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  1. On the contrary. Thanks to Bill's recent postings I have now found the following for my Audi A6:- Unladen weight 1795kg Max gross vehicle weight 2260kg Front axle max load 1215kg Rear axle max load 1195kg Max trailer weight at 12% gradient 1900kg Max train weight at 12% gradient 4220kg With the exception of the max trailer weight they are all clearly marked on plates in the boot of the car. The trailer weight is in the handbook. Now all I have to do is make sure I don't exceed the max gross vehicle weight and the axle loadings and to keep the caravan to less than it's MTPLM of 1500kg and I am there. Simples. Next step is to get everything loaded and take a trip to a local weighbridge for some actual figures and take it from there to see if any adjustment to loading is needed. Cheers John.
  2. You must get in touch with the Club through e-mail or letter for an official explanation of the use of Gift Vouchers and include your situation and displeasure. Try and sell them on to another member who understands the situation and can use them to pay for a site. Join the Caravan Club, where you could use vouchers (if you are still gifted them) to pay for the full site fees as no deposits taken, but you may not be able to book a site at weekends anyway, so maybe only out of the frying pan and into the fire. Hope you can get a satisfactory resolution. John.
  3. Pete. Thank you for raising an issue I have been trying to get firm answers to for myself. I would agree with your assessment of the countries except in France the speed limits for your outfit are; Autoroutes and dual carriageways 90kph, ordinary roads 80kph and built up areas 50kph. Your caravan should have 90 and 80 stickers mounted on the rear. however I have travelled through France with my outfit without the stickers and incidentally have not seen any other caravans with them fitted. I think the general consensus is if you keep to your applicable speed limit the Police will leave you alone and is the policy I followed in 2009 and shall this year unless I read or see anything to the contrary. The issue of these stickers was discussed at some length on here last year and a search should find the thread. I have to say that I have travelled in all the countries you have quoted and generally on motorway type roads keep to a speed about 90kph, which is usually the speed most HGV travel at. At this speed you are not continually having to think about overtaking other vehicles and consequently I find the driving less stressful. Also in Germany there are long stretches of 2 lane Autobahn, where overtaking by HGV and caravan outfits is strictly forbidden. Hope this helps. John.
  4. I know this is slightly off topic, but Pete if you are on Austrian motorways also look here at the speed limits. http://66. 102. 9. 132/...1&hl=en&ct=clnk My A6 and Sterling Onyx add up to a Max Gross Train Weight of 3760kg so I have to observe the lower speed limit, and beware the Austrian Police as they are pretty tight on speeding and have hidden speed traps. John.
  5. We have stayed at Camping de Pampel, which is near Hoenderloo to the north of Arnhem. You have easy cycling access to the Kroller-Muller national park (cyclists admitted free, car entry is charged) and Arnhem itself. This part of Holland is totally different to the normal expectation of flat lans. Whilst there are no big hills the countryside is wooded and heathland. http://www. pampel. nl/nl/reserveren. lp site is in Dutch. We got our info from Alan Rogers Camping Europe For cycling I would also recommend the south east of Holland around Maastricht and Valkenburg. Be warned though that to the east of Valkenburg it is very hilly. Try here http://www. campingvinkenhof. nl/english/index. html John.
  6. No restricted access through the entrance or around the compound Gordon. There are no wide body vans in the compound, but I am sure the notice is there to deter anyone looking to steal one. John
  7. Just out of interest the entrance to the storage compound I use has a sign "We do not accept vans over 7ft 6ins wide". Obviously this is for security reasons, but is there a similar policy on other storage compounds? I would think in my case the allowance of wider vans would ultimately lead to parking difficulties unless more space was allocated and that should obviously lead to higher storage charges for wider vans. John.
  8. I have used this site as it also gives you access to Autostrada information in Italy. http://www. drive-alive. co. uk/autoroutes. html Cheers John.
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