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  1. 2) Cracked shower, - any suggestions for places to procure the white flexi plastic sheeting that I can use to over-seal the shower unit walls due to a crack that appears to be letting water in.... Use all weather clear tape from Toolstation + available from other outlets:- All Weather Tape 50mm x 25m By Ultratape Product Code: 64699 Pack size: Each The shower in my Bailey cracked during first year of use. I used this tape and so far, the repair has been good for several years. Bailey guarantee being a waste of time was the reason I used the tape - wa
  2. I used to have covers for tyres, which I fitted throughout the summer when parked at home or on site. Now I leave the tyres 'bareback'. Just change them every 5 years.
  3. My 2016 S Max has a foot operated tailgate. Ford does not supply a towbar. Westfalia state that their towbar cannot be fitted. Witter state that their towbar may be fitted, but the foot detector has to be moved to a new location, under the towbar. I would prefer the foot detector to be disabled. I recently was taking a box out of the boot when the tailgate started closing as the detector had seen my foot move away from the boot area. My options for the foot detector, in order of preference, would be:- - cover the detector so that it never operates (less risk of bein
  4. I used to use winter wheels and stow wheels inside during winter. Now, for past 7 years, because caravan is on slope and has an alko wheel lock, I do nothing. Alko recommend putting caravan axle on stands to rest the suspension rubbers. No chance of that happening when sited on a slope. I don't over inflate the tyres during winter. I fit new ones every 5 or 6 years.
  5. Alko Trailer Control???? Without reading the technical info - it automatically operates the caravan brakes to bring the caravan back in line with the direction of travel of the car.
  6. No offence - but I thought the first part of your answer was a wind up. It would definetly put a restriction upon who could caravan - only the able bodied and mechanically minded. The yellow markers type things are a good idea. But against this idea is that it is TOO practical, although it would not bother me to go on a holiday in a PRACTICAL caravan. Okay if they can be designed to be unobtrusive and tamper proof.
  7. Nothing. I'm trying to do too many jobs at once. ...forgetting that I am a man and can only do one thing at a time. ... Not ATC - I meant 'when an Alko wheel lock is fitted'
  8. The Caravan Club provide excellent, well run sites. But, once again, their magazine shows how out of touch they are. A recent edition pointed out that wheel nuts should be torqued before EVERY journey - as if? So, the magazine this month has an article about torque wrenches. Next month there will be an article about how great ATC is and how easy it is to level the caravan on site when it is fitted - providing you buy some expensive piece of kit. .... By the way, I have yet to figure out the best method to level the caravan when ATC is fitted. An electric jack is
  9. My thoughts upon ATC, which also apply to other stuff found in new caravans. ..... My local Witter tow bar fitter, could not gaurantee that they would not have to cut into the wiring of a new S Max, to fit the tow bar electrics. This was when a Witter dedicated electrics kit was to be used. I had the witter tow bar fitted by a Ford dealer, using the Ford electrics kit. Even then, there were problems getting the correct output to the pins. I mentioned that many sources state that separate earths should be used for each 'return', but was told that they could not get in
  10. After a further visit to the helpful Ford garage, I now have pin9 permantly live and pin10 ignition supply controlled - but have not yet been able to check it when connected to caravan. I was told that pin 10 may not supply electricity immediately the engine is running - it would depend upon the state of the car battery. To reitarate what I have manage to bottom out since getting 13 pin electrics fitted. . . . . unles someone knows different. Pin 9 is permanently live and supplies:- - caravan lighting when the car engine is stopped. - power to charge the caravan batt
  11. Thanks again for the info. It did not sound correct that two hewould be supplied by one pin. The Bailey rep said 15/20 amp max. through pin 9. I did not understand why he stated 10/20 amp max. current, instead of just 20amp. Suppose he was thinking of 15amp for the ATC and 5amp for the charger - or some combination of the two. The Bailey rep said 12 amp for pin 10, which makes sense for a fridge. The Bailey rep clearly stated that pin 10 supplied the fridge and battery charger. I know all will be setup correctly eventually - by the time the agreed Euro standar
  12. Hello Brian I know this is an old posting, but. .... I'm chasing up car / caravan electrics just now, to find out why my Ford garage fitted & Ford tow bar wiring loom, is not supplying the correct outputs at the 13 pin socket. From your posting - you were saying that the battery charging is via pin 9 in Pageants. I have a 2009 Pageant and was told by Bailey today, that pin 9 only supplies the ATC whilst connected to the car (max current 15/20 amp) Also, that Pin 10 supplies both the fridge and the battery charger when connected to the car (max current 12 amp)
  13. , Thanks for the info. .. Just trying to bottom things out prior to taking car to Ford garage tomorrow. From Bailey this morning - whilst 13 pin plug is connected to car:- - pin 9 only supplies the ATC with an expected current of 15/20 amp. - pin 10 supplies the fridge and battery charger with a max expected current of 12 amps The minimum recomended cable for both pin 9 & 10 is 2. 5mm The Ford wiring loom plugs into existing connections at the rear of the car and according to another Ford garage, the system is just 'plug & play' + reprogram and all shou
  14. Thanks for the info - a rational reply. I've only had 3 new caravans in 30yrs caravanning. I've only started using a cover over the hitch & sockets with current caravan - I now regard this as essential when the caravan is parked. Bailey produce an all singing all dancing new style caravan, where you can park a car on its roof. Yet, I guess the same non waterproof 13 pin plug is used on these caravans, which have ATC fitted. Alko state, if water gets into the plug, there system potentially becomes U/S. Can you give any help with the following for a 201
  15. Hello I know this is an old thread, but based upon my experience, I'd like to point out two errors in the above statement. My 13 pin plug, on a new Bailey caravan, let in water and corroded within 6 months. There are pictures of it elsewhere in caravantalk. I was told by Bailey & the caravan dealer, that the 13 pin plug is NOT waterproof, which is why IO had to pay for and fit a replacement myself.
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