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  1. I thought that UK's membership of EU automatically gave membership of Schengen. Perhaps after Brexit the UK will have to re-apply ? The electronic system is not due to come on sream until 2021.
  2. They certainly Talk the Talk but not sure that they can walk the walk. The current Aquisitions pipeline shows a number of UK revenue producing companies with a total revenue of £722,000,000 . There is no indication of how these acquisitions are financed. Despite this the only LLP which has been created created is the Robinsons.
  3. According to the Companies House register the two new, or more recent, directors of Robinsons Caravans Limited as of 20 May 2019, are named as the partners who seem to be running Saalbach Equities. Furthermore a limited liability partnership named Robinsons Caravans Partnership LLP was set up with the same partners as above in June 2019
  4. Having read much of the Saalbach Equities website, apart from their stated aim to acquire SME companies, it is not clear what they intend or are doing with their acquisitions. It does not seem to be registered at Companies House and the two "partners" seem to operate from Cyprus. There is mention, or indications on the website that it may be finanaced in Asia. Currently they are seeking to recruit a PA who will work from home. presumably running the whole organisation. Perhaps they will acquire the assets but not the liabilities of companies in administration?
  5. I seem to recall that a bunch of former car salesmen hoovered up established, and often family owned, caravan dealers set up Discovery. They proclaimed that they would make the caravan dealer sector much more efficient and more like the motor vehicle sales sector. I was very disappointed with the service which was carried out by the Discovery owned former Harringtons family business at Delamere and I exchanged correspondence with Morrow wihout success. I did not continue with the correspondence when it became evident to me that they were asset stripping the Delamere site. Discovery group seemed to be operating from a site in the north east.
  6. I should have also said that I use the same de-greasing cleaning procedure on my gas cooker at home.
  7. Heavy duty micro cloths. I always clean my hob with aforesaid cloths just before I take the 'van to storage, in addition to the occasional wipe after cooking. I bring the cloths home for washing between trips.
  8. DeeTee


    Many other drivers, in a wide variety of vehicles, have overtaken me but as they are travelling faster than my vehicle I have never felt that they have "cut in front of a caravan for no reason" The overtaking vehicles pass in front of the towing vehicle, having already overtaken the caravan but have not caused me to take any form of evasive action other than occasionally take my foot off the throttle to increase the distance between the two vehicles if needed.
  9. A government Agency would have more credibilty if they didn't quote modified Press releases from spin doctors.
  10. Your evidence is? Or is it your speculation or opinion?
  11. DeeTee

    A cycle ride tale

    Get yourselves recumbent bikes which have seats with backrests. I used to ride 10,000 miles a year on a recumbent bike and I also rode 1000 miles in 12 days for charity.
  12. A note of warning to softee southerners, it often rains in North Wales sometimes with storm force winds. It can be even worse in Spring, Autumn and Winter. DeeTee - only just 35 miles outside Bala.
  13. Having had the models from Mk 1 to Mk 5 it was always thus named in our house. When I worked for a national chain of photographic dealers in the late 1960s one Mk 2 estate allocated to me had Yale locks on all doors and tailgate plus a burglar alarm.
  14. The DVLA, a Government agency, is publishing as NEWS press releases from the spin doctors of the CMC and the NCC- the trade protection racket of the caravan manufacturing trade. They appear to have overlooked the fact that the holiday season is now in full swing.
  15. In 1968 I hired a Sprite Musketeer, which I towed with a Ford Concertina estate car, and took my family on a tour of North Wales.
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