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  1. miJ

    Vauxhall Vivaro

    For 5 years we towed our 1,495kg Lunar Clubman SE with 115ps 2.0l Vivaro (2009 model). Most of the time it was fine, but steep hills meant lots of gear changes. Although on 1st look it is light on bhp, there is quite a lot of torque & it is geared differently to a car. The van also punches a bigger hole in he air, so the towing aerodynamics are different. We have friends who tow with the same engine Vivaro you are proposing, & they say they have no problem. For info, we now have a 170ps Transit - now that is a very different story....
  2. We keep our caravan in storage in Newton Aycliffe in County Durham, so not too far away from you. Most years it isn't used between October & Easter. We have a Phantom tracker & alarm, & originally a 95AH battery would last 4 to 5 weeks over the winter period. I permanently fitted a 90W panel to the roof. Keeps it reasonably charged even through the gloomy Co. Durham winters. Never had to change the battery or charge it up since fitting. There are added benefits, as we use the caravan a lot in Spring/Summer/Autumn without EHU. We can use the TV for a couple of hours a night & never worry about turning off lights in the evening. We always have a full leisure battery even at the end of a 10 day stay & always enough power for the motor mover. Jim
  3. Aquaroll on polystyrene blocks wrapped in an old padded coat with the pipe from the pump threaded through a sleeve. Always worked for us. Jim
  4. Picked up the caravan this evening & everything working perfectly. Jim
  5. Just a quick update - the caravan is finally going in to the dealers today to have a new thermocouple & a door interlock fitted to the grill. Only 6 months after reporting the issue. ....... I'll post another update when we get it back to let people know the outcome. Jim
  6. Great video. Interesting that when the model showed instability that the other gentleman corrected it by taking a hold of the rear of the simulated trailer. To my mind that shows what should happen when ATC kicks in & slows the caravan & allows the tug to pull things back into line. .... Jim
  7. We've got a 2013 Clubman SE. The Dometic toilet has to be the worst designed piece of caravan equipment EVER!!! Add to your already mentioned points the height of the toilet seat - they've designed it the same height as a disabled toilet - not a standard toilet. For the average user it's too high, & if you are a vertically challenged female (such as SWMBO) you'll find that your feet don't touch the floor. Jim
  8. We use a Kampa Rally Pro 390 on our 2013 Clubman SE. Goes between the door & the window at the front, & clears the rear window & the under-bed locker. I would allsume all 390 awnings would do the same. Jim
  9. We also use a Coveva (D&T Windbreaks) windbreak to keep our 4 collies in when at dog agility shows. In early June we were in North Devon & had winds up to 55mph without experiencing any problems. There should be no problems using them on hard standing, as they are held in place using 9" hard steel nails supplied with them. I have also seen people replace the nails with coach screws from Screwfix & use a drill to put them in & take them out. Jim
  10. miJ

    Zafira Tourer

    That's not quite true - We used to have a Zafira B 1. 6 life. Max towing weight - 995Kg. Bought originally as a car for SWMBO to transport dogs around & perfect for that purpose. Then when we got interested in buying our 1st caravan realised that it wasn't much use. Jim
  11. Hi Keith, We have exactly the same oven as you with exactly the same fault. Worked OK for almost 2 years, then started to show the same symptoms as you have. We reported it when the caravan was serviced back in December & it got it back "no fault found", only to have exactly the same problem when we were away at Easter. Reported it again & dealer has put in a warranty claim for a new burner & flame failure device - but doesn't know if these will fix the problem Waiting for them to arrive now. ...Currently the only way we can get the grill to stay lit beyond the time when the fan cuts in is to hold the knob in. Cheers, Jim
  12. We tow our 1,495kg Lunar Clubman with a 2. 0l Vivaro. Great tug as it has lots of low down torque & the van punches a bigger hole in the air. As regards sites turning comercials away - we've never experienced this. We always tell the site up front, & about our 4 dogs. .... Jim
  13. To the OP, we keep: 2 x calor lights small storage box with wooden blocks for under the steadies small strage box with levelling ramps, chocks & 10m hook up cable toilet chemicals watering can steady winder handle for Aquaroll Jim
  14. The dometic toilet on our 2013 Lunar doesn't having a locking pink fluid flap - just a screw-in cap - a bit like a petrol filler cap on a car. Jim
  15. Hi Mungo, I also add my congrats to you for your recent addition to your family. We currently have 4 border collies & until recently had 5 dogs. We like staying at CL/CS sites as they are usually more relaxed & you normally get more space - have you considered giving these a try? We always tell the site owner when booking about the dogs so that there are no surprises. So far we have never had a problem. Please keep us informed as to the little chap/chapess gets on. Jim
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