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  1. My Insurance was through brokers Lifesure and the Insurers are Argenta. The claim has been stressful, no doubt as all claims are, and to get the claim moving has meant I have had to do all the chasing, Lifesure just pass you to the the agent handling the claim for the insurers who then pass you off to the Loss Adjuster who is handling 150 claims and therefore my claim is not always priority. Having been through the claim process my advice is; 1) CRiS register the Caravan and hold the registration document in case you need to claim. It takes several weeks to obtain from CRiS and that may hold up your claim. 2) Service the caravan every year without fail as if you don’t they will reject or knock back your claim. 3) Insure for the correct value of the caravan or they will again knock back your claim. 4) If you can afford to insure new for old then do it as they have less opportunity to argue market value.
  2. When speaking to the Insurers they immediately tell you to Talk to the appointed Loss Adjusters. It seems to me once a Loss Adjuster is appointed they control the whole process. They eventually agreed to commence the claims process without the CRiS registration document but I did do a CRiS check to prove no outstanding finance on the caravan at another £15. I have now had an insurance offer which I rejected and have today received an improved offer which I will probably accept. A complaints procedure thro the insurers is min 8 weeks and the ombudsman complaint process is another 8 weeks and with no certainty of winning.
  3. Thank you for all your comments, I am eager to complete the loss adjusting process as we have found another caravan and whilst the dealer is being very helpful for moment they may not wait for us for too much longer, we were very fortunate to find the perfect van for us so I am going to complete the CRiS check which I think provides the Loss Adjusters with what they need, worth a go?
  4. The Loss Adjusters web site says the following; The CRiS registration document will help to substantiate your claim in that it will: – Confirm the correct identity of the caravan – Reveal if the caravan is: – Recorded as on finance – Reported as stolen – Recorded as an Insurance Write-Off – Confirm that you are currently recorded with CRiS as the current keeper Does the CRiS registration document contain this information?
  5. Have now read the policy wording and it makes no reference to CRiS or any CRiS document. It asks for Proof of Ownership only which I provided with the original purchase receipt which contains the VIN number and also the original CRiS letter at point of transfer. I believe CRiS registration is probably sensible and would do this in future but I cannot see how it’s a legal requirement!
  6. Hi Mr Plodd Thanks for your input. The Terms of my policy require me to advise them of a claim or loss, they will deal with Asda and try and recover all losses. I have checked the policy wording and they only require proof of ownership, have also emailed them and asked why they need the CRiS document but no response so far.
  7. Thanks Ern Thats a good idea will check now
  8. Hi Camperdom Thanks for your response, I have spoken to those who operate the insurance policy for the insurers and they are demanding the CRiS document, I have sent them the original purchase invoice with the vin number but still want CRiS document. I’m not sure whom to Talk to next to move this forward, I do have legal cover with the van so maybe that’s the next port of call? CRiS are still in the dark ages and only deal with paper and do not offer PDF and email :-(
  9. Our caravan has been written off in a 3rd Party Fire, the heat from an ASDA delivery vehicle fire to our neighbour has damaged the front and roof. We have made a claim with our insurers, they and the loss adjusters are demanding the original CRiS registration document. I have applied for this document but CRiS have messed up the issue, ordinarily it would take up to 14 days to receive which in my view is a ludicrously long time to wait but now could take 3 weeks. The lack of this document is holding up our claim. Question: is the CRiS document a legal document and do our insurers have the right to demand it or are they using this to delay the process. Incidentally our Brokers Lifesure within 12 hours of us submitting a claim trebled our renewal price, thanks Lifesure! 5 star service I don’t think so and all of this when our caravan was parked on our drive, locked and secured!
  10. Every CC mag I receive has always had the crossword completed? SWMBO says it's nothing to do with her. Hmm
  11. Each year a trip in the caravan to france to fish on an idyllic lake, warm summer evenings, peace and quiet, good food and wine, good company - PERFECT. And big, big fish - No need to exaggerate and can't wait for next June.
  12. I wouldn't do anything like that on a van system as it may well cause serious damage which is difficult to repair. I know this is not the same but several years ago stupid me did a light plunge, using a standard sink plunger on the plastic whb in the hope it would clear a blockage and the pressure took the bottom of the sink out. OH out shopping, middle of france and a do it yourself repair with black araldite didn't please her when she returned. The problems started when in the uk trying to replace the whb, would have been easier and cheaper to buy a new van.
  13. It's only a guess but would not the wheel carrier release and lay on the floor whilst you jack and fit the winter wheel?
  14. It looks as if gumtree have pulled the ad, pity ebay don't pull them as quick.
  15. We have also just purchased a Lunar (our first lunar) a 2011 Donnington 544 a special based on the Quasar. So different from the Swift Challenger we previously owned. Yes the quality is not quite as solid as the swift but then every caravan we have owned has been a compromise from the previous one. The light weight towing of the Lunar vans has to be a bonus especially with the ever increasing cost of fuel and we also didn't need to change the tow car. Storage around the kitchen is less but with some reorganising it all now works, moved the plate and cup holders along one cupboard and that storage works much better for us. Ours is a bouble bed arrangement and the storage under is fantastic, every thing out of the way when travelling. We liked the two bed layout of your van but couldn't find the right van in our area. We also had a trial weekend away and learnt a lot especially about the pressurised water system. Came home and made the changes and additions so next trip should go a lot smoother. Enjoy the van and your trip to portugal.
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