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  1. JamesF


    Many caravan windows are similar , certainly in those I've owned and friends have had ( not the very latest to be fair), they have an air gap and one or two plastic "plugs" in them. you can remove the plug and using a judicious amount of heat from a hair drier an/or a fan heater, dry out the gap. Replace the plug and "hey presto" no more misting Jim
  2. It's sold in some decent car accessory shops as well ( Parkers of Leicester for instance) as it's used to help attach some of the panels on modern cars. ( In MB) Also on line ( try eBay )
  3. I was on a site in North Wales ( Parc Isaf Farm, near Llanbedr just south of Harlech) a few years back and they had several people stay and leave whilst we were there. I believe that they charged a reduced fee for the weekday nights when there was no one there but not sure how much. We'd just stopped for the week. So they are (were) out there but no telling if they still do? It was a small "commercial" site not associated with the "Big 2" but fabulous views of the coastline and Morfa Dyffryn Jim
  4. BATTERIES IN THE HANDSET! This is one that caught me out TWICE ( does one ever learn!) The first time I switched the caravan battery and even tried using two batteries THEN IT DAWNED ! Doh!! Second time it didn't take that long but it was after I'd got the multi-meter out and checked the caravan battery voltage THEN checked the handset battery (And I'm electrically qualified!) Might actually be an earth problem somewhere so allows voltage but when subjected to a higher current goes HR? Cheers
  5. Hi there: As the other posters have said you WILL need planning consent to use a caravan as a "dwelling" i.e. to live there. All planning authorities ( it will be the local Borough council you need to contact not the parish or the county county council) have a contact for private citizens to ask questions about planning and you can have a pre-planning meeting for a minimal cost to go through ths issues to see if it is viable. The horse/stables bit is slightly more complex as agricultural buildings (which could include stables possibly) have a different set of rules to dwellings, but again this can differ from authority to authority ( some authorities allow a farmer to build a barn without planning permission but not a farmworkers cottage) The utilities issue is another matter completely, again as stated the utility companies might not supply services without planning permission, however the main point is the cost. Providing mains water and power can go from hundreds of pounds to tens of thousands of pounds depending how far away they are from the plot, sewage is easier to sort as you can have a "cesspit" which you then pay to have emptied as required though that itself isn't cheap. Hope that helps. Cheers
  6. Local to me ( Groby & Glenfield Leicester) there has been a spate of Cat thefts, one theft from 5 cars in Leicestershire County Hall Car park during one day!! and one outside the village hall during the 60 minutes of a meeting in early evening!! One at least was a 10 year old Honda Jazz, no idea of the others, but looks like the value of the Platignum must be high! Keep a watch out people.
  7. ALSO Caravan fridges , specifically Dometic as fitted in the Avondale , need the 12 volt feed (Leisure battery fitted) to run the control system so without a battery fitted they won't work in most cases even with the 240v mains and gas connected. Jim
  8. JamesF

    Levelling Caravan

    The only thing that normally has a problem with an unlevel pitch is the fridge ( and people sleeping ) If the fridge is working OK then you're level enough. Jim
  9. Firstly, was it working before? Then are both 12 volt supplies working up to the fridge ( the control circuit AND the 12 volt that feeds the element) there should be 2 x 12 volt feeds up to the fridge itself. Worth checking them first at that point ( with the car hooked up and the engine running ) as from reading many posts on this and other fora ( plural of forum?) most faults seem NOT to be the element. If you've got 2 12 volt feeds and if it's a Dometic then a common fault is the circuit board (on the 12 volt side), I've had this and so have others, there's a thread I think on this forum which tells you how to "fix" it by shorting out part of the 12 volt circuit with a car type fuse (a new board is over £100) and I've attached a file to explain as well. Cheers Jim caravan fridge fault repair .doc
  10. My Insurance company gave me an insured value ( higher than I thought !) and guaranteed to honor it if theft or complete write off. (Cover4Caravans) They also were the best quoted price so no argument Jim
  11. You definitely need a 12volt supply to work most Caravan fridges, even when on EHU. It's the 12volt control system. It won't matter if it's a dodgy battery even but I think that just connecting the charger feed may not do the job. Any old car battery will sort the problem, doesn't have to be a proper leisure battery . Jim
  12. I've a great way of sorting this problem - PUT THE CAR IN A GARAGE So many people have a garage so full of "stuff" that the car stays outside! On another note, many thefts of "keyless " cars are treated by the Police as "Keys left in ignition/car left unlocked on the drive. This can effect the insurance claim depending on the insurance company!! A simple way would be to put an on/off switch on the key fob perhaps? Jim
  13. Hi Toby, In addition to Gordon's advice ( and he's the absolute guru when it comes to Avondales , helped me with loads of stuff in the past ) I'd say that the Avondale water system is excellent. You can even use a mains feed into that connector if you're on a "fully serviced" pitch. One other thing I found with mine is that the filter ( inside the caravan next to the pump) needed a clean now and again. ALSO I found the pump on my Avocette a bit noisy ( the sound travelled through the van floor a bit) so I re-fixed it on a piece of ply with a piece of underfelt twix the play and the caravan floor. Happy vanning cheers Jim
  14. AND more credibility using correct grammar, of course
  15. The attached is a drawing for the Apache awning I had on my Avondale, shows where all the poles go etc also if you look at the Isabella website (link below) there are a couple of videos and lots of help in of how to erect an awning . https://www.isabella.net/uk/support/assembly-instructions Even if it's another make they should give you a clue : ) cheers Jim
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