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  1. I always remove the paint before towing, otherwise you will contaminate the hitch pads.
  2. Agree with all of the above,plus found air awnings too heavy. We tried five different brands of air awning, have now gone back to a Isabella Ambassador full size awning.
  3. The original post was about the increase at Church Farm, a site we really like, but that is a 40% increase on last year. The caravan club handbook demonstrates the current uncertainty of site prices this year, my comment was has anybody else noticed a substantial increase on sites they often use? I did find one site I think in Hampshire which was charging £95. 00 a night on a bank hoilday, for that I would expect someone to come and cook breakfast! Peter
  4. We have justed started to plan next years Hoilday, one site we really liked last year was Church Farm at Aldebrough which was £25. 00 per night, the same pitch this year will be £35. 00 per night. I know this is for a fully serviced pitch but that is a substantial percentage increase and is not their high season rate. i have a feeling that this year will see many site price increases for example the C&MC only quotes the minimum price in its new handbook. Are camp sites taking advantage of Brexit because people may avoid going abroad. For us it’s now back to an extended stay in France provided we can get the dogs papers sorted in time because his passport maybe no longer valid but that’s another story. Anyone else noticed such large increases.
  5. tiz

    Truma ultraflow

    Many thanks for your reply, we will continue to operate without the filter. we never had water filters in the old days, I go back to using a foot pump with a cold supply only. again many thanks
  6. We have a lunar ultima 570 which was new in June. We are currently on holiday and have had problems with the water supply being very slow, at times almost nonexistent. After trying several potential solutions I removed the filter and the result was brilliant, the best shower I have ever had in a van. My question is how safe is the system with the increased pressure ? Is there a danger of the pressure blowing one of the joints ? We are currently on a serviced pitch using an adapter into an aqua role. we don’t drink the water from the tap so not bothered about using filtered water.
  7. tiz

    axle problems?

    I have a 2013 unicorn 2 Cadiz, we have had all the usual problems of damp around the shower, it’s had four repairs one each year in the bathroom. This time I thought we had solved the problem and because we really like the van was hoping that this would be our last van. I am in my seventies, we also have a static van so I don’t want to invest any more monies in a tourer. However I am now worried about the suspension, I have measured the gap at the top of the wheel which appears to be 35mm, just above the minimum allowance which I believe to be 25 mm. This seems to be a very small gap between the tyre and the wheel arch, I wondered what other owners think and what is the normal gap.
  8. Many thanks, I have changed ferry from June to September, Red Pennant amended by telephone no problem at all.
  9. Has anyone changed their holiday dates with red pennant insurance. We want to change a trip to France from June to September. Can I alter my insurance from June to September? Caravan club insurance office not open until Monday. many thanks Peter
  10. Hi, I tow with a Ford Kuga automatic petrol engine. The caravan is a Bailey Unicorn Cadiz 1500kg. It tows very well but a little heavy on fuel. Great car very pleased, the last three cars have been automatics and I won’t drive anything else now, great when towing especially in heavy traffic.
  11. Many thanks for your replies, that’s a great help we have alternative sites to chose from. Caravan talk never lets you down. Thanks again Peter
  12. We are booked on Brittany Ferries from Portsmouth to Caen, returning from Caen the first week in July. Our ferry is 08. 30 which means we have to check in at around 06. 30 (we have a dog). Has anybody caught this ferry if so is there a site you can recommend which allows us to leave early, or do you stay on the dock if so what time do you arrive to check in.
  13. I have a Isabella ambassador 850 awning cut down to use as smaller awning, which we have had for about 5 years. However I shall be selling in the spring we are replacing with a new walker porch awning. The one I am selling is in good condition if anyone is interested.
  14. tiz

    ACSI 2018

    Ours arrived today, I presume I can update the app in January.
  15. Try Yorkshire Leisure in Bawtry, probably one of the best displays of awnings in the area and reasonably priced to.
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