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  1. I've still got a pair. Well weathered but still functional. Won't be needing new batteries for a while. They await the arrival of the new caravan. The Volvo thread names the inventor incorrectly. He was Howard Lambie from Hayling Island IIRC. He also made a wire assembly that fitted on the Lambilevel to help with reversing. Ours was destroyed when we lost control of the awning while taking it down in a wind.
  2. Mine had a used Brink detachable fitted. The bumper needed cutting to fit. I had a bit of difficulty finding someone to do the electrics because of the eccentric Jaguar negative-switched system which local fitters refused to touch, but the local Jaguar specialist bought a kit off Ebay which works OK with my gardening trailer. Don't forget to declare the towbar to your insurance company; it's a modification. Because of the S-Type's long rear overhang, I would say be careful of the noseweight. If the car needs a bit of help at the rear, my research shows that a pair of Grayston GE13 spring assisters should work. Those comprise a suspension modification. I can't comment on towing because I am caravan-less at the mo.
  3. hawkaye

    Walking Etiquette?

    Arm in arm or solo one seems to be expected to hop off the pavement into the traffic so folk can walk side by side with their dog and partner and/or puchchair and/or children. I just stop. Although I don't walk much with him, my chum (who likes his dogs) gets them to walk behind him in busy foot traffic. Never seen anyone else do that. As far as etiquette goes, my dad used to tell me to walk on the kerb if facing the oncoming traffic. Nowadays people walk into you because they are looking at their phones. There's no hope I tell you!
  4. Halfords Rapid Digital with a Clarke 900 jump start pack.
  5. Similar amount of time for me but I do a Bikesafe course for motorcycling every couple of years and I recently did an 'experienced driver' (in the car) assessment with a RoSPA instructor. Comparing the atmosphere in IAM accompanied riding (which I did in 2003-4) and the RoSPA assessment, I would go for RoSPA every time. The IAM motorbike riders made every journey hard work and stressful but the RoSPA assessment was quite agreeable.
  6. That pipe looks as if it's been cut too short and a tight bend forced on it. The bend may be enough to make the pipe distort as it enters the pump from below.
  7. You may not even need to visit. Our local council has a 'duty planner' service where someone from the Planning Dept will answer phone calls or call you back.
  8. Looks like a fold of the mattress or cushion has been trapped in the opening door. That might have allowed the door enough force to pull the hinge apart.
  9. I did this exercise for Mrs H 6 months agoafter fitting a solar panel to the last caravan. I went for gas straighteners and bought her a token 30 watt dryer. It was on offer in the local caravan shop and I paid next to nothing for it which roughly equates to the amount of heat it gives out. We decided we needed an alternative strategy. Mrs H had her hair cut and instead of wearing a towel like a turban while ordering me about, she towelled it vigorously and the used the gas straighteners. Alternatively we went for a gentle, unhelmeted cycle ride in the sunshine. 30 watts is 30 watts; even hours googling and some bad language won't turn up a device that dries the same as an 1800 watt mains dryer. Good luck with explaining all of this ...
  10. I'm pretty sure that 'lwwarehouseclearance' is part of Catterick Caravans, a well-known Swift dealer.
  11. Sorry, I read post 1 as the pump running but no water flow and post 2 as no power to the pump. That was the basis of my conclusion.
  12. You may have 2 faults by now. Perhaps your first problem was silt, debris or filter granules blocking the pipe or kitchen tap sprinkler preventing flow. Running the pump continuously with no flow while investigating has maybe blown the pump fuse.
  13. hawkaye

    Serviced pitch

    I've read the Truma pdf and you're right. ISTR that the information came from the printed letter that accompanied the Mid Service Centre switch although that and all other caravan paperwork has gone with the caravan. I do remember simulating a leak by removing the shower head and laying the hose in the shower tray. The pump cut out after 30 seconds of running; when summoned to check out the phenomenon Mrs H wasn't nearly as impressed as I was. Maybe it was just sensing low pressure as if the water had run out. Sorry if I've misled anyone.
  14. hawkaye

    Bike lighting

    Completely contrary to the principles of Bikeability which used to be to encourage cyclists to integrate with traffic and actively discouraged young cyclists from using pavements. I have lost count of the number of times 'helpful' motorists have advised me of the location of the nearest cycle path. Rarely using appropriate language either.
  15. I have one, not from that supplier, and I agree the description doesn't agree with the title or the first photo. Mine has the adapter shown in 9th row down that makes it plug into a 13-pin setup.
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