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  1. Doosan

    Water problem

    I always change mine at the beginning of the season and carry some spare ones with me just in case.
  2. The new Avtex L219DRS-PRO now has the facility to record one program while watching another in FreeView of Satellite. Be prepared to pay a lot though. https://www.avtex.co.uk/tv-dvd-2/l219drs-pro
  3. Is it these type of lights? If so they are mains powered. It might be easier to try and remove to whole lamp and replace with a new type on both sides. I'm sure a caravan shop might be able to help with replacements.
  4. Hi Barry1506, to the Forum. Carver have been taken over by Truma so you may have call them and ask. I personally haven't heard of covers for movers but then I don't know everything TRUMA website here. Bonne Chance Doosan
  5. There was a chap on a site I was on 3 weeks ago and he had one of these and I thought the same as Ern, just asking to be taken. At £600+ I would need to take it in when not in use.
  6. Have a look at THIS. Hope it helps.
  7. Yep, definitely coaxial. You will need about 25 meters of coaxial lead, some sites will hire them out for a small fee.
  8. I personally think you are asking on the wrong forum. Why not post your question on a motorhome conversion forum, they will have a lot of people on there that have probably ask the same question.
  9. I removed the 2 plugs in one of my front windows in early March this year and what with Covid I forgot to replace them. 3 weeks ago while away my wife noticed a large spider outside the window, when I looked it was inside the window, must of crawled in through the hole and died in there. Now it's there forever...
  10. What about the tap & hose to rinse your cassette out with? Just a thought. Just like people using a pen or key to input their pin # at ATM's.
  11. Hope you wipe down you cassette door, key, hot tap in your van and anything else you may of touched with wipes? Just in case.
  12. Could you coil it up in a bucket and cover it with a mixture of puriclean and water, just a thought.
  13. But, on the plus side, Wales has opened up it's campsites.
  14. I was on Smedmore caravan site 2 weeks ago and this site doesn't have any facilities. 2 small motorhomes turned up (different times) and promptly erected toilet tents to the rear of their vehicle, I can only assume that they washed themselves via the kitchen sink.
  15. Travellers returning to England from Spain will have to quarantine for 14 days from Sunday morning https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-53540691
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