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  1. In my younger days during WW2 the retort to anyone complaining about certain deprivations, was "don't you know there's a war on?" During that war holiday camps, like Butlins, were requisitioned for the war effort. As the present pandemic is being known as war against Corid-19 virus, perhaps the caravan parks should be requisitioned for the use of those who are fortunate enough to recover? Each receovered patient could be allocated one unit in order to comply with social distancing.
  2. Tina2047 You would say that, wouldn't you? What you have not done answer the question? "Is that an essential journey?" FYI have been isolated in my touring caravan since 18 March in front of the garage of my daughter's house 90 miles from my home. During lockdown, because I am 83 years old must stay in the caravan and I am not allowed to move beyond the curtilage of the house and even then practice social distancing. This afternoon we were on the patio more than ten feet apart from each other. That is what I am doing for the NHS.
  3. I was not disappointed as I did not doubt the security. What I was questioning was using number plate recognition to justify the use of the vehicle when we are locked down. Is that an essential journey?
  4. Tina2047 You appear to be using the car for a non essential journey-number plate recognition indeed. On an allotment near me the individual allotment tenants have deemed each individual plot to be a separate entity which can only be occupied by no more than two close family members at the same time.
  5. They went down the pub and totally failed to come to any logical conclusion.
  6. I have lots of tips though it would diverge from the topic of battery "Angst". I did think of starting a topic about my experiences while self isolating in a touring caravan but did not think it appropriate to use the forum as a sort of blog. If it were a discussion topic I guess the the usual suspects or no alls would tell me what I should have done. Although not a tip, yesterday I used the last of the food which I brought with me at the start of this project. I brought with me rather more fresh and frozen food than I would normally stock when doing ordinary touring. I am a year round caravanner and living at home when buy and store foodstuffs for my caravanning trips. With exception of on Sunday dinner kindly provided by my daughter, I have cooked and eaten a variety of meals from Sweet and Sour stir fry with noodles to 48 day aged Shorthorn sirloin steak, bought from Morrrisons near my home for £7, baby potatoes, carrots, fried onion and asparagus. Other meals have been chicken and Asparagus rissoto. Chicken and assorted vegetables. Yesterday I had Salmon fillets (from frozen, bought from my local Morrsions for thre packs of two fillets for £10. For puddings I have fresh or stewed fruit with Yogurt. The stewed fruits are Apple, pear, rhubarb (with cinnamon and ginger) and plums stewed in wine. I have also "knitted" yogurt but it only yielded 20%. I reckon the foodstuffs I brought with me cost £35 and I spent another £7 for milk etc. With apologies for going Off Topic DeeTee
  7. DeeTee

    Hose length

    Shipbroker, A highly respected and late lamented member of this forum, whose caravan was destroyed by a BBQ fire would probably advise against BBQs
  8. I have been self isolating in my touring caravan since 18 March and am now locked down outside my daughters house in the East Midlands which is 90 miles from my home in West Cheshire. The above was in response to a post in this topic about using a caravan to self isolate. The caravan battery in this caravan is more than five years old. When not the caravan is not in use it is stored 130 miles from my home. The battery is never charged between trips. When I collect it from storage, regardless of duration of storage, there is enough power in the battery to enable me to use the motor mover to hitch up.
  9. My memory pre-virus was of the B***** word hostility
  10. I wonder how many CT members are aware that horse riding is not included in permissible activities? In the village where I am locked in, and on the outskirts, I have seen several horse riders and there are fresh horse droppings in one of the village's main streets. One horse rider brought their mount in a horse box and parked in the street while they went for a ride. Meanwhile local village equine vet has closed his practice for the duration. So-called Animal welfare is no valid excuse as grass is growing in the paddocks to enable the beasts to look after themselves.
  11. Always remember to put brain into gear before engaging keyboard. You will get your wish if you pop your clogs in the near future.
  12. When you are in a hole, stop digging. There are many sources you could have checked before posting, and this is just one of them. Found by Google is your friends sesonds after reading your most recent post.
  13. You could borrow my car, and I suspect many others, once a month for your commute to charge our cars' batteries.
  14. It's still a hell of a walk for those in lockdown. It would take me about 10 hours, or 10 days recommended ration of "exercise"
  15. My late father had a smallholding in Lancashire in the 1960s where he had a flock 2000 hens for egg production. Except for eggs sold at the farm gate, the production went to Egg marketing Board. One batch of two gross, 288 eggs in old money, were determined to be below standard. He was paid six old pence per dozen, or 12 old shillings for the batch as they went for freezing for the catering sector.
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