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  1. That sounds like a very good idea. Let us know how you get on.
  2. I don't understand why most people were surprised by the sudden increase in prices. The warning signs were there for any-one to see, if they cared to look. E.G. the sudden increase in interest, & therefore prices, at auctions such as Measham In April/May 2019 on-wards. Even though closed to all but on-line offers the prices went through the roof. Unseen 'vans & m/hs were fetching silly prices for rubbish condition. Good condition were fetching unbelievable prices. Definitely the right time to sell! I was astounded when my 2018 Swift Elegance 530 was valued at nearly 23K present market value last month (assessor's market price for insurance claim). When I insured it last March it's market value was £20300, & the year before it was valued at £1K less!! Because of the increase the in value the damage to the 'van is now deemed economically repairable rather than a wright-off as it would have been. Dooogh! I could have repaired it myself for less than £1K + a good few hours labour & made excellent use of the £Ks compensation LOL. Next year (or even later this year) will see the start of price-falls, with the year after being something of a disaster for those that bought at the top of the market & try to sell at the bottom. But such is life.
  3. Glad you all enjoyed it & yes, nearly everyone thanked us upon leaving. Even the ones that got misdirected were enthusiastic. Don't think the mouse was too impressed though..... Update on tyre & tube, they are both somewhat special & on long back-order, & quite expensive to boot! Hazard a guess as to what is to blame....;.Brexit, Covid, shortage of delivery drivers, customs delays, global warming etc. etc. .... yawn. Told him he should have bought a spare bike LOL.
  4. After 3 seasons of constant problems with my 2018 Elegance I thought this year would be THE year, (having virtually rebuilt my 'van-well it certainly seems like it !), for the fault-free experience we all yearn for. Things were looking good until I got rear-ended by a supposedly blind woman who'd left her white stick, & her brain, at home. (details elsewhere if you like sad stories LOL). Sooo..... I ventured on my second steward session, this year, having had an 'interesting' first try involving an 87yo with a stripped tyre & then a ludicrous search for gas (for him!) also detailed elsewhere. It was a 10 day meet on a lovely site with fantastic views & lovely company......I'd done it several times before & quite enjoyed it. 1st day: one early arrival could not un-hitch. After 1 1/2 hours we finally got the hitch off to find that the plastic shoe at the top of the hitch had broken & jammed the mechanism! This on a 2yo 'van! Not unheard of on newer 'vans unfortunately. But 'only' (sick) £28 later & a long journey to the nearest stockist we had that sorted. The plastic was apparently made from gold. 2nd day: all went well another 20 'vans & M/Hs arrived & the sun was shining. Heaven. 3rd day: vice-steward's 5yo Thetford toilet fell to bits! The black plastic quadrant that controls the mechanism's stroke had sheared-off it's 3 flimsy mounting pillars! What a poor design (get it .....poor?) This was a new one on me but undaunted I stripped it down & drilled thru the pillars so allowing 3 long screws to hold it together again. The one thing about owning a Swift is the large amount of assorted screws that accumulate. This is such a good mod. I'm going to do it to mine......hopefully before it breaks. Weather turns iffy & we have several cancellations (fair weather types?). 4th day: all is well, as it should be. Except.....someone has put similar but wrong name & post code on CC app. At least 8 campers have traveled 1/2 hour extra to another site (& been informed by increasingly irate owner) we are NOT there. Noooo, we're HERE>>>>'X'! 5th day: settling in nicely, I could get use to this. 6th day: ditto. Decide to have 1/2 a day out shopping. Get 1/4 mile before being stuck in 7 car queue behind the biggest farm vehicle I've ever seen. After 3 miles at 12mph I finally manage to overtake. 20 mins. later we are waiting to cross a road in our destination town when, (you might have guessed it): the tractor rolls by, with a seemingly endless queue behind it! What joy LOL. 7th day: Fellow camper gets call from his neighbour, his house has been burgled so he has to return home ASAP. Much activity helping him load-up. Heard later that some delivery driver moron ran into his parked car causing extensive damage, & then did a runner!!! Not enough sympathy to go round. 8th day: friend arrives-the same one who carries a trolley jack, crowbar, full tool kit, bags of sand & cement & a few bricks (yes I'm now exaggerating, but only slightly) who proved so useful with the 87yo incident. We exchange greetings, as you do, whilst he was taking his nearly-new bike off the towbar. What's this....a flat front tyre? Pump out & vigorously applied...to no effect. Electric pump.....ditto. Air around us is rapidly turning a dark shade of blue. I help him take the tube out. A casual inspection of the tube reveals a hole I can get my finger thru! This is surrounded by a perished area....on a nearly new bike? Surely not. The tyre is then completely removed & reveals a 4" (that's 100mm to you younger types LOL) of gooey rubber & an exposed rim cord! Shock horror...etc. After a loooong pause it dawns on him that the tyre has been in the blast from the exhaust pipe for the last 70+ miles & it's all melted. It's amazing how expensive these things are. .....my suggestion that he buys a new bike instead didn't go down too well......at least not as much as the tyre did.....some people have no sense of humor. 9th day: & weather is very wet to say the least. Several (more fair weather types) bookings cancel, again. Miserable day. 10th day: clearing-up time. Got to vacate field by 12 noon. Almost loaded-up, just putting last few things away...aquaroll has already gone inside self expanding garden bag & into shower yesterday. Cry from wife: where's this pile of plastic bits come from? Then a chewed bottle cap is found & the truth dawns....we have an uninvited pet on board LOL. Apparently it's all MY fault for having the awning facing the hedge. Find the little blighter & give him a free flying lesson, don't think he enjoyed it much. Spend ages clearing up the mess. Can't resist singing mouse orientated songs....until I get serious threats to my well-being. Finally leave over an hour late & arrive home needing another holiday. I never fail to be amazed how many people think stewards are just 'there', with no effort required at all. However....... I can't wait for next year to do it all again.
  5. The black sealant along the top is Swifts idea of curing a known fault, ie. potential leaks. It has been standard since before 2018 (eg. mine), & is applied by a bind man with a spade from the looks of it LOL. Mine , perversely, leaked from the bottom joint where it had a gap of up to 10mm for half of the length. Since my dealer, at the time, was more likely to make a pig's ear of it (quoting 2 days to remove inside furniture & replace the sunroof!) I cured it myself 18 months ago by sealing all round the sides & bottom. It took longer to get the air dam off than to seal the joint. Easily done in less then 2 leisurely hours. As regards potential problems this panoramic sunroof is just as likely to split if subject to too much sun, which is obviously a much more serious problem. Yet another ill-conceived idea from our wonderfull caravan manufacturers.....
  6. Dougs: you've got it exactly right. The worse thing you can do to a tyre is leave it unused with a weight on it. As to treating the tread area I paint the whole tyre with waxoil as it very quickly disappears from the running surface & shows no signs of friction loss in use. This practice has served me well for many years.
  7. I do hope so it's been nothing but a pain on my 2018 Elegance. Gimmick for the sake of it IMHO, I'd much prefer something basic that's at least reliable. I wouldn't even consider another Swift until they do.
  8. I also have some of the green hook type, many of which have broken upon extracting. Replacements are available for 20p, but only seen them at West Hadden Camping Stores (N. Norfolk coast road). New pegs are only 50p though. This is a fantastic place & not to be missed if in the area. Huge range & low prices.
  9. Thanks for that gem 'Oscarmax'. I'll bear it in mind. By experimenting I've found that connecting the solar panel (via a regulator) to one battery at a time will charge them perfectly well. I only do this with the battery box disconnected from the main electrics as there are so many sensors it's unreal! By fitting 2 plugs & sockets, to the battery box, feeding separately to each battery I can swap easily from one to the other. I have a regulator that allows the charging voltage to be adjusted to suit the particular battery (ie. 14.4V for the 'vans lead acid). I'm not shure if this is high enough for the sealed gell type fitted to the scooter, I seem to recall 15v is more appropriate. Perhaps some-one can advise?
  10. When it comes to UV protection (on any rubber-based product) I've used Waxoil for many, many, years on both 'van & car tyres. Indeed Avon tyres are very susceptible to side wall cracking, this becoming evident in less than 2 years. Modern tyres, in general, are more prone to degradation due to their content (eg. silicate). Since my last 'van tyres were 8 years old ('van 7 years) & had no cracks or any other imperfections, I can only assume it works. I've had car tyres 14 years old that looked like new. I would advise applying it every 2 or 3 years. I also strongly advise jacking the 'van up during the closed season as constant weight in one place will actually cause cracking of the tyres walls. A 'stitch in time'? It's all down to how much effort you're willing to put in.
  11. Note that not all taps have a screw on filter. Swift, for one, are held in only by the friction of an 'o' ring which is next to useless once disturbed. In fact it's not very good even before it's disturbed LOL (not). If any-one can tell me the size of said 'o' ring I'd appreciate knowing. I daren't touch mine again since it shot off about 2 years ago drenching all and sundry. My cure (to date) involved swapping the kitchen & bathroom filters over, for some reason this worked. I can laugh about it now, but.........
  12. Thanks for all your suggestions. I'd contemplated using 2 solar panels (only 1 regulator required). or a converter but either is not cheap or convenient! As the batteries are sealed lead/acid (same as old ones) I'm contemplating charging one at a time (12v from a solar panel), using separate inlet sockets wired direct to each battery, as the circuits are not 'live' unless mounted to the scooter body. My school-boy electrics may have over-looked something but there's only one way to find out LOL. Wish me luck.....
  13. The above were in reply to robbie's suggestion re fitting the tow bar myself. I would have preferred to fit the tow bar myself (much, much, less hassle!) but neither I (nor the steward!) had the necessary tools to do the job anyway. Wouldn't have saved me any money either as her ins. are (hopefully) picking up the £350 bill.
  14. My wife's old scooter had easily accessible batteries so linking up a solar panel was a straight forward case of disconnect terminals & connect solar panel.. After 18 years it's now gone kaput & been sent to the MS graveyard. The problem is that her new one has the batteries in a carry box so is not at all easy to access. I have tried wiring up the terminals to externally mounted sockets but there is obviously something relevant I am unaware of. I therefore inc. a wiring diagram in the desperate hope that some-one more intelligent & electrically savvy can advise me. Thanks in advance. mob. scooter wiring diagram.pdf
  15. Just had a call from the Ins. Accessor. Looks like the coast of repairs is going to easily exceed £8.5K! That assumes no more damage is found when they inspect it on the lift. Thanks to covid the 'van's value has increased by £2K since March to about £23.5K! Haven't had a complete breakdown but the rear panel is around £2200, with labour (92 hours!) At £5K. This doesn't inc. new tow bar, possible new hitch & whatever else they find. I can see the total easily being close to £10K! Any wonder ins. keeps going up. The young women (not what I would call her given the chance!) got off very lightly, not even being accused of careless driving. Whereas the other innocent driver & myself have weeks, if not months, of stress ahead of us......
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