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  1. Reading the posts on here, it seems to be six of one & half a dozen of the other. What ever you do is your choice. I have never opened cupboard doors for the winter in 36 years of caravanning and never had a problem.
  2. I have never seen anything like that and think it might be a bad idea as the awning channel would not be strong enough to take the stresses produced by winds etc.
  3. I have found this bit of info from the Caravan Club Forum that might help you. Have a read HERE. Hope this helps.
  4. , It just wouldn't fit...
  5. Kathy, I don't have a problem with the wheel lock, that and the hitch lock go on as they are insurance required. I would like to see some one try to pull it out from where it is parked though.
  6. After the Tom-Tom update fiasco early this year I would never touch one. Garmin for me every time. Just my opinion.
  7. My Pageant will be 13 years old next March and I have always stood on the roof to clean it twice a year and never had a problem. You do have to be careful as it can be slippery.
  8. I'm not tech minded but when I found out it was called a Hyperlink (about 2 years ago) I just Googled it and found it on Youtube.
  9. Come on Katy1000, did this solve your problem? I suspect we will never know. I have looked on Katy1000 profile and the caravan is a static Lyndhurst
  10. The bonus of parking my caravan like this is that the caravans door lines up perfectly with my rear gate, so we load the caravan completely out of sight of prying eyes.
  11. Yes, you are right Susan. I can reverse quiet good but not the good...lol
  12. Due to local councils rules & regulations I have to park my caravan past the frontage of my property so as not to be seen. It is a bit tight though.
  13. Or you can use a hyperlink like look here.
  14. Had our BAILEY Pageant Champagne for nearly 13 years now, it's clean, dry and suits our needs, so no reason to change, simple.
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