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  1. I replaced the charging unit on a BCA in a 23006 series 5 Bailey Ranger early in the New Year. There was no sign of a fan in the unit.
  2. In your scenario the caravan, due to operator error, has already been detached by the driver. The driver failed to detach the breakaway cabl.e FYI I have broken one breakaway cable after unhitching due to operator error-as above. I have also broken a cable by failing to hitch the caravan correctly- another operator error.
  3. Did the engineer take the caravan for a test tow with your towing vehicle? What is the average speed or distance for the solo journey?
  4. Not all single carriageway roads are safe to drive solo in excess of 50mph.
  5. Most SatNavs known to me will route the user down narrow tracks and difficult bends if the device is also set to Quickest or Shortest route.
  6. I have one of the above devices which I used with a NetBook with a 20Gb three 3 sim card until it expired a couple of months ago. I was away in my caravan at the time and as it expired close to me leaving I did not attempt to renew or find another means of buying data. I have been unable to find a means of topping up for a one off payment as before. The device would only be used intermittently when away in the caravan and I estimate that I would only use it for about a year before I buy another means of communication. Can anyone please advise as would like to use from Thursday?
  7. What on earth is Hydrogen Dioxide? HO2 does not exist.
  8. Them Eengleesh come over here with their caravans, intefere with our well founded way of life which was established by Napleon and they then expect to rent a pich on a site where there are no other caravans within 100 yards / metres (invented by Napoleon-perhaps?) Bleeding incomers. Generators running all night within a gnat's whisker of an occupied casravan is part of our cultuture.
  9. I seem to recall that the Facebook page was set up by an Eterniti owner and is, or was, restricted to owners. This search reveals that the OP of this topic does not seem to have posted since 2017 but there is much information about the Eterniti.
  10. Chill John-you're on holiday. Watch your blood pressure.
  11. Doesn't surprise me. When I studied organic chemistry, back in the day, I learned that due to the different boiling points liquid propane will covert to a gas down to -42C. On the other hand liquid butane will continue to be in liquid state, and useless for use on a caravan appliances, at -4C.
  12. You should only wear your bare skin on such occasions.
  13. Perhaps the answer lies in Smart meters and WiFi? Surplus electrical energy is detected by a user's Smart meter and fed through wireless technology directed to EVs on the highway who are running low on fuel. There may be a few teething problems but nothing that the combined knowledge of the CT forum can argue about in perpetuity. Returning to the OP the sites who provide "free" EHUs should set them to 10 amps.
  14. Oh dear. Thats sounds very much like the symptoms I found when leaving the last site I stayed at before taking my 2006 series five Bailey Ranger to storage. There was also water on the ground outside close to the O/S wheel. I did not pay attention to it as I had been delayed when draining down and preparing to leave. Something to look forward to when on my next visit in late June.
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