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  1. How often do you see people uncoil the cable off the drum then coil up the excess in nice tight coils and throw it under the caravan or motorhome ? Dave
  2. Why they don't just stick it on the fuel like everyone I know has said would make it fairer as people that use the roads everyday would pay more than the old person only using their car once a week to go shopping and also make the foreign vehicles pay as we pay enough on their tolls ? Dave
  3. I still can't see how penalising the general public in buying Euro 6 engines with a tax on the 40k in the ved helping lower emissions . Dave
  4. I would try a specialist company for information . https://www.roseawnings.co.uk/#1501121731124-1cf32349-e13b
  5. As said I would check the inside corners and under flooring with a meter as usually damp in corners and rot is a leaking awning rail . Dave
  6. Best option is to use car skates under one of the axle wheels which will still share the load but make moving easier . I used to turn mine using this method with pair of skates . Dave
  7. Tryes and suspension are designed to share the loading on the two axles and a caravan with 1800 kg Mtplm will have roughly two 1000 kg maximum axles . I know my Crusader at 2000 kg had two axles at 1050 kg maximum and 560 kg tyres . If you have a puncture the load is still carried on the deflated tyre Dave
  8. As said you need to make sure when ordering towbar electrics that you specify it is for a caravan and you want it fully wired as just road lights now are now 13 pin plugs on trailers . Just asking for a 13 pin socket is no guarantee so you need twin electrics and 13 pin socket . Dave
  9. Check the weight plate on the car usually in the door pillar to get the legal weights by subtracting the second largest (gvw) from the largest (mtw) . Dave
  10. Make sure the pin engage before you turn the 90 degrees as the plug can go out of alignment but green tools are available to correct them . Dave
  11. I leave mine permanently connected for weeks if I'm away as we are connected to it . Dave
  12. I think there might be a few fans that might buy then but I think they have missed the boat as did nobody explain the people that buy these vehicles are now saving the planet even with a petrol version . Dave
  13. As said shop around but I use 3 data for years now a unlimited package and find on the very rare occasion coverage is reduced in very rural areas but so are the others . If your going to stream then you need a big Data package . My sky box is connected to my Mifi and I download box sets of series which I could never do on 20 gb a month .
  14. As said the walls and bulkheads are usually only thing ply and hollow inside and manufacturers mount wood inside walls ready when they mount tv brackets . 4 kg does not sound a lot but when it is hanging off a wall it acts as a lever on the mount . I have a 32 inch that goes about 4.5 kg on a manufacturer mounted mount and it wobbles quite a bit when pulled out and adjusted . Dave
  15. On a CMC site at the moment in the Cotswolds and the motorhomes are far more numbered than caravans . I think in the future we will see more of these light telescopic type caravans that close up the road then expand once on site and more carbon fibres in the chassis and body . Dave
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