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  1. warning points

  2. bartow

    Narrow Roads

    I don't think that's right. I think you had to have someone watching. It might have changed since I did my psv in 1974.
  3. I would like to know the answer to this as well, please.
  4. The time that you are trying to sell is the worst time of the year for selling, whatever time of year it is. It's the same for buying.
  5. Your insurance will claim the cost back from the storage owner if it is his responsibility - whether or not he is insured.
  6. If it's not ridiculously expensive then go for it. I think everything is a plus when cost is taken out of the equation.
  7. Just be thankful it's only mud! And where can you get a van cleaned for only £20?
  8. If you find yourself in this situation, call the insurer and have the Alko discount removed from the policy. They will up the premium for the rest of the year. When you get things fixed, call them again and have the Alko discount reinstated. They will then refund for the balance of the year so you only pay the extra for the time you are not using the Alko. I did this back in September and it cost me about a fiver for three weeks.
  9. I was thinking more of the company which kept me. And still does. Never heard that QANTAS one before!
  10. It would probably be illegal for me to quote the QANTAS one.
  11. Better on a camel Air chance Dutch killem Teeny weeny airlines Pan Demonium Before your time? I once came back from a three months detachment in Bahrein on B Cal. Mini kilts and all! Nuff said. Still raining again in the New Forest.
  12. Dear Better On A Camel This theft of company information is deeply wounding to those of us who slaved long and hard for this company of old. If I could describe to you a stay at the Sun And Sands Hotel at Juhu Beach just outside Bombay you wouldn't be so quick to plagiarise the details of this company. Just remember that the VC10 main spar was milled from solid steel and, like the Argosy, it could carry a full load of ping pong balls from Heathrow to Gatwick WITHOUT STOPPING FOR FUEL! Nevertheless, as a sign of good faith, I am willing to sell you a GENUINE BOAC carry on little suitcase which I have kept for 40 years for just this occasion. It would look fantastic in your new van and is yours for a couple of grand. Grand what is open to discussion.
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