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  1. Having owned both one definite difference is that Alu-Tek has the aerodynamics & lines of a brick outhouse compared to SMART. The fuel consumption difference is in the order of 5-10% worse. In case you think I'm biased against Bailey nothing could be further from the truth, my mk1. Unicorn was the best 'van, for reliability, that I've ever had (owned it 7 years). I still regret ever swapping it. Compared to my present Swift Elegance (60 + faults in 17 months) I had 12 mostly minor faults (mainly wear & tear) in total & nothing ever fell off. It also took 5 years before any damp showed up, the Swift has managed a panoramic skylight leak already! Sadly I don't expect Bailey make them like that anymore.
  2. I also had this happen, couldn't find a fault but removing the cap & re-fitting it several times finally cured it. I'm still none the wiser LOL.
  3. In case some-one has any input that might diagnose the fault, here goes.............HELP! My Swift is 18 months old with an 'all singing, all dancing' Dometic fridge, & fairly suddenly stated making popping noises which are quite loud at night. It then became evident that it is repeatedly switching on & off every few seconds (it may have always done this but much quieter: a known fault in itself?). The burner is easily visible & can be seen 'pulsing', as if the gas is being switched on/off very quickly, this is sometimes accompanied by a 'ping' noise (relay operating?). The fridge is still cooling OK otherwise. Note that I disconnected it from the command system the first week so that's one less problem LOL. Before I enlist my less than helpful/useful/waste of space (select as appropriate) dealer I would prefer to be a lot more knowledgeable than he has proven to be in the past. An acquaintance of mine has a very similar problem with his much older, & out of warranty, 'van that the dealer (same one!) has so far failed to cure. I've found it pays to have some idea of the solution before I get there LOL. I can't be any more help regarding the model no. as I can't find one. As it's still under warranty am I right in assuming I can take it to an authorised dealer (if I could find one in the N. Coventry area)? This may prove more successful. Things were so much easier in 'the old days', mainly because things were made to work reliably then not, as I strongly suspect, primarily as a source of spares income.
  4. On my wife's mobility scooter the battery terminals are easily accessible, so I disconnect them and fit a self-made harness that feeds each seperately from a common 12v supply (usually solar panel). This has worked well fore several years. On a lot of scooters the batteries are inside a case & not so easily accessed but I sure I'd find a way round this LOL.
  5. I once had an Elddis we called 'the sieve'. Perhaps you can hazard a guess as to why..... I'm thinking of calling my present one 'endless problems' rather than a combination of the usual expletives I've used. At least it would be acceptably descriptive LOL.
  6. I been banging on about the poor design, difficultly in use & potential cause of tyre damage, with the Al-Ko carrier for years. (A consequence of spending my life in engineering design, no doubt!). My first action, with any new 'van, is to remove it & save 16 Lbs. dead weight as a bonus! It was hailed as a good idea when it first became available, many years ago, but the drawbacks soon became apparent & they've never been addressed. The spare is of no use whatsoever to me if it's not easily & safely accessible, or possibly damaged, not to mention filthy. BTW, I don't even consider the Al-Ko jack as either safe or stable enough for use with a 'van. Both the carrier & the jack have always lived in my shed until sale time. Mine spare will stay in the 'van until something better comes along. Why it was ever moved from the gas locker is beyond me.
  7. Looks like Bailey have learnt nothing from the Mk 1 range which were notorious for being nose heavy. I don't understand why they design such a problem in, surely it's not that difficult to sort out? Simply a case of positioning the wheels correctly!
  8. Note that it only works if the engine is running as it is fed off the fridge circuit! Mine had this problem from new despite trying a reboot, Sargent will Talk you through the procedure & help verify if the 'power' & 'transmit' LEDs are lit. If this fails a replacement sender unit is required to cure the fault. A ring to Sargent will have a new one quickly sent in the post, it's quite simple to fit. Failure of the display unit (eg. picture freezing) is much more common, I had three replacements before getting one that worked for more than a few mins. It's a fault that renders it undependable, therefore dangerous & totally useless. I got bored with it in the end, the wife is much more reliable, far quicker to deploy, & vocal! She also covers a far wider area LOL, & I don't need to take my eyes off the mirrors! I can understand, now, why so many people have said it's only fit for putting back in the box, I mainly use the sat. nav. these days as my Tom-Tom 'failed' due to the well known satellite problems: one fault this Sargent unit dose not have.
  9. Just got one, its brilliant! Thanks for the tip 'robhar'.
  10. Having owned the 'certain brand' at the time (2011 ish) I'm of the opinion that the wheels/tyres were so far out of balance as to be totally unacceptable or even positively dangerous. Around 100gm balance weight requirement was common & 200gm+ not unheard of! Note that 30gm is considered an acceptable max. by EU recommendations. The resulting out-of-balance forces would have been horrendous! IMHO, All down to cheap, & sub-standard, tyres and wheels, & the fact that alloy wheels are not as reliable as steel ones, especially on heavily loaded applications such as caravans. It was no surprise, at least to me, that balanced wheels & better grade tyres became the manufacturers response on future models. Having mine balanced & re-fitting them personally, using 'best practice', resulted in me having no problems at all. Though I do know of several people who were not so lucky. Note that I do not, & never have, found the need to re-torque my wheel bolts habitually, merely fitting them correctly with a re-check after 30 miles. Having had the 'van for 7 well-used years, I can only assume this means I'm doing it right.
  11. There is a clip for the drain pipe at the back of the lower grill. You may need a longer pipe (or an extension as in my case).
  12. One big bug-bear with roof mounted panels is the frequent need to clean them! I find it beneficial to clean mine before every outing. Ignoring this will only result in a markedly lower performance. It only takes one leaf, similar obstruction, or general dirt to drastically reduce output. This requires the use of a ladder but doing it on site becomes near impossible if an awning is in use..... &, of course, there is the added weight of carrying the ladder (around 4 Kg or more).. Having said that I am about to try carrying a lightweight 4 step folding ladder around with me as my air awning is apparently getting heavier, more cantankerous, & difficult to feed through the rail, as it (or is that I?) gets older LOL. So I'll be I’ll have the ability to inspect the panel's cleanliness on site as required. I still feel the need for an extra free-standing panel when the sun goes into hiding, or outside of mid summer when the sun's rays are at too low an angle, i.e. most of the time!. Luckily I use two 60ah batteries which can be electrically separated allowing independent charging. Having the panel fixed to the roof does aid security though, however, for the same actual output they need a much higher rating.
  13. I call mine 'nothing-but-trouble' (polite version!) & it has truly earned it!
  14. After many hours researching the problem (& various in-effective methods of re-booting) I found the comments on here (especially re: date resetting itself to 1999) were spot-on. I still don't know exactly how I've cured the problem but one of the methods must have worked! All I do know is that I use to have a lot more hair! The official websites don't appear to set out to help the none-IT types like me so it all got rather messy, especially when TomTom instructions keep stating that 'there is no connection between unit & computor' even when there is, Argh!!!!. For the past two weeks I've had to rely on the rev. camera/sat. nav. display that came with my 'van. Sufficient to say the TomTom is MUCH better in comparison & I now appreciate it much more than I used too. I don't expect there to be quite as much swearing anyway LOL. Never mind all's well that ends well, thanks, everyone, for all the very useful suggestions. I'm going out to try it now so if you don't hear from me again..................................................I'm lost somewhere in darkest Warwickshire.
  15. I have a cheaper version (off e-bay, what a surprise!) & it has earned it's cost (£35) several times over. When I replaced the battery on my 3L diesel (the old one was showing it's age at 5 yo) I tested the new one only to find it inferior to the old one. Even charging it made no difference. Had it replaced & the 2nd one was just as bad. Had a refund & bought a Boch (same as the original) amazingly it tested above claimed capacities & still does. The old battery was left on pulse charge for 5 days at which time it had recovered enough to fit it to my daughter's 2 .5L diesel Pick-up. That was 18 months ago &, despite her abuse, it's still performing reliably. I found by experience that a top-up (especially during cold weather) every 1-2 weeks (usually just before using my tow car) works wonders for extended life. Advice I was given many years ago: 'Never let the battery stand even partially discharged if you can help it & it will last much longer'. I now regularly use the tester to keep track of how batteries are coping & would not, now, be without it.
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