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  1. I use a product called One dry wash. When I arrive on site and the front and rear of my caravan has flies and road dirt on it this spray cleans it off in no time. It's also brilliant for removing those black run marks that you get under windows and locker doors. Doosan.
  2. I know you have ordered a new one but most caravan shops will sell them. Have a read here it might help you. Good luck.
  3. Hi Ady238, I think yours is non-pressurized water system. Do you have a pump that drops into the barrel outside? If so is could well be the micro switches on the tap has packed up.
  4. Sorry, yes you are right £100 in Tesco vouchers was what I meant = £300 towards tunnel price. I had to put £56 to that to pay for my my trip through the tunnel last week of June first 2 weeks of July. I would say that Andy, the guy that took my booking, did say that booking now could be cheaper as prices MAY go up as we move into the new year.
  5. UPDATE. I have just booked Eurotunnel for next July (Using £300 of Tesco vouches) and found the procedure very easy, Andy of Eurotunnel was a great help. One thing I would say is that the 1 year that you can move your dates starts from the day of booking, so this means that I can only move forward by 2 months, if that makes sense. Thanks everyone for your help. Doosan
  6. Thanks for letting us know that, gives a bit of reassurance if things go wrong.
  7. Thanks Coldog. Thanks Ashley, I’m the same as you with £100 in vouchers.
  8. Good morning all. I am looking at changing my Tesco Club vouchers for a return ticket next year with the Tunnel. Could some one explain in simple terms how to do this, not having done it before. I have looked on the Tesco website and i am a bit confused, doesn't take much...
  9. As much as they can, would be my answer...
  10. My van is the Pageant and my shower room light has a mesh on it but I find lots of Silver Birch seed in it from my tree, they look like the fleur-de-lis shape, they get in every where. So yes I think it's to do with ventilation. No rain gets in.
  11. Thanks all for your suggestions, some food for thought.
  12. Cleaned my 14 year old Pageant yesterday but just couldn’t remove the stains/marks on the front handles. Does anyone have any suggestions, please? I have tried plastic cleaner.
  13. On GMB this morning they are debating should caravans have a curfew at peak times to ease traffic jams.
  14. Or, it was a bad design, as it shows that the catch has been updated.
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