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  1. I don’t see a comment based on what you have heard as being very positive to the gist of the thread. More helpful if you give us an example of a tiny pitch in Italy you have been asked to site a caravan on. In over 10 visits to Italy with a caravan over 7m long I’ve never been unable to find a site with a suitable size pitch. Some pitches may be small, but ACSI do list the sizes of pitches available for those who may have some reservations over size. There can be issues of spacing between units, but to counter that I have never been instructed as to the orientation a unit should adopt on a pitch except where the physical nature of a site such as trees etc determine how to pitch. John
  2. I have a Humax Freesat box which I have used in Non-Freesat mode to pick up signals from Astra 19.2 east when as far away as Croatia. Obviously mostly continental channels, but can get Sky news. German Eurosport is FTA as long as you like hand ball in the evenings. No problem either to pick up normal Freesat in the Netherlands. John
  3. In the late 1990’s events conspired to give us just over 2 weeks summer holiday in August. So left the folding camper at home and we headed to a mobile home at the southern shore of Lake Garda. Friday night ferry from Hull to Rotterdam. Saturday through Germany to overnight hotel in Strasbourg. Sunday through Switzerland to Italy and mobile home. Lots of Italy to explore from Garda including Venice (train is the best way to arrive), Verona and the lake itself. Similar route for the return. With some planning the motorhomers could still be with you. John
  4. I have a black bucket from B&Q cost about £1. Also seen similar in a local hardware store. Only for use on the continent and never had a problem fitting under the waste outlet, even on a mildly sloping pitch. Don’t take a Wastemaster abroad with me as not always convenient to empty.
  5. You obviously weren't around in Hull and parts of the East Riding before the Humber bridge was built. John.
  6. Hi Graham, no help with the Normandy beaches, just a social post. I was looking through a classic car magazine the other day and a picture of a classic white Mini made me wonder if you were still around, so good to see your post and that you are still using a caravan. John.
  7. +1 to keep a bowl smooth as a babies bum. Caravan and bowl now in 15th season. John.
  8. I have always booked through the C&CC and although a complete price breakdown has never been given, a look at sailings on different days will soon show if a caravan is transported for free at the weekend. Easy and quick to check with being able to book on-line. I've recently booked a crossing with a car only and didn't see any difference in cost between the two clubs. John.
  9. We've played the North American version of Farkle with children from the age of 14. It's also a brilliant game for just 2 people. John.
  10. Terry I suspect the problem with your heater front may not be the spring clips, but the method of locating the front at its lower corners. The lower corners of the front cover sit on projecting lugs, which are part of the frame permanently attached to the caravan. Check the front corner seatings and the frame lugs are not damaged or broken. One lower corner of my 14 year old fire front became damaged and although not broken off, it couldn't support the front. Fortunately I was able to remake and strengthen the corner with aluminium angle, Araldite and pop-rivets. Sorry, but I don't have any photographs of the damage or repair. John.
  11. Only watch TV very rarely when away in the caravan, however we only spend a few nights in this country compared to abroad (this year 8 nights in England, 43 nights tour to the south of Italy) . This is a regular yearly pattern. Normally entertainment is to sit outside whenever possible, drink wine, eat local food (especially cheese), maybe challenge each other at games such as Yahtzee or Farkle, or just read. It has taken us 3 years of time away in the caravan to watch 2 seasons of Breaking Bad on our 19" TV. We're all different. John.
  12. There always looks to be plenty of space at Washington Services travelling north, but that may be because of the exorbitant prices they charge for fuel and it is run by Moto. John.
  13. I've looked at doing something similar in my 2005 Sterling Eccles Onyx, but I came to the conclusion that with the curved shape of the worktop and the profile of the edging it would just not be possible to fit a drop down worktop extension. John.
  14. My first visit to Beaune convinced me I needed a motor mover. I found it a bit tight on some of the pitches and on a drive through pitch, could drive in, but not out at the other end so had to use the mover and block the exit route for a while. Usually a lot of leavers every morning and there is always an impatient Dutch person wanting to leave in a hurry. We have a saying "never get in the way of an impatient dutch caravanner". Thanks Borussia for your information on Zeeland. John.
  15. My answer is a loud NO and I do not have any considered response to Fireman Iain. You need to be able to see what is alongside your caravan. Whilst cycling on an open road I have twice been effectively been run off the road by an overtaking caravan pulling over into me, where the driver didn't have mirrors which gave vision down the side. I doubt the drivers hadn't a clue as to the result of their actions. Maybe its time for me to fit a camera on my cycling helmet. John.
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