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  1. chrisbee

    Blocking Police Speed Detection

    Often when a court case is reported in the press they say "former soldier" xxx did such & such. Seldom do you see "former gas fitter" or any other occupation, even if they've being doing that twice as long.
  2. chrisbee

    M20 closure 26/1/19 advice please

    When it was closed the other w/e it was chaos around Ashford and on the A20 diversion. I'd be inclined to use the A2 all the way to Dover then back along the A20, especially if towing. It's a bit farther but straightforward.
  3. chrisbee

    Window seals.

    Where from Danny?
  4. I turned up at Camping Bled for an overnight on my way to Croatia in June last year without a booking and found it to be full. I had passed Camping Sobec on the way so decided to stay there. A bit pricey for a pitch but there was loads of room and the restaurant served a decent meal.
  5. chrisbee

    London travel

    Slightly out of date. A lot of the later busses now read bus passes from outside London, you just tap them on the card reader, but I've not noticed anything to tell you that. Normally the driver will just point at the card reader and give a bored look when you show him your pass.
  6. chrisbee

    Cost of electricity

    On my last trip all the sites I stayed in in Holland, Luxemburg, Germany and France charged a flat rate per night for hook up. It varied from €3 to €4-50 although that seemed high to me for the amount used on an overnight stop, especially when it was sometimes only a 6 amp supply.
  7. chrisbee

    Hartal Door Flyscreen Repair?

    Mine broke 2 years ago, must get round to repairing it sometime. In the meantime I've fitted a chenille hanging fly curtain like this which works a treat and of course is easier to use as you just walk through it. Once I've repaired the original Hartal screen it'll stay unused because it's bound to break again.
  8. chrisbee

    Bikes on A frame

    Why not?
  9. chrisbee

    Tow vehicles over 3500 kgs

    What address does he use to register the vehicle?
  10. chrisbee

    Trips to France X2

    I looked at using Britannia but it was not clear if they would repair/recover the caravan if it was faulty. They just say "Caravans and trailers recovered if attached to your vehicle" but this could just mean if your car breaks down whilst towing they will also recover the caravan. Not a lot of use were a wheel bearing to fail on the caravan for example. I went with RP again.
  11. chrisbee

    Elddis Rear Panel Top Corner Caps

    How would a service have stopped the panel cracking?
  12. Cheers for that Pete. That's the route I would normally take. Will have to check out the diversion solo before I collect the 'van.
  13. Where exactly is the road closure dustypete? I normally leave via Marden Rd to join the A229 Station road at the traffic lights. According to Kent highways there are road works but no road closures. As I come from the Maidstone direction (solo) when I check the caravan I enter via Clapper lane so don't actually pass the road works but there's no way I would take my 'van back along that lane. I'm due to go away in a couple of weeks time.
  14. chrisbee

    Qualified To Drive!

    So are they saying you keep the car in gear with clutch & footbrake down? What happens if the road is not flat, just hope the car doesn't roll back? I was taught, where possible, to watch the cross lights and drivers reactions on the cross road to try and anticipate my red & amber so I'm ready to go on green. Even if I can't see them, I'd like to think that the red/amber (or should I say orange now?) phase gives me time to get in gear ready for the off as soon as green appears.
  15. chrisbee

    Qualified To Drive!

    There must have been lots of changes since I took my test in 1967. One thing that stands out is that at red traffic lights the learners brake lights stay on. I was taught handbrake on, out of gear, feet off pedals but this is obviously not how it's done now. Also, do they use the park brake or 'hill start control' for hill starts?