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  1. hawkaye

    Truma water heater gas 1980ish

    Looks like I've got the model numbers wrong. Apologies. My first Cascade had the familiar square shaped cover on the caravan exterior. If that was removed, the burner plate had a flap top right under which was a wheel to set the water temperature. Stamped into the metal was "Switch off and allow to cool before adjusting" or similar. From my fragile memory, this was a gas-only heater. My current Cascade, although similar to the first from the outside, has no flap and no adjustment on the burner plate, but has both gas and mains electric heating.
  2. hawkaye

    Truma water heater gas 1980ish

    I believe the temperature wheel was restricted to the Cascade 1 which I had on a 1989 Leda Malvern. My 2000 Lunar has the Cascade 2 with no adjustment.
  3. hawkaye

    PMS4 socket/fire switch stays down

    Difficult to be certain of that without knowing the make/model/year of the van. My heater connects to an isolator and the isolator is wired to the PMS4's MCB.
  4. hawkaye

    PMS4 socket/fire switch stays down

    I have a PMS4; just to add to the previous sound advice, if it's the heater MCB, it's more likely to be 16 amp.
  5. hawkaye

    Twin Axle Questions

    "Can also be used to fit snow chains on a tandem wheel trailer." For extreme caravanning only I presume.
  6. hawkaye

    12 volt Electrical problem

    That suggests there must be a PSU on board to run a 12v pump. If that's true you must have used the 12v system before even if you didn't realise it. Is it just the lighting that blows the fuse? Post a pic of the switch and panel where you "switch to 12 volt".
  7. hawkaye

    Draining down water when laying up for the winter

    Open taps and shower and remove the Carver boiler drain. If I remember, when I'm putting the caravan on axle stands, I'll do the left side first so there's a downward slope towards the boiler. It drips for the time taken to have a cuppa. I've had the shower head crack once when I was surprised by an early hard frost, and I froze the Mid Service Centre pressure switch the first year I had it. For neatness I had installed it on its side next to the boiler but that meant it didn't drain properly; it gave me an epic leak when I filled up the system next.
  8. hawkaye

    Condensation/leak rear o/s lockers

    It is. The wind was making the lead vibrate as I took our loan dog out for a walk this evening. Going to get worse tomorrow according to the Met Office. Just when I need to be sweeping leaves up!
  9. hawkaye

    Condensation/leak rear o/s lockers

    The other side of the coin? I wouldn't trust Ropers to give me the time of day after my experience in 2001. Maybe they've put things right since then but I'm not rushing to find out.
  10. hawkaye

    Overnight at St Malo Port

    We spent several days at Le P'tit Bois some years ago. Quite satisfactory, good facilities and pool, close to shops and a very easy 15 min run to the ferry port.
  11. hawkaye

    Fridge vent covers - required?

    I've never understood this 'overcooling' business. Fridges are thermostatic aren't they? When the temperature drops to the set temperature either the power switches off or the gas flame shrinks until the fridge warms up again. Anyone care to enlighten me as to how fridge vent covers override the thermostat?
  12. hawkaye

    dismantling a Reich bathroom tap

    This lot just gives an inking of why someone decided pressure switches were the way to go!
  13. hawkaye

    Truma ultraflow connections.

    It'll get us all eventually. See if it doesn't . ..
  14. Having replaced a calalytic heater mounted on an opening cupboard door on our first caravan with a Carver 1800; it's definitely flued underneath.
  15. hawkaye

    Front bonnet lube.

    I use old-fashioned 20w 50 engine oil on the visible hinges. Maybe if we knew what car it was, someone could give you more concrete advice.