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  1. When I looked at buying a new Grand Cherokee SRT a few years ago I found you can't get a towbar because of their exhaust system .
  2. The Chinese have researched and put out a report that because younger population do not have much effect from the virus they develope minimal anti bodies so they can still easily catch the virus again . Our own medical officers have admitted if this is fact then a vaccine and herd immunity will not work . Until we get a idea of a cross section of the population on antibodies with a new unknown virus . Dave
  3. Until we produce a antibody test in large numbers for resistance they don't know how much immune resistance is produced when somebody has had the virus a vaccine might not be the answer . It is all trial at the moment . Dave
  4. Making a mask might be a better option for NHS front line workers than being told to share ? Dave
  5. I saw this vlog the other day from a doctor interesting information .
  6. More information vlog from Greg on travel forms and permits for border crossings and travelling .
  7. The Mot tester will touch nearly every button and lever and handle every seat belt and breath over the inside . My vehicle will be Sorn if the government does not make an allowance on the Mot for cars .
  8. A report of reseach into immune suppression in China from the virus I read said that because a majority of the population show very little effect the amount of resistance built up in the body is minimal . The conclusion from the report was that all precautions should be made not to catch it again . Dave The article I read used " survived "which to me says still alive ?
  9. I read tonight that they are finding live virus on the ship in Japan 17 days after the last effected passengers had left the ship . Dave
  10. I know from the forums anyone travelling back to UK with a dog it can be difficult to find a vet that has not gone into lock down in France and consider worming essential to open .
  11. I read Police are depleting at the moment with sickness and a possible call out to retired officers to return to the force . Dave
  12. This servicing issue is going to effect all 70+ owners in general as they are being isolated and caravan needing servicing and also cars needing a Mot and being Sorn then . Allowances will need to be made ? Dave
  13. I have posted this video as it contains current info from Greg Virgoe who is being kicked out of Portugal. A bit of previous history is a few weeks ago he was going to stay in a isolated spot then the police rounded them up and packed everyone together in car parks and they was told they could not leave their vans .
  14. They knew this was going to happen it was only when and a report estimated a Coronavirus pandemic would kill 65 million in 18 months . They as in our government had Cobra meetings with preparations and planning two years ago with all manner of different situations including using the steel works ovens so they are not totally caught out . The problem with this MK 2 SARS virus is it's contagiousness being asymptomatic and the speed of travel against the MK 1 SARS version in 2004 in Hong Kong . Dave
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