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  1. Only a bath towel stolen in Budapest in 1992. It was left out overnight on a drier. Camped and caravanned now for 40 years. John.
  2. Good quality pans, but not cheap. You may find them cheaper in an outlet such as the Designer Centre, York. Our caravan has an odd collection of pans, which work well for us and would probably replace with Ingenio when they wear out. John.
  3. On holiday in Italy recently a German registered car with a Sprite Cruzer 520SR caravan pulled in next to me. Basically the caravan is the Swift Challenger 560 layout with the door on the other side and a similar level of equipment. The weights from the website for this model are interesting:- Gewicht fahrbereit 1405 kg Maximal zulässiges Gewicht (Standard) 1600 kg Auflastung möglich auf (Option) 1750kg My interpretation of these weights as ready to drive, maximum weight and charged option goes to show that a British manufacturer makes a model for the continent with considerably more payload than for the home market. Just as an aside the caravan did not have any visible weight plate on the exterior. John.
  4. Mine with C&CC went down £5. Market Value. John.
  5. We have Borris mats from Ikea in our caravan. Two under the plastic cover to stop it squeaking, two on top for foot comfort. The two mats in each case do have an overlap, but the width is perfect. Another Borris mat is at the entrance door. Colour blue/grey goes with the decor of our caravan. John
  6. As a comparison, we’ve now been in Italy for over 5 weeks and at last nights count we had shared a site with 11 other units from the UK, most of them motor homes. Not stayed on any large sites so fellow brits easy to spot and cannot see that any sites have been full. Most visitors are Dutch and German. John
  7. When I bought my caravan 14 years ago they were really the only tyre safety device available. Now with the advent of reliable tyre pressure monitoring systems the need for Tyron bands is much reduced. I now have Tyron bands and TPMS, but when the tyres are replaced the Tyron bands will not be refitted. I am sure the tyre fitter will also be relieved. With some insurance companies you will receive a discount for having Tyrons fitted. Not sure about the same with TPMS as some people find they are unreliable, which insurers may have picked up on. Mine have been 100% reliable over many 1000’s of miles. John
  8. Shame not to see him in the TdF. His injuries do sound very serious and I don’t expect him to be racing again this season. I presume he was on a t/t bike and this goes to show the instability caused by deep section rims and the lack of leverage from t/t bars. The ride was “only” a recce, but goes to show the complete need for concentration at all times. Brad Wiggins expectation for a t/t was lungs bursting, legs on fire and face covered with snot. Don’t know if he fulfilled this in a recce. John
  9. I’m in the south of Italy in Gallipoli (Puglia). All site connections we have made on the journey here through the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and in Italy have been the blue connectors. However many of the site supplies have only been 6A which has hindered my wife’s use of a hair drier. With all the sites from San Marino south having sockets in the facilities with the three connectors in a row then an adapter to a Spina connection would have been useful. Off to a shop tomorrow for a Spina plug to begin prep for my next project. John
  10. Hi GAS Stayed there last week. Overbrook was very quiet with plenty of spare pitches, most likely because in a shoulder period between Easter and May Day. Very hard working and pleasant owners. On-site facilities are excellent. Site is a disused railway station on the closed line between Scarborough and Pickering.Thornton Dale is very picturesque and only one of many other sights in a lovely part of Yorkshire. If you have any interest in heritage railways do not miss a journey on the North York Moors Railway from Pickering. Road cycling over the North York Moors can be very challenging (see last week's Tour de Yorkshire, stage 3). The vale of Pickering has lots of interesting cycle routes when away from the main roads. Dalby forest just to the north of Thornton Dale is excellent for off road cycling including specific downhill courses. John.
  11. Have you tried here for a possible repair? https://www.arelectronics.co.uk/contents/en-uk/d18_Caravan-Mover-Repairs.html John.
  12. New fees for Veteran membership of the C&CC have just been posted in magazine and are £23 pa + extra for special interest groups. John.
  13. If you do not need a socket with a microswitch as above, then have a look for one of these from Screwfix which I have fitted to my vehicle. https://www.screwfix.com/p/maypole-mp129-13-pin-european-trailer-board-socket-w-gasket-12v/48923 The socket shown in the picture has the manufacturers logo of Menber's , who I and others consider to be the best available. John.
  14. V5 for my A6 3.0 Tdi Quattro also aligns with the handbook at 1795 kg. According to the handbook this includes 75 kg for driver and tank 90% full. On a weighbridge without a driver, half a tank of fuel and the addition of an aftermarket tow bar the weight is 1860 kg. All it means to me is the extra weight is lost payload in the car from its gross weight of 2330 kg, but again from the handbook "When towing a trailer, the gross vehicle weight and the maximum rear axle weight may be exceeded by up to 80kg". Interesting, and may be fun explaining if stopped at the roadside for weighing and the car axles are over 2330kg. The gross train weight is 4410 kg, so not a problem when towing 1500 kg, or even up to 100% kerb weight , whatever that may be.
  15. I use this type of cable for any alterations and additions I make to my 12v systems:- https://www.autoelectricsupplies.co.uk/product/70/category/114 John.
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