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  1. Mrs H's C3 is our 23rd Citroen since 1978. She says she would like an SUV, maybe a Mazda CX- 5. I replaced my 16-year-old Citroen C8 with a Jaguar S-Type in 2019. We are 67 and 69.
  2. Love the idea. Make sure the front side windows are opened up horizontal to complete the effect.
  3. We've had a 3.6m Caravanstore Zip for many years. I can unroll it and make it into a sunshade in a few minutes. The zip privacy panels are OK but best handled with 2 people. The end product is not a thing of beauty. Our Caravanstore is rarely used as a privacy room; for us it's somewhere to keep the bikes dry and to have a glass of something before eating in the caravan. HTH
  4. Although the 13-pin system is supposedly better than a 2 x 7-pin system, many of us have been towing with 7-pin systems for years without issues. I only converted last year to suit the new caravan. Why not wait and see what plugs your new caravan is equipped with?
  5. Well I managed to watch F1 quali and highlights with minimal faff so all good until I realised the laptop charger was slurping over 6 amps out of the battery. And this on a site without hook up! Thanks for all the input. Clearly, using a laptop and the August tuner won't work. I'll be addressing that part of my flawed plan in due course. 🙄
  6. Dometic 9336 here. The fridge drain condensate bowl has been known as a weak point of Electrolux/Dometic fridge design for years. In 2006 or thereabouts, while fitting fridge fans and finding an ugly stain on the floor and the condensate bowl full, I modified my fridge drain to bypass the bowl and extend through the caravan floor. 15 years later, looking at the back of the fridge after about 14 days of use, there is a horrible plastic condensate bowl 2/3 full of water, and no friendly clip to take an extension tube. My bodge solution was to fit a 6.5 mm plastic pipe snugly inside the existing drain pipe , and to force the other end through the bottom fridge vent louvres and past the bug screen to drain down the outside of the caravan. Naively, I had hoped for more progress in the intervening years.
  7. HC rule 129 allows for overtaking a pedal cycle and other obstacles against double lines if the road's clear.
  8. Good luck with tucking that monster up under the A-frame fairing.
  9. Connecting direct to a battery will remove the vagaries of the car's computer wanting to go to sleep, shut down altogether, scratch itself or check the weather.
  10. Many thanks for the responses. My preference would be an analogue meter that I could leave permanently connected but some of the meters for sale seem to be powered through an aerial socket and need disconnecting before reconnecting the amplifier. As I'm trying to reduce faff, I'll probably end up with replacing the existing VP2 amplifier with a VP4 so I can use the existing power supply and I'll get a multicoloured LED I can tune with. Faff reduction means also not getting involved with a satellite system; I've seen them on sites with equipment strewn everywhere. From this novice's point of view, it didn't look easy. We don't have a dish at home although that may have to change if they don't get Bilsdale working! Edit; I've just remembered that the satellite point that was in the battery box has vanished since our new mover was fitted.
  11. Only recently have we started using my laptop as a TV in the caravan. We have an aerial that goes up and down, rotates and can tip from horizontal to vertical. I have an app called Totalmedia 3.5 that came with the August USB tuner stick which is in my Windows 10 laptop. I'm asking about setting up because it seems very hit-and-miss, reminding me of my parents faffing about with a telescopic aerial Sellotaped to the curtains some 60-odd years ago. I looked at the other caravanners' aerials and got a general direction and whether the signal was horizontal or not. This was checked with a phone app, UK Aerial Alignment. Mrs H called out the signal strength on the app while I turned the aerial, pausing frequently to let the app catch up with monitoring the signal. Our viewing experience was fine once the messing about was finished with. Have I missed something? Is there a better or quicker way of doing this? Or are we condemned to this crude and inaccurate tuning process for the foreseeable future?
  12. I don't think there's any comparison between Emley Moor falling down and Bilsdale being burnt to a crisp. The fire took out much of the equipment and cabling at ground level and cast doubts over the integrity of the mast's concrete base. The base was only judged safe to be inspected yesterday. There has been a 300 metre exclusion zone around the mast and the station is located on a SSSI which carries its own burden of approval for work needing to be done. I suggest you read this. from Arqiva, the operators of the mast. Emley Moor; mast fell down and was replaced. Bilsdale; transmitting equipment and cables toast. Mast itself possibly unsafe. Location governed by people who have no interest in broadcasting whatsoever.
  13. I bought our caravan last year from a local dealer and paid the deposit with a credit card in order to give me some protection. There was certainly no talk of not accepting credit card payments.
  14. Sounds like you need an oven thermometer. Mrs H got something similar when she started cooking with an Aga some 30 years ago.
  15. hawkaye

    Water butts

    2 x 25 litre translucent jerry cans here so the water level can be seen. Easy enough to switch water inlet pipe over to the full one if Mrs H requires shower and hair-wash provision.
  16. Update; Purple Line Quattro Titanium mover with 7-year warranty now fitted by local mobile chap, and fully operational. New puncture-proof 10" jockey wheel with nice roller bearings fitted. As expected, navigates the bumps in the newly-surfaced road with ease. Caravan is now in its proper place. Next job is to give it some road lights for when we come home after dark and I've disconnected it from the car...
  17. She did. She had kicked her front mudguard earlier. The kick made the sharp end of the mudguard stay poke out of the boss by about 5mm. To my shame, I hadn't noticed. Also, 30 years of telling her to put the brakes on during mount and dismount isn't long enough apparently. All well now.
  18. Update; during our few days away last week Mrs H gashed her shin (including an artery) while dismounting her bike by the side of the Peak Forest canal. Some messy lightning first-aid followed. After the mandatory 3 hours wait in A&E at Stepping Hill, Stockport, she was pronounced a temporary invalid. Moving the van across the newly-surfaced road at home was difficult enough with two of us. The chances of me doing it on my own I assessed as nil. The caravan is now parked up at my mate's farm and a lightweight Purpleline Titanium mover ordered. It should be fitted on Thursday. Fred Drift now has the following observations about the mishap; 1. Carry a First Aid kit when out and about by all means, but include an old, clean handkerchief, or tea-towel. Or bath-towel. 2. Standard plasters do not stick at all well to fresh blood. 3. Feel free to enlist the help of passers-by, especially if one happens to be a retired GP. 4. Also feel free to enlist the help of the walking wounded in A&E to mop up after you, especially when the Triage nurse hasn't spotted the nick in the artery, because of the blood. 5. Under no circumstances should you absent yourself to go and get fuel without getting cleaned up, in case the station attandant thinks you carry a knife and have a violent disposition. Mrs. H is recovering and the wound appears to be knitting up well.
  19. You certainly can. Try one of these.
  20. ... unless such lights are used for alarm signalling. My 2019 Swift flashes the white, amber marker and red road lights when the alarm is armed and disarmed.
  21. I did something similar on a previous caravan. The problem comes if you try and make the waste delivery neater by putting all 3 pipes into a single 3-way pipe that goes into the waste container. If the pipe run fills with waste water e.g. from the kitchen sink, it is possible for the shower (being the lowest drain) to back-fill with washing up water. Solve it by giving the kitchen drain a dedicated pipe into the waste water container. Trust me on this, your caravanning companion(s) will throw a wobbly if the shower tray fills with washing up water.
  22. Yes I will, but in the light of the advice received, which I've taken on board, we are going to take our second trip next week and see if, having mapped and marked the bumps, troughs and the pothole which caught the wheel last time we tried to put the caravan away, we can navigate the terrain by hand. If we can't, it will be a motor mover for sure. There will be no messing with an add-on device on the hitch. Then I'll open another thread along the lines of 'Recommend me a motor mover' and see about maybe doing a DIY installation.
  23. Thank you for the further thoughts. The Council are dismissive of the issue saying the road surface has been inspected and deemed satisfactory. If I choose to engage further with them, it will be a long process. A winch; on the occasions I've used a hand winch, it proved difficult to guide the caravan. Winches seem OK at pulling in a straight line but not turning 90° as I would have to to get off the street. Roof bars; our bikes aren't lightweight and we are both pensioners. I can't imagine getting lifting either of our bikes onto the car roof, even if I could find roof bars to fit the receivers of a car not made since 2008. Mr Shifta; I've dismissed that idea now. This device might be an answer; it doesn't seem to have the traction problems associated with Mr Shiftas.
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