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  1. My caravan battery is in excellent condition. Since mid March I have lived in my touring caravan with a "serviced pitch" 90 miles from my home. Eighteen months ago the charger module of a BCA power supply unit was replaced by a 20 amp BCA charger and the battery has kept in such good condition that I have always been able to use the motor mover when retrieveing from storage after dormant intervals of up to three months. The car battery is also in good condition as it has been recharged by a CTEK smart charge quite recently.
  2. As I understood it at the time, the Kenilworth operation separated from Alcester branch and Coventry branch as the Brown family business seemed to have a mixture of sons/brothers/cousins of the original founders who have subsequently traded semi independently. To my knowledge the Kenilworth operation have retained a number of loyal staff. I am also guessing that the remaining Browns could well be looking to their retirements'
  3. Which in my opinion is a load of Twaddle. They are not subscription paying members neither do they enjoy the same rights as those proper members. Only slightly different proportions. It still amounts to spin IMHO and not becoming of a so-called membership lead organisation.
  4. The open letter is full of spin and loses credibility. There are not 1,000,000 members. There are about 300,000 full members. The million figure is probably borrowed from the government's spin doctors when caiming how many of items of PPE has been supplied and delievered There are nearer 130 club run sites. The so-called 200 club sites are made up of 70 independently owned and run Affiliate sites.
  5. At Christmas 2018 the BCA unit in my 2006 series 5 Bailey Ranger failed having been in use from new. I replaced it with a BCA unit supplied by Bailey's subsiduary parts supplier. It certainly seems to be very efficient at charging the caravan battery. Sometimes months go by with the caravan in storage in between using the caravan. There has always been sufficient power in the battery for me to use the motor mover. I do not know whether or not it is the same as the unit in the OP.
  6. This topic has been discussed on this forum many times over the years. As I understand it Alko, the maker the ATC, don't appear to make any special claims about its effectiveness in the real world.
  7. Once I re-located in mid March in my touring caravan to 90 miles from home I expected to be staying in my caravan at my Daughter and SiL's home for another couple of weeks then locked in was applied. My SiL's father, who is 91 and seems in quite good health to me, has had special protection measures applied to him at his home in a Warwickshire village . This weekend daughter and SiL celebrate their wedding anniversary and SiL's 60th birthday. They were expecting to be at the Hambleton Hall restaurant, some 30 miles from, having a meal with daugter's Father in law as guests of SiL's Mum and Dad to celebrate the birthday. The birthday celebrations had been planned to take place later in the month so that SiL's Irish uncle, who lives in France, could attend with his family. I had booked a pitch at a site two miles away so that I could attend any of the events that chose during a weekend of celebrations. At the end of the month D & SiL were hoping to take delivery of their German made caravan, though the German makers have changed production to respirators. They are unlikely to lose any money as the deposit was paid by credit card. Sadly, the dealer from whom they ordered it may not be so fortunate.
  8. I understood that to qualify for the payments an employer had to able to demonstrate that it was a viable enterprise. From the comments about the company which have appeared on this forum since the demise of the original Lunar-would anyone buy a used car from the South African owner? He appears to putting the blame on his agent/advisers for furlough application being in the doldrums.
  9. I bought a EcoCamel shower head for my caravan, a 2006 series Bailey Ranger, some years ago. It did not appear to increase the duration of a shower and I removed it. I tried it on my shower at home but there was only a two foot head of water. I finally gave it to a friend who had a power shower and there it worked as it said on the tin. I am presently on "locked in" above caravan 90 miles from home, showering every day since 18th March. From the outset I adjusted the mixer tap so that turning on the correct temperature is achieved within seconds. I obviously carry out the caravan shower procedure: wet hair and turn off water, apply shampoo, turn on water and wet body, turn off water and soap body, turn on water and rise body and finally hair. Turn off shower. I estimate that within 15 minutes of leaving the shower it would be available for another similar shower.
  10. That's what I said 25 minutes ago
  11. That's where I got it from. Hence the attribution.
  12. The surrounding bezel seems to be a bayonet fitting. It is removed by holding the body of the fitting and turning the bezel anti clockwise by 5 degrees. That gives access to the halogen bulb which is easily replaced. After replacing the bulb several years ago, for some unknown reason, I did not replace the glass and bezel though replaced the body of the fitting to its correct position. I relocated to the East Midlands from my home 90 miles away in West Cheshire before locked down. I am locked down in my caravan outside my daughter's house presently looking for a roundtuit.
  13. What evidence do you have that the non-entities, in my opinion, are not just "winging it" when they appear at these so called press briefings? They stick strictly to the scripts prepared and rehearsed by government spin doctors. In my opinion, this is the time for the government to be held account. Not wait for an enquiry when it is all over and the ministers responsible are long gone enjoying their spoils of war
  14. Where in Scotland is Loch Down? Alledgelly attributed to Diane Abbott.
  15. My former wife was a bacteriologist and was horrified at the Aberdeen incident. I have never, knowingly eaten Corned beef since though an additional reason was that I didn't like some the preservatives, such as saltpetre, which were used in those days.
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