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  1. Just to give you an idea of the cost of replacing windows with new. I've replaced all 3 front windows on my 2005 caravan with new. 1st a side front window after stone damage at 4 years old, done by dealer with new Polyplastic window at £217. Other 2 windows after delamination at 13 years old, supplied by dealer from Polyplastic at £499. Fitted by mobile workshop at time of service free of charge. My caravan now has 3 front windows with the correct grey tint and all the others have faded to a bronze tint. Not perfect, but it looks better than 2 x bronze tint front and 1 x grey tint. I think you can have windows repaired or new made by other companies, but I have no idea of company names or contacts. This subject has been aired on here before, so using search may help. John. BTW welcome to caravantalk.
  2. I have a Sterling Power products 350w quasi sine wave inverter about 13 years old. It's happily powered an HD tv, Blu-ray player, satellite box and chargers for computers, iPhones, iPads etc. Only once have I exceeded its rating but it powered a 750w drill for long enough to drill through a panel. No damage done after I reset the trip. The output from the inverter can be connected into the incoming 240v circuit, so all socket outlets are available. John.
  3. I have some of the original Sufferfest videos downloaded onto an old Android tablet, which can connect and play to a full size TV through an HDMI cable. One of them is in HD so cycling through the Dolomites I can enjoy the scenery. As far as overheating is concerned I turbo train through the winter in an unheated garage and still need a pedestal fan, although I do have a few layers on the upper body. I also find Sufferfest choice of music is also pretty good for the level of exercise required and has some eclectic choices of little known bands, to me at any rate. I'm waiting at this moment for a hip operation, but able to pedal, although a static bike is the only one I can mount, due to very restricted twisting movement around the hip. John.
  4. We were out for a walk yesterday and noticed how few vapour trails there were (one) . Normally we see multiple trails going east to west and north to south over the North Sea. John.
  5. No sentiment here either. I've today cancelled my CMC renewal due at the end of April. Also have the additional restriction of postponed surgery which will be done when CV is over, so little possibility of using a caravan this year. I shall though retain my right to C&CC veteran membership, which in any case is not due for renewal until the end of the year. John.
  6. I've never tried to take apart the two layers, but my take on this is to remove the lifting part of the rooflight from the caravan and with a hosepipe wash between the two layers. If you have decent water pressure the better. Do it from all four sides if possible then stand it on edge to drain and dry. In my experience I have always been left with a clean rooflight. John.
  7. I have been to the CMC advice site for towing speed limits in Italy. Copy and paste from their information:- Italy Vehicle Motorways Other roads Car + caravan under 3.5t 50mph,80km/h 44mph, 70km/h Car + caravan over 3.5t 62mph, 100km/h 50mph, 80km/h Now I know Italy has its idiosyncrasies, but can a lighter unit have a slower towing speed limit on all roads? Got to be incorrect information. I must admit that like burstneraddict in Italy I have always thought the limit on dual carriageways to be 80kph and with my unit over 3.5t the CMC tell me I am correct (and I'm even slow if on an autoroute), but it's not the first time I have had to disbelieve them. John.
  8. Your tyres sizes do not indicate a profile percentage so I would say you need to look for 175/80 R14C tyres, but you must also look for tyres with a comparative or higher Load Index than those you have fitted. Load Index will be defined by a number in the 80's, 90's or 100's. John.
  9. Emovis-tag account shows you the "assumed" status of the battery - OK/LOW "IF your tag battery is showing as low, just 'Order an additional tag' and 'Return a tag' to receive your €20 tag deposit refund. The tag battery can't be changed". My latest tag has a different windscreen clip to the earlier fixings. John.
  10. My solution to this problem is I have made an adaptor which holds my TC215B monitor over part of the interior rear view mirror. The adaptor is held in place with two elastic loops and is easily removed when the caravan is disconnected. Cannot show a picture as the monitor is in the caravan. The monitor only partly obscures a view of a large white box coupled to the car. John.
  11. My caravan from 2005 has had Tyron bands from new and it now has Tyrepal TPMS as well. At the next change of tyres the Tyron bands will go and I will just rely on the TPMS, which has proved effective and reliable. As an advantage, although small, there is less weight to tow (or a payload bonus) and less rotating mass in the wheels. I do receive a discount on the caravan insurance, but as the insured value is small I do not see the loss of this as being of any consequence. John
  12. The underneath of my Sterling has a finish of matt black appearance on the structural plywood. It is still fine after 15 years. Your underside covers are probably more to do with airflow under the vehicle than with any corrosion protection. John.
  13. The owner is a very keen cyclist and will give you plenty of guidance on cycling the now disused railway tracks. If your bikes get dirty the dog wash is also a cycle wash., Southwell is an interesting visit with its Minster and the Workhouse (NT opens 8th February)) just outside the town is worth a visit. Mr Straws house in Worksop, again NT, shows you living in the 1920's, but closed for winter until early March. Newark-on-Trent is also interesting with its Civil War museum and Castle. Had some good meals in the Carnarvon. John.
  14. I've found the options for watching UK tv through a satellite dish in southern Europe (in my case Italy and Croatia) are so limited that I rarely bother setting it up. I do have a Humax box which I can set to the Astra 19E satellite which will get Sky News plus a few other English speaking channels. For UK tv channels I can watch them with an iPad. With a wi-fi connection and the Sky Go App I can watch the majority of channels in my Sky package, the exceptions usually being +1 and BBC channels. I can watch BBC channels if I use the data package on my phone and tether my iPad to it. The BBC iPlayer App then works normally (it won't work on a wi-fi connection). Logic tells me a Smart TV should work on the same basis as an iPad, but I have no evidence to say it will. The limitations of my usage are any limits to data downloading through my phone and the 35 days or so limit on the use of Sky Go when abroad (with the proviso for wi-fi and data accessibility). John.
  15. I have my own designed set-up with twin fans and a temperature sensor in the bottom vent sampling incoming air. The temperature controller is set to initiate the fans at 28C. This system has worked well in temperatures up to 35C and with the fridge thermostat set at medium. Even at the highest temperatures we have encountered, the fans only run for a few minutes before cycling on and off, however I am a firm believer in good fridge performance being very closely related to correct caravan manufacturer installation. My fridge is installed with the cooling fins 18mm from the caravan wall, so within the 15 - 20mm recommended by Dometic. John.
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