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  1. CommanderDave

    Distance between pitches

    CMC have asked people not to erect caravans within 6 m of another caravan and 3 m gap for awnings from the next caravan and are approaching awning manufacturers about larger awnings they quoted in their mag last year and I think we might see a purge of checking by wardens and you will be asked to remove a awning or move it if it is inside their restrictions . I have my awnings that are upto 3. 2 m wide but I always need a large pitch for my MH and car and trailer and awning . Dave
  2. CommanderDave

    Travelling to Morocco with caravan

    You just need to be aware down there of your security as Daesh operate in Morroco and need to be vigilant . The murders a few weeks ago of 2 tourists was terrorists linked so you need to check the FO website for updates . I know a few years ago I last planned on going down into Morroco the FO said not to travel unless needed as Isis was operating in the country . Dave
  3. CommanderDave

    towcar suggestions

    Or the Skoda Superb / Octavia. Dave
  4. CommanderDave

    Small petrol SUV recommendations

    I bought the wife a 4WD super car capable of 180 mph and new jet ski but she never used either them so dicided to cancel her life insurance I had taken out . Dave
  5. CommanderDave

    Small petrol SUV recommendations

    Small SUV to me would be a Ford EcoSport or 3008 . Dave
  6. CommanderDave

    Thetford Fridge Freezer Not cooling down

    As said . Dave
  7. CommanderDave

    Route / Site advice req'd - Spain to UK

    Just a reminder that if over 12m for the outfit length your need marker boards on the rear of the caravan for towing in Spain . https://www. hgvdirect. co. uk/caravan-marker-board-kit-ece70-with-adhesive-tape-p-103851. html Dave
  8. CommanderDave

    Distance between pitches

    8m wide pitch = 2. 5m for caravan and 2. 5m for awning = 5m which leaves 3m between the awning and the next caravan . The reason why we have problems having wider caravans and awnings that don't fit and breach rules on some sites . Dave
  9. CommanderDave

    Distance between pitches

    Everyone usually uses 6 m for caravan sides and 3 m for awnings . https://blueskyrecreation. wordpress. com/2015/08/27/spacing-on-camping-pitches-just-what-are-the-rules/ IMO it is more important now than when these figures were first quoted when caravan has sheet metal sides and glass windows as majority are now made with plastic sides and plastic windows . Dave
  10. CommanderDave

    Bailey Pursuit 2 440/4 2017

    Surely it would take a large pan and high gas flame to divert the flame and heat to damage the blind ? Dave
  11. CommanderDave

    Kia sorento Spare wheel

    https://www. tyremen. co. uk/wheels Even if you have to just put one in the boot while towing and cheaper from a wheel supplier than a main dealer . Dave
  12. CommanderDave

    Fuel consumption

    I used to get 28 mpg from my Isuzu Dmax Auto at a steady 55 mph with my 2000 kg Crusader and 42 solo driving steady brimming the tank . Dave
  13. CommanderDave


    Do you mean this type of lock that goes in a hole ? https://www. trailertek. com/trailer-parts/security/hitch-locks/al-ko-hitch-lock-and-safety-ball-for-profi-v-ak301-ak351 Dave
  14. CommanderDave

    roof washing

    Using a pressure wash you need to take into account that the seal are only non setting mastic and only soft and you could blast the mastic apart and create leaks into it . I only use a hose on a low pressure to wash any of my caravans or motorhomes . What ever I wash over with usually a autoglym shampoo I then immediately clean it off the acylic windows with autoglym glass cleaner that is safe on acylic to stop crazing . Dave