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  1. Friends of ours picked a new TA caravan a few weeks ago I think it was about 30 k . I emailed them a few days ago as they are away on a shake down for a few weeks at the moment . Dave
  2. Madness why people don't belt up ? Surprising when you watch the tv programs with traffic police you normally find at least one stop being shown for no seat belt so can believe the figures . Dave
  3. I take it if you sell the caravan the warranty would not be under a contract with the dealer ? Dave
  4. The one issue for manufacturing companies I have worked for that have gone into administration and there has been a few is the supply of materials as finances are in doubt . I have worked for a company that a supplier even sent a lorry to collect unpaid for materials from the store and other companies the driver's used to need a cheque before unloading . Usually you can only assemble what is in the building to try and gain some income under the administrator . As said been there and it is very worrying times for employees that have families . I should think it will have a knock on effect to other companies ? Dave
  5. Wife has dark blue car and you will notice when the weather forecast hot weather coming up from Europe it usually carries a dust that when it rains it leaves muddy marks . I have had black cars and never again . Dave
  6. How does the difference in temperature effect the weight as the gas in the bottle expands when it gets warmer ? Dave
  7. Sometimes driving forwards or backwards can release the pressure on the releasing mechanism of the hitch especially when pushing backwards and the ram is under load just pull forwards a few inches . Dave
  8. Only the OP talks of one gas bottle which would not match two outlets ? Dave
  9. Check the vin plate for 4 weights if it only has 3 it will indicate it is not approved to tow . Dave
  10. Brora you have to watch out for golf balls hitting the caravan than being stolen?
  11. I was on a CMC site last week with 6 traveler families doing their cleaning for a few days and on the last night before they left I stayed up just in case of any issue to hear at 12.15 am the lockers being tried which I jumped up and the dog barked and they run back to their caravan . I have stayed on sites that require aquaroll to be chained and pump removed at night and anything in the awning was at risk . Why people think they dont need locks on and have false sense of security ? As said Alko locks can be removed in a few minutes with the right equipment but are a deterrent. Dave
  12. I did it for years covering a front lounge window which I found a bonus as I could see outside but also inside the awning without looking to see anybody by opening the door . Dave
  13. Some buy a secondhand full size wheel like myself and just put it in the boot when towing . You need to check the car manufacturers handbook as some will state it is not recommended to tow with the space saver and is only to get the car to a garage . Dave
  14. Aluminium might be a bit weak to hold the weight of a filled tank at 100 lt is 100 kg + the weight of tank . I would use 25 x 3 mm stainless steel angle for a frame at least . Dave
  15. Totally agree here or abroad tourists get lapsed in security with lack of locks . Dave
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