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  1. In need of a Brittany code if anyone can help me
  2. Why go abroad when there is a first class dealer near Dunstable MB Caravans big selection of vans at unbeatable prices
  3. I am 17 stone in weight and walk with no problem on the roof of our 650WFU Hobby i have also done the same on all five hobbies i have owned over the years
  4. Depending on which type skylight you have i have re sealed several over the years normally the inner part is held in place by a ball and socket arrangement which just allows the two parts to separate, they do take a bit of pressure to part them but once started it does part complete,when the inside part is removed there are screwed brackets holding the top part in place remove these then clean thourally the roof and top part i use silkafix to re seal
  5. Depending where you live the best dealers for hobby are MB Caravans at Dunstable the owner is Martin Berry he has large stocks of all models at the best prices available in the Uk
  6. www. leisureelectronicrepairs. co. uk Dave Brannon the best person for hobby electrics people with hobbies in Canada send there parts to him for quick repair.
  7. Well I have to agree with you about Camptech very poor customer relationship, my awning had 4 canopy poles missing which they tried to blame me for lossing the supplying dealer had a terrible fight with then to send replacements
  8. My route was Calais to Benidorm not knowing the best route I just followed my cars satnav first stop was Pontiac, then Zaragoza and finally Benidorm we did come into Spain at San Sebastian
  9. The agent Jeff Bowens is good when you want to buy but that's where it seems to end
  10. Well was of the ferry for 11. 30 and straight on the road tried the no toll road but could not hack it so jumped on to toll roads from Calais to Poiters tolls €78;10 I arrived at 19. 00 but had a hell of a time finding the campsite futuriste but got it in the end ended up in a car park full of campers but got asked to leave tomorrow Zaragoza.
  11. O dear that's not good to hear too late now mine arrives tomorrow!!
  12. Can you tell me if staying overnight at Futuriste camping can you just arrive at the site or do you need to make an advanced booking. Looking at review's it gets very mixed reviews mainly not very friendly reception staff, but for one night safe on a campsite will not put me off.
  13. Well I have taken the plunge and bought a Camptech Atlantis from Jeff Bowen awnings got a very good discounted price, it seem these awnings are manufacturered for an ex director of Dorema who has many years of experience in the business. Time will only tell but a new awning for not a lot more than some people ask for good secondhand.
  14. Arriving into Calais 2nd September 2018 Will have a look at that one we always have food with us so could manage one night!! Arrive into Calais 2nd September 2018 Brittany ferries to Spain just now are either full or very pricey
  15. Hi, Can some seasoned travelers help me with information on an first overnight stop leaving Calais about 10. 30 am 350 to 400 miles driving is not a problem for me i do have a large twin wheel caravan and some French sites are either tight to get on or do not like twin axle vans, all suggestions appreciated.
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