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  1. They are just getting harassment from locals and police and forced to move on and some everyday which is defeating the lock down by continually moving to different areas ? The YouTube channels are full of full timers being moved on .
  2. I have seen trikes with trailers but a 500w electric would need tax and insurance as a motorbike but I can say I have seen a 2 wheel motorbike towing a trailer ? Dave
  3. What about third party liabilities towing a trailer on the road . Would you need to notify your bike insurer and how do stand towing with a tow bar and does it need to be type approved ?
  4. I had accidentally spilled a glass of water in our caravan and it run along the wall and under the wall board and I never thought anything more about it about but 8 months later the caravan had it's annual service and the service engineer workshop said they had changed the rubber seals around the toilet door under manufacturers warranty as the wall has a elevated damp and then a year later they remarked again there was a very slight raise in levels in the area . I thought strange then suddenly I remembered the accident with a glass of water and it had soaked all the lagging behind and slowly c
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/25/somerset-hospital-weston-general-hospital-closed-new-patients-halt-spread-coronavirus
  6. Somebody here in Dorset got a note stuck on his motorhome with a load of threats and abuse about holidaymakers are not welcome and to go home and he has been reported to police but the motorhome is parked in the street outside his house . Dave
  7. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/animals/pets-other-animals.html Says here dogs been confirmed with the virus . https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/daily-life-coping/positive-pet.html
  8. But it seems the Chinese was right according to the CDC that cats and dogs can get the virus .
  9. Which could be why there was reports coming out of China of the authorise destroying people's pets in effected areas in January .
  10. Some interesting information on the virus from CDC which says Cats and dogs catch it .
  11. Filled up last week of February and done about 40 miles so might be next year before we need to fill up again . Dave
  12. Ireland sites reopen in their phase 4 on July 20 th so possibly we might do the same but still depending on the R figure I should think . Dave
  13. I know the Great Dorset steam fair set for September was cancelled last week but that costs 15 million in preparation before they open the gates and can't social distance easily even over 600 acres .
  14. A lot of the opening up seems to be down to local authorities as here I have just driven across the New Forest and seen Motorhomes parked up in Car parks and on the roads and Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole have opened their public car parks and public toilets but Dorset council say that visitors are not welcome .
  15. The virus will dictate how much we can do out of a lock down and containing it we still don't know about reinfections or if it is still present in the body . I don't think until we know what this virus is we can worry about the economy first ? Dave
  16. Sitting near somebody for hours is different to interacting with somebody for short periods ? No they have been instructed they could open but they must have a social distancing over 15 meters between the anglers under the rules but I should think they would meet that and you book using online booking . They are also hit by the lack of demand for the table fish but the river authorities are still stocking the rivers so they are still supplying them . Dave
  17. A campsite owner in Ireland said they are set to open in July but not sure if they might need more distancing or you can't sit outside as a family member that owns a angling company said they have to have social distancing of 15 meters for the anglers fishing . Dave
  18. I read we are supposed to be having a mass gathering on Bournemouth beach the weekend with people hugging each other in a hope to get the virus . anti vaccine groups . Madness ? Even if sites open you might not be welcome by locals as friend bought a new motorhome end of last year and was going to Europe this year so as it was stopped he wanted to at least give it a run down for a few nights before lockdown so headed to the Highlands and he got refused fuel and stones thrown at the vehicle and shouted at to clear off . He said he will not be rushing back .
  19. This lack of preparation for this virus has some blame still with China that gave false death figures to hide the virus and this sent out a message to the government western world that this virus is no more than the seasonal flu which was totally wrong . Even only just before the virus Trump was saying it is only flu guys . In January the Chinese said it was like 2004 SAS sister which was easy to contain and we had only 4 cases here .In February the WHO warned the world but still relied on figures from China . We had cases here in January much earlier than first thought
  20. There are reports of people that do visit are peeing everywhere because public toilets are shut and pubs closed .
  21. Your not welcome here in Dorset . https://news.dorsetcouncil.gov.uk/2020/05/12/our-message-to-visitors-thinking-of-visiting-dorset-now-please-think-twice/
  22. I thought they had stopped the DNR forms and bullying after it was highlighted . The lack of testing that has led to this 22000 deaths in care homes only had one reason so the figures could be air brushed over and the people in the homes was refused admission into hospital at first and then they had a period of kicking them out asap back into homes no testing with reports of patients being dropped off in the early hours back to homes so they had to take them . This will need an enquiry going forward and if it will lead to criminal charges .
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