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  1. A properly designed & spect. system is obviously too much to ask for on modern caravans, judging by the less than acceptable standards of a lot of the features. 13 pin sockets are incapable of taking wires big enough to compensate for the normal voltage drop between car & fridge. The wiring size normally used in harnesses (both car & caravan) is also too small. There is no easy way round this without complicating the electrics & spending a considerable amount of money & possibly compromising the reliability of the whole set-up (NOT something I'm at all happy wi
  2. I must agree whole heartedly with your comments re Bailey shower tap, & with Stevan's comments re the camel-type head. Up until I fitted valves in the shower feed lines I used a 5p coin in the shower pie/tap join, this stop all drips except from the tap body itself!
  3. The weights issued by the manufacturer are next to useless & cannot be relied upon. It's way past time that each 'van/MH was actually weighed after manufacturer & the ACTUAL weight entered on the plate. Thus we all would have a legal base to work on. This process can hardly be beyond their capabilities surely (but then again making a consistently fit-for-purpose product apparently already is). It doubtless comes under the reasoning that wheels do not need balancing since it's not their problem if they come lose (with the noted exception of responsibly acting Bailey). Can i
  4. I must agree with leaving stuff at home if it's not going to be used. You may think I have over done it just a trifle (LOL) but it's always been an obsession of mine: mains cable (12 lb) jack (6) (too dangerous to use anyway!) folding table (22lb) wheel carrier (14lb) bunk, ladder, curtain (23lb) microwave (22lb) carpets (23lb) That's 104lb + many minor items. It all adds up to a lot more potentialy useful payload.
  5. Finally fixed the re-accuring leaky shower tap for good (Hallelujah!), I've fitted two in-line taps in the shower feed pipes below the sink. I recon this has saved me approx. £70 compared to obtaining the official Swift, less than reliable product (caught me on a diplomatic day LOL) plus a lot of work, & it works! Turned out to be an easy 1/2 hour job. The taps could have been plugged in to the existing 'Y' connectors but these were hidden behind an upright, so I had to cut the pipes. I noted that the cupboard backs were blocking air feed to the heater rads. (don't the designer
  6. I'm very familiar with the Aldi system so I've tried all your suggestions. It's a pipe behind the kitchen units that is making the noise when it expands. Spraying with silicon provides temporary relief. Xtrailman: I was also of the misguided opinion that the faults would be sorted after 2 seasons max. How could I have been so optimistic (or so naive)? I think you've got it right- it's cursed!!!! Unlike the Unicorn (which had slight localised damp at 7YO, & 3 failed plastic blind catches) & which I still very much regret parting with, I've so far had : 1: sink drain pipe d
  7. AAAARRRRRRRHHHH!!!!! This time it's the shower tap leaking ...AGAIN! The first one lasted only 1 season. Warranty is a distant memory (& it was pretty useless even then) so I'm going to fit an in-line valve to isolate the water supply. I dread to think of the cost of a replacement tap. The pipe-banging is still with us but it frequently comes & goes or changes it's tune &/or volume. Might be quite amusing if it wasn't always in the middle of the night. Strange how it's only started this year (was serviced last Feb.) Just wish I'd got time to get bored (for a change)
  8. With-out boring you all too much, lets just say that I've had two horrendous years of faults (around 80 in total) followed by a tapering off last year with a promise of some long overdue relief. Soooo, expectations of perhaps a clear year at last are were on the agenda. It was not to be. Just the first day, & here we go again: Firstly the low pressure propane gauge failed (it was working perfectly at the service in Feb.) Not Swift's fault but it's one of the very few. Put it down to old age (about 10 years). Secondly a piece of trim off the rear bottom rail disappeared into
  9. Things like this always reminds me of an Ostrich with it's head in the sand. People can be sooo self delusionary.
  10. I truly hope that a third lock-down doesn't happen as I doubt the economy can stand another one without even more serious, & long-lived, complications. Bear in mind that I nearly died from covid 12 1/2 months ago (& have yet to fully recover) so I have no qualms as to it's potency. My views on extended lock-downs & the hidden negatives (eg. mental health) have not changed from a year ago. Any-one who thinks that 'just having another lock-down' will cure our ills is living in cloud cuckoo land. Like it or not I think a small number of deaths will prove acceptable (& so does
  11. BeeWTee: reporting back as promised.....& there's warm weather on the way...... There are indeed two screws hidden behind flat-triangular-shaped black pads which are stuck down & need to be prised-up carefully. With these screws removed the deflector can be teased very carefully from it's channel. It's quite flexible but don't risk forcing it too much, just keep gently applying pressure, preferably under warm conditions, to ease the adhesive that retains it. When replacing it I built-up a small pad of sealant under each 'wing' (as had already been done by the dealer) to sto
  12. Mr. Plodd: I couldn't agree more. I've never thought much of the idea- it's too easily overcome like most electrically-based devises. (ref. Jaguar F Pace in the news!). Apart from that I'd much sooner put my money into something visible & acting as a deterrent rather than paying money for something that has no effect on thieves whatsoever. My ins. co. charged me £2 more for not having one (annual Sargent service charge £90 +) so it's lived in my shed for the last 3 years (though I must admit the the shed has yet to be stolen LOL). It's a bit more useful weight saved.
  13. In my many years of my experience of D.A. camping B.C. (that's Before Covid) it's not campers you have to worry about, they've usually seemed a very sensible lot to me. If it's OK to go fishing & golfing etc. (ie. OUTDOOR PURSUITS) then it's equally OK to sit in the middle of a field admiring the peace & quite & perhaps the view as well. No-one has ever caught Covid from fresh air (which is why 20-30% + of cases result from hospital attendances). Guess what I avoid the most..... as well as the morons who think it's all a joke. Staying inside for long periods is in no way
  14. My resistance to high prices is quite well known....if I don't think (whatever it is) is worth it I go elsewhere (blame my age & upbringing), so the present circumstances are a double wammy. In general prices in this country are a bit of a rip-off, usually profiting the 'middle-man' & being aimed at what the market will stand rather than what the product 's intrinsic, or perceived, value is. The more gimmicks the higher the price can be, which leaves me totally unimpressed. As far as site fees are concerned the influx of inexperienced campers (who pay whatever is asked as
  15. I would like to add my pennyworth on the flagrant price escalation that is becoming more frequent lately. There may be some cases where a slight increase has become essential (eg. to cover extra cleaning, rates or electric increase etc.) but I've come across several sites that are just plain trying it on. How about an increase from £24 pun last year to £54 (yes that's fifty four!) & now with no facilities at all? Others I know of are a bit less! Needless to say I won't be acquiescing to their greed & informed them of such as politely (or not!) as I could manage. As has already bee
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