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  1. I got my 4x100w flexys from Amazon. Obviously not everyone agrees but to keep weight down this is the way to go if roof mounted. For the other caravan I have a 150w glass one (also from Amazon) to be mounted in a frame which will be floor standing and locked to the caravan chassis with a 4.5m long cable lock.
  2. Superb! Thank you for the gift of posting pics and writing it up.
  3. Fraser Brown pointed me to Peak Dynamics who make axles for a major trailer manufacturer. I've had two off them and am very pleased each time. AL-KO no longer make the ones that were fitted.
  4. This might apply with garments but not awnings, they have plenty of gaps and holes keeping the air moving through. Applying waterproofing is essential maintenance to keep the awning performing like new, like car wax it protects and gets used up.
  5. Possibly buy a write-off caravan, remove the parts you need then sell it on? There's a place in Yorkshire (I think) that works with insurance companies and always has plenty of stock.
  6. Where can I buy this tape? I have a boat cover and want to replace the existing tape which is peeling.
  7. Agreed but so is their standard product and you can do several coats for the same price and get better protection.
  8. There's also similar products on Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Aluminum-Coating-Flashing-Sealant-Repairing/dp/B07P9HNFRP/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?dchild=1&qid=1603314470&sr=8-4 Would be great for holding down flexible solar panels.
  9. Better taking manufacturers advice and looking in the owners manual.
  10. No need because twin axle tyres are so lightly loaded. Our 1700kg twin axle Fleetwood has a tyre pressure of 32psi which is in car tyre range. Contrasts our 1500kg single axle Vanroyce which had a pressure of 62psi if I recall correctly.
  11. What's the make, model and year of caravan? Also a picture or two could help the guys on here assist you. At the moment nobody's got anything to go on💡😁!
  12. Since C19 there's an explosion of businesses selling acrylic sheet and related plastics. Many will cut to size which will avoid waste. Any chance of a pic?
  13. But who would buy new on a 2005 Swift? Just a matter of finding a similar caravan in a breaker's yard, may not have to be the precise year or model as they are often shared between different caravans by the same manufacturer and over a period of years. Even if they are not available right now, only a matter of time before they turn up (all three together), and it's a good lever to negotiate a bargain. The damage in the photo doesn't impact the caravan usage and will not cause damp. Time to start ringing around, also searching on eBay. Can be done ahead of the purchase.
  14. I think I'd trust Fraser's refurb over a new AL-KO all day long. Glad in a way the AL-KO axle fitted to my Bramber boat trailer is no longer in production. Fraser was completely honest that a bespoke new axle from Peak Dynamics was the cheapest way to go for me (£237 inc vat & del), effectively losing himself a refurb. Top man!
  15. I have this problem on our Bailey and not helped because of overloading by previous members of our family who used it. On two 750kg unbraked boat trailers we have (with AL-KO axles), the rubber cords have also hardened and compressed over the years so that the main suspension function is through the tyres. Not good. The arm angle is supposed to be 22.5deg. It was surprisingly cheap to get an axle made to spec by Peak Dynamics for the boat trailer. Your caravan axle can be reconditioned cheaply (if you fit it yourself) by Fraser Brown and it will be better than when new. See the links below. http://www.fraserbrowneng.co.uk/index.php?c=AL-KO-axle-repair https://www.peakdynamics.co.uk/
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