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  1. The bonus of parking my caravan like this is that the caravans door lines up perfectly with my rear gate, so we load the caravan completely out of sight of prying eyes.
  2. Yes, you are right Susan. I can reverse quiet good but not the good...lol
  3. Due to local councils rules & regulations I have to park my caravan past the frontage of my property so as not to be seen. It is a bit tight though.
  4. Or you can use a hyperlink like look here.
  5. Had our BAILEY Pageant Champagne for nearly 13 years now, it's clean, dry and suits our needs, so no reason to change, simple.
  6. Doosan

    Useful APPS

    I have 4 parking apps that I find really useful in as much that you don't have to fumble about for change and try to guess how long you will need to pay for. I usually pay for the first hour and then while you are away from your car you have the option to top up where ever you are at the time, so if you don't like a place it only costs you the first hour.
  7. I have a Satgear 60 cm dish with the easy find LNB and worked fine for me down near Figeac. I did find that I couldn't get ITV HD channels but could receive them in SD, all BBC channel worked in HD. That was this year, August/Sept. My TV is Visionplus 21.5 with built in satellite tuner.
  8. Funny you said that, this site is about 8 miles from Durdle Dor.
  9. You are verifying my thoughts. Thanks for the reply. My door is at the back and that makes it close to the ground.
  10. I have been offered a seasonal pitch on a site that is really un level. The site recommends that the caravan is pitched at a 45’ angle to the slope, but this will bring the n/s front corner about 1 meter high and the o/s rear corner about 7.5 cm off the ground. What I would like to know is could I put a full awning up or would it look all wrong? Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem?
  11. I for one was completely satisfied with a major repair to my S6 Pageant that was completed in January 2011 after being in there Bristol factory for 6 weeks including Christmas. Some of Caravan Talk long time members might well remember my posts. A small hole was found in the roof near the aerial by my dealer while conducting its' 3rd service. Bailey had the van back and replaced the whole roof with all its' furniture, also it had a new front and rear panels fitted with windows. When I received back is was like a brand new van. My last service in March this year showed my caravan being completely dry, so not bad for a caravan that will be 13 years old next March. Good luck 32bits with caravan and hope you have the same experience and out come as I have received.
  12. Just a side note, the Tour de France stage 10 will visit il de Re next year on the 7th of July.
  13. This is the valve in the open position.
  14. I was always taught to never assume anything. If the red knobs are pointing towards the pipes they should be open and if pointing away from the pipes the gas should be off. The knobs will turn 360 degrees. I would do what charlieboy2608 suggested.
  15. There should be a separate isolation switch for each gas appliance, as in the first part of the video where he goes into his cupboard, yours will probably be in a different place. If may pay you to have a full service on your van as it is new to you. The engineer will be trained to service gas heaters and it may just need a clean out. Bonne chance
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