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  1. Thanks I've amended, its a Coachman Pastiche
  2. I don't think it was every inspected until this year. Van is 3 years old, I changed my service provider after going back to my dealership the previous 2 years. Marquis at Preston are to be avoided for servicing, we had many problems with their work. I think you can check the air pressure in the tyre without taking it out. Lesson learnt, I will take it out a couple of times a year to make sure it's free.
  3. Following an annual caravan service the mechanic reported that the ALKO spare wheel carrier was seized & that he was unable to free it. Having got it home I took out the split pins on the chassis and removed the whole carrier, following a bit a bit of persuasion I managed to free the corroded tubes, (there was no way that anyone could have done this at the side of the road). On removal I found that the wheel nut & the special screw plate holding the wheel to the frame was also badly rusted, ALKO fit mild steel, terrible design for such exposure ALKO. I had to apply heat to the assembly to free the spare wheel. In the ALKO operating instructions, it states that the tubes should be cleaned at regular intervals, however it also states that the tubes should not be greased. I have greased the tubes liberally in replacing the rack, to prevent the ingress of water & hopefully stave off any further corrosion. Does anyone know why the tubes should not be greased or have any similar experience with this badly designed bit of ALKO technology? Thanks in anticipation.
  4. It seems I lost my water heater cover, I park my caravan close to a wall & didn't notice it was missing, it's been off all Winter. I now have sooty marks up the side of our caravan, presumably from what is now an inefficient gas heater. We do have a carbon monoxide alarm in the van but this weekend only used it during the day. I took off the grill to see if I could clean it out but did not remove the sealing frame attached to the caravan which the grill is screwed onto, it;s fixed with star screws. Any advice would be appreciated, can anyone recommend any service outlets around North Lancashire. The heater is a Truma Rapid XL. Thanks in anticipation. Dave
  5. Could anyone point me to a gas fitter in North Lancs. I have a failing regulator & understand its not a DIY job? Thanks in anticipation.
  6. Thanks Tigger, I'll check those out. Thanks for that, looks like it's time to change the head.
  7. I have an internally fitted pump in our Bailey pageant. It's started pumping when no water is being drawn so we've turned it off at night so we don't get disturbed. In the morning when the pumpis switched aff the pump runs for quite awhile, it seems there's air in the system & the hot water tank needs filling. I can't find any evidence of leaks around the plumbing of the pump & tank. The pump is 5 years old & I've just read in the Whale user guide that it recommends that the pump head is replaced every 5 years. I'd appreciate advice if anyone has had a similar problem. Thanks in anticipation.
  8. I have a Whale UV0814 & today the pump keeps going off every 10 seconds or so. I've checked for leaks etc but can't find a fault, could it be the pressure switch tha hats gone? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in anticipation Dave
  9. Hi Terry, I'm just getting round to installing my solar panel on the roof. Have you fitted a switch on your installation so you can turn the solar panel off, or do you leave it running constantly. Is it safe to leave it on constantly even when hooked up to mains? Cheers Dave
  10. Hi 4star, Could you point me I the direction of where to obtain the sealable glands. What size section & length of brackets do you recommend? Cheers Dave
  11. My understanding is that you can stay on a CL site for no more than 28 consecutive days, you must then be away for 4 days before you can return. Could anyone let me know what the procedure is if you stay say 20 days & then move on. Can you then return after one, two, three, or four days? Thanks in anticipation. Dave
  12. Does anyone use a 13Kg gas bottle in the front locker of their Bailey. Our Pageant Series 6 looks like the rings in the locker base would take the bottle provided its strong enough. We would have to check our nose weight but it should not be much more than two 6kg bottles? Any advise/experience on this would be appreciated. Thanks Dave
  13. Thanks all for the suggestions, I think I'll give up on the inverter idea. I like the engine suggestion, so we'll smoke the gammon joint at the exhaust & finish it off on the the griddle on the cylinder head, whilst we travel up the M6.
  14. Has anyone experience of running a slow cooker on a power inverter. I have a 300watt inverter, my slow cooker is 140 watts & my car battery is 74 amphrs. Thanks Dave
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