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  1. My Aeroklas hard top on my Isuzu Dmax was dry as they are sealed on the joint . Dave
  2. Just before Christmas I took my German MH in for a second habitation service to the dealer and just mentioned when asked any issues I just remarked that the towel rail which is a polished plating was slightly tarnished hardly noticable and when I picked it up later in the day a new rail was fitted . Some dealers make life complicated ? Dave
  3. This is been a topic that has come up over the years . What people have to make sure is that your caravan is stolen then you find your insurance refuse to pay out as it is a working farm .
  4. This could result in a invalidated insurance if the terms of the policy at not conformed to by making up paperwork ? I would check other insurance companies that don't require a service as part of their terms . Dave
  5. New for old insurance some can require the caravan serviced ever year so try different insurance . They have different requirements . Dave
  6. Wintering in Sun and further adventures is becoming very common and some are now travelling around the world . example . https://treadtheglobe.com/ https://kombilife.com/ Dave
  7. First signs of a flat tyre is smoke and debris usually coming from the tyre in the mirrors and beyond repair . Some breakdown services will ask if you have a spare in the event of a tyre flat as they can't recover it on a bed truck . Dave
  8. My 32 inch LED 230v 30w TV will use about an extra 6 w using a pure sine wave inverter and turning 12 v into 230 v so about 3 ah . Modern 230v TV are not very power hungary like they used to be . Dave
  9. I can see far more looking for winter sun in Morocco when the EU restrictions apply . Dave
  10. Where did you get your insurance and how much ? Dave
  11. From my experience I have leather suite 3/2 settees that is over 20 years old that has had two German shepherds jumping and sleeping on all that time with no covers and it is as good as the day it was purchased and only gets a cream added about ever 5 years which is actually for handbags . There is a difference in quality in leather suites and the caravan and motorhome leather is thin . I would try contacting a upholstery company and see what they advise as you see companies treat leather car seats .on classics
  12. That's a interesting point of the parasitic load as I am putting two in my self in the next couple of weeks and was not going to make them switched but might change to save energy .
  13. That's why modern caravans have a Auto reverse mechanism to release the brakes on reversing so they are not applied and you don't need to get out the vehicle and use a lump of steel . I think the use of jamming the Piston is now illegal so you don't forget to remove it and have no braking . Dave
  14. That's the reason why majority including myself prefer the Chunnel over ferries as you don't have to worry about dog cabins or kennels as you stay with your dog and half hour trip instead locking the dog up for hours on a boat then drive to Spain as not much difference in price I always find . Last few weeks it been as cold at night as here 2 and about 16 during the day and lovely sun . I know is was told La Manga site the pitches looked like a lake a few days ago from the storm and hopefully it will cleared up in Spain by the time I head down in about 8 weeks . Dave
  15. Some sites just don't want twins because the lanes and pitches are so tight with trees and posts and people park anywhere unlike our sites that have more space . Dave
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