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  1. To be technically correct it is cracking in GRP outer skin can just feel them with fingernail
  2. Yes the crazing i believe is caused by stress from the internal clamps. Shall report back with the solution after it has been sorted. Hard to see in the pics but also a slight bulge from inside as if something pushing against the skin.
  3. Well time has flown past and we have had our U3 Madrid for 10 months now and just returned from a 5 week tour of France. Some items to be sorted when it goes in for Service in October but on the whole a pleasant experience. The items to be sorted on ours are as follows. Crazing in GRP skin upper nearside rear. Cracking in chrome on rear push handles ( never used as motor mover fitted ) Bathroom blind to be retensioned replaced under warranty. It wasnt going down and five weeks of putting it up an down around France by hand creased it. ALKO ATC LED to be replaced packed
  4. If wet when i arrived on my previous van, i just used to stand it in shower until awning was up. Then when shower needed could be stood in awning. Just used to roll up put one end in heavy duty bin bag when carrying through van so no drips on van carpet for boss to complain about
  5. Just fitted my Specialised cover. Perfect fit and so easy.
  6. Can only go by what they tell you and if one party says one thing and another something different, which do you believe.
  7. Speaking to Bailey at the show last year they said aluminium covered, same as there website says. I will see if i can get some pics when they sand down to fill cracks. As may be only way to be sure
  8. Yep its a gel outer coat on the aluminium skin as you can see in the picture
  9. Yep had similar on My previous Adria Astella and i couldn't see where that was fixed after it went in. I tried under yellow lights and all the tricks and was a perfect match repair. So expecting the same on this.
  10. I am awaiting finding out results on very similar when our Van goes in for service. Having my holiday for a month in France first, but have brought issue up and highlighted it with dealer and Bailey. On mine it is a Madrid and it is rear nearside top corner. One of the early models before locker and gas point moved. Just a side note on the bailey website it still says the sides are made from Impact resistant 5000 series single sheet aluminium skin. I know in previous catalogues it was 3000 series so may be thinner now to allow for reduced weight Link here http://www. baileyalu-tech
  11. Well done and thanks to OP for bringing this up. Be handy for some and at least with Halfords , you can exchange anywhere in country if a problem does arise.
  12. Well some more little jobs done on the Madrid. After moving it into storage closer to home as my old storage yard decided it was no longer cost effective and gave us all notice to move . Now fitted the battery backup pack for the Alde control unit, also the external thermometer as well. Checked awning channel as well and cleared that out at rear top join, as i hadn't used awning yet but will be next month. Battery staying nicely charged in this fine weather.
  13. Also the type of leveling block being used, I find mine far better on the milenco ones with the pockets at heights. My motor mover seems to like that far better than it did my old fiamma ones.
  14. I am lazy so bought the jockey wheel with built in gauge . Checked on level ground with a seperate gauge, so I know there is a bit discrepancy but keeps me within the ballpark figure.
  15. A happy Madrid owner here with no faults to report after six months of ownership.
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