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  1. ... unless such lights are used for alarm signalling. My 2019 Swift flashes the white, amber marker and red road lights when the alarm is armed and disarmed.
  2. I did something similar on a previous caravan. The problem comes if you try and make the waste delivery neater by putting all 3 pipes into a single 3-way pipe that goes into the waste container. If the pipe run fills with waste water e.g. from the kitchen sink, it is possible for the shower (being the lowest drain) to back-fill with washing up water. Solve it by giving the kitchen drain a dedicated pipe into the waste water container. Trust me on this, your caravanning companion(s) will throw a wobbly if the shower tray fills with washing up water.
  3. Yes I will, but in the light of the advice received, which I've taken on board, we are going to take our second trip next week and see if, having mapped and marked the bumps, troughs and the pothole which caught the wheel last time we tried to put the caravan away, we can navigate the terrain by hand. If we can't, it will be a motor mover for sure. There will be no messing with an add-on device on the hitch. Then I'll open another thread along the lines of 'Recommend me a motor mover' and see about maybe doing a DIY installation.
  4. Thank you for the further thoughts. The Council are dismissive of the issue saying the road surface has been inspected and deemed satisfactory. If I choose to engage further with them, it will be a long process. A winch; on the occasions I've used a hand winch, it proved difficult to guide the caravan. Winches seem OK at pulling in a straight line but not turning 90° as I would have to to get off the street. Roof bars; our bikes aren't lightweight and we are both pensioners. I can't imagine getting lifting either of our bikes onto the car roof, even if I could find roof bars to fit the receivers of a car not made since 2008. Mr Shifta; I've dismissed that idea now. This device might be an answer; it doesn't seem to have the traction problems associated with Mr Shiftas.
  5. Aklways look forward to these travelogues. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Beat me to it. MAD suspension I used helper springs for several years. They worked absolutely as described.
  7. Jaydug - Caravan Talk's answer to the Haynes manual. Good work!
  8. Mine too. I haven't done this exercise on the new van yet but I used to run a 5% (ish) solution of citric acid into the hot water system to discourage limescale and follow with Puriclean in the whole system. Milton may be good for killing bacteria in a plastic nappy bucket but it's not recommended for stainless steel because it contains hypochlorites which attack stainless steel. Caravan boilers are generally stainless steel. Puriclean is designed for caravan and boat water systems. Those who worry about not using the caravan water system to drink from are victims of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Certainly water will stagnate if you don't use it to drink or shower with and most water in the UK comes with added chemicals to keep it drinkable. And, while I'm on the soap box, get rid of any filters in the system; that's where the bugs breed, given half a chance.
  9. I admire Wispman's dog tolerance ...
  10. Our first caravan, a 1978 Swift Danette, had an angle-iron frame between the gas bottles in which sat the battery. Our second caravan, a 1989 Leda Malvern, had what looked like a car interior light on the roof of the front locker. The light was operated by a sliding switch on the light. Gas must have been more difficult to ignite in them days, eh?
  11. It was. PM-ed you with a bit more detail.
  12. When we had an LX 2000 524, the awning fitted well on level ground when the roof-to-side join on the awning was an inch or two higher than the gutter above the washroom window, and the equivalent join at the front lined up on the gutter above the front windows. I'm agreeing with everyone else here; the awning has grown. As an aside, it wouldn't be much trouble for awning alteration people to sew in an extra label saying what had been changed and when, would it?
  13. On our Eccles 480 the cooker ignition / oven fan circuit was easily accessible. I have also used speaker wire but I seem to remember reading somewhere that it's not a good idea.
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