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  1. I have not yet booked anywhere for the ten days of the Christmas ending on 27th December for two adults. The original outline was to spend two nights at a small commercial site, six nights at a cc site followed by two nights at the commercial site. The commercial site, which is open all year, charges £20 a night with free WiFi. The charges for the cc vary between £16.55 a night and £30.20 during the ten days. Ten nights at the commercial site would cost £200. Four nights at the commercial site with six nights at the cc site would cost £254.15. The whole ten nights at the cc site would cost £267.65, before the price rise. Curiously, to me, is the fact that the weekend before Christmas the charges would £30.20 per night when the charges for Christmas would be £24.30.
  2. A now retired Auto-electrician friend of mine used to specialise in wiring Rally cars. Whenever he needed assistance, due to arthritis, he would call me in to operate a similar Battery Terminal crimping tool. With experience gained from working with him on building wiring looms somewhere at the bottom of my toolbox I expect to find my, unused for many years Snap-on Wire cutting & crimping tool.
  3. We lived north of Manchester and many adjustments were carried near Bowden in Cheshire.
  4. Who needs synchromesh? There is nothing wrong with double de-clutching. It was mandatory on many of the vehicles which I drove when I was 21. Prior to the 1937 8hp Jowett on which I learned to drive Dad had a selection of other pre-war vehicles many of which did not have synchromesh. One exception was a mid 1930s Lanchester, made by the Daimler company and incorporating many of the company's engineering inovations. This vehicle had a fluid flywheel and a pre-selector gearbox. Dad worked a six day week and was only able to carry out adjustments on Sundays. Many times when taking the family to the seaside on Sunday Dad would pull into a side road within half an hour of leaving home to adjust the tappets while me and sister explored the locality.
  5. Having learned to drive and passed my driving test in 1955 on a 1937 8hp Jowett, when I was 21 I was serving in the RAF. I was posted to a Mobile Field Photographic Section which comprised 40 vehicles. Everyone in the section who held a civilian licence, regardless of trade, had to undergo a two week driving school course. During the course I was taught to drive a 3.5 tonne Magirus truck, A Ford Koln 3.5 tonne water bowser and 51 foot long artic mobile darkrooms.
  6. From the information available it seems to run by Rotherham Council as an adjunct to the adjacent Rother Valley Country park. The tariff shows extra charges for awnings and and pets, though the charges are for two people regardless of age. This makes a stay there rather expensive to solo travellers. One of the main complaints in the visitors comments is the algae growing in the lake, one camper commenting that it would prevent their dogs from swimming in the lake.
  7. More properly known as the Abbey Church of St Mary the Virgin Tewkesbury - Wikipedia trumps Google.
  8. The cc did not and does not have any competition. The only other Club, which is smaller in size, takes in campers which the cc does not.
  9. Swift and Truma would be inclined to cite safety reasons and probably also legal reasons for not using gas to cool the fridge when towing. The caravan fridge could be powered, when towing, by 12v electrickery supplied through pin 10 of a 13 pin socket.
  10. On the distribution manifold in my Bailey Ranger, which provides gas to cooker, hob, grill and gas heater, the on positon for each individual gas tap is at right angles to the supply tube.
  11. HD Please try not to run before you can walk. I suggest that you master the water filling and draining from advice you have given above. The yellow lever/switch is normally known as the drain down valve and should be in the off position when filling the water system, including the Alde boiler. If you work methodically when filling the system as has been suggested above you should be able tick the imaginary box marked "Filling the system" before you attempt to heat any water, though that precaution isn't necessary with an Alde hot water and heating system though it essential with other hot water systems as it could lead burning the heating element. However, I suggest that the next thing to acquire competence in is draining the water system. Draining the system is not mandatory but if you drain the system before you leave a site you reduce the risk of algae developing in the pipework and reduce the risk of the system freezing in Winter. To drain down the system first pump any excess of hot water through a water tap into the waste water container until there is only cold water running into the sink, then close the tap and switch off pump. At this stage I place a container, such as a wash up bowl, under the caravan in line with the yellow drain down valve. This optional though if no collection container is placed there any water drained will empty on either the hard standing or grass. Open all taps and put drain down valve in an upright position. When water stops running to the ground you will have drained the system. I then dispose of the water collected in the container and then always leave the drain down valve open. In Winter any residue water in the pipes could freeze and it has been known for frozen pipes to burst . There are alternative methods of draining the water system which sometimes bicycle pumps or other gadgets.
  12. The first photo shows a site I have been visiting since 2004 when it was a CL The second photo shows the same pitch 14 years later in 2018 when the site had been operating as an Affiliated site of the cc for a number of years. The hedge provides a wild life haven with a nesting and roost for a variety of birds. The hedge also protects the small birds from raptors such as Buzzards and Sparrow hawks which frequently over fly the site. The hedge provides a sound and wind barrier The pitch is not overlooked and does not provide a shortcut for man nor beast to encroach. Any neighbours who do not wish to fraternise with me do not need to and likewise if anyone wants chat with me they can do. When I book to stay at the site I often find on arrival that it has been reserved for me.
  13. DeeTee

    Loo night visit

    I like the double entendre of MOTION OPERATED
  14. The female, according to GMP Thameside North, has only been arrested "on suspicion of" a series of alleged offences. She has neither been charged nor taken before the courts. IMHO there is a good chance that she will only be convicted of the drug driving alleged offence.
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