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  1. Perfect - many thanks - 6 weeks max should work out fine anyway.
  2. Anyone know what leeway there is on servicing for warranty?. Mine is due december and I cant take it in until after the anniversary. Is there a 30 day grace period or similar?
  3. Hi All, Just ordered my challenger sport 636 twin and am speccing a motor mover 'just in case'. Always prefered to reverse (and enjoy the challenge since I am pretty good at it) but with a twin realise that last little push to straighten the single axle van is not possible so. .. Which one. . Know this has been done a lot on the forum and I kind of know what replies I will get but in my mind I have a shortlist of 2 or 3. Truma TER (i like this one and it will do twin but it is not a quad - how much difference doe the 4 wheel really make?) Powrtouch - Quad - nice guarantee and most people like these but I hate the amount in hangs down and its manual engage (over the 4 wheels).. Ego - Again, manual but quad available. . All are about £1500 fitted - dont want to splash on a reich really. . Advice welcome!.. Looking forward to next year already !
  4. I bought from Blazers. My feedback is a bit mixed. .. The owner (Eddie) is a complete idiot and good friends of mine walked out after his crass and condescending comments and bought somewhere else. I bought new from there and after cutting through the initial B. S of 'cant get you one until. .. short supply. . you can have the demo van. . ' hard sell when I was really just looking, some straight talking got us back on track. I did get extras thrown in (but paid the ticket price pretty much).. A rash of issues with it generally around pipes popping off, heater elements not working etc from new, my experience is their proximity is nothing to do with warranty as they do not carry any work out and refer you straight to carafit in Cross hands. . On returning and speaking to the Boss' son (who is actually seemingly a good guy) I started getting somewhere and now get good service/help/discount from him. My advice- get the best deal regardless of where you live as the warranty network is all over the country - dont think going back to Blazers complaining will get you anywhere especially if you speak to the owner, you will end up fuming!.. Cost wise, if you know what your talking about I suspect you could drive a reasonable deal.
  5. I hav a pair of the said suck it and see mirrors going spare (they were too small for my vehicle ). PM me if interested
  6. to the original question, ensure you have enough 'btu's to cool the size of van you have. Thats what the numbers mean - 3800 is probably 3800 BTU's but would draw more current
  7. just take the home sky box with you (if you have multiroom) Then all your channels are there no fuss.
  8. http://www. dabs. com/products/best-value-22--hd-lcd-tv-with-integrated-dvd-player-and-freeview-622J. html
  9. dabs. com do a great value full hd 22in (its not that big) with built in dvd and freeview for 149 delivered. Its made by DGm (digimate) and runs off a 12v mains adapter (havent tried it off the battery but suspect it may draw some current as it has a 2A rating) http://www. dabs. com/products/best-value-22--hd-lcd-tv-with-integrated-dvd-player-and-freeview-622J. html
  10. They are optional - Driven off the main water unit so hot and cold pumped. I think its quite useful actually (not for showering) but for cleaning sand off feet/shoes/boots or cleaning the dog if you have one!.
  11. My favourite van and layout at the moment is the 2011 version of the tempest and I have come close a few times to changing but some of the questions about finish, warranty witht he manufacturer and longevity of build integrity concerned me so havent jumped yet but still may. Still think the interior look and feel plus design is the best family twin around at the moment though. . Hope your niggles go away once its settled down.
  12. Same here - being fixed this week - flooded the worktop - lucky it dripped onto the drying up cloth draped over the oven!
  13. Same here - remove cover as it wont even light. ..(but dont forget to pick it up like I did and leave it on site!)
  14. I have the Lidl kit that was on offer a while back and no longer use it actually but it worked for 2 holidays. I managed to get a new quad lnb sky dish from a friendly installer and mount it on an aluminim washing airer pole!. What you do need to watch is for tree cover on some sites - you will need the compass and the sat finder meeter (squeeler!) but I also bought an app for my android phone call dishpointer pro. After struggling fo about 3 hours last time out, i bought this and it was working in about 10 mins!. The way it works is to overlay were the sats are on the camera - hold it up to the sky and you can see if tree cover is getting you. I also take the sky box from home with us complete with card - all works perfectly in sky+
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