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  1. The 10 series fridges with double-opening doors have concealed hooks to hold the doors ajar in the 'winter position'. The hooks are released from the door frames at top and bottom. It's all in the manual which you can download here.
  2. We wanted a 2-berth end washroom van from a reputable manufacturer. We wanted a solar panel and somehere to hang the bikes in transit. We wanted to deal with someone close at hand in case of warranty issues and that's how we came to buy an Eccles 480 from a dealer about 1.5 miles away.
  3. https://www.AL-KO.com/shop/media/uploads/AL-KO_spare_wheel_carrier_2016.pdf Maintenance instructions page 5 say don't grease the tubes. I've only ever cleaned the tubes since having my first AL-KO carrier in 1989.
  4. Where's Hercule Poirot when you need him? I'll add to the 4 above; the 2 and the 6 transposed by the person stamping the plate. The caravan's 12 years old; wouldn't the axle have failed before now if it were a wrong 'un?
  5. All caravans don't have the lights switched by area, no. If you're happy you know what all the switches do, then look for a blown fuse. It would be really unlucky but not impossible to have 2 strip lights and the awning light fail; a multimeter would tell you if there was power to the light fittings.
  6. If the caravan is new to you, are you sure you know what all the switches on the conrol panel do? I ask because our last caravan had lighting master switches for each end of the caravan; it was possible to switch off the rear bunk lights and the washroom light with a single switch.
  7. Invaluable for me too but I'm not brightenough to do database stuff. I import into a Garmin PND as a collection of POIs and use that; the end results may be similar.
  8. I found SGS engineering very expensive for a caravan locker strut. When the struts on my Citroen C8 tailgate began to sag, I bought a pair off Ebay from Motor Factors Direct for about £18, with a lifetime warranty. They were good when I sold the car 2 years later.
  9. Great idea. Make sure you don't confuse it with the grey waste water pipe.
  10. There's a faint recollection that the Cascade 2 didn't have mains electric heating until it became the GE (gas electric). Reading through the Cascade 2 manual at https://www.arcsystems.biz suggests that only the GE and Rapide needed a mains connection. I should know; I've had caravans with Cascade gas only heating and Cascade gas and electric, but I can't be sure.
  11. Green light then red is what the gas heater control shows when the gas pilot light is out. For mains electric operation you need to be looking for a switch the size of e.g. a domestic cooker or immersion heater switch, usually with a pilot light.
  12. Not my experience. Never had an issue getting a good slope on the Caravanstore. I can't measure it because it's packed away but on ours there's at least a foot of movement IIRC.
  13. Our new 1989 Avondale Leda Malvern had what looked like a Morris Minor interior light fixed to the top of the gas locker so you could see what was going on inside. Clearly bottled gas has become more explosion-prone since then. Wouldn't an LED lamp, switched from inside the caravan, meet safety requirements?
  14. We had a Caravanstore on our last caravan. It rested on the awning light for about 7 years with no damage to paint or light. We needed to peg up the zip bag out of the way of the light otherwise it was a bit gloomy after dark.
  15. Car manufacturers seem to manage to stick a new battery in each vehicle with the reasonable expectation that the battery will stay with the vehicle until the lucky customer picks their new car up. If the new car battery goes flat in storage, the dealer will take responsibility to charge it up. I don't think it's as big a problem as caravan dealers make out.
  16. Mine too. If the battery voltage is low; if the door is open; if the fridge is warmer than it thinks it should be; and possibly many other reasons that I haven't experienced yet. Silent absorbtion fridges are from the Dark Ages!
  17. My Eccles 480 has a Dometic 9336 fridge. I was given a reset procedure when my fridge seemed to get itself into a knot when I was testing it. It is; 1) Switch the fridge off at its own panel, not the Command screen. 2) Also at the fridge panel, press and hold the power button until the fridge panel lights come on, the fridge light comes on, it beeps once and then switches off. 3) Switch on at the fridge panel. In my case, which was to do with energy selection, it solved the problem that merely switching on and off didn't. It may help.
  18. Only partially my experience. Helpful, yes. But they nearly doubled my premium as I moved from ancient Citroen C8 to equally ancient Jaguar S-Type with no discussion or price matching possible. It cost them 2 vehicles as Mrs H's car moved with mine. Direct Line have my business - until next April.
  19. Steady on everyone! We're very close to talking about whether the jockey wheel should be wound down when pitched or not. Again!
  20. hawkaye

    Legal tow ?

    Only if you are a registered showman I think.
  21. If it's an Al-Ko carrier there will be a knurled knob on the left side of the chassis which needs undoing, then withdraw the spare wheel towards you using the curved handles. When the handles are resting on the ground go to the other side and release the 2 split pins or R-clips that hold the carrier tubes in their rubber grommets. Then push the tubes through the gommets towards the spare wheel and the carrier should fall to the ground.
  22. Screw B holds a stopper to prevent the window sliding away from its proper position. If it were my choice, I would disconnect the window stays inside and try opening the window from outside to near vertical hoping that the metal frame will simply unhook and drop out into my waiting arms, showering me with the water inside the window. Good luck.
  23. Plenty of reading matter to discourage buying a Nissan CVT, especially for towing at over 100%, by Googling Nissan CVT Problems.
  24. On our last caravan, also a Lunar, the rubber sleeve on the handbrake lever used to ride up the lever giving the impression that the button was shorter than it really was. Pulling the sleeve up, cleaning the lever and pushing the sleeve back down onto some spray contact adhesive cured it.
  25. I can't help with the techy description but the star grip wheel fits a length of threaded bar I bought from a DIY shed some years ago. It measures 11.60mm diameter and takes a 19mm nut. The threads are much coarser than e.g. a19mm vehicle wheel bolt. I've just checked it on my own Al-Ko spare wheel carrier. Good luck. There may shortly be a few posts here to recommend not using the Al-Ko carrier for various reasons possibly connected with lack of practice and/or lack of maintenance. Take them with a pinch of salt.
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