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  1. One big bug-bear with roof mounted panels is the frequent need to clean them! I find it beneficial to clean mine before every outing. Ignoring this will only result in a markedly lower performance. It only takes one leaf, similar obstruction, or general dirt to drastically reduce output. This requires the use of a ladder but doing it on site becomes near impossible if an awning is in use..... &, of course, there is the added weight of carrying the ladder (around 4 Kg or more).. Having said that I am about to try carrying a lightweight 4 step folding ladder around with me as my air awning is apparently getting heavier, more cantankerous, & difficult to feed through the rail, as it (or is that I?) gets older LOL. So I'll be I’ll have the ability to inspect the panel's cleanliness on site as required. I still feel the need for an extra free-standing panel when the sun goes into hiding, or outside of mid summer when the sun's rays are at too low an angle, i.e. most of the time!. Luckily I use two 60ah batteries which can be electrically separated allowing independent charging. Having the panel fixed to the roof does aid security though, however, for the same actual output they need a much higher rating.
  2. I call mine 'nothing-but-trouble' (polite version!) & it has truly earned it!
  3. After many hours researching the problem (& various in-effective methods of re-booting) I found the comments on here (especially re: date resetting itself to 1999) were spot-on. I still don't know exactly how I've cured the problem but one of the methods must have worked! All I do know is that I use to have a lot more hair! The official websites don't appear to set out to help the none-IT types like me so it all got rather messy, especially when TomTom instructions keep stating that 'there is no connection between unit & computor' even when there is, Argh!!!!. For the past two weeks I've had to rely on the rev. camera/sat. nav. display that came with my 'van. Sufficient to say the TomTom is MUCH better in comparison & I now appreciate it much more than I used too. I don't expect there to be quite as much swearing anyway LOL. Never mind all's well that ends well, thanks, everyone, for all the very useful suggestions. I'm going out to try it now so if you don't hear from me again..................................................I'm lost somewhere in darkest Warwickshire.
  4. I have a cheaper version (off e-bay, what a surprise!) & it has earned it's cost (£35) several times over. When I replaced the battery on my 3L diesel (the old one was showing it's age at 5 yo) I tested the new one only to find it inferior to the old one. Even charging it made no difference. Had it replaced & the 2nd one was just as bad. Had a refund & bought a Boch (same as the original) amazingly it tested above claimed capacities & still does. The old battery was left on pulse charge for 5 days at which time it had recovered enough to fit it to my daughter's 2 .5L diesel Pick-up. That was 18 months ago &, despite her abuse, it's still performing reliably. I found by experience that a top-up (especially during cold weather) every 1-2 weeks (usually just before using my tow car) works wonders for extended life. Advice I was given many years ago: 'Never let the battery stand even partially discharged if you can help it & it will last much longer'. I now regularly use the tester to keep track of how batteries are coping & would not, now, be without it.
  5. I have a tomtom 'start 25' which has suddenly decide it can't find a satellite. Here's hoping some-one knows of another procedure to 'reboot' it. I've tried holding the on button for 20 seconds (which brings up a page of script) & then pressing the button 3 times within 1 second which is supposed to work, but it doesn't. Being a long-time user of tomtom I realised, looking back, that all 4 of them have failed (for various reasons) after approx. 3 1/2 years. I've come to believe they have a time switch fitted to stop them lasting too long LOL.
  6. Numpty Warning!!! This may sound daft (& indeed BE daft; I might have been sniffing too much of it LOL) but I've noticed a slight increase between the warm & cold weights of a full cylinder. I use an electronic scale & it's been the same cylinder measured summer & autumn. I've just done another recent test with a full cylinder & the weight was less after a warm day than it was first thing after a cold night (about 15 deg C difference). Keeping the scales indoors ( to eliminate temperature effects) didn't make any difference. Is it that more gas exists as the temperature rises, & this is lighter? Anyone with the scientific knowledge to enlighten us?
  7. 'Gd485': I'm with you on this, I was told (by a friend high-up in IT) that recent cars already have this ability built-in to the ECU but it is largely unused. I've always assumed this was likely to be because the government doesn't want to loose the cash cow of speeding fines LOL. If it does happen where are the many millions of income from fines going to come from? I dread to think.
  8. Translating 9Lbs. 14ozs. into Kg is approx. 4.5kg (making it a calor lite type), it's capacity is 6Kg therefore full it weighs 10.5Kg. The standard steel cylinders are markedly heavier, which would appear to be what 'Woodentop' is referring to.
  9. & people keep on asking me why I religiously jack the 'van up over winter; the tyres on my previous 'vans have shown no deteriation even after 7/8 years. Lack of use & leaving tyres stationary for long periods can only shorten their life. Either put in the effort or pay the price.....
  10. Don't know if it applies to the fridge model in question , but on both Thetford fridges I've been unfortunate enough to own in the past, the symptom of rising temperature after 2 days (actually 49 hours!) has been caused by a failing sensor. This sensor is intended to switch the fridge off if the cooling fins at the back ice up (why this was/is considered necessary is beyond me). When the sensor goes do-lally it refuses to switch the fridge on again. Drove my dealer as far as getting a Thetford service engineer in especially to fix it, & it took him ages. Can't remember the fault code but it was all very misleading. The only easy way is to fit a new sensor & see if it cures it. I'm very glad to say that Dometic don't suffer from this 'design feature'.
  11. I have use several good quality brands over the past 52 years &, as normal, have some in my present 'van. Many people poo-poo it (without any factual evidence), a bit like benefit claims for Tyron bands in that respect. All I can say is when I have had 'rapid deflations' (in both car & 'van) it has always enabled me to stop safely without loosing or damaging the tyre. The sealant acts as a lubricant to stop the tyre beads over-heating & disintegrating. The same can seldom, if ever, be said of Tyron bands where the tyre frequently destroys itself & also damages the 'van. I have serious doubts that they have any positive benefits in alloy wheels anyway. I wouldn't have used it as often, or for as long, as I have unless it had proven itself to work reliably. TIP: Make sure you have the wheel balanced before adding sealant for best effect.
  12. I've got one similar to yours, but it's gestures are variable, audio dodgy, & frequently indecipherable anyway. On top of that it suffers from 'freeze-up' just like my rear camera LOL. Very good at criticizing the sat. nav. though.
  13. On previous 'old' cars I've owned the ins. has gone up when the value of the car dropped blow, e.g., £1500. Easy answer: increase the insured value! (actually suggested by ins.co.). The theory they worked to was that drivers of 'old' cars care less; the fact that the cars would have a lower 'rite-off' value was ignored. 'It's all down to statistics' they claimed. Heaven preserve us from selective statistics.
  14. I've taken some ribbing for staying with the same car & 'van ins. for 3 years now. Nice to know some-one else has had the same experience re low/nil increases. I found my daughter's car ins. (Mitsubishi pick-up) was £150+ dearer on the comparison sites!
  15. My Swift has a 1750 axle (plated in gas box), but 1650 MTPLM as standard, the best 'safety allowance' I could find. That's one of the reasons I bought it. Luckily I found out about the axle problems with Baileys before I even contemplated a change (see my original post Jan 16 2018). Having been tipped-off by my mobile serviceman & others, I conducted a mini survey (to pass the 3 hours waiting for the annual service to be completed); there were approx. 30 recent Baileys of various models out of about 500+ 'vans in total. My 2011 Mk1 Unicorn Valencia (then 7 years old, & 5 identical others on the storage site) all showed 20/25mm or more, lower on the nearside ( yes I actually measured them!). There were also several other/later Unicorn models that looked very suspicious to me, to say the least. Hence my not buying another Bailey despite being very happy with the Unicorn. Potentially a narrow escape in my opinion. My findings were pooh-poohed on here at the time but it just goes to show, as Leonardo da Vinci once said: 'If you find from your own experience that something is a fact & it contradicts what some authority has written down, then you must abandon the authority & base your reasoning on your own findings' ie: use your common sense! How true. I have to say the way the whole debacle has been miss-handled by Bailey & Al-Co has done their reputation no good at all & is a total let-down to their customers. Whilst I wouldn't even presume to make any claim to 'second site', my sources must be very 'in-the-know' since several 'exposures' I've made on here, having received the same initially critical & patronising responses, have all have been proven true in the end. Sometimes I even frighten myself LOL..........................................BOO!!!
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