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  1. That's how I understood your previous comment, Andy.
  2. Hi SRED, it looks like you will have to buy the complete assembly. This company sell it HERE for £35.66 but it's out of stock at the moment.
  3. Hi Joey, when you are trying to fill the water system do you have a tap open, preferably the one furthest from the pump? You have to purge the system of air first. Hope you get it sorted.
  4. Does your TV have the preset channels that are needed? If not they have to be downloaded before you can go any further. Do you have the trouble shooting guide with you? If you do, have you read #2 paragraph 2 ? Is you tv set to the Astra 28.2E ?
  5. I wonder, does anyone on here actually know of anyone or read anywhere of anyone becoming very ill caused by drinking the water from their caravan or motorhome water system? I personally haven't heard of anyone and after 35+ years of caravanning myself, wife and children haven't.
  6. Joelpx to the Forum. I think you might need one of THESE. Good luck.
  7. I gave up using the Whale WF3000 filters due to the cost (£15 + each ) and now use THESE from Bags4everything, 2 replacement filters cost £8. Works fine for me.
  8. I remember a few years ago on Caravan Talk a guy came on claiming he had designed a ball jockey wheel and was asking questions to members for their thoughts and comments. He had pictures of the wheel but I just don't know what happened about it or him. I also think he was looking for investment as well.
  9. I feel your pain. Is your caravan insured? If so contact them right away. Is you caravan new, newish or old as the cost of replacing a roof is an expensive job, I know from experience. Good luck. Doosan
  10. Apparently they are not selling online at the moment due to high demand, according to their website.
  11. I did mention how the fan works in my post #4.
  12. After you have had your heater on for about 15min's you can then turn on the fan. The control on the right of your heater is the fan control, set it on #3 and move the switch on to A (for automatic) and the fan should come on, if it does't come on then it could be that control is broken, they are not cheap. https://www.primaleisure.com/product/1020067/truma-ultraheat-teb-control-panel-knob-for-fire-
  13. Because of this sort of problem and also because I have a rear door mounted spare wheel, I opted for the Witter StowBar tow bar. In my opinion the safest removable tow bar on the market and doesn't need a key.
  14. Going by his profile info it's a Abi Sunstar 1994
  15. to the Forum. I would start by doing some measurements to see where you want it to start and finish, but i think you may have a job missing a window.
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