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  1. Whenever I've reversed onto a ramp or up a slope, the compressed hitch wants to push back out and punch the car's bumper as I unhitch. I prefer to go forward onto a ramp leaving the hitch extended, or, if I have to reverse, chock the wheels, put the van brake on and pull forward a few inches so the hitch is fully extended. Each to their own ...
  2. Sincerely hope they pull through OK.
  3. In June we subscribed to this scheme through our agents to lend our holiday home to NHS profesionals who might need accomodation. Despite having a handful of hospitals within 40 mins drive (including Mrs H's old place of work) and less than an hour from the Sunderland Nightingale, we have never been approached. That leads me to believe that there isn't a requirement in North Yorkshire for free accomodation for NHS staff. And if anyone thinks I'm offering to lend out our brand new caravan to non-caravanners when we haven't yet used it in anger (the stickers are still on the tyres for goodn
  4. Our first caravan was fitted with a Marwood Reverse Master which allowed automatic reversing. The unit looked like a slim suspension damper with wires attached and fitted in place of a length of brake rod. Normally the unit was solid, but if 12 volts were applied e.g. from the reversing lights, it would extend and let you go backwards. Covered in oil from the moment of delivery, the unit soon failed, leaving us without caravan brakes. After some huffing and puffing from the salesman, the unit was replaced and worked well for years afterwards.
  5. This is a generic Carver Fanmaster installation guide; it may help. Nearly 40 years ago I fitted (but have never removed) a Carver heater to our first caravan following instructions similar to the link. From what I remember it worked well with 2 people, one inside the caravan and an assistant underneath. Good luck.
  6. We have a Dometic 9336 fridge with a similar switch and front panel. I found I couldn't switch it on when it was -2°C inside the caravan yesterday. The switch (and fridge) came back to life when I held the palm of my hand against it for a while. I don't know how cold your caravan is inside but the switch may start working again if you hold your palm or something warm against the panel.
  7. Less than £10 buys you a digital ammeter on Ebay and current versions of Swift Command show you amps and allow you to set an upper amps limit. Were you thinking of making and marketing a device?
  8. 'Same' as in the oil light came on. 'But' signified the difference.
  9. Same happened to my son-in-law's SEAT at speed on the M42. But, the sensor was fine; some dopey spanner hadn't done up the sump plug after servicing the car. Fortunately, the evidence of the plug itself and a teacupful of new oil were still in the undertray when the RAC man attended.
  10. My dad had the village garage in the late '50s so I would always have something oily in my hands of my way back from school. In the early '80s I was running a semi-automatic Citroen DS23; I used space in a friend's garage (one floor of an old mill in Bradford) to change the inboard front discs and pads. As I had come that far, I decided to change the clutch as well. That turned into a 4-day epic. Nowadays I'll do belts, brakes, exhausts and general servicing but I'm finding it more and more difficult to get up after lying down under a car so I'm starting to let the local independent have the
  11. Me too. I needed to use JAJA for an unexpected bill. 3 days for the balance to change on the app and the transaction is not visible either. I have a new JAJA card but the app still shows my lost (and reported) Post Office card and is insisting that I activate it.
  12. One motor for each wheel, so presumably that's goodbye to motor movers of the future.
  13. I suggest that the said lock goes through one or both the handles at the back of the van, not just the rack. Having recently fitted a Thule rack, I found it very quick and straightforward to get to a point where the rack could be lifted off the caravan mountings. Two average chaps could have the rack and bike(s) in the back of a white van in a couple of minutes IMO.
  14. Apart from those who went on strike, of course ...
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