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  1. If the location of Blackhart's first photo was the Yorkshire coast north of the Humber estuary the Motorhomes would now be in the North Sea.
  2. DeeTee

    Blocking Police Speed Detection

    No gadget needed. Use the Mk 1 Eyeball.
  3. DeeTee

    Mains cable problem

    Perhaps it is time that the whole cable could be replaced due to it being seemingly past its "use by date?"
  4. DeeTee

    Caravan and Motorhome Club - not insurance?

    On the face of it seems to be one "marketing wheeze" too far by the same team which brought members the £1,000,000 name change debacle. No doubt Club members were "consulted"- yea right.
  5. DeeTee

    Welcome pack

    My two year old alledgedly pre-owned Bailey caravan came with an Owner's manual, a quick start guide, manufacturer's manuals for every built in appliance and accessory, including separate Truma Trumatic, Truma Ultraheat, and Truma Ultrastore all contained in a Bailey canvas folder. In a separate sales folder were security device leaflets, CMC and CMC&C leaflets, NT leaflets and a 10% off voucher for purchases from the delaer's shop. Do new caravans come with a Welcome pack? If yes, what does it contain.
  6. DeeTee

    Truma ultraheat issue

    Guess what I have found in my caravan user manuals collection. My 2006 Bailey caravan, and presumably most if not all Bailey caravans, came with two separate user manuals. One manual for the Truma Trumatic gas powered room heater and one for the Truma Ultraheat. Depending on model the room heater hasa range from 3. 4KwH to 502KwH output. The Ultraheat ranges from 0. 5KwH to 2KwH output.
  7. DeeTee

    Reversing with movers

    I follow Powrwheel recommendations when using a manual PowrTouch mover. Unhitch caravan with the caravan brake on. Power up the mover and handset. Check mover function. Manually apply the mover drive wheels. Release caravan brake. Operate mover.
  8. DeeTee

    Truma ultraheat issue

    What do Truma know. Anyone who cares to read Truma's product information will gfind that for some markets the Truma Ultraheat can be used independantly of the gas room heater.
  9. DeeTee

    Truma ultraheat issue

    What do Truma know-eh? Oh sorry they are experts so can be ignored on this forum, experts often arew.
  10. DeeTee

    Truma ultraheat issue

    Truma Ultraheat is an additional electric heater for caravans.
  11. DeeTee

    Motor Mover Isolator Switch Install

    The kill switch key is kept in the battery tray.
  12. DeeTee

    Motor Mover Isolator Switch Install

    I seem to recall that a punch and die was used, though I don't know the size. When I installed the aerial cable extension I was able to borrow one from a mate who was an auto electrician. See below.
  13. DeeTee

    Motor Mover Isolator Switch Install

    Mover manufacturers often in their fitting instructions advise to fit the isolator switch where it will prevent the user from operating the mover when the caravan is connected to EHU. Please note the mover fitter did not take into consideration the position of the aerial cable which I had installed previously. Whilst fitting the isolator in the position isn't the crime of the century it is quite awkward and inconvenient when trying to connect and disconnect the EHU cable.
  14. DeeTee

    First time insurer

    Except when pitches are hardstanding.
  15. DeeTee

    First time insurer

    The pitches on the site to which I referred could by no stretch of the imagination be described as a seasonal pitches.