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  1. Wise words above. Even so, I have yet to grasp why the apparent failure of a bearing or bearings demands the fitting of a new hub, a conclusion jumped to by the mechanic who doesn't seem to have even inspected the issue.
  2. Nah. Rehearse and rehearse again for the best spontaneity ...
  3. One, a Caravanstore 3.6m with privacy room. Practical but ugly as sin!
  4. On our previous caravan I replaced the inflatable tyre on the jockey wheel with a puncture-proof tyre from a mobility scooter. Being grey rather than black, it occasionally drew comment from other caravanners but it never let us down despite having a severe whack from an aggressive French speed hump.
  5. Might suit some people but it quotes a price at a station which burned down in August 2020. Fortunately, I use the app from this site to track down open stations in the area.
  6. I've had good results from Fenwick's Windowize.
  7. I've recently used this company for a circuit board repair and found they do what they advertise. My repair was a cooker hood, but they list many caravan-related circuit boards e.g. Thetford, Dometic, Alde etc. Hope this helps. QER Ltd
  8. Another option ... The Thule V16 rack is designed for lifting bikes and will fit on current Swift caravans with rack mounts already fitted.
  9. The look similar to the mains lights in our old Lunar LX2000. The glass came up well after a spell in the dishwasher and I fitted golf-ball 5W LED lights similar to these. They were fine for us but the OP doesn't specify what was 'awful' about his lights. Output, appearance or something else?
  10. Any of these of interest? I've used Mytyres before and they were reliable and delivered within a couple of days.
  11. Pen Underwriting through Myinsurancequotes.co.uk. Very approachable and saved me nearly £50 on a renewal with Towergate.
  12. All finished, thanks again. It occurred to me that I could use this outlet to charge the lights batteries on our bikes in situ if I made up a harness to put the 6v batteries in series. In the previous van I had to unship the batteries and charge them inside because the outlet was attached to the awning light itself.
  13. Many of us have experienced the spongey caravan floor due to rot that gives a little as you walk over the affected area. But what if the spongey effect was there by design, and the movement helped to keep the leisure battery charged? More here.
  14. I didn't note that, but I can see that the adaptors are available; apologies. I think it's well known that the French do not seem to distinguish between live and neutral because their domestic installations have both poles switched. Having live and neutral reversed would seem to show as a fault on the tester illustrated. I also experienced my (much older) plug tester showing an earth fault on a recently completed and certified French domestic installation.
  15. The OP says he lives in France; the socket testers seem to be UK pattern. Add to that the French electricians' view that live and neutral are interchangeable and the tester may show more faults than there actually are (according to French standards).
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