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  1. I spent 12 hours in A&E on Friday after emergency admittance via ambulance and because of my age I am seen as being in a vulnerable group. I did not have a Covid19 test, although my temperature was frequently checked. I have every confidence from the treatment I received and procedures followed that hospital areas dealing with non Covid19 admissions are Covid19 free. I did not remotely think I was going to bring any infection out with me. I still maintain safe distancing rules and wear a face covering where regulations expect me to. Until there is a proven vaccine, we are all a threat to each other and I would not differentiate the threat between people who have been in a hospital or not. Please continue with the excellent work helping you friend Eric and take suitable precautions to ensure you all remain safe. John.
  2. Or on my caravan where I found it tucked under the battery box. John
  3. Definitely an electric ring in the cooker of my 2005 Sterling Eccles. The socket for it is in the pan storage space. John
  4. Hi Trevor I have the same or similar oven/grill/hob (Stoves DF500DIT) in my caravan. Sorry no photo, but my instructions state the following so I wonder if they can be of some help:- To remove glass lid a. Remove appliance from housing. b. Raise the lid and remove springs from the lower fixing. c. Note the position of the hinge linkage and remove springs from the top fixing. d. Pull out the retaining clips from the hinge pins and remove the spacing washer. e. Push out the hinge pin. f. The lid can now be lifted clear. g. Reassemble in the reverse order. I would have a qualified person reconnect the gas supply. John.
  5. Most of our water for drinking and washing comes through the caravan system from an Aquaroll, but if near to a supply tap I may fill a jug just for drinking water. The water system gets sterilised at the start of each season and that is it. Touch wood in 38 years of camping with various units we have never had a problem from upset stomach. In those years we have camped/caravanned in eastern Europe, the Balkans, almost all of Italy, Corsica, France and other countries close to home. The only time I can remember buying bottled water for drinking was in Hungary just after the fall of communism. This year I haven't done anything, but will probably give the cold water system a sterilise before we use it. John.
  6. Not strictly caravan, but the other day I collected my car after service from an Audi main dealer. When I went outside to the car it had a yellow circular sticker across the drivers door shut line - "This vehicle has been sanitised". A small reassurance that the company are taking the threat of Covid19 seriously, plus of course defending themselves from possible comebacks. I wonder if any caravan dealers are following a similar course. John.
  7. My car was recovered to a dealer the other day by Arrival. I could not fault the service I received. My policy with Arrival costs about £130, but I do not have home start. I did need home start a few years ago and was able to immediately add it to my policy. John
  8. Do you have a model year for the caravan? My 2005 Eccles has rocker switches on the bezel for each of the kitchen area 12v lights. The 2 front corner lights are mains voltage. John.
  9. I always use AAA batteries such as Energizer Ultimate Lithium in my handset. I find they maintain their full voltage for longer than ordinary AAA. John
  10. These people are mover specialists. They may be able to help with a diagnosis of your problem arelectronics.co.uk John
  11. Loopholes already being found. I've just read this comment on autoevolution.com:- The new regulations, however, also cover smartphones and speed camera apps, as they state the device which is used for traffic monitoring system alerts doesn’t have to be specifically built for this purpose, but for “other uses” as well. In other words, pretty much any app that can warn of a speed camera is now forbidden, no matter if it runs on a phone, a tablet, or a GPS navigation system. But as German site iTopNews noticed, the updated traffic laws only refers to someone who drives a vehicle. So in theory, a passenger of the car can still use a speed camera app like Waze just fine. The Google-owned traffic navigation app comes with both visual and audio alerts on a series of reports, including speed cameras, so technically, you can still use it without having the phone on the car’s dashboard. John.
  12. Today nothing. Last thing bought about was about 5 months ago, some replacement battery box hinges, which I have yet to fit. Next purchase will be a gas cylinder refill, but no idea when. John
  13. By all means fit a tank in your front gas locker, but please no electrical connections to it in the locker. A small gas leak, which is not unknown, and one spark from 12v could spell major trouble. John.
  14. I’ve not had a problem listening to the radio when using data. As you are effectively paying for data via a UK provider there is no block to receiving BBC output. John
  15. My son lives very close to a number of supermarkets (Tesco, Waitrose, Lidl, Aldi and a Co-op) and consistently uses Aldi. His shopping strategy is to go about half an hour before closing. Last Friday he was the only customer in the shop and all the shelves were virtually fully stocked ready for the following day. I appreciate this may not be the case in other locations. John.
  16. 15psi is roughly 1bar, 20psi is roughly 1.4bar. Whale Watermaster is pressure reduced to 1.5bar with a maximum of 1.8bar. I would be happy with Sea and Sand's inline pressure reducer for use with my caravan. Others would have to make their own judgement on the condition of their caravan pipework. John.
  17. I took out an annual policy with Red Pennant 12 months ago which obviously is due to expire soon. The other day I had a letter from them asking if I wished to renew for another 12 months with a small sweetener. They would give me a 5% discount on renewal of an annual policy. Unfortunately I don’t see us travelling abroad with a vehicle in the next 12 months, so will not be renewing. John
  18. From the CMC t & c What denominations can I expect my vouchers to arrive in? You will most likely receive vouchers in £10 or £20 values, though occasionally you may receive vouchers in £5 denominations too. Do the UK Club Site Vouchers have an expiry date? There is no expiry date on the vouchers, however we are sure you would like to spend them as soon as possible and enjoy the great outdoors once again, so they will be valid from when the Site Network re-opens. Will I get change if my UK Club Site Voucher is worth more than the site night? Yes, if you pay using a UK Club Site Voucher upon arrival at site, and the night costs less than the voucher, change will be given. John.
  19. Not according to my handbook:- Use only the terminals in the engine compartment to charge the battery. Access to the battery also means going into the boot, removing the space saver spare, tool holder and battery cover. Easier just to open the bonnet and follow the instructions. John.
  20. A word of caution. My Audi A6 C7 has a dedicated loom for the 13 pin socket and the instruction manual is very clear that battery charging should be done through the dedicated charging points under the bonnet, due to the battery management programme in the car. I have tried charging through the 13 pin socket with a CTEK MXS 5.0 and after a full programme of car and agm charging which only took about 30 minutes there was little difference to the battery reading. Tried a second time with little difference. The charger is now connected as per the manual, under the bonnet and the full programme is taking hours rather than minutes and with a charging rate appropriate for the CTEK programme. Lesson learned. John
  21. I’ve been a member for long enough to remember the annual renewal date for membership was at the end of November. I cannot remember the year it changed for new members to have 12 months from date of joining, but I would guess there are still a lot of members with November renewal. The possibility of veteran membership after 25 years continuous membership at age 65 is also an incentive to remain a member. John
  22. My membership renewal is due at the end of this month, but due to health issues I have been in contact with the CMC to cancel. The only facility of the CMC I used in 2019 was Red Pennant travel insurance and with no hope of needing it this year my choice was to cancel membership. Today another e-mail from the CMC offering me to renew my Red Pennant annual policy. Sorry it is not needed this year, but I wonder if this insurance aspect of the "club" will see more impact from CV19 than the general membership. John
  23. It may be cheaper to cut ribbed hose to 1m lengths and use with plumbing fittings, but for me the benefit of the Colapz systems is the ability of the pipes to concertina in length from 1m to 500mm and to hold a bend when the need arises. My only reservation is I don't expect the bore to be smooth and hence it might hold food particles, but at least there is a cleaning brush in the kits. Question for ribbed hose users, do any of you use an 8m length? What would be the ideal number of 1m Colapz units? Probably a future purchase. John
  24. Just to give you an idea of the cost of replacing windows with new. I've replaced all 3 front windows on my 2005 caravan with new. 1st a side front window after stone damage at 4 years old, done by dealer with new Polyplastic window at £217. Other 2 windows after delamination at 13 years old, supplied by dealer from Polyplastic at £499. Fitted by mobile workshop at time of service free of charge. My caravan now has 3 front windows with the correct grey tint and all the others have faded to a bronze tint. Not perfect, but it looks better than 2 x bronze tint front and 1 x grey tint. I think you can have windows repaired or new made by other companies, but I have no idea of company names or contacts. This subject has been aired on here before, so using search may help. John. BTW welcome to caravantalk.
  25. I have a Sterling Power products 350w quasi sine wave inverter about 13 years old. It's happily powered an HD tv, Blu-ray player, satellite box and chargers for computers, iPhones, iPads etc. Only once have I exceeded its rating but it powered a 750w drill for long enough to drill through a panel. No damage done after I reset the trip. The output from the inverter can be connected into the incoming 240v circuit, so all socket outlets are available. John.
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