We have used them in very low temperatures and never ever, felt the cold. Would thoroughly recommend Adria. We have a very good dealer very near us - who have only ever been majorly helpful.
  7. We went to collect our 2006 Altea 542UK from its annual service and thought we'd have a look at the special deals they had on the 2011 Alteas - we ended up trading in our old van and buying a brand new 542DK. The only problems we ever had with the 542UK was the not comfortable front bed, a constantly dripping tap in the bathroom and the roof light screens that kept breaking. .other than these small niggly things, it was a great van. Any thoughts/opinions on this new van? Thanks.
  8. Trust me, my dogs are much better behaved than a lot of children! I hate inconsiderate dog owners too - but equally i dislike people that dont bring up their children to show respect/courtesy.
  9. Is anyone asking you to justify how you bring them up. ..must have missed that post. .why would anyone care if you have the attitude that you dont bother anyone? Bit confused on that one. :huh: Re dogs. ..totally agree with you. .i love dogs but i wouldnt be happy if any (or mine!) toileted on my pitch or anyone elses. I see you have an Adria (sorry OT) - do you like it? We LOVE ours. .we used to have the same one as you. .we now have almost the same but the bunks run along the side window.
  10. CLs get a big thumbs up from me. .they are fab little place. .generally few kids around! I'm not sure if everyone who says they dislike 'whiners' mean anyone that complains about anything or anyone who complains full stop. .if being a whiner means accepting poor manners and no respect. .then hands up - i'm one!
  11. I dont have long haired dogs. You didnt mention anything about long haired dogs or them being wet. ..you asked doesnt it 'pong' with all these dogs?
  12. Yes, of course children are the future, hence the reason we should be showing them the way? Where did i say children should be controlled? Guidance was the word i used. .teach a child to respect and be polite. .surely its not rocket science? David50 - amen to that!! One warden told us that if peoples kids behaved as well as our dogs his job would be a breeze. .i was soo proud to be their owner when i heard that.
  13. Thank God, that someone else thinks the same. .its not just us. My children are now 12y and 17y - but they were taught basic manners. .you dont touch dogs you dont know. .you dont go into other peoples carvans/awnings, you dont take things that arent yours. .you dont drop litter etc. . Children are children but they need guidance. .if some of the attitudes on here are anything to go by, i'm not surprised by the behaviour we see on some sites.
  14. I have no problem with children wanting to speak to the dogs. .children that ask first. .of course they are inquisitive. .but you want someone wandering into your house without knocking/asking? IF something happened to that child my dogs would be the ones getting the blame. .not a chance i am prepared to take. If the rules on site are dogs on a lead then surely we all do the same? I personally dont mind the type of dogs that walk by their owners heel but some of the ones we have been on site with are all over the place. .brand new awning. .stained with dog pee. ..also if our dogs are tethered at the van, its not fair to them to have dogs charging up. I'm not perfect, far from it. .but i respect the rules and other peoples space and privacy and all i would ask is the same courtesy in return. I can only imagine from some of the replies that some of you must be the most tolerant people in the world. I dont expect anything other than basic courtesy. .that's it -no more - no less. .but the one stance i take is not putting my dogs at any risk from some over zealous mother whose child gets scratched by a dog saying hello. Its kind of sad that this thread wasnt taken in the way it was meant. .a thread for a bit of a 'i hate when people do. .' - i havent been called a baby in sometime - so thanks for that. .and lighten up. .if that means taking risks or not expecting courtesy. .i'll stay how i am.
  15. No i can assure you it doesnt. .if you are ever on site you are more than welcome to check it out. I kind of take exception to the insinuation that we must be dirty because we have lots of dogs. Our previous van was bought back by the dealer (who knows the number of dogs we have) and we were told it was immaculate. .much more so than most other vans that get brought in. Having dogs doesnt = being a minger, contrary to what you might imagine.
  16. We work hard all year like most people. .we have chosen to no longer holiday abroad as we hated leaving the dogs behind. .we want to enjoy our time off with them and just enjoy the countryside. .i personally dont think its too much to ask that people respect others. .its not a case of moaning/whining. .its a respect thing. .i do my best not to annoy anyone. .is it too much to ask for that to be reciprocated?
  17. http://www. clachtollbeachcampsite. co. uk/ I would thoroughly recommend this site. .a bit of a hike to get to it and the last 6 miles up the very narrow road is a bit hairy. .but well worth the journey when you arrive. .the owners are brilliant and so helpful. There are 12 electrical hook-ups and the toilet/shower facilities are up to date and immaculate. Bit more info about the area. . http://www. undiscoveredscotland. co. uk/loch. ..toll/index. html
  18. We call them 'no seeums' coz you dont see the blighters til they've had a bit of you!
  19. The world is full of them. ..
  20. What could bug them? My dogs behave, they dont bark, they dont upset anyone. .and we have stayed on more than 50 sites over the past years. .never, ever one complaint. .my van is immaculate as are the dogs - clearly not the mobile kennel you are imagining . .so i'd love to know what could bug anyone? You find inconsiderate people anywhere you go. .and yes, i do, politely say something if i find something not acceptable. Of course not everyone is the same. .that's what makes the world go around. .but surely courtesy, consideration, toleration and being polite are things we should all strive for? Life is too short and i dont get bugged by minor irritations. .however children entering my awning without permission, annoying my dogs and other things that potentially could put my dogs at risk arent minor (to me).
  21. What bugs me. .. Dogs. .. People who dont keep their dogs on a lead when signs all over the site asks them too, people who allow these dogs to pee all over your awning/car and anything else. Before anyone thinks i am a dog hater. .we travel all over the UK in our van with 6 of our 7 dogs. Children. . Peoples' children coming into your awning/caravan (honestly!!) without asking, children annoying the dogs. .or running at them without asking if they can speak to them. Noisy, whiny children whose parents do that '1, 2, 3. .thing' - you know the one. .they reach 5 and you imagine they may punish said child. .but no. .they reach the magical 5, say the child's name in 10 different tones for 5mins and then start back at 1 again. I'm not a child hater either. .we have two. ..its just a bit like the dogs. .we taught them to behave. Inconsiderate people. ... You know the ones, their music is loudest, they park right across where they shouldnt, the put their BBQ right next to your awning. .they put their little disposable BBQs on the grass and burn it all. .they throw their spent cigarettes down without putting them out first. . Most people on most sites are great, there is a real camaraderie and people generally are fine. .but there are always one or two that dont think, dont care etc.
  22. The caravan is now all fixed and back to us. .it did take a long time. .not the fault of our dealer - he had paid for all the parts in April this yrar. .the final part didnt arrive until 2w ago. ..it was the front lid we were waiting on all that time. Thanks to Club Adria for all your help. ..things speeded up after your involvement.
  23. Thanks Club Adria for your help. ..to date however, we are STILL no further forward. .one part - the lid of the front box is still missing from the order and we are STILL waiting. This is getting ridiculous beyond belief and to be honest, i think the national press may be the next step. We are sooooo tired of waiting now. .i think we have been very patient. The accident happened in March!
  24. Thank you we would hugely appeciate any help. .things are now getting way beyond reasonable. I have pm'd you our details and the details of our dealer. Many thanks.
  25. We had an accident back in early March. . http://www. caravantalk. org. uk/index. php?sh. ..c=17258&hl= the dealer patched up the van and thankfully we have been able to use it. The insurance is all in place and a suitable repairer found. .but we still have no parts. .despite many, many emails. .nothing. .well. .nothing except excuses. The dealer claims to be chasing these parts up, which we can only believe is the case. .but one excuse just trips out after another. Its getting to the silly stage now when we have been waiting 7m for this repair to happen. We have until this point been really happy with our Adria, this is our second van from them. Any suggestions on anything we can do? :huh:
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