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  1. I just sprinkle the cheapest bio washing powder from lidl over the algae and miss and leave it and it kills it . Dave
  2. The speed limits dropped here in the oil crisis in the 70s and never went back from 70 60 and 50 . I would not be at all surprised in the future to see motorways drop to 60 as it has been discussed before a few times to reduce emissions .
  3. I would not use a awning this weather unless your prepared to dry it out when you get home usually they need laying out in a garage to dry as they go mildewy if packed away . Just concentrate on setting up the caravan the first time and enjoy it . Bonded to inform the site if you don't put up a awning . Dave
  4. BF for my MH from Poole is about 455 return and the same times on shuttle are about 200 return . Dave
  5. As said the cheap F&S MCBs are a common problem . At one time caravan accessory shops used to keep double pole replacements on their shelves with the replacement gas regulators . Dave
  6. You can still get the pre tax models unregistered until the new models come along in the 2020 models but are drying up . I know someone that bought a new 60k motorhome this week to beat the new models and new tax .
  7. Had this type of system although a Salus iT500 for a few years and it is Handy while out and makes you lazy controlling the heating without getting up on mobile and tablet . Dave
  8. If less people are prepared to pay 4500 pound in VED the secondhand vehicles will be in short supply and not cheap ? Dave
  9. It is getting difficult to buy a new larger 4x4 and prestige tow vehicles that are listed price under 40k . Are not only the motorhome sales effected but also larger caravans ?
  10. I wonder how much the electric bill has increased with owners plugging in their hybrid vehicles all night charging them ? Dave
  11. I would think the size of aerial in the Mifi unit and the phone would make a difference as phones are more compact ? Dave
  12. I think your find Suncamp do a optional rear pole set at about 20 quid or less that will push the rear padding tight against the body of the caravan . Usually there are a pocket at the top for the pole to go into then a adjustable bottom to the pole and Velcro straps to hold the porch material to the pole . Dave
  13. I always inform my insurance of optional extras as they need insuring or they will not cover them . Dave
  14. If you have not informed them then they have a legal right to invalidate any full comp claim as the risk has changed . Did they not ask of any modifications to the vehicle when you insured it ? Insurance is usually term a modification added since the vehicle left the factory .
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