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  1. Just come back from The Lawns event. 2 hours to get there. Deranged car parking system; first arrivals park the furthest from the entrance. Awash with statics and only a limited choice of tourers. Swift Group, Coachman and Erwin Hymer the main contenders. Lunar Automotive couldn't be found even though I thought I had reliable information that they would be there. Some bargains to be had at the accessory shop e.g. Al-Ko branded 60W solar panel and controller kit £99. It wasn't much of a struggle to avoid buying anything although a very professional guy from Wandahome did his best. Interestingly for all you jockey-wheel-down-when-pitched enthusiasts I didn't see more that 2 jockey wheels down and some of those dozens of caravans were full of fairly chunky individuals and nothing seemed to break.
  2. I've already expressed my reservations about what3words earlier in the thread. I've only to get one letter wrong in my home address in North Yorkshire for it to look like I lived in Beijing. But I've got the app on my phone nevertheless.
  3. When we get another caravan I'll be using these antiques. Lambilevels from 1982-ish. 185mm long and the side-to-side one is visible from the driving seat through the front window as the caravan goes up the levelling ramp. Although they could do with the paintwork freshening up they haven't needed new batteries for 30-odd years.
  4. hawkaye

    pick up 4x4

    In 1982 my stepfather's Citroen CX and Sprite Alpine outfit was recovered by a flat-bed truck operated by an RAC sub-contractor with the caravan on the truck tow-hitch. You couldn't get much more commercial than that. The Sprite suffered no ill-effects from the tow apart from the jockey wheel being lost during the 6-hour journey.
  5. There are plenty of web sites that encourage you to put in your caravan details if you want to sell it. I just googled 'sell my caravan'. We decided we would sell our 19-year-old van to a dealer for cash so there was no comeback, and we have been through the exercise last month. We have had a lot of use out of the thing and we were mentally prepared for being offered scrap value for it. I filled in 6 online forms; 3 didn't reply, one replied that our caravan was of no interest and two said that they would come and value the caravan. We struck a deal with one and told the other the van was sold. The caravan was hitched up to the buyer's pickup within minutes of handing the cash over and on his sales web site that afternoon. Given that we desperately needed the space for builders to operate in, and wanted to be cash buyers for our next caravan, everyone ended up happy. Good luck!
  6. As a new iPhone user I've just spent a frustrating 15 mins trying to follow instructions on YouTube and Google to get co-ordinates from photos. And failing. Not something I'd be getting involved with while trying to deal with a casualty. The now-defunct Windows phone would give you coordinates in a text message in a 4 or 5 clicks and Android would give an address in a couple of clicks. Let's hope the 999 call handler doesn't ask me for EXIF data if I ever have to make an emergency call. And no I've never rung 999. Anyone else?
  7. Ahhh! harry.m1byt, author of so many entertaining posts about flying caravans. How I miss him!
  8. I believe that Lunar Automotive will be exhibiting at The Lawns at the weekend so if you can find the £2.50 ticket price you might be able to find answers to warranty questions. Good luck!
  9. Well I hope Clive's wife is on the way to recovery.
  10. Does it have to be UK or Europe? We'll be doing both; a) if I can get the towing electrics sorted on the old Jaguar. (The Citroen C8 belongs to someone else now.) b) if I can ever get Mrs H to agree a spec on a caravan and actually buy one. Mrs H has family in France and we usually go there for New Year and to say hello on our way to or from our summer hols. Recently we have taken to having an odd few days away when we can in the UK. We're starting to get the hang of this retirement way of life.
  11. Not necessarily. I would have thought that Robinsons, like Catterick Caravans, are big enough to take warranty claims on the chin without recourse to insurance. The presence or absence of manuacturer's warranty doesn't alter the dealer's responsibility to the customer in any way. So I believe.
  12. Catterick Caravans have new Lunars for sale. I understand they are offering 3-year warranty themselves to cover the gap between old Lunars and Lunar Automotive caravans.
  13. If you remove the sunlight and substitute sheeting rain; a very similar scene to what I came back to after a day out from a CS near Hexham. The pitch was on a farm and covered in slate flakes. One or more of the farm dogs was in the process of excavating the slate under the caravan wheel and levelling ramp to leave it suspended. The remains of a furry creature could be seen in the gap under our caravan wheel. As I examined the diggings a gentle pong of dead animal wafted around. My fast and dirty solution was to put the caravan axle tube on the bottle jack for the remainder of our stay. I didn't want to interrupt the dog's quest for the dead animal which I was sure it would resume as soon as we went out again and I certainly didn't want to move caravan and awning. The following day the hole had got bigger and the evidence and pong had gone. The caravan suvived.
  14. Check out the backs of new Swift group caravans. They are primed and ready to accept Thule Elite G2 cycle racks.
  15. Thank you for letting us know the result of your communications with Brittany Ferries. I have always assumed the phrase "rear mounted cycle carriers" referred to the rear of the outfit, not the car. After all, it's the car and caravan you are booking. Except when travelling solo, I've never thought to mention the towbar-mounted carrier we use and have never been challenged. Yet.
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