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  1. Have you tried here for a possible repair? https://www.arelectronics.co.uk/contents/en-uk/d18_Caravan-Mover-Repairs.html John.
  2. New fees for Veteran membership of the C&CC have just been posted in magazine and are £23 pa + extra for special interest groups. John.
  3. If you do not need a socket with a microswitch as above, then have a look for one of these from Screwfix which I have fitted to my vehicle. https://www.screwfix.com/p/maypole-mp129-13-pin-european-trailer-board-socket-w-gasket-12v/48923 The socket shown in the picture has the manufacturers logo of Menber's , who I and others consider to be the best available. John.
  4. V5 for my A6 3.0 Tdi Quattro also aligns with the handbook at 1795 kg. According to the handbook this includes 75 kg for driver and tank 90% full. On a weighbridge without a driver, half a tank of fuel and the addition of an aftermarket tow bar the weight is 1860 kg. All it means to me is the extra weight is lost payload in the car from its gross weight of 2330 kg, but again from the handbook "When towing a trailer, the gross vehicle weight and the maximum rear axle weight may be exceeded by up to 80kg". Interesting, and may be fun explaining if stopped at the roadside for weighing and the car axles are over 2330kg. The gross train weight is 4410 kg, so not a problem when towing 1500 kg, or even up to 100% kerb weight , whatever that may be.
  5. I use this type of cable for any alterations and additions I make to my 12v systems:- https://www.autoelectricsupplies.co.uk/product/70/category/114 John.
  6. We have travelled to Croatia from Rotterdam for the last 3 years. Our route is not direct as we usually visit friends near Passau. First night stop is near Koblenz, either Camping Wolfsmuhle (ACSI 806) or Campingplatz Burg Lahneck. Wolfsmuhle is the cheaper of the two, but is next to a river in an enclosed valley. Access is not the easiest through the town and an ungated crossing over a railway line. Burg Lahneck is not part of any reduced scheme, although you can book through the C&CC, but its plus point is its situation high over the River Rhine with lovely views along the valley. We leave Lafnstein by heading east for the Autobahn towards Frankfurt. Our second night would be near Regensburg, but this is away from any direct route to Munchen or Salzburg. Last year in May we found the road works on the A3(?) past Frankfurt airport and onward to Wurzburg and Regensburg to be nearly complete and we had little disruption to our journey in either direction. You may not want to stay at this site, but if you have time ACSI 928 to the south of Wurzburg is delightful. Very friendly owners, easy pitching and a very reasonable on-site restaurant run by the family. Rattenburg and Wurzburg are both very different and well worth a visit. To head for Croatia we would head for Salzburg with the intention of staying at Lake Bled with almost certainly the need for an intermediate stop. South of Villach you will come to the Karawanken tunnel for entry into Slovenia. There is always a tailback of HGV so on the approach slopes keep in the outside line. Like Austria you will need a Vignette for Slovenia and I have seen the Slovenian Police with binoculars looking for vehicles without the Vignette. It is an easy drive from Lake Bled past Ljublijana towards Croatia and Istria. Hope this helps. John.
  7. Please be aware that if you are travelling to Dubrovnik and stay on the mainland you will have to pass through a stretch of road in Bosnia Herzegovina. It is referred to as the Neum corridor. I was planning on doing this route 2 years ago until I looked at my car insurance policy which did not cover me for vehicle use in B/H. I never took it any further, but my insurer did say they would check with an underwriter if an extension to my policy would be possible. It is possible to avoid the Neum corridor by taking a ferry to a nearby island (Peljesac) and return to the mainland via a bridge further south. I would guess there are some people who just take the risk either knowingly or otherwise and just drive the few miles through B/H. Croatia is a lovely country to visit with warm and friendly people. We have visited for the last 3 years in May and June. John.
  8. John I have the Truma installation instructions from when my Mover SE was fitted at home. I would say your service man is correct. If you are docking your 13 pin plug into a Truma socket then I would check that the two Truma wires from your mover control box are attached to pins 3 & 6 within the socket. Red stripe wire to pin 6 and black wire to pin 3. This is classed as a Safety Socket Connection and passes a current through the brake lights and the mover can only operate when the 13 pin plug is inserted into the socket. I don't know if it is possible for a short to occur within the Truma socket, but I would say it is worth checking. John.
  9. Possibly not the answer you are looking for, but our bowl stands above the level of the sink as well. My wife's answer was to cast aside the sink cover and leave it in the garage. To her having easy access to the bowl is more important than having a piece of wood or plastic to cover it. Our caravan has now been like this for 14 years. John.
  10. I have an aftermarket tow bar, Westfalia, fitted to my 2011 3.0 A6 and as I have previously posted have never had a problem with engine running hot when towing. This includes many miles of continental use in temperatures up to 35 degrees. John.
  11. Are you watching the drama series Shetland on BBC1? DI Perez is driving around in a V90 in the present series. Series finale on Tuesday 19th March, but will be on BBC iPlayer for sure. V90 does look good with a lovely interior, but don't know if his car is an R series. John.
  12. My 2 car policy with Aviva has increased by £4 this year. No complaints from me. John.
  13. I cannot think of anything better to say than, don't you use the old fashioned tried and tested method - look to see how flat it is at the bottom and give the tyre a kick ? John.
  14. Nope. Only too happy to redo the maths. The results are in:- Fuel, Koblenz (D) in May €1.13 to the pound. Fuel, Obernburg (A) €1.13 to the pound, Fuel, Bled (SL) €1.11 to the pound. Yesterday, still the same €1.1639 to the pound. All purchases using Halifax Clarity Card. John.
  15. You ask how accurate the system is, well it's within 2 psi at 60 psi if your digital pressure gauge is accurate. Do you want more? It's your choice what to do with it, but don't you want to know if either or both of your tyres are deflating because of a puncture(s). My caravan has Tyrepal and I do not think it paranoid or distracting to know what the pressures and temperatures are of the tyres. John.
  16. I've just bought an article from Germany and paid for with a Halifax Clarity Card. The exchange rate was €1.1639. Fuel bought abroad last year in May with the same card, exchange rate €1.1160. So despite all the uncertainty, a better rate at the moment than last year and fingers crossed it stays that way for our trip to the continent in May/June. John.
  17. Nothing like 10% with P & O across the North Sea from Hull to Rotterdam, nearer to 2 to 3%. John.
  18. The Right Connections website makes very interesting reading in the Trailer Safety section with regard to the application of vehicle safety systems functions when Integrated and Networked electrical systems are fitted. Pete48 the system for switching off your parking sensors etc will have included one of these 13 pin sockets with a micro-switch:- https://www.tridenttowing.co.uk/trailer-parts-c3/electrics-c298/plugs-sockets-c281/13-pin-socket-with-micro-switch-p8319 My Audi towing vehicle has a dedicated Westfalia electrics kit and I have to manually turn off the parking sensors etc every time reverse gear is selected. It's something I would have hoped would have been part of the coding, but apparently not. John.
  19. I think side repeater lamps disappeared some time in the early 2000's. My 2000 caravan did have them, but not on one I bought in 2005. Are your repeater bulbs W5W wedge filament type, as it might be worth trying an LED replacement, which might just be a low enough current to "fool" your electronics. I am sure you have considered plan Z which would be to remove the bulbs from the repeater lamps. John.
  20. I would reiterate what has been posted earlier about transmission fluid changes. Just make sure that if necessary because of the mileage, any gearbox and differential oil and filter changes have been made. John.
  21. Happy david82150 has got a resolution to his problem and thank you David for keeping us informed with some feedback. John.
  22. Meguiars Ultimate Quik Wax contains a synthetic wax. There is a Youtube video comparing this to Autoglym Rapid Aqua Wax, which does contain Carnauba wax. The Meguiars comes out slightly best in the test. John.
  23. I've upgraded my Audi A6 2012 system with disk/SD cards from satnavupgrade.com, but see they don't list Jeep on their website. John.
  24. With your size of outfit I suspect you will be very near or over the alleged 7m range of the senders. You can buy a signal amplifier, but in the first instance my suggestion would be to mount the head unit as high as possible on the windscreen to cut down on the amount of car bodywork the signals are travelling through. I adapted the head holder on mine so it fits over the interior mirror. With a large white shed behind you the interior mirror isn't much use for anything. John.
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