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  1. Using pins 9 and 13 to connect a battery is not a problem i have done it on many hobby caravans i have owned just make sure you have the polarity the right way round put a 20amp inline fuse in the + line and an on/off switch also you will need to move the jumper on the control panel for everything 12 volt to work. Regarding 12volt and 220 volt this is also no problem as there is an automatic switch over in the transformer then when there is no longer any 220volt it will switch to 12 volt
  2. The lights through a relay are usually the ones on dimmer switches i am by no way an electrician but if i have had a problem in the past the man who is expert on these boards is Dave Bannon he fixes them where as hobby say they cannot be fixed only replaced at a big price http://www.leisureelectronicrepairs.co.uk/?fbclid=IwAR1l2cFWDLTjMo42H4CPYUmUiC_RmNXpvnQSm1WcIc2Lg5EXibzjXfPt8H8 You do not say what year your van is but most boards are standard
  3. For starters do you have the original hobby table
  4. The front cover on my fire is in good condition and stays fixed during travels, my problem is the front fins in the grill have come away just on one side, anyone else had this occur? I have not had the front off to look yet but can the fins be changed and bought separately there are plenty of new/second-hand fronts on ebay but at a price
  5. Depending on the year of the caravan you can download operator's manual from the internet for spares JG Trading are good or these are very competitive until the dreaded brexit https://www.hobby-fendt-caravan-spares.com/Hobby-caravan-spare-parts
  6. Thank you for your email. Unfortunately we are not operating this offer at this time, however keep your eye on our offers page for the most up to date offers. I would also like to note that by booking furthest in advance, you will get a cheaper fare. If we can help you with anything else, please don't hesitate to contact us at the address below or by email at the following address:
  7. never thought of doing it that way and i am a club member thanks for the tip
  8. Can anyone tell me if P&O still offer caravans free on their weekend sailing to either Zeebrugge or Rotterdam i know they used to but maybe i am living in the old times
  9. Just had a quote through for the replacement of a new front window for a 2009 690 SMF Vip and it is a staggering £1,320;00 the reason given for the high cost is everything has to be replaced due to the original window supplier no longer being availabe. These windows are used in many hobbies so owner be carful and when looking at second-hand vans look carefully at the windows as they are all an expensive item to replace I did try eeco windows but this size of window is too big for their press
  10. In need of a Brittany code if anyone can help me
  11. Why go abroad when there is a first class dealer near Dunstable MB Caravans big selection of vans at unbeatable prices
  12. I am 17 stone in weight and walk with no problem on the roof of our 650WFU Hobby i have also done the same on all five hobbies i have owned over the years
  13. Depending on which type skylight you have i have re sealed several over the years normally the inner part is held in place by a ball and socket arrangement which just allows the two parts to separate, they do take a bit of pressure to part them but once started it does part complete,when the inside part is removed there are screwed brackets holding the top part in place remove these then clean thourally the roof and top part i use silkafix to re seal
  14. Depending where you live the best dealers for hobby are MB Caravans at Dunstable the owner is Martin Berry he has large stocks of all models at the best prices available in the Uk
  15. www. leisureelectronicrepairs. co. uk Dave Brannon the best person for hobby electrics people with hobbies in Canada send there parts to him for quick repair.
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