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  1. True enough... Towed for 000’s of miles with a manual, clutch always the weakest link..
  2. Hi has anyone any experience with towing with a Freelander 1 diesel Auto? thanks!!
  3. Thanks to everyone for the info much appreciated!!
  4. I meant that having towed for many years I don’t see the 85% guidance as a problem, but that said it doesn’t mean it’s fun towing over that in a lovely sidewind or when being overtaken..! Agree the budget is low, but sadly not everyone has the means, nor desire to spend silly money. Yes, I know, you get what you pay for!! Kinda why the first post asked for recommendations on older vehicles... thanks
  5. Max weight, fully loaded is 1490kg. Having towed for 15 years not so bothered about the 85% guidance on kerbweight, but in my experience stability is key.. Thankfully I do not cover many miles solo, so am not concerned about fuel consumption. Most family estates are pretty lightweight so I would expect them to struggle a little with overall stability. Hence me leaning towards something a little heavier.. Thanks for the info!!!
  6. Have towed for many years, was lucky to have the pick of decent tow cars, Disco4, X3 etc..then sold the van.. Now bought another van and need a decent towcar. Budget circa 5k Sorento mk1/2 jeep grand Cherokee maybe xc90 Would prefer an Auto.. Any other ones around?? Needs to be a decent weight as the van is 1400kg.. thanks!!
  7. Hard to say how full it is, I would think around half full.. As it’s a new van to me, might have to check it’s not leaking when flushing I guess as well.. Anyone stripped the unit down to check the internal pump/pipe work..?
  8. Can see the logic.. just wondered if there were differences between manual and electric flush units, apart from the obvious 😝, as towed a Bailey for many years and never emptied nor had a problem...??
  9. Hi have a 2007 Abbey gts with the thetford electric flush toilet. Noticed a small amount ( from what I can see ) of pink flush fluid in the shower tray.. Has anyone had a similar problem?? Had a Bailey with manual flush for years, never emptied the flush before travel and never had a problem.. is the electric version more prone to problems?? Do I have to drain the flush tank fully before travel? thanks
  10. Hi Am a new owner of a 2007 418gts Love the quality, design and layout. owned vans previously, mainly Bailey.. Need to change the front window seals across the 3 windows. sealsdirect seem the best option? Does anyone know the specific type/size I need? I think it’s the 30mm wide stuff.. would measure but it’s away in storage atm.. thanks! lee
  11. Hi Thanks for the reply.. I would have expected the 12v fuses to be in the same place but they aren’t, hopefully picture attached.. That was my expectation of a dealer special as well., cheers
  12. Hi looking to possibly purchase a Swift Oakmere GT 2008. Apparently it’s a dealer special? Couple of questions if anyone can help! The ‘consumer unit’ is located in the wardrobe, yet it looks pretty sparse.. are there fuses located elsewhere?? I couldn’t find them.. It seems a little less plush than the normal Charisma, which it’s based upon, is this right? Any other information would be great! many thanks
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