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  1. Search e-bay for "rubber well nuts". I have bought in the past from "Kay's". John.
  2. My caravan is now in its 16th season and I have only seen one other of the same model. About 2 years ago I had its twin parked next to mine in storage for about 6 months. The CRiS number was about 15 different to mine, so both could have been built on the same day. I never met the owner. John.
  3. From your description of your window frame I am guessing your caravan is from the mid 2000's onwards. You are correct there is not an obvious drain to the frame. A number of things I have done with my similar windows:- I always store the caravan with the front slightly down, mainly to get water off the roof, but it also means water only puddles at the corner of the window frame. I've also had water collecting on the inside window ledge in heavy rain and after much trial and error I have found a solution by applying sealer to the joint in the frame, which is usually across the top of the window. Strange, but in my case it has worked. Remove the window "glass". Lifting it to 90 degrees should allow you to remove it, you may need an assistant. Scribe the joint with a sharp pointed object to make a small space for sealer and press it into and on the joint. You do not need to spread the sealer beyond the joint and on my windows you would have to look hard to see it.The joint in the frame only has an internal joining piece with nothing to seal it. Replace the "glass". If you think the problem is the rubber seal around the window I have so far been unable to source a supplier for the pattern required. Hope this helps. John.
  4. This is a previously posted link to the repair process courtesy of MartinJB :- https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=46976 John.
  5. Search YouTube for a description of taking the blade out of a Thetford casette. I’ve done it on mine. John
  6. I recently drove from Newcastle to Bridlington Via York at an average speed of 52mph, using V-Power the DIS showed 52mpg. Normal touring mpg with the caravan is around 30. John.
  7. I tow with an A6 3.0tdi Quattro and my caravan is 1500kg. The noseweight is usually around 80kg and I never notice any stability problems. Have used this combination for the last 5 years and towed over 18000kms mostly in Europe. John
  8. You are correct. In my 2005 Sterling moving the battery selector switch from OFF to either VAN or CAR you can hear a click, which is an internal relay in the Nordelettronica consumer/charger unit. In storage I left my switch in the VAN position and returned a few weeks later to a flat battery. Normally in the OFF position no battery problem. Lesson learnt, double check battery switch when leaving caravan. Soon had a solar panel fitted. John.
  9. Or for a certain size of O ring or other seal, have a look to see if these people can help:- https://www.exactrubber.co.uk/ John
  10. Autobahns in Germany are often only 2 lanes and for many kilometres there are often no overtaking restrictions for hgv and vehicles towing a trailer, so you sit on the inside lane going at the speed of the hgv’s. I have towed in Germany for many years and never had a problem from law enforcement at this speed which is usually above 80kph. Angela has also spent a few million €’s to upgrade some autobahns to 3 lanes, but even here there are instances where overtaking is not permitted. You may benefit from the increased speed of 100kph by travelling at the weekend when many hgv’s are parked in service stations or rest places, but do not think the roads will be clear of traffic. Long tailbacks are a frequent occurrence especially at holiday times. John..
  11. We have a caravan layout as the OP describes. My comments on this layout and what to look for are:- Our caravan has a plastic "duckboard" which sits on the shower tray, so after a shower as long as the tray is reasonably dry the duckboard provides a dry standing area when using the toilet. The toilet/shower area does not have any special lining apart from a plastic finish to the wallboard. Our showering times are short, we dry with microfibre towels and the last person to use the shower dries the walls etc with their towel as you would dry a car with a washleather. We have not had any damp problems in this area and our caravan is now in its 16th season of use, although I have resealed the join between wall and shower tray more than once. As a protection for the shower tray and "squeak" reducer, we have started to fit IKEA Boris mats between the the tray and the duckboard, but only after the tray is dry. There is enough space in our layout to be able to use the toilet safely without catching the shower tap when redressing and it is worth doing an on site "test" before buying. We have had our caravan from new and know how it has been treated. A caravan shower is obviously an area for damp to exist, so buying secondhand, whatever the layout or construction, make a thorough damp check in the shower area, inside and under the caravan. Our caravan is a 2005 Sterling Eccles Onyx. John.
  12. Battery box door - seal down the sides to the curve and nothing across the bottom. External access locker door (similar to battery box door) - as above. Under bed access locker door - seal to all 4 faces. Cannot give you info about the toilet cassette access door. All locker doors are Thetford on a 2005 Sterling Eccles John.
  13. I've used Molly Piranha fixings from Black and Decker. It is worth buying the "setting" tool to fit them to the structure. Mine are labelled M10110 and are caravan specific. They came from Homebase before they were taken over and I have no idea of present suppliers. John.
  14. Fridge shelves as chrome plated in my earlier post. Big improvement from the condition they were in :- John.
  15. Dometic 7XXX series shelves are zinc plated. Mine went exactly the same as you describe, milky looking. I decided to bite the bullet and have them chrome plated. The cost for sand blasting and chrome plating came to about £55, which I reckoned was at least £30 cheaper than new zinc plated shelves from Leisureshop Direct. The results look brilliant. They knew exactly what the problem was when I first contacted them. No connection, other than a satisfied customer to:- qualitychrome.co.uk based in Hull. John.
  16. I presume you are asking a technical question, rather than looking for a replacement panel in another material eg. GRP. For a replacement panel I would look here:- https://caravanpanels.com/ John.
  17. I’ve had a problem with John Guest fittings and flexible tap tails leaking. My tap tails have a brass spigot to push into the JG fitting. There has over time been some oxidation on these brass parts which I believe has reacted with the metal spring component of the JG fitting, with the result that the JG fitting has no grip on the brass spigot, the connection leaks and in fact the tap tail can be pulled out of the fitting with little force. Obviously this deterioration does not occur with a plastic pipe to JG fitting connection. A new JG fitting does grip the brass spigot, although I have yet to do a water tightness test. These fittings have been in the caravan for 15 years, so time may have taken its toll. John.
  18. I spent 12 hours in A&E on Friday after emergency admittance via ambulance and because of my age I am seen as being in a vulnerable group. I did not have a Covid19 test, although my temperature was frequently checked. I have every confidence from the treatment I received and procedures followed that hospital areas dealing with non Covid19 admissions are Covid19 free. I did not remotely think I was going to bring any infection out with me. I still maintain safe distancing rules and wear a face covering where regulations expect me to. Until there is a proven vaccine, we are all a threat to each other and I would not differentiate the threat between people who have been in a hospital or not. Please continue with the excellent work helping you friend Eric and take suitable precautions to ensure you all remain safe. John.
  19. Or on my caravan where I found it tucked under the battery box. John
  20. Definitely an electric ring in the cooker of my 2005 Sterling Eccles. The socket for it is in the pan storage space. John
  21. Hi Trevor I have the same or similar oven/grill/hob (Stoves DF500DIT) in my caravan. Sorry no photo, but my instructions state the following so I wonder if they can be of some help:- To remove glass lid a. Remove appliance from housing. b. Raise the lid and remove springs from the lower fixing. c. Note the position of the hinge linkage and remove springs from the top fixing. d. Pull out the retaining clips from the hinge pins and remove the spacing washer. e. Push out the hinge pin. f. The lid can now be lifted clear. g. Reassemble in the reverse order. I would have a qualified person reconnect the gas supply. John.
  22. Most of our water for drinking and washing comes through the caravan system from an Aquaroll, but if near to a supply tap I may fill a jug just for drinking water. The water system gets sterilised at the start of each season and that is it. Touch wood in 38 years of camping with various units we have never had a problem from upset stomach. In those years we have camped/caravanned in eastern Europe, the Balkans, almost all of Italy, Corsica, France and other countries close to home. The only time I can remember buying bottled water for drinking was in Hungary just after the fall of communism. This year I haven't done anything, but will probably give the cold water system a sterilise before we use it. John.
  23. Not strictly caravan, but the other day I collected my car after service from an Audi main dealer. When I went outside to the car it had a yellow circular sticker across the drivers door shut line - "This vehicle has been sanitised". A small reassurance that the company are taking the threat of Covid19 seriously, plus of course defending themselves from possible comebacks. I wonder if any caravan dealers are following a similar course. John.
  24. My car was recovered to a dealer the other day by Arrival. I could not fault the service I received. My policy with Arrival costs about £130, but I do not have home start. I did need home start a few years ago and was able to immediately add it to my policy. John
  25. Do you have a model year for the caravan? My 2005 Eccles has rocker switches on the bezel for each of the kitchen area 12v lights. The 2 front corner lights are mains voltage. John.
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