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  1. Am I the only one the received an email about what is happening with the CMC a week before the magazine came through my door?
  2. Could you not get in touch with your holiday insurance company and ask them the question?
  3. Has anybody seen this YouTube video? An interesting argument about Corona virus that makes you think. It has subtitles but stick with it.
  4. Our Bailey Pageant had it's 13 service 2 weeks ago and all was good. The highest reading was 12% but was told that this was good considering the wet winter we have had.
  5. to the forum Steve, I sounds like it might be a thermostat problem or setting. A picture of the heater and the controls on the wall of the heaters heat settings and thermostat would be a great help.
  6. Sorry I can't answer your question. I have a friend who has been wintering on Camping La Manga- Capfun and was told yesterday that they are refusing entry to the site for new arrivals and and friends of people staying there. He says they are only allowed out for food shopping and medications,
  7. I owned a Burstner 455 German import and that had a 12 volt transformer and no battery so you had to go onto pitches with electric hook ups. Some times the 12 volt system would shut down and I would have to twiddle with fuses and then all would be fine. PS the OP states in his first sentence that his caravan is a Abi Jubilee caravan.
  8. Camping La Ferme de Perdigat Is a great friendly, family run site with swimming pool and restaurant on site, also childrens play area. This site is just outside Limeuil where the Vezere meets the Dordogne and is great for swimming. The site also does canoeing. I have been here twice, including last year and can certainly recommend. The owners speak good English.
  9. I have the Emovis tag (formally SANEF) and they have sent me an Email saying that my tag needs replacing as the battery is getting low. All I have to do post it back to them in Yorkshire and the will refund my deposit and I have to order a new one at the same time and they will post the new one off.
  10. Oh, by the way I did do the compare sites and found that the CMC was very comparable to other Insurance company's. Because of an accident in France (not my fault) 19 months ago, Towergate refused to insure me, very strange.
  11. I have had no such problem with Garmin, my Grandson has my old Nuvi (13 years old) and I just done a map update for last weekend for Western Europe and all downloaded in 1.5 Hrs.
  12. Hi Durbanite, no I wasn't aware of that. Thanks for that bit of information. I think that I will have to phone them and ask the question. Dave
  13. Andy, I know that with Garmin, Life Time means just that so I would of thought that if TT are saying that then it must be so. Could you not just phone their customer services and ask the question?
  14. Just had my quote for my caravan insurance renewal from the CMC and it's cheaper than last year. Last year I paid £208.04 and the new quote is £ 174.29. Also an accident that I had in France in June 2018 has just been settled. Some of you may remember that a young French girl drove into the back of my caravan driving along the A7 in Provence. I can't praise the CMC Red Pennant Ins enough, you do get what you pay for. Dave
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