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  1. The only thing for sure is that it started in China, they've been hardly affected by it, & it has spread all round the planet with devastating consequences. The only country benefiting at all from it being China, with world-wide sales of PPE equipment & future vaccine sales........They have had (supposedly) a 10% increase in production whilst the rest of the world flounders. Call that a coincidence if you like but it's a mighty big one don't you think?. There is (hopefully) going to be a backlash against widespread importing from China & a repatriating of much needed currency &
  2. Touché chase! (Is that really how it’s spelt?). I bet cleaning them also makes quite a difference (especially if you don't fall off the ladder) LOL.
  3. Equally cheap shot: But that only works when the sun is out LOL.
  4. I too have several Aldi/Liddle chargers obtained over the years. Since power failures are a rarity where I live I don't see this as a significant feature. It's certainly not worth paying several times the price for. In any case I don't like the idea of leaving a battery, on charge & unattended, for more than a day or so just for safety reasons alone. I've seen/heard of too many 'disasters' allowed to happen by this. If the battery is below about 10V the charger can't decide whether it's an over-charged 6V or a very flat 12V LOL. The older models let you manually selec
  5. From the video it would seem that the roof is filled with foam, as are the walls. My 2018 Elegance roof appears to be filled with 'loft insulation' of minimal thickness & a very noticeable gap above that. This is evident from the 25mm hole feeding the S. Panel wires through. I can hardly believe it even now I've seen it! Unfortunately this has proved impractical to photograph. I've plugged the hole with foam to reduce potential heat loss which was not helped by the constant draught from around the leaking panoramic window (it was not even sealed along the bottom!). I've often remarked h
  6. Don't assume the fuse is capable of passing current even if it seems OK testing with a meter. Try another (preferably new) fuse.
  7. It will also pay you to ensure that the panel is actually supplying a charge (the command panel is not entirely trustworthy or accurate in this respect going by my experience). As the regulator is equally not to be relied upon (I've now met three people, apart from myself, that have had 1 or more replacements) & it is, apparently, often connected 'backwards'. I also strongly suggest that you actually measure the input to the battery itself with an amp meter or a 'current tester' of the type that replaces the fuse: product no. WEE/AK0049TZ made by CPC (sales 03447880088, or www.cpc.co.
  8. One mistake NOT to make is to assume that the fuses are OK because a multi meter says so! On my last 3 'vans (13+ years) I had fuse trouble but the fuses appeared to be OK. The problem being cheap thin fuses are now used which tend to get a film of corrosion on them and don't spread the contact surfaces sufficiently to provide a good sound contact. Consequently they don't, in reality, pass enough current. There are 2 things that will improve this situation: 1, clean the fuses & apply a very thin film of copper grease to prevent further corrosion, 2, as '1' plus replace the f
  9. To be accurate, Bailey have only balanced the wheels since the disastrous episode with the Mk1 Unicorn (2010 on-wards), & I fancy they only did it then as a public relations exercise. Note my 2011 Unicorn needed 90 & 120gm weights! The EU recommended is 30gm max! It's beyond me why it's not done automatically. The possible damage is all too obvious to owners encountering loose fittings, cracked panels etc., the negative effect is total zero. As regards Swift (et al) claiming it's not required: since when did any manufacturer test, or even keep a caravan for long enough to sho
  10. This is soooo true! I used to have a Vauxhall that had the pins off-set circumferentially as well the normal height-wise. It only made the bulbs much more expensive as they could still (& had been) forced in. Believe it or not the head-light bulbs were also fitted up-side-down! Anyone that's tried to do this will realise just how difficult this is. The previous owner was obviously technically challenged (to put it politely), but at least he was consistent LOL. So much for making things idiot proof (but obviously not imbecile proof!). As to the OP's wiring fault: don't ass
  11. Using glass-reinforced filler & forcing it under the split (& into the holes I recommended) will give it adequate adhesion. In fact I think the split will actually help in this respect. Mine is still undetectable after 3+ years. If you cover it with a decal it won't be seen anyway.
  12. After I had mine replaced my mobile serviceman, @ the 1st service, confirmed that new shoes had been fitted & that the original ones were made with an inferior (ie. cheaper) material. He had personally replace dozens. It's a problem entirely of Al-Co's making so they have no excuse for not correcting it at their cost.
  13. Lomax: if you have the patience to do it yourself & only average skills, that's all it needs, then go for it! I had worse damage to my Bailey's alum panel & repaired it myself to 'professional' level (dealer's description, he couldn't see the repair even when pointed out). All it takes is time & application. It's definately NOT a job to be rushed. The savings & satisfaction are potentially enormous. I've copied my procedure below (from a previous posting of mine): Does your 'van have alum panels of GF? It the former it's more difficult, but not impossible,
  14. Stephen, you have my sympathies. Having spent the last 2 1/2 years constantly repairing all manner of faults I would seriously hesitate to buy another new one (or any) because of it. As to the cost cutting having reached the bottom....we still get the air in the tyres free....be grateful LOL.
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