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  1. Hi Guys, Anyone know the manufacturer of the window blinds on the 2011 Clubmans, I have just has the cord break on one and looking at it it would appear that a grommet was missing in manufacture causing the cord to fray and break. If anyone know who makes them amd any contact detail I may be able to get a grommet and fix it myself. Thanks
  2. My Air 390 has now been up and down 8 times which in general has been during the worst weather I have seen whilst out in the van, it has had two inches of slushy snow on it on the first outing and on 3 occasions has withstood winds that are difficult to stand up in and have caused lesser awnings to be either pulled down or in some cases been blown down. I do believe that the front and rear poles for the draft exclusion are pretty useless, they are too flimsy, just bend away from the van and serve no useful purpose. The other issue with it is that there are no closures at the bottom of either the side doors or the three opening panels on the longer side, so it was rather a challenge keeping the dogs inside it, I have actually now fitted zips at the bottom of the 2 doors and the 3 side openings to keep the dogs in, which actually stops the wind whistling in and makes it much more stable.
  3. "7Iron, i was interested to see your comment on the Rally Air, this was originally my first choice awning, I wanted something quick and easy to put up and take down every weekend as I am seasonal but was wary of leaving a full awning up, i think the lazy gene won me over but I should have stuck to my instincts and will probably opt for the Air this time, is it as quick as Kampa say to put up take down, and would you recommend it?" Davros, re your comment above. The awning is quick to erect, I am not yet convinced that it will be happy on pitches with more than a very gentle slope, it has no closures on the bottom of the 3 front flaps so these blow in and out in the slightest of winds, I am considering putting some zips in myself. With regard to the comments re; use in winds, there is something in the Kampa literature, I cannot get to it right now, think it is the van 35 miles away, but they say it is suitable for moderate weather conditions and not suitable to be left erected on seasonal pitches.
  4. The Kampa Rally Air 390 was solid as a rock, side on to 60mph winds, but did have annoying noises where wind was getting in between the side and the van and through the openings at the bottom of the front flaps. Did actually take it down in the 60mph wind because the noise was keeping us waken. Remarkably easy to take down when you are not messing with poles
  5. Exactly the same at the CC site in Anglesey this week, the warden described it as going back to how it used to be.
  6. Put the 390 up for the 2nd time in Anglesey this week, stood up very well in 60 mph winds, but finally had to take it down due to the noise at the back where air was coming in between the awning and the van, but was happy with the stability of the unit in general. I did buy an electric pump (£9. 99) which said it would pump to 8psi, do not believe it did that but it did put enough air in for the awning to stand up, then put in a further 60 pump stokes to get it firm enough. Did not require any topping up during the 4 nights it was up. Re a previous comment on the capability of the awning on sloping ground, we were on a C Club hardstanding and needed just 30 mm under the offside wheel to bring the van level. When inflated the two outside air tubes bent inwards and could not be straightened, I am concerned about the abilty of the awning to adapt to anything other than a billiard table flat surface. Also I am surprised and concerned that there are no closures under the three front panels or the two side doors so these blow in and out in any wind conditions, make the awning look unfinished and project less than a professional image, believe that these openings were a large part of the reason for the air noise and having to take the awning down. I have asked Kampa o comment on the last two points but as yet have no response.
  7. Have been using 8" Nails with flat repair washers bent in half over the top, driven in with a 1lb claw hammer which also gets them out very nicely. Used them for 7 years now without any casualties.
  8. The 3 sections roll up, the centre one can be supported outwards on veranda poles, but must confess have not either rolled them up or used the veranda yet, but will be on site in 10 days and try it all then.
  9. Have been told by Clwyd Caravans that the lamps only have a 1 yr warranty
  10. I put the 390 up just before the snow a couple of weeks ago, only left it up overnight but did not see any reduction in the pressure, used the hand pump to inflate it, thought that the pressure gauge was pretty useless as it only registered during the pumping stroke of the pump, as it is upstream of the non return valve in the awning so is not exposed to the pressure when the pump is idle and consequently cannot be used to check the static pressure in the awning. Had to pump up a lot more than the inflation videos suggest, the one I saw suggested that a 260 was inflated with 12 double pumping strokes of the hand pump, believe someone is taking a little licence there. I bought a £9. 99 mains pump from ebay which suggests that it will achieve 8psi at 900 l /min, will check the connections out tomorrow and see what if anything has to be done to connect it, then mid April it should be going up again in Anglesey. http://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/380581101388?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984. m1497. l2649#ht_1855wt_746 Will see how it inflates then
  11. Fell out with the selling dealer a long time ago due to gross incompetence, have since moved house and now living 60 miles away from the nearest dealer so only now using them as a last resort.
  12. That is only the 260, but also looks like an abridged version, the 390 certainly took a lot more pump strokes that that !!
  13. Have just had the first outing with the new 390, was out last week and managed to get it down before the snow came. Thoughts about the awning so far. Positives, generally easy to erect, very soild when erected, guy lines permantly attached, pegging quite simple, feels good inside. Negatives, very bulky package, heavier than expected about 23kg, difficult to pass into awning rail (not a 1 person job), sill under each of the openings (need to step over it), challenging to fold after use, will raise a sweat to pump up in the summer. Other than that quite a nice awning.
  14. Hi Folks, I have just had one of these spot lights fail on me, unfortunately it was the one above the bed I use so had to do something about it. Swapped it with one from the front for the time being. However, looking at the lamp, under the white screw off cap there is a curcuit board with the LED mounted in it but nothing that looks as though it could be replaced. Has anyone had one of these fail and have they managed to repair it rather than replacing. Thanks
  15. Thanks Guys, that was quick, trust you did not get too cold out there Dave.
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