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  1. We take very little food with us when travelling abroad and at the moment there are too many mixed messages to what can be imported. We would now travel without any fresh food and for one day all we would need to buy would probably be milk. I would be interested to know if a vegan milk substitute such as soya, oat or almond will be acceptable to import. Arrival in Rotterdam means there is not a possibility of seeing a supermarket for many kilometres. We can easily live with purchasing all of our food on the continent. John.
  2. Back in March the Government suspended rail franchise agreements for train companies in England to prevent their collapse. The train operators have been given the chance to transfer all revenue and cost risk to the Government and be paid a small management fee to continue running services. This does not apply to Hull Trains and Grand Central Railways as their only source of income is from ticket sales and hence their services are now suspended. Eurostar will also be excluded from this arrangement. I don't know the arrangements in Scotland and Wales. In effect the railways are curre
  3. Internet fake news? My take unless the Greek guy can supply evidence of the directive, is that if a fixed tow ball is within the EC 94/20 regulations and is not obscuring any registration plate or required lighting there should be nothing to worry about. If you are concerned get back to the Greek and ask him. John.
  4. I shall be interested to see if their searches go as far as to look for products containing milk chocolate (too many to give any examples), butter (biscuits, some cakes) or cheese (scones). On the crossing from Hull to Rotterdam it is noticeable that at breakfast in the restaurant, some passengers and in this many of them are foreign and in coach parties, like to make up a pack of food (bread, cold meat, cheeses and fruit) which they take away from the restaurant and presumably is their lunch. To be handed in later? I have no objection to the rules and trust searches ar
  5. A question relating to the Aideepen New LCD AC 80-260V device is if the live input has to pass through the coil, how does the device react when used on a continental site where reverse polarity might be present, ie where live becomes neutral. I know there have many debates in the past as to whether reverse polarity needs to be corrected (something I always do) and is not something I wish to resurrect . Also I am not clear from the installation diagram on the device whether it is OK for the live or neutral mains lead to pass through the coil, thus negating my first question. As Ja
  6. A pressure drop test is a good idea, but having watched an AWS this has only been used to check the part of the installation from the Test Point shut-off valve to installed fixtures eg, heater, cooker etc. and to me raises the question is there more than a sensory check, visually using a leak detector liquid or smell, required for the installation from the cylinder(s) through the regulator to the test point? John.
  7. AFAIK it is a double bed in a rear corner, with a combined toilet and shower room alongside. What's in our caravan and works for us. John.
  8. We've got Stardrops from Poundland in the past, but now get it from the "treasure house" that is Barnitts store in York city centre. John.
  9. We were camping in Corsica in 1994 with our Conway folding camper and had just had to evacuate our campsite due to a forest fire. Camping on a harbour jetty we thought about changing to a caravan and made a list of what we would want in a caravan. We had some ideas mostly from seeing continental caravans and in September of that year we visited the Lawns to view caravans and these had some influence on our list. Long term caravanners might remember what caravan design and fittings were like in the mid 90's and will possibly realise why looking at our list we kept our folding camper for another
  10. May and June would normally be the months we would be abroad, but for 2021 we have booked through the CMC for 2 separate 2 week tours in GB in these months either side of Whitsun. We will keep reviewing the Covid situation abroad and these tours will be cancelled should we consider a ferry crossing to the Netherlands and a caravan tour abroad to be within our consideration of safe. Should we have to quarantine I don't see a problem as we rarely leave home in July and August. John.
  11. My thoughts exactly and the best reply in this thread.
  12. We have a non-heated version of something like this in our caravan:- https://www.dunelm.com/product/heated-airer-1000054170 Ours came from Ikea many years ago. It is used mostly outside with a weight (tool box) on the foot to stop it blowing over. Allegedly it only rains every third day in this country, so outside drying should often be a possibility. Storage under our permanent bed with the folding chairs is not a problem. I think if I had to replace ours it would be with this. John. I use these Molly fixings for most fittings into the inner skin of my c
  13. I've looked at Michelin Cross Climate + tyres for my car. Asda tyres list the recommended size 97W for £143 and an XL 101W for £139. Not buying at the moment, but interested to see a cheaper price for the XL tyre. John.
  14. Microfibre towels for showers dried on 60w electric towel rail. Also use these towels for drying the shower area after use. I always refer to our towels as “personal wash leathers”. John.
  15. We know from Gary's previous contributions to this forum how well respected his knowledge and information are. My Truma blown air caravan heating system use is much more efficient thanks to his contributions and outside of what I see as the normal scope of the repair side of his work. Many thanks Gary. John.
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