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  1. It may serve as a drain hole but I think it's been used to locate a step or other disabled access device. There's a strip of ply added to maybe cushion the (alleged) device against the side of the caravan.
  2. I'd take issue with the presenter's last words. 'Turn on the red switch' and finally, 'adjust temperature'. I don't think the mains temperature adjustment knob does anything to the 12v system; I think the 12v heater runs flat out whenever it's got a 12v supply and does not have a control switch. Also, I think it's optimistic to imply that you connect up a gas bottle and expect there to be gas at the fridge ready to light. I suggest lighting e.g. a gas ring to pull gas through the system before expecting gas to arrive at the fridge.
  3. Looks like an old Whale Watermaster to me. I would replace it with something more up-to-date or you'll always be having issues with the corroded contacts near the base of the unit. Maybe Whale have an upgrade that would fit in the same hole without too much bother.
  4. We've had a 3.6m one for years. I find it convenient to roll and unroll single-handed. I have a system where I do one leg and one rafter at a time while the other end rests on the ground. We also have a universal storm strap which seems to hold it in moderate breezes. It lives on the caravan and the zips seem to attract green growth so I dose it with 'Wet and Forget' every year. One end of it rests on the awning light and the wall covering inside the caravan has started to wrinkle as the light moves microscopically under pressure from the awning as we tootle along. When unrolled the awning bag covers the awning light, easily rectified with a clothes peg. I wouldn't be without it for the shade it provides, and it keeps the rain off the bikes.
  5. It seems as though your dealer is responsible unless you bought the caravan 'as seen' without warranty. I have a Carver 5500 which may be similar to yours, and can say that I successfully removed an obstruction to the pilot light using a vacuum cleaner with a bit of plastic tube taped to the vac hose. I took the cover off the heater and removed the 2 nuts securing the little glass window on the front of the heater. Note that the gasket sealing the window onto the heater flue is delicate. I think your video was taken by pointing it at a similar window. I poked the plastic tube down the gap left by the window onto the pilot light jet area and withdrew a flake of something and the charred remains of a spider. This may or may not be related to your problem. Since new my heater has made a muted roaring noise if it is switched from pilot to full throttle when cold. The noise soon dies away. Cold air from a warm heater may mean that a duct has fallen off (or been removed) from the fan assembly at the back of the heater. A heater which doesn't get hot when on electric may just not be switched on; mine has a separate switch that gives power to the heater element. Don't dismantle your heater unless you are confident you can reassemble it safely; get a mobile engineer to do it. Good luck with getting it fixed.
  6. Interesting thread. My dad owned the village garage in the '50s and I often called on my way home from school to pass tools to a mechanic in the pit and get in the way. I still do servicing, exhausts and brakes on the cars and motorbike at home. A few months ago it was rear (drum) brakes on Mrs H's car after hearing the unmistakable sound of shoe-to-drum contact on one side. Why are the back shoes worn out after only 80K miles? Siezed self-adjuster and a siezed piston making one shoe do the work of two. Off to the motor factors for a set of shoes and one-shot nuts (sound familiar?), dismantle, drift out the siezed piston and hone the cylinder bore. Drum damage negligible. Free off the adjuster and put it all back together. Bleed the brakes with my ancient Gunson Ezibleed and it's time for a road test. Soon after, new back pads and discs and a handbrake cable on my car which is straightforward. It's MoT month in June and the cars will be getting a yearly oil and filter service soon. Retirement means we don't do the miles we did but I still look forward to an excuse to get the overalls on. Keep the tales of mechanical wizardry coming!
  7. Well I clearly don't spend enough time in filling stations; I've never seen a folding chair for £5. We already have LaFuma chairs but wanted something to sit on whlie we eat at table. For years we have used Ikea 'Jeff' folding chairs but these are a bit drab and now part of the holiday home inventory and mustn't be touched. So, anyone seen any upright folding chairs for £5?
  8. I believe it's a simple equation; the hotter the water at the tap, the less of it you need. In the caravan the Carver heater on electric gives water at 70°C and the heat pump at home is set to 50°C. I can (and do) wash the dishes at both locations but I use more water at home. IMO the OP should try the 'easy' option and if it doesn't work, he should think again. If he's got time left over after filling his Aquaroll, that is.
  9. We're in the market for a couple of folding chairs and these seem to fit the bill nicely. Free delivery over £50 out of the catalogue or pick some up at your local store. Don't forget to grab a catalogue inside the store for 15% off as well. Don't expect them to last as long as e.g. Isabella folding chairs. https://www.mountainwarehouse.com/folding-chair-patterned-p12290.aspx/dark blue/
  10. some help here https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/topic/25451-bailey-rear-round-lights/
  11. You wrote that as if excellent service in the caravan industry was unusual.
  12. I gave up with the toothbrush and took the impeller off so I could put it in the dishwasher.
  13. Bit harsh to criticise the design of the caravan that is unable to accept 3rd party add-ons. It's usually down to the 3rd party to make sure their offerings fit the caravan.
  14. OK there's a lot of information coming through that I don't understand but I can say the aerial has an LED, the switch is set to normal and the radio goes quiet if the aerial box is switched off or unplugged. My multimeter shows there are no shorts across the wires. That's all the fault finding I'm capable of. There is no writing on the underside of the saucer and never was. The words on the amplifier box are grey. I don't have a spare tv to take to the caravan; one is bolted to the wall and the other is the size of a coffee table and weighs as much as the lawn mower. The caravan cable is white apart from a brown 1 metre run I added for the radio. The caravan faceplates have an aerial socket and a 12v Clipsal socket combined so changing them won't be simple. The software with the tuner doesn't give a choice of transmitter as far as I know but I've only had the gadget for a few days. In my ignorance and based on what happens with the TV I thought that that the system would just tune to the strongest signal but I seem to have several entries for some channels when I play with it connected to the house aerial. And the remote doesn't work. Thank you again for trying to help but the posts and links are largely incomprehensible to an uneducated simpleton like me. There are some other issues that I'm waiting for a response from August.
  15. We have 'stolen' out TV signal from next door. When we moved in to our previous house next door in 1993 the aerial was hanging upside down on the drive surrounded by that portion of the chimney that wasn't in the gutter or on the roof tiles. A TV chap in the village said he would make reception work from an aerial and amplifier in the loft and all was well. As our new build went up I had thought the same system of aerial and amplifier in the loft would work well. Until I saw the foil-backed roof insulation going on. The house, as built, has nowhere to put an external aerial. Long story short; the builders buried a tube from one house to the other and we laid about 30m of co-ax from one house's aerial socket to where we are now. Our home TV box reports good signal strength and quality. Feedback; parked up in Sutton upon Derwent near Pocklington, eager to watch Line of Duty live, we had a tremendous show; signal, colour, movement, sound ... until darkness fell. Then the picture froze and sound became intermittent. It seemed to work better if Mrs H sat close to the laptop, but it was still useless. I also think the software that came with the tuner is more suited to the educated, knowledgeable user. E.g. I'd no idea that light levels affected TV signal ... Reading through the thread here, I feel so far behind the game that it's probably better if I try and gain some familiarity with the system when it's conected to a 'proper' aerial at home and then, who knows?
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