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  1. DeeTee


    Suggested amendment. Delete "cheerfully" substitute "boastfully"
  2. DeeTee

    Cabin fever.

    Contrary to the Sun's sensationalism it wasn't a fine it was a penalty charge for breaching the terms and conditions of the car park. The driver may also been in breach of the T&Cs by parking a commercial vehicle in a car park.
  3. As far I am aware caravan servicing is not a mandatory requirement for caravan owners.
  4. Having myself experienced a fault in a similar connector there seems to be no reason why it should have been picked up on a caravan service. As Stevan has indicated above these joining connectors are widely used by caravan makers to link pre-made wiring looms. The Truma ultraheat ceased to function and was traced to a burnt out connector.
  5. I would hazard a guess that the average caravan owner or user on reading that sentence would be unaware that the power supply (unit?) reduces mains 230V to 12V and also rectifies the alternating current to direct current.
  6. DeeTee

    Buying a caravan and PDI legalities?

    I seem to remember when new caravans were offered for sale plus delivery charges. Sometimes, in the past, a dealer would absorb the charges and offer the caravan at the equivalent of RRP excluding the delivery charge. At some point the PDI charge was bundled with the delivery charge at around £500. Some dealers, like the dealer from whom I bought a pre-owned caravan which carried a PDI charge, wash and polish the 'van before collection and during the preparations for collection test each and every system. When I collected the 'van all systems working and I was given a detailed explanation and demonstration of everything. It is now nine years since I collected the caravan and, with exception of the 12S cable wearing down to the conductors through contact with the road which was rectified by the dealer, I have had no reason to complain on this forum. It is highly likely that a pre-owned caravan did not need a PDI, in which case I could be seen as having wasted my money.
  7. I am intrigued by the suggestion, from some contributors, that it is OK to use a MM when the caravan is connected to the mains. On arrival at a site with my caravan it is not connected to the pitch's EHU until the after the caravan has been sited with either the MM or manoevered by the towing vehicle. Similarly, when leaving a site the power cable is disconnected from the EHU long before hitching to the tug.
  8. It certainly does on my caravan because it is impossible plug in the mains power cable, when the mover is operating so is unable to replenish the charge.
  9. DeeTee

    Twin Axle Questions

    It's a long since I saw a private motorist changing a tyre at the roadside. After passing my driving test in 1955 I had to remove the wheel from Dad's 1937 Jowett 8 car, remove the tyre and inner tube. I then had to take the tube for a vulcanised repair to a tyre shop. When I had a punctured tyre on my single axle I jacked up the caravan using a Kojak jack and took the complete wheel to a tyre fitter who replaced the tyre with a new one having declared the punctured one irrepairable.
  10. Motor movers are powered by a healthy well charged caravan battery. Mover manufacturers discourage the use of the battery charger to power the mover when connected to mains supply. Powrwheel deliberately position and fit the Kill switch to make it impossible to plug in the mains cable at the same time.
  11. DeeTee

    Twin Axle Questions

    That will enable someone to change the wheel which is raised off the ground. What it does not appear to allow is for someone to change the TYRE (TIRE)
  12. DeeTee

    Twin Axle Questions

    I would like to see a demonstration of changing tyres with the above FleaBay item. Doesn't seem to do what it is claimed. It may be possible to change a caravan wheel with a ramp.
  13. DeeTee

    Water ingress annoyance

    Condensation can be quite common dependent on weather or atmosperic conditions. When condensation appears it is quite usual to soak up the excess moisture and ventilate the caravan.
  14. DeeTee

    Vacuum cleaner

    I have had a cylinder model Electrolux 65 since 1965. It was originally used in the home through several house moves. Then it was used in my business office for seven years. From 1974 it has been used both in my caravan and in my flat.
  15. DeeTee

    Water ingress annoyance

    When, during the first service, damp was detected in my two year old pre-owned caravan the dealer suggested that I could continue to use my caravan until it was mutually convenient for the repairs to be carried out. The repair involved replacing the rear panel. It is seven years since the repair and there is no sign of damp, despite the caravan being used throughout the year and stored out of doors. I am surprised that the dealer did not suggest that the caravan could be used until the repair was scheduled.