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  1. I've just bought an article from Germany and paid for with a Halifax Clarity Card. The exchange rate was €1.1639. Fuel bought abroad last year in May with the same card, exchange rate €1.1160. So despite all the uncertainty, a better rate at the moment than last year and fingers crossed it stays that way for our trip to the continent in May/June. John.
  2. Nothing like 10% with P & O across the North Sea from Hull to Rotterdam, nearer to 2 to 3%. John.
  3. The Right Connections website makes very interesting reading in the Trailer Safety section with regard to the application of vehicle safety systems functions when Integrated and Networked electrical systems are fitted. Pete48 the system for switching off your parking sensors etc will have included one of these 13 pin sockets with a micro-switch:- https://www.tridenttowing.co.uk/trailer-parts-c3/electrics-c298/plugs-sockets-c281/13-pin-socket-with-micro-switch-p8319 My Audi towing vehicle has a dedicated Westfalia electrics kit and I have to manually turn off the parking sensors etc every time reverse gear is selected. It's something I would have hoped would have been part of the coding, but apparently not. John.
  4. I think side repeater lamps disappeared some time in the early 2000's. My 2000 caravan did have them, but not on one I bought in 2005. Are your repeater bulbs W5W wedge filament type, as it might be worth trying an LED replacement, which might just be a low enough current to "fool" your electronics. I am sure you have considered plan Z which would be to remove the bulbs from the repeater lamps. John.
  5. I would reiterate what has been posted earlier about transmission fluid changes. Just make sure that if necessary because of the mileage, any gearbox and differential oil and filter changes have been made. John.
  6. Happy david82150 has got a resolution to his problem and thank you David for keeping us informed with some feedback. John.
  7. Meguiars Ultimate Quik Wax contains a synthetic wax. There is a Youtube video comparing this to Autoglym Rapid Aqua Wax, which does contain Carnauba wax. The Meguiars comes out slightly best in the test. John.
  8. I've upgraded my Audi A6 2012 system with disk/SD cards from satnavupgrade.com, but see they don't list Jeep on their website. John.
  9. With your size of outfit I suspect you will be very near or over the alleged 7m range of the senders. You can buy a signal amplifier, but in the first instance my suggestion would be to mount the head unit as high as possible on the windscreen to cut down on the amount of car bodywork the signals are travelling through. I adapted the head holder on mine so it fits over the interior mirror. With a large white shed behind you the interior mirror isn't much use for anything. John.
  10. I see the locked threads on "90 day visas after brexit" and "GB stickers after brexit" have now been moved to the Social Club. Despite the bickering towards the end of the threads there is still some relevant information in them should anyone care to read. These threads are now only available to Caravan Talk members as guests do not have access to the Social club. So a person surfing for information about caravanning abroad may think it odd that a caravan forum does not have any discussions about these topics. Could this be a reason for potential new members to look elsewhere? John.
  11. The time to de-energise a self switching relay depends partly on the load the car battery is carrying. Charge a battery at 13 to 14 volts and it will hold that voltage for a period of time after the charge is removed. Add a load to the battery and its voltage will reduce and hence a self switching relay will cut out. For those of us powering a fridge it is enough of a load to quickly reduce battery voltage if the charging stops. I did a test with an 55w foglight to see its effect on pin 10. Without the light (load), pin 10 did remain energised for about 25 to 30 seconds after the engine was stopped. With the light connected as a load, pin 10 de-energised almost immediately the engine was stopped ( light went out). Btw the handbook for my A6 (with smart alternator) does say stop/start should be switched off when towing. John.
  12. Sorry, but you are the one with the misunderstanding or perhaps you haven't explained yourself very well. When a caravan is connected to a towing vehicle (without the engine running) a 12v supply is available through pin 9 which can power the 12v equipment in a caravan, with the exception of the fridge. Pin 10 should be dead. Start the engine and pin 10 should come alive to power the fridge. This also switches a relay (which may referred to as a habitation relay). The use of this relay is to remotely divert the flow of current through pin 9, from power to the caravan, to provide a charging supply to a caravan battery. If this link works you will see this relay alongside the fuse boxes at the cable entry point of this caravan:- https://www. caravantalk. co. uk/community/uploads/monthly_01_2015/post-68862-0-79695300-1422473037. jpg AlwynMike is correct in his description in the first few sentences of his original post. John.
  13. Mine is this one and hence the 30 amp fuse:- Ryder Tf1170-3 Super Smart Combi Caravan Split Charge Towing Relay 30 Amp Available from ebay. Never had any problem with equipment from Ryder. John.
  14. AlwynMike I do think you have come up with a very simple solution to where a vehicle manufacturer does not install an ignition switched supply on a factory fit tow bar. You will need to find connections in your caravan for the incoming supply from pin 9 (permanent live) and pin 10 ( switched supply) and simply bridge between them with a self switching relay as part of the bridge. The self switching relay will need an earth connection. My only reservation would be to ensure that you never tow with the fridge switched on, as power for charging the caravan battery and the supply to the fridge will all come through pin 9. The Ryder diagram for the self switching relay in my tow car does say the supply fuse should be 30 amp and I would be wary if the supply cable in your BMW would take this much current if you were to change the fuse in your car to this size. If you have an Al-Ko ATC fitted to your caravan that will add to the supply current through pin 9 if it needs to become operational. Looking back I see you are going to disconnect the fridge 12v anyway. John.
  15. In a 13 pin plug/socket assembly, Pin 1 (left indicator) is adjacent to Pin 9 (permanent power) so in theory a short between them would lead to the situation you describe. If nothing is odd with your towing vehicle lights with or without the caravan plugged-in, I would first look at the plug on the caravan to see if there is a fault as described there. John.
  16. The regulations about the size of separate GB stickers, or other country identifier are quite specific. From the UNECE Convention on Road Traffic, of 8 November 1968. Letters must be 80mm high x 10mm wide and colour black. Background must be a white ellipse 175mm wide x 115mm high. Lots of stickers on ebay, but very few meet the regulation size. John. Just noticed the new thread on GB stickers and this would obviously have been better posted there.
  17. Mine is in storage and so only on a solar panel throughout the winter. Getting the caravan out of storage using the mover has not been a problem. I just make sure that our first usage in the spring is on a site with hook-up and leave the charger on for the time I am there. Never had a situation where my first usage was at a rally or THS without electricity. John.
  18. I’ve sited my caravan on a hard standing where the previous occupant (motor home?) must have had a fuel leak as there was a constant smell of diesel around the caravan. Not my towing vehicle as it was petrol fuelled at the time. John
  19. I've ordered maps from them in the past and found they provide a very good service. About to order some more maps from them in the near future. John.
  20. In 2012 we stayed at Camping Weekend near Salo. We had booked direct with the site and had a Comfort XL pitch. What we hadn't expected in early June was the site to be nearly full, mostly Dutch and I think it might have been related to one of their holidays. As you will see they have fully serviced pitches. It's not the most convenient site to get to being part way up the west side of the lake. If visiting again I would probably stay more on the southern shore, but that seems to be everyone's choice. We have also stayed near Riva del Garda, but many years ago. It seems to me the northern part of the lake is much for activity visitors, with windsurfing, climbing and mountain biking very popular. A visit to Verona is a must, although you may be too early in the year for the opera, and we have done Venice for the day by train from Desenzano. Camping Weekend is only a short walk from a jetty where you can catch a lake ferry or you may still be able to do as we did and use the campsite organised trip to Sirmione by private boat. We found Padua to be an interesting city and well worth a visit. A quieter lake to visit with just as much beauty as Garda is Lake Iseo and only a few miles to the west. I'm sure others will be along to extol its virtues. An alternative area without a lake would be to stay in the area around Bolzano, Lana and Merano. Fabulous high mountains around, especially the Dolomites, and usually easy access through ski lift chairs and gondolas still in use in the summer. The roads in these two areas also do not limit your driving pleasure through being too crowded or too narrow. John.
  21. The only problem I had with the Swift set-up in my 2005 Sterling was that the radio had to be reset and tuned every time the 12v supply to the rest of the caravan was turned off. To keep the radio memory I installed a permanent live direct from the battery (1 amp fused) to the radio, yellow connection on the Sony radio harness I seem to remember. Also make sure the 12v connections to the signal booster in the aerial are made. John.
  22. Happy Christmas everyone. I know this won't help the OP, but just relating the technology now fitted to some vehicles. Our Fiesta, as with a lot of Ford models comes with a heated screen, plus on our variant one press MAX button turns on the heated screen, aircon, car heater to max, rear heated screen, blowers to max and all air throughput diverted to screen. The screen is clear in seconds. I don't have any connection to Ford, but the technology is mighty convenient. John.
  23. I'm the opposite. Never had a problem being allocated a C&CC pitch and as you are usually escorted to a pitch the Holiday Site Manager is there to make sure you are correctly positioned and can point out the nearest water collection and disposal point. If you let the HSM's know in advance they will allocate adjacent pitches if you are meeting friends. As I'm hardly ever likely to arrive at a site before mid to late afternoon, I'm not part of the CC scramble to arrive at 12 to bag the "best pitch", but it is a pet hate of mine in the CC to be shown on a sheet which pitches should be available, have to drive around the site to find them and then collect the key for the facilities at a later time. A member of both clubs, but use both for different reasons, and good advice to join both to see how they meet your caravanning needs for sites and other services. John.
  24. I'm at present looking through the 2018 Caravan and Motorhome Club Touring Europe book. In the "Other Abbreviations" section it lists:- CC - Caravan and Motorhome Club. If CC is good enough for the club it is enough for me. John.
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