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  1. Mine too. On Saturday last my usual less than three hour journey from Oxfordshire took much longer than usual. I set off much later than usual on my normal route home. When motorway signs indicated long delays on the M6 on my route I diverted and turned off the M42 to avoid the M6 Toll which was of no use to me. At this stage darkness had fallen and the Smart SatNav was showing that I was heading towards Lichfield and the distance to travel was increasing beyond 90 miles. When I realised that the SatNav was in error I was able to turn off into a quiet residential road where I changed the destination to home. I was routed via A5 Watling street towards Telford though occasionally I missed the odd roundabout and had negotiate some back streets to bring me back on route. I finally arrived home after nearly five hours driving. The lower part of my body nearly collapsed when trying to exit the car. As for climbing the stairs to my first floor flat-it was agony. Before leaving it took me two hours to change a wheel on the caravan for the spare wheel. I was badly let down on Friday by an AWS member who failed to carry out the task.
  2. I didn't think that joanie's post referred to a trial as it seemed to refer to a specific cc site. My experience when choosing a pitch at the Normansfield court Battle was almost surreal. I was told by the warden to park the outfit below the reception and walk round the to choose a pitch. Families who had checked in before me were individually standing guard on a selection of pitches to deter others from choosing one of their selected until the family came to a concensus choice. With several groups operating in this way it was a nightmare to choose a pitch for newcomers especially myself who was touring solo.
  3. The Cirencester park at a glance states Touring 211 Camping 0 Pods 0. To my knowledge almost half of the pitches are grass pitches. As I have never in many years not been able to choose a hardstanding I had forgotten that the protocol when checking is to choose a pitch a from those available. I was third person to check in when the Burrs site opened on St Patricks Day 2006. See photo below. There was mixture grass and hardstanding pitches. The grass pitches were so boggy that they were quickly closed and later converted to H/S.
  4. joanie Which Club site? Can you supply a link please? DeeTee
  5. Mateleodave I had completely forgotten that I had booked a pitch at the site ten days ago. This explains why the operator knew my booking details. I had not ticked the T&Cs box to confirm the booking which explains why it was still showing on my monitor. You are also correct in the first come first served protocol. I must have been fortunate that I have always been able to choose a hardstanding for many years. DeeTee Alan I must have been very lucky to get a hardstanding pitch for as long as I can remember though hardstanding pitches have increased in number in more recent years. I have also realised that larger sites which have both grass and hardstanding pitches close the grass pitches during Winter. DeeTee
  6. Fullsome apologies. The magic bit untrue. I have just discovered that I booked the site ten days Moderators please delete topic
  7. The CMC formerly known as Prince aka cc appear to have changed both their site information page and the site booking pages. The site information shows a site which I wanted to book as having only Standard pitch with Awning and Standard pitch without awning. There is no information about the number of pitches of different types. The current (2019/2020) Club Sites Directory and Handbook shows Standard grass pitches, Standard hardstanding pitches and Seasonal pitches but again no numbers for the different types. I telephoned the Club to ask how I could book a hardstanding pitch at the site. The customer service operator offered to make the booking for me which I declined and persisted with my original enquiry. The operator then advised me that I could make a booking and put in a special request for a hardstanding pitch on the online booking form. I then attempted to book a hardstanding pitch at the site but found I only had a choice of Standard pitch with Awning and Standard pitch without awning. I again called the Club and found I was speaking to the same operator. I asked where I could find the special requests section on the booking form. I was then told that booking form for operators was different to the online booking form for the punters/customers members. HERE COMES THE MAGIC The operator then asked if I would like her to amend my booking? Although I had attempted to make a booking I hadn't completed the form and certainly had not sent it as it was was still on my monitor. The operator told me the dates of my booking. How did she do that? I have not had confirmation of my supposed booking but it appears that there is a hidden request in the form which the operator sent to the site. It now appears that I will only be able to request a hardstanding pitch when I arrive at the site as it depends on the whim of the warden. I still have no explanation as to how the the club was able to see my booking details which I never sent and never received a booking confirmation.
  8. It seems to me that had my tug been one year younger, that is >2010, it would not need TOWBAR CONFIGURATION.
  9. Some years ago, at the suggestion of a local dealer, I seem to recall that I changed the Cascade/Truma water inlet socket and fitted a Whale EP 1642 Truma compatible "pistol grip" to the inlet hose/pump assembly. During the Christmas holiday last year the water pump was inadvertently left on for at a least half an hour when the Aquaroll was empty. The pump was switched off and water added to the Aquaroll. When the pump was switched on after half an hour and a tap turned on although the pump light was glowing there was no sound from the pump and no water flowed. The tap and pump were switched off and it was left overnight in the off positions. The following morning, much to my surprise, when the pump was switched on it ran for a few seconds and then the light went out, presumably when the system reached the appropriate pressure. Ever since the water system has operated correctly. It seems to me that the assembly may be fitted with a thermal cut-out which re-connected when cool but the Whale pages do not indicate this ? I have considered carrying a spare pump assembly in case of future problems. The Whale website indicates that the pump can be replaced but I cannot find any further details about how this can be carried out. Has anyone on the forum experienced a similar problem or fitted a new pump?
  10. Thanks. As I did not have the wiring looms installed I do not know how much electrickery was involved in connecting to the CANBUS.
  11. When I bought a pre-owned 2010 VW Passat Highline+ TDI 170 estate last October it came with a towbar and a wiring harness fitted. The previous owner gave me a copy of the invoice for the installation which showed that a basic dedicated PF Jones after market wiring harness had been installed. As I required the supplementary wiring added I took the car to the tow bar company who had fitted the tow bar and harness for them to add the appropriate harness. Before adding the harness the company checked the 13 pin socket and discovered that the supplementary connections were already there though there is no visual evidence that there is a permanent feed from the vehicle's battery. After first towing a caravan I found that the tug seems to charge the battery whilst towing, though I have not been able to check if the fridge is operating durinng towing. Examination of the wiring diagram shows that the permanent feed is picked up from the fuse box. Does anyone know if the above vehicle has CANBUS fitted?
  12. Ray The locker door assembly in your photo does not include the infill panel which I believe is a separate item which should match the caravan colour. DeeTee
  13. Three years ago the lock on my 2006 series 5 Bailey Ranger malfunctioned. I dismantled the lock and saved, as I thought, the components to attempt to rebuild the mechanism. The cost of a replacement locker door being approximately £180. A local caravan repair company attempted to repair the lock but abandoned the attempt as one component was missing. As far I am aware I believe that the repair company did not remove the door to attempt the repair. Since then the locker door has been secured by Gaffa tape. I have since found the missing part but as the repair company is 130 miles from the storage site. As to the replacement of the toilet locker door on your Olympus I believe that the toilet locker door frame is secured to the caravan's frame and embedded in sealing compound.
  14. I had negotiated that junction many times with different tow cars in the past. It was the first time with a recently acquired tug. The day after the Boxing day incident I was able to Talk on the phone to Powrwheel's duty technical support. From my description of the incident he roughly estimated that a repair would cost circa £110. I sent photos and returned to site at his request to take more photos with the cover removed. I was unable to remove the cover as it was trapped by the badly damaged Hex. A few days ago I received a pro-forma from Powrwheel for £162, which included a call out charge of £58 as the mover was just out of the five year warranty. I am now waiting for contact from the designated contractor.
  15. My breakdown responder was unable to loosen it off and even when on site I could not loosen it off and am awaiting repairs.
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