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  1. Hi Andy, how the heck does that work, solids won't go down that pipe or is it for something else?
  2. I have had a PM from my doctors last week letting my that as soon as they have the vaccine they will contact me to come in and be vaccinated, hopefully next month.
  3. Have a look here. God luck
  4. Hi Benny, Charliefarlie is the guy that you need to Talk to, he knows everything about Rav4's. I can't help you with the petrol 2.0 Ltr one but my 2.2 diesel is just great. Been towing with mine for 10 years now and I can't fault it. Bonne Chance
  5. Does anyone on here know how to cancel a continual subscription with ACSI? I have tried looking on their site but can not find anything or do I have to just telephone them? TIA Doosan
  6. The CMC shop are offering a code to buy this charger direct from RoadPro with 10% off using this code CTEK MXS 10, not sure if you have to go through CMC or whether you can buy it direct from RoadPro and insert the 10% off code. It works out at £98.98 saving £11. Bonne Chance
  7. Doosan

    Fantastic idea

    All the best ideas are the simplest. Thanks you for the tip.
  8. I stayed on a CL site just outside Battle, East Sussex and there were 2 pitches that required 2 lead connected together and the owner supplied the extra lead as it was a known problem.
  9. I must say I do like my slice of bread chucked into the frying pan with the juices from the bacon and fry until crispy, lovely jubbly.
  10. I have the same one and mine came from a caravan shop and had mine about the same time as you. The only thing that I find is the size of the slice of bread that fits into the slots, they are quite shallow so I would say check what depth you will need.
  11. Have a read of this https://www.towcar.info/towing.php it might help you.
  12. Last month we were driving from Kent to Dorset and as I was approaching Wareham it hit me that I forgot to put my hook up lead in. A quick diversion to Hunters Moon CMC and purchased a new one. Then back on the road to the site I was going to that was about 5 miles away but it's only a basic site and no shop.
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