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  1. I have stayed years ago on a couple of Park Resort sites at 6 amps and these low amperages are fine in the warm summer months but in the cooler months can be a juggling act . Now I am on 10amp site and as it is cold at about 5 degrees at night and damp and the heating/hot water is about 7 amps so it is a juggle for using items . Dave
  2. Going there today well in an hour for nearly three weeks . Reviews look good and pictures so will let you know . Dave
  3. I think the clue is all the other caravans have their JW on the slab ? Poor reversing I should think and inconsideration to other users . Dave
  4. +1 The one to the left looks off line as well ?
  5. My thoughts as well it would leave a gap at the bottom and if it was split it could be used as a gate just lifting the pole in and out of the tube . Dave
  6. I like them as it saves banging the poles in but Could do with a fitting that secures to the top and has a hexagon for the battery drill to drive them in . I would think easy enough using the cross hole to connect to for the drive . https://www.towsure.com/windbreak-support-tube Dave
  7. Checklists make life easier and you dont risk the chances of leaving things out . I have tick lists that have knocked up and stored on the computer and we just print them out as needed . Then just add items as we go . I also have Lists for stuff in the caravan and lists for shutting down the house like locking all the windows and back doors and out building and lists for clothing and even lists for winterizing like taking stuff out and opening taps and removing filters . Dave
  8. Andrew and not forgetting Dougal makes excellent vlogs on his You tube channel here and abroad with wealth of information . Well worth watching his videos . Dave
  9. ASSURED STORAGE, HYDE LANE, DANBURY, ESSEX CLOSING 8th APRIL 2019. ALL VEHICLES NOT COLLECTED BEFORE THAT DATE ARE TO BE SOLD! The above CASSOA gold storage site has gone into administration. The administrators have no paperwork to let them know who is on the site or which vehicles they own. We found out about it when we went to collect our van at the end of February. We had to provide photo ID as well as the purchase receipt to prove ownership, before we were allowed to collect our motorhome. Initially we were told that we would be allowed to keep our van there until the property was sold, but this morning my husband received an email to say that they were closing the site on the 8th April, and any vehicles still on the property after that time would be sold. As traditionally many people's first trip of the year is Easter ( particularly caravanners), and as the administrators do not have any contact details to advise them of this, there will be lots of people who are not aware of the situation, and who will turn up to find that they cannot pick up their vehicles. So please share to stop anyone losing access to their vehicles. And if you have a vehicle there, please remember photo ID and proof of purchase is required before you can collect your vehicle. Many thanks.
  10. As a builder you will understand you need a good foundation so the chassis needs checking over that it is all operating and the hitch and brakes work . Then you you need to check the caravan out for any damp that the roof is sound before any work inside . As said unless you confident with gas and electric leave it to the experts . Many of us get as much enjoyment from working on their caravans and making them their own as going away If the walls are a bit coloured a wash down and coat of Satin vinyl emulsion will brighten them up . Enjoy . Dave
  11. Any extended warranty is a gamble if you will need it but for some it gives peace of mind knowing you have some comfort when your told you have a major damp issue . Been there myself when my service agent said you have damp issue and it will be £5k+ to replace a wall . Dave
  12. I think it has got better as it is not so common as it was and I had it with my Commander about 10 years ago . Dave
  13. I watched this a few weeks ago and you need about £180k if I remember . Dave
  14. My understanding of caravans and mobile homes within the boundaries of a property does not need planning permission for change of use of the land as long as the house facilities are used . Basically the caravan should not be plumbed in so it is not able to be moved or it becomes a dwelling . It will depend on a neighbour or local residents contacting the local authorities . Here the planning committee are against a mobile homes on land because developers will apply for a mobile as a dwelling then move it off and build a house . https://www.sunriseholidayhomesltd.co.uk/news-and-tips/planning-permission-for-static-caravans-mobile-homes/ Dave
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