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  1. WSM Tim

    Seat Ateca

    I tow with xc 90 at present but need to downsize and have only one vehicle for me and missus to share instead of two we have at present I have never towed with light or low powered car so would really appreciate recommendation thanks
  2. WSM Tim

    Seat Ateca

    Thanks for replies it appears I would be towing at approx 100% on weight? I now only do short journeys so this may be ok. What engine would be best ? I will check out the skoda also. Thanks
  3. WSM Tim

    Seat Ateca

    Does anyone have any info on towing limits or row bar limits for new seat suv. I have been unsuccessful in my searching. I have caravan approx 1550kg Thanks
  4. I have heard that the town of Dulverton flooded last night does anyone know if CC site is affected. I will ring them later but i am making preparations for a trip and will need to make other arrangements. Many thanks
  5. ihavejust returned from a2000mile trip in Europe I am not aware of the vanbeing kerbed and the van was serviced before it wasused last. I have wondered if it could be from motorway driving in the ruts caused by HGVs
  6. I have just noticed that the outside edge of both tyres have worn to the point that they will need replacing but the rest of the tyre has perfectly healthy amounts of tread. The wear is similar to that on car tyres when the tracking is out. There is obviously a reason for this would any one be able to advise a remedy? The caravan has a winterhoff chassis, single axle is serviced reguarly and i have the tyre pressures checked before every journey, the tyres are approx 3 - 4 years old and have travelled approx 6000miles. Thanks.
  7. Hi Les I stayed at camping de la plage, lovely location but facilities are a bit tired and upkeep of pitches and site generally poor, restaurant/ bar very good, many people staying there have been going year after year ( since 1976 one couple i spoke to) so it cant be all bad or they know no better. I would return as the location suited me and you cant have everything.
  8. I must have passed you David, I have just arrived home from Port Grimaud and i also did not notice a shortage of GB registered vehicles on the road or campsites. Some sites only appeared to be busy with 1 and 2 night stopovers this weekend.
  9. Thanks for all the replys. I shall source some alternative guides and i think that in the future i shall renew them all in rotation, this should ensure that i have some relativley upto date info.
  10. I have a CC caravan europe 2010 France, is there many additions in the 2012 book to warrant purchasing this years version? Is it worth buying yearly or less frequently. Thanks in anticipation
  11. I am off to Spain Soon should i take euros or would i be able to buy better with Sterling?
  12. I have seen roll out bag mounted awnings on the side of many vans and am considering purchasing one. I would like the option of removable side and front panels. Would anyone be able to recommend a particular brand or manufacturer? I have also wondered if the additional weight on the awning rail while travelling may cause stress to the side of the van or pull the rail from side of van, allowing damp ingress. Looking forward to any comments /advice Thanks
  13. Thankyou to everyone for thier input but is there any chance that any of you experienced travellers may be able to advise on my original topic rather than provide info on the criminal activities of fellow Europeans. I do believe that some people watch too much Jeremy Kyle.
  14. I appear to have been misunderstood when i mentioned my need to arrive safely. I had not had any thoughts of being attacked by highway robbers, but simply wished to have a safe journey- Arriving healthy! My appologies for any misunderstanding, but thanks for your tales of woe, and reassurance.
  15. Thanks Rodders the route is very useful but would mean an additional stop in both directions time is of apremium as i only have 14 days and want to spend as much time as possible at my destination The link to Municipal sites is very helpful, i just need to either improve my French or learn how to use the translate option on my PC. Thanks
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