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  1. Hi Propshaft joints seem ok. Mountings look fine, no excessive movement… Then, as was moving around under the car, nudged the spare wheel.. this was literally moving around freely.. hence the ‘clunk’ noise as it hit the towbar!! Tightened the support frame and all seems well so far!! Lesson: never take things have been done correctly, check everything..!!
  2. Thanks for the replies.. will reply when have done a few checks..!
  3. Hi have a 2009 manual Santa Fe. Towed for the first time last weekend and have a couple of questions for fellow Santa Fe owners past or present! I have towed for most of the past 15 years or so, many tow cars etc so kinda know what to expect..! The Santa Fe seems to have a ‘noisy’ rear end, not overly so, but definitely more than I would consider normal.. is this a common complaint? There is a slight ‘clunk’ when changing gear, again excessive? I don’t know.. Power wise seems okay, being only a 5 speed to gaps between gears is very noticeable when towing, though copes with it well. Any feedback welcomed! thanks
  4. Cheers will do! did you keep the same switchgear etc or add this in elsewhere? not that it matters I guess.. after further reading it seems I need to be careful that I don’t add a charger that might damage the 12v equipment…
  5. Thanks i know I won’t be able to get a replacement to fit.. so was thinking about a stand alone unit ..
  6. Interesting… Not sure on the ‘tech’ of the battery.. it’s a Lion 100Ah … may look to fit an aftermarket charger?? cheers
  7. Was a brand new battery in April this year.. sealed for life
  8. Cheers If it is faulty, has anyone retrofitted a new charger into the system?
  9. 2007 Abbey GTS 418 Dragged the van out of storage earlier. Flat battery when using the mover to position at home.. Battery voltage 11.9v Hooked up, battery charger switched on and the voltage at the battery is now 12.7v in the manual ( Sargent power supply NE2006 CWS ) it says the voltage should be as high as 14v.. does this mean the charger unit is broken? I read there are fuses in the system, but if a fuse had blown there would be no charging at all happening?? any advice welcomed!! thanks
  10. True enough... Towed for 000’s of miles with a manual, clutch always the weakest link..
  11. Hi has anyone any experience with towing with a Freelander 1 diesel Auto? thanks!!
  12. Thanks to everyone for the info much appreciated!!
  13. I meant that having towed for many years I don’t see the 85% guidance as a problem, but that said it doesn’t mean it’s fun towing over that in a lovely sidewind or when being overtaken..! Agree the budget is low, but sadly not everyone has the means, nor desire to spend silly money. Yes, I know, you get what you pay for!! Kinda why the first post asked for recommendations on older vehicles... thanks
  14. Max weight, fully loaded is 1490kg. Having towed for 15 years not so bothered about the 85% guidance on kerbweight, but in my experience stability is key.. Thankfully I do not cover many miles solo, so am not concerned about fuel consumption. Most family estates are pretty lightweight so I would expect them to struggle a little with overall stability. Hence me leaning towards something a little heavier.. Thanks for the info!!!
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