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  1. Saga took £25 off me for notifying them of the addition of a towbar.
  2. Aerosols are OK if you don't have any moisture inside the car e.g. from breathing or from wet clothing or carpets. If I remember my physics correctly, the heat to change from ice to water has to come from somewhere. It seems to come from the windscreen, making your breath or other moisture freeze on the inside.
  3. I got a spare tap microswitch in 1989 with my new Leda Malvern because I had heard they (the switches) often fail. It's still in the toolbox in its plastic bag. Maybe I'll bump into someone who needs it; maybe not.
  4. Our last van used to live under a walnut tree and algal growth on the roof was a problem until I sprayed it with Wet and Forget after cleaning the roof. It reduced the algae significantly, made cleaning a little easier, and seemed to last for a few months.
  5. First car bought in 1972 was a 1964 left-hooker VW Beetle import BYE 131H. It cost me £125. Seat belts had been fitted by simply drilling the B-pillars from the outside! It had a full-length Webasto sunroof and was without a fuel gauge; when the engine coughed you had to kick the reserve tap with your right foot and hope there was enough vapour in the carb. to keep it running. Lovely.
  6. I'm very grateful to Benny and Squash for their comments. I didn't realise the effect of the Challenger's electronic box would have on storage; I just ignored it. So, definitely an Eccles 480 for us. We'll have to see how putting the bikes on the rear rack works out. On the previous car we had an excellent Hollywood rack that fitted on the tow hitch but specifying a removable tow bar on the Jaguar has prevented us using the Hollywood.
  7. No. If it doesn't work for us we'll change the van. We also use the Fiamma awning/sunshade with chairs and table so we used to regard the dinette as somethng we cart around for no purpose.
  8. Pedantry has its place; right here! Thank you for the correction and to everyone else who pointed out my error. Now that our son's car has arrived, there's no room in the drive for anything much longer than 7m. Not if I want to open the garage doors anyway! @Joanie; we've had a 4-berth for 20 years and rarely used the dinette when the children grew out of the bunks and had to become independent.
  9. We think we are close to selecting out next caravan, a 2-berth Swift Challenger 480. We like it because it's got a bike rack built on to the rear and it has a tall fridge so Mrs H can select stuff without having to kneel down. We are also virtually on the doorstep of a Swift dealer, Catterick Caravans. Our list of desirables is; shipping length > 7m MTLPM > 1400kg Hitch weight about 50kg Solar panel Tall fridge Bike rack (A-frame or body) 4-burner hob My, probably flawed, research suggests this is the only 2-berth with most of these features. Anyone care to disagree or to suggest other vans we should be looking at? TIA
  10. Whe the DPF clogged up on my 2004 Citroen C8 I had it dosed with a 2-pack DPF cleaner and a given a forced regen. It was plugged into a Citroen/Peugeot computer and all sensors were reported as working. 400 miles later, in the middle of France and after towing for 300 miles , it was back to the slightly misleading "unblock diesel filter" message again. Guessing that I couldn't make things any worse, I removed the DPF and jet-washed it. Sometimes these DIY solutions work, the message disappeared and I got another 2 years life out of the car. There are no diesel cars in the family now.
  11. I used MAD springs for 14 years on my Citroen C8. They fitted inside the existing coil springs and were an easy diy job. Yes, I informed my insurance company who appeared to be used to people calling to tell them they had fitted a lowering kit. Key phrases that got the modification onto my policy without charge were 'towing helper springs' and 'the springs do not affect the ride height'.
  12. We crossed to the Ile de Re in 2017 and this year. Going onto the island my ATMB tag was debited €16. It was free to return. On the return trip in the evenings the traffic was a real nuisance; we bailed out of it and into a bar for a coffee for an hour.
  13. It worked just the same as the venerable Citroen XM. Push the pedal to engage the parking brake and use the dash control to release. Both systems work much, much better with an auto box rather than manual.
  14. Just come back from The Lawns event. 2 hours to get there. Deranged car parking system; first arrivals park the furthest from the entrance. Awash with statics and only a limited choice of tourers. Swift Group, Coachman and Erwin Hymer the main contenders. Lunar Automotive couldn't be found even though I thought I had reliable information that they would be there. Some bargains to be had at the accessory shop e.g. Al-Ko branded 60W solar panel and controller kit £99. It wasn't much of a struggle to avoid buying anything although a very professional guy from Wandahome did his best. Interestingly for all you jockey-wheel-down-when-pitched enthusiasts I didn't see more that 2 jockey wheels down and some of those dozens of caravans were full of fairly chunky individuals and nothing seemed to break.
  15. I've already expressed my reservations about what3words earlier in the thread. I've only to get one letter wrong in my home address in North Yorkshire for it to look like I lived in Beijing. But I've got the app on my phone nevertheless.
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