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  1. Are the pictures of CBE frames on Markle Leisure website of any use? John
  2. Not Sky this time, but I'm in Spain at the moment and have a conundrum with viewing BBC iPlayer app on my iPhone, but this post is more for information than needing an answer. If I connect phone to wi-fi and try to view iPlayer app I get a message "sorry the content can only be played within the UK", yet if I turn off wi-fi and use 4g data I can view the full range of BBC programmes including my local Look North news. I have a decent size data package so the amount of download is not a problem for me at the moment. The iPlayer radio app works on wi-fi and data. John.
  3. As replacements for delaminating front windows a dealer local to me obtained 2 windows from Miriad for my 2005 Sterling Eccles at a cost of about £490 for the two. I was fortunate that my mobile service engineer helped me fit them at the time of my annual service. Only the centre window caused a problem as the rail holding it in place had to eased away from the front panel and then be resealed. About 30 minutes work and no extra charge to the normal service price. If you do go down the new window route you will need the codes from your existing windows and the approximate size. John.
  4. I have in the last year replaced all 4 springs on my car and over 10k miles some settlement has taken place, so if your car is of an age where an MOT test is appropriate and has done a reasonable mileage I would prefer both springs on an axle to be replaced, but it may not be something a manufacturer will consider under warranty. John.
  5. I bought my A6 3. 0 tdi Quattro with an S-tronic gearbox at nearly 3 years old and 45k miles on the clock. Fitted a Westfalia aftermarket towbar at this time, so no upgrade to cooling systems etc. In the 4 years we have owned the car we have covered many miles of varied towing conditions including visiting Croatia 3 times and Autobahn driving in temperatures near 40 Celsius. I have not seen the temperature gauge register anything other than normal. The only other comment I would add is with an S-tronic (DSG) gearbox to ensure the gearbox oil is changed at the recommended interval of 38k miles. John.
  6. John19


    Not all caravans have been built to the current way of an end washroom with toilet in one corner and shower in the other. As happy users of a caravan with a combined corner toilet / shower cubicle I can admit through lack of concentration to once turning on the shower when hitching up my pants. John.
  7. This was our bible for many years when camping in a tent or folding camper:- https://travel. michelin. co. uk/camping-france-2018-french-lang-ed-2001-p. asp John.
  8. The municipal site in Arc-en-Barrois is delightful as a stopover. Choose where you want to pitch and someone will come along about 9. 00am to collect any fees. The last time I stayed there it was about €10. There are restaurants and shops in the village which is a few minutes walk. Arc-en-Barrois is in the vicinity of Langres. John.
  9. David +1 I'm used to travelling through the Netherlands, Germany and Austria where for a long time there have been weekend bans. Where all the bays in a service area are occupied I either park across the back of the lorries or in some cases have parked across the front of them. Just a word with a driver to say how long you will be has always had a positive response and lets face it they aren't going anywhere until their release time. I do think sometimes we are obsessed with doing the "correct" thing ie only parking in a marked bay, when other vehicles are parked almost on the entry and exit slip ways to services. John.
  10. When we visited the dams we were staying in an apartment in Winterberg. I am just surmising, but there look to be camping sites near to there which may have space with Winterberg being more of a winter sports resort, although not quite in the alpine sense. John
  11. Instruction manual for my A6 says disable stop/start when towing. If I select the CAR menu button for the MMI I get a picture of an A6 with menu's underneath. If a trailer is attached I get a picture of an A6 with the A frame of a hitch showing. John
  12. Is this the "Exciting News from Bailey" posted in another thread?
  13. Tea bags and breakfast cereals, with food to make meals if we are travelling for a few days, as in this year we had 3 continuous days travelling to Austria. John.
  14. Are you sure the pits were from a bucket overflowing. The Dutch and Germans are well known to us for digging pits for caravan wheels for getting it level side to side. I'm sure it is to save weight by replacing a levelling ramp with a spade! Unlike golfers they don't always refill the divots. John.
  15. Could have been a year or 2 ago, but the indicator stopped working and I am sure the float lost its magnet. Recently I cleaned the tank with Elsan Tank Cleaner and whilst I was raking around inside with a brush the float became detached from its bracket and no magnet to be seen. Today after some difficulty I removed the hinge bracket for the float and fitted a new float assembly. Before anyone tells me, I am always very careful when rinsing out a tank not to over-shake so that the float and magnet do not become damaged. John.
  16. I expect that you have seen the book “Lincolnshire airfields of world war 2” which I think is an excellent and informative read. John.
  17. I lost track of the total mileage for this years trip to Croatia, but at the last recorded fill-up at Zagreb we had covered 1336 miles and used 206. 46 litres of diesel, which equates to about 29. 45 mpg. Most of the towing was on autobahn from Rotterdam via Koblenz, Passau, Salzburg and Ljubliana in good conditions. Car is an Audi A6 3. 0 tdi Quattro saloon with a 1500kg caravan and nothing else to increase wind resistance. John.
  18. Like Val we use the site facilities when abroad. Half a bucket a day of grey waste a day is not a problem to dispose of. I am thinking on our next trip abroad I will take a watering can to keep enough water in the Aquaroll for our small needs, as I see most continentals using one to supply their on-board tanks in caravans and motorhomes. OK it will not be food grade, but the water will only be in it for a few minutes. Our drinking water is either in a 5 litre plastic bottle or drinking water jug, filled from a site tap. Jug or bottle use depends on the proximity of a site tap to the caravan. John.
  19. Make sure you can buy the replacement in the exact same size as the original. John.
  20. To supplement what Jaydug has posted, I need to replace my blade opener and there are some useful videos on YouTube. The leak has only come to light after I have cleaned the tank with Elsan Waste Tank Cleaner, for 7 weeks away from home it has been fine. John.
  21. Just home after sailing from Rotterdam last night. Arrived at the terminal about 4. 00pm and for the first time had to wait in lane 6 as lane 1 was already full of caravans. Motorhomes were in a separate lane. The caravans in lane 1 moved forward about 4. 30 and those of us in lane 6 were told to follow them. Straightforward passage through passport control and at 4. 45 we were on board. This is the earliest we have ever boarded. Restaurant opened about 6. 00 and we dined at 7. 45 in a near empty restaurant, even though there were a number of coach parties on board. John.
  22. I would get a satnav preferably with lifetime map updates. Using a phone abroad for navigation will depend upon the amount of data your contract allows. For non navigation use I have used 4gb in 9 days and I didn’t think I was excessive except for a few minutes of football on the BBC. There are other problems abroad with coverage as in some areas I get 3G and in others 4g. Travelling from Slovenia into Italy my phone lost all data coverage. The only way to restore was to switch the phone off completely, wait a few minutes and switch on again. My satnav with up to date maps has yet to let me down. John
  23. Horses for courses as far as I am concerned. We used our caravan in GB for 4 nights in March and were always warm with our Truma system. We’re abroad now in high temperatures and have used our Truma for circulating air in the caravan for the past 3 weeks. An Alde system would be of little benefit to us with our pattern of caravan usage which basically covers 6 months from March/April onwards. John
  24. Not sure how many visitors there are to France at the moment, but I am in Croatia and is is the busiest I have seen it in the last 3 years with many Germans and Dutch here. It may be the weather in France, the growing popularity of Croatia or the cost of fuel, but so far on this holiday for diesel I have paid €1. 429 for Shell Optimax in Germany, €1. 185 for Shell in Austria and €1. 296 for OMV Sprint diesel in Slovenia. John.
  25. Kenmore Caravans in Huddersfield may be able to help. Have you looked at Leisureshopdirect as I’m sure I saw them selling 15mm white on a recent visit to their site. John All stainless screws on the awning rail of my 2005 Sterling Eccles. John
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