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  1. Whats a relay? I thought it was a race Yeah all lights working fine
  2. This is a first for me, hoping someone can give me some advice So when we indicate when towing there is an audible sound that tells us that the indicator on the van is working. Well my towcar has started making the audible sound when the van isnt on the back but only when indicating right. Anyone ever come accross this? Toyotal Rav4 13plate and Witter detachable swan neck. Any help much appreciated.
  3. I have one of the above on my Rav-4 fitted about three years ago. Perfectly happy with it and no issues so far. Last time I towed with it though I noticed I could move the detachable component slightly when it was locked in place. I tried taking it out and putting it back in several times but that made no difference. Its very slight but definitely there. Even though I've just noticed this I suppose it could have been there from day 1, or not as the case may be. Can anybody tell me if this is normal/usual ?
  4. Im in the UK and I access BT Sport via the Sky platform at home. I have no idea what an LNB skew is though! No way this wifi will allow streaming its pants. Nothing I've tried has worked so far. And for info - Despite my username I am not a Newcastle supporter
  5. Thanks both ive tried fine tuning without luck including adjusting the skew
  6. Any helpful replies would be much appreciated
  7. Wondering if anyone can help please. I am onsite and have my sky digibox hooked up via a maxview dish. Ive got 80% strength and 72% quality. Perfect picture on all Sky channels but BT Sport says 'no satellite picture being received' anybody know whats up?
  8. Found it. In the bottom of my 'Van Toolbox'. What an idiot. Thanks for the advice everyone
  9. Thanks for your replies but its not looking good, still no sign. What are my options for getting them replaced?
  10. I cannot for the life of me find the locking wheel nut key/socket for my S2 Madrid. Obviously I dont want to tow until I have found it or replaced the bolts. Can anyone tell me where theirs was when they picked up their van? With the jack, in a box, handed to them by the dealer etc.
  11. Thanks for the reply. Max wind tonight is 42mph gusts, awning is pegged out and I have the tie down kit on as well
  12. First year I've had a full awning and Im onsite at the moment. Its a bit windy outside and the awning is creaking, is this normal?
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