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  1. The owner is a very keen cyclist and will give you plenty of guidance on cycling the now disused railway tracks. If your bikes get dirty the dog wash is also a cycle wash., Southwell is an interesting visit with its Minster and the Workhouse (NT opens 8th February)) just outside the town is worth a visit. Mr Straws house in Worksop, again NT, shows you living in the 1920's, but closed for winter until early March. Newark-on-Trent is also interesting with its Civil War museum and Castle. Had some good meals in the Carnarvon. John.
  2. I've found the options for watching UK tv through a satellite dish in southern Europe (in my case Italy and Croatia) are so limited that I rarely bother setting it up. I do have a Humax box which I can set to the Astra 19E satellite which will get Sky News plus a few other English speaking channels. For UK tv channels I can watch them with an iPad. With a wi-fi connection and the Sky Go App I can watch the majority of channels in my Sky package, the exceptions usually being +1 and BBC channels. I can watch BBC channels if I use the data package on my phone and tether my iPad to it. The BBC iPlayer App then works normally (it won't work on a wi-fi connection). Logic tells me a Smart TV should work on the same basis as an iPad, but I have no evidence to say it will. The limitations of my usage are any limits to data downloading through my phone and the 35 days or so limit on the use of Sky Go when abroad (with the proviso for wi-fi and data accessibility). John.
  3. I have my own designed set-up with twin fans and a temperature sensor in the bottom vent sampling incoming air. The temperature controller is set to initiate the fans at 28C. This system has worked well in temperatures up to 35C and with the fridge thermostat set at medium. Even at the highest temperatures we have encountered, the fans only run for a few minutes before cycling on and off, however I am a firm believer in good fridge performance being very closely related to correct caravan manufacturer installation. My fridge is installed with the cooling fins 18mm from the caravan wall, so within the 15 - 20mm recommended by Dometic. John.
  4. John19

    Dartford Crossing

    Not in your situation and I haven't been through or over the Dartford crossing for about 4 years, but my son is also on my account and he keeps it open with 1 or 2 crossings per year. My balance at the moment is about £5. Is it possible for you to pool another Dartford user, such as family, friend, neighbour or even forum member, onto your account to keep it open. You only need someone to make one crossing before deleting them from your account. John.
  5. I am guessing you need a new tyre, but do you need the wheel as well. Getting tyres should not be a problem, but you may have to locate a matching wheel at somewhere like a caravan breakers. In a quick search Kwik-Fit came up with a choice of six tyres from about £50 each, although you did not state the load index in your original post. Have you been in contact with Swift for the correct specification of the wheel ie rim diameter, rim width, offset and pitch circle diameter of the 5 stud fixing. John.
  6. Definitely and I don't like the hassle of airport lounges, hire cars and restrictions resulting from booking accommodation. John.
  7. We use:- Elsan Double Rinse in the flushing tank. Elsan Blue Bag toilet sachets or Tesco Bio Washing tabs in the holding tank. An occasional clean of the plastic bowl with Thetford Toilet Bowl cleaner. This is brilliant at removing limescale and leaves the bowl as smooth as .................................. John.
  8. We've been to Croatia 3 times, but never stayed much further south than Split. We did think about travelling as far as Dubrovnik, but the insurance problems of crossing the Neum corridor, using an alternative ferry and reports from friends of the number of visitors to Dubrovnik (cruise boats) have made us think it is too much hassle with a caravan. In the 3 visits we have made we have always found different destinations which have made us think we would like to stay longer than plans allow, even though we are very flexible with our arrangements. Saintjersey if you do a search on this forum for Croatia you will find examples of members experiences in the country, routes of access and travel advice for passing through other countries. This year we caravanned in southern Italy, but it is more than likely that next year we will return to Croatia, Slovenia and northern Italy. John
  9. It may be due to radio traffic information. I've had something similar in my Audi where I get a message "your route has changed due to traffic conditions" even without phone or data connections. John.
  10. Sorry but I’m away from home at the moment. Can post you information at the weekend. I think the kit I used may have changed. John
  11. Have something handy to divert the water from dripping into the caravan. I've even used a piece of cardboard rolled to make a gutter. John.
  12. I changed my outboard pump to an inboard installation using a Whale Aquasmart kit. Installing meant a few changes of pipework, including a new drain through the floor and took the opportunity to fit a surge damper. Fitting instructions recommend the use of 2.5mm2 cable along with a 5A fuse and as I wired direct to the battery I also fitted an isolating switch. I mounted my pump on a block of 20mm mdf, which may help dampen some of the noise from vibration. We do not notice any really intrusive noise from the pump, although it is worth having a visual indication when the pump is running as when running dry the noise is a barely audible hum. We use the caravan on hook-up sites and temporary holiday sites without mains electric and have never noticed any variations in the performance of the pump. John.
  13. I always like to see a TV working in a showroom so I can check the viewing angles, horizontally and vertically. Nothing worse than losing picture definition because you are not viewing from a position directly in front of a screen. John.
  14. Apology due to memory lapse. We did have one day of rain at Platya d'Aro. A Saturday where it never stopped all day. Our apartment was at the top of the hill close to the telecoms mast, so the rain which fell on us quickly drained away! Must have erased such bad weather from my immediate memory. Brilliant weather every other day. John.
  15. I'm just back from a 3 week driving trip to Catalonia, staying in an apartment. Only rain we had was in the last but one day driving towards Rouen. Perfect weather every day in Spain around 25 to 27 degrees. Not many visitors around Platya d'Aro with campsites we passed closing down for the end of September. Motorhomes about and parked (sited) along an open street through wasteland with tables and chairs defining their pitch. Before we left the UK I filled the car with V-Power diesel at £1.389 / l. In Platya d'Aro V-Power diesel €1.359 /l (£1.21 /l) . A very pleasant 3 week holiday on smooth and quiet (traffic and road noise) roads. Very relaxing. John.
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