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  1. Surely you would set the dish up in anticipation that someone would pitch a caravan on the pitch ? It does not take long to move a dish . How big is the dish ? I have set a dish up on a tripod in the next field before now on a site and run the 75 m cable through and along a hedge to miss a tree . Dave
  2. I use cc sites and at the moment 28 th night away on this tour and covered 8 club sites so far . I use my Mifi as the Smart TV is not so smart without internet and Sky box as you say it depends on use per year but I expect about 150 + nights away this year so it gets good use . As an example before Easter I stayed on a site in S Wales for 26 nights that was £120 cheaper than cc and a service pitch excellently kept and free wi-fi at 56 gb. The cc still have a long way to go . Dave
  3. As said draw bars are rated hence as said you can have a 150 kg hitch but the caravan has a manufacturers nose weight max of 100 kg . Dave
  4. I have seen various videos posted over the last few months . Example here from Travel trolls Dan and Maz a couple of months ago that had a local kicking off when there was nobody around to be seen in low season in a isolated spot . I stayed at Sango Sands this time last year and dog loved the beach and we love the Chocolate factory .
  5. New Glamping pod ? Different but it is taking damp to a whole new level . I have slept in my boat that size while on a trailer and on the road . Dave
  6. http://www.three.co.uk/Discover/Devices/Huawei/E5573bs-322_4G_Mobile_Wi-Fi?memory=0&colour=White
  7. The mass of the caravan can not exceed the plated Mtplm of 1854 kg .
  8. Have you considered a pickup ? They are becoming very popular for towing large caravans and with a hardtop for the rear has a huge carrying capacity for kit . Dave
  9. They restrict any sites that use large amounts of data . That's why I use a 3 mifi as I can use 20gb in a few days and have unlimited contract for £22 . Dave
  10. Just be careful where you park I have read on forums and FB if you are not on a site as locals are revolting against people wild camping in some areas from people being intimidated by local blocking vehicles in and verbal abuse and nails and screws under tyres . Dave
  11. Bit confused any 4x4 vehicle unless newish is going to cost for repairs . Why not buy a newer car for wife commuting and keep the 320 just for towing and your short commute . The thousands pounds you loose changing a vehicle will pay for a few years running and repairs . Dave
  12. Sad news . Only major advice is until fund have cleared in a bank account don't let the caravan go . Caravan finder and eBay is what I use . I take it the warranty is still valid and it has had a full service record . Dave
  13. You could try the garage on the A31 by the the Fish Inn at Ringwood . Where are the 2 you found ? Dave
  14. I would the zips match to zip it in between a OR and Isabella ? Dave
  15. At one time about ten years ago rear panel cracks in the tool corners was thought to be the frame work behind the panei creating stress areas . Dave
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