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  1. Yes the 7 speed S-tronic is DSG and in my 245bhp A6 saloon it has very smooth changes. Previous threads on the same topic have some very detailed replies from logiclee on the variations of DSG used by VW group. The longitudinal inline gearbox fitted to an A6 is a very different version to the transverse unit used in such as a Tiguan. Make su Only a test drive will tell and hope all goes well, but do make sure the gearbox has had oil and filter changes every 38000 miles. Consider walking away if not. John.
  2. As an owner of a Sterling caravan built in 2005 I asked Swift if the tyre change you want to make was acceptable. Here is a quote from the e-mail reply I received from David Willis (Technical Support Adviser) on 09/02/2010:- "Your current tyres are calculated at 99 load index giving a 1550kg capacity and it is possible to fit 185 R14 102 tyres with no clearance issues". John.
  3. My preference would always be the great outdoors with no lighting. I'm used to camping on Temporary Holiday Sites with no lighting at all and having been a tent, trailer tent and folding camper user I know how difficult it can be to sleep when site lighting is on. One of my favourite camping experiences was in the USA on a site with no lighting and the warning not to step out of your unit at night without wearing heavy duty footwear as there could be tarantulas, desert scorpions and rattle snakes under foot . Had to step outside though to see an Arizona sky full of stars John.
  4. I've just looked at pictures of a 416 and would say you are about the same size and profile as my Sterling Eccles Onyx. A 390 size awning should be fine, although it may be close to overlapping the front window. I have a 420 size sun canopy for my caravan and there is an overlap over the front window of about half when it is pulled through the awning rail as far as the repeater light at the rear. John.
  5. My genuine Al-Ko carabiner cable extends 400mm in front of the centre line of the tow hitch. John.
  6. Welcome to Caravan Talk. I have measured my Sterling Eccles (Swift Group as were Abbey) at about 2400mm, except at the front where the "aerodynamic roof profile" drops away. If yours drops away I would check the width of an awning against the length of your caravan to make sure you are not out of tolerance at the front. I have seen people with a 2 berth caravan return an Isabella Magnum porch awning because the available height at the front was insufficient. A good idea to quote the size of awning you want to fit as well as the caravan model. John.
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    If a temporary repair is needed, I pop riveted the two layers together, but obviously cuts out any further permanent repair and means some form of replacement. I did mine just to keep both layers together through the winter storms. Window now replaced with new. John.
  8. Another thought! I seem to think the join in the continuous aluminium frame extrusion is along the top of the window, above where it is hinged and is a mechanical joint with a bar and rivets and no sealing. Just trying to push some sealer into this join or covering it with duct tape may stop water entering. John.
  9. Lenny I expect 2006 Sterling Eccles windows will be the same as on my 2005. The window frame is an aluminium extrusion which is shaped to fit into the window opening. It has a dedicated rubber seal which fits into a groove in the extrusion. To remove the widow you need to lift it to 90 degrees, push it slightly towards the caravan and then try and lower it from the frame. There is a pin in the frame, with a slot in the window to prevent sideways movement. The whole frame is held in place with screws and brackets which can be accessed by removing the frame for the blind and fly screen from within the caravan. Lenny as a start I would not remove the window, but simply get some mastic on your finger and run it along the top of the frame where it meets the caravan side. I have done my windows with this simple fix and it works fine. On some occasions I have had water inside the caravan on the bottom of the frame, usually in cold and wet weather. If you are using the caravan at the time it may be condensation due to the design of the frame being an extrusion and cold transferring to the inside. If these are not solutions, I would say the next step is to remove the frame and re-bed it to the side of the caravan. Always treat your rubber seals with care as I have not been able to locate a manufacturer or supplier who can provide a replacement. As an example, Seals Direct do not have anything in their catalogue. John.
  10. I've had an email from Sky telling me this:- Hello John, Great news – going away doesn't have to mean missing out on your favourite shows. You can now watch Sky TV anywhere in the EU, using all of your Sky apps. Whether you're on holiday or travelling for work, enjoy the TV you love when you're abroad, at no extra cost. May only be Sky content, but will suit me. John.
  11. Have you read the thread in the Volvo Owners Club Forum re. fitting a Westfalia tow bar and electrics to an XC60 R Design? https://www. volvoforums. org. uk/showthread. php?t=262655 John.
  12. Audi A6 Quattro 2012 model. I fitted my tow bar myself and didn't complete the electrics, but took the car to Tow One in Hull for them to make the plug-in connections and code the tow bar wiring to the cars electric systems. They were very knowledgeable and I seem to remember I paid about £50. John.
  13. There is always the possibility the cables may be attached to the pins by crimping, in which case you will have some cutting and stripping to do . Also make a careful note of the wire colours and pin number as you remove them. My loom is a Westfalia one and it has a colour coding which does not apply to anything I have seen in any publication, except the fitting instructions that came with the kit. Changing the entry point will mean a new socket and grommet. John.
  14. Sorry I've no idea of a purpose made bracket to meet your need, but your socket with a cable side entry is more usually found where the socket swings down as part of a detachable tow bar assembly. If you feel competent you could replace the socket with one which has a rear entry. I'm sure you would be happier with the look and you could cable-tie the cable to the tow bar for support. I wished to rewire my drop down socket and used one from Screwfix which had the option of rear or side entry. John.
  15. What is the hassle you refer to? My caravan has had ATC fitted since 2008 and all I have done is connected the 13 pin plug to the socket on the car and it has worked faultlessly. Are you reading about where people refer to an ATC problem, which imo is more likely to do with incorrect or poor wiring set-up on the tow car and nothing to do with the function of ATC? John.
  16. You are correct and I made an error. Sorry for the mistake . I buy my Propane Gaslight refills at a local garden centre. Posted from the naughty chair for not checking. John.
  17. Away in the caravan from 19th to 23rd March and used heating through the night. Truma Ultraheat set to 1000w, fan to auto 2 and temp setting around 5. John.
  18. For the past 10 years we've had holidays abroad in either May/June or September/October and apart from the ferry have never booked anything else. However if arriving late in the evening I would consider booking a site for the first night. I presume you have knowledge of the ACSI Card scheme which gives you discounted access to sites listed in the appropriate books which accompany the Card. In most cases it is not possible to reserve places on these sites, but in 10 years we have never had a problem. John.
  19. The gas is butane and in my case I need a 21mm clip-on adapter and a suitable pigtail to connect to the bulkhead regulator. John.
  20. With Aviva also for 2 cars. For both cars on both the master policy and the sub-policy I am stated as the owner and the Registered Keeper, but in line as L. E. states I am the policy holder for the master policy and my wife for the sub-policy and we have separate NCD. It's worth speaking to them on the phone about who does the majority driving in each car, if your wife does not have a NCD of her own. Before we had a multi-car policy we had 2 separate policies with me as the policy holder and on changing to a multi-car policy Aviva agreed to a starter NCD for my wife as she did the majority driving in our second vehicle. We are named drivers on each other's policies. John.
  21. Never used this, but I have read good reports about:- Quixx Xerapol scratch remover for acrylics. John.
  22. I've sometimes filled up and taken a rest at Grantham north services, but not in the last few years. The car parking area was large enough and empty enough for me to park in 2 car bays. Search Google Earth - Grantham North Services and you will see a nearly empty car park with a car/caravan parked as I would. John.
  23. 18 months ago I had a similar problem to the OP, ie battery not charged after a long tow. One suggestion to check is connect the caravan to the car, start the engine and check the voltage at the car battery and compare it to the voltage at the caravan battery. They should be similar if the charging circuit is working. Check also if your fridge is working with the engine running. I traced my fault eventually to the caravan as the battery voltages were not similar and the fridge was not working on 12v with the engine running. The fault on my unit was a failure of the habitation relay in the caravan to switch. When the engine is running this switches to provide a charging supply to the caravan battery. At other times when not switched it allows a route for a 12v supply to be drawn from the towcar's battery as an alternative source to the caravan battery. This relay is operated by the fridge circuit through pin 10 in a 13 pin socket. A new relay and problem solved, but please note I am referring here to a 2005 caravan. Hope you can get to the bottom of your problem. John.
  24. On my Sterling Eccles, the centre window lifted out ok, but the new window would not go in, so I had to lift out a side window, release and straighten the rail and slide centre window in. The lifted part of the rail was re bedded with mastic and screwed back. Fortunately I did mine at the same time as my caravan was being serviced by a mobile engineer, so I gained a helping hand for which I was not charged. John.
  25. John19

    First MOT

    My A6 had its 5th MOT today and passed without any advisory notes. Crit' Air and Umwelt Plaquette stickers were both in the bottom right hand corner of the screen (viewed from inside). John.
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