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  1. I can't understand why your dealer didn't ask you about booking a service for the following year when you collected your van. Most of us book a year in advance because of this very problem. Your best bet is to try and book a mobile engineer as others have said. Good luck.
  2. There are loads of dinghies to chose from here in Dover at the moment and lots more coming in each day.
  3. Here is a gas strut calculator that might help. https://www.gasspringsshop.co.uk/gas-spring-calculator/
  4. Thanks guys for the reply’s. I have just borrowed a Pozidriver and that worked fine. 👍
  5. Does anyone know what I need to undo these screws holding my old smoke alarm? I have just tried a standard Philips screwdriver with no luck, just won’t budge.
  6. It's an age thing, Bakelite is a for runner of plastic and plugs, pan handles were made of it. When a pan handle was to close to a flame the smell was very obnoxious and not pleasant. Read here about Bakelite.
  7. A friend of mine had this in a caravan and he found the handle to the pan in the oven had dropped down onto the burner and it was burning. His handle must have bounced out of the pan while traveling, 🙄
  8. Do what Martin Lewis says, "Buy half now and the rest when you are going away."
  9. These are very good IF you are plugging into a socket in your garage but are not very good plugged into an outside garden socket, I speak from experience. I now have a spare lead and converted one end with standard 3 pin plug and this works fine for me.
  10. Hi and Have a read here that might help you.
  11. When using gas to heat your water you must first remove the cowl fitted to the outside wall. You say that it worked fine on gas one time but not now. Is the gas turned on everywhere? Do you have gas in your bottle and is it Propane as this works better in cold conditions? The gas will take a few minuets to come through before it ignites. You may be better off pulling the fuse to the electric side of the heater so as not to trip your house electrics. Good luck. Doosan
  12. Make sure you have applied the caravans hand break first (if on a hill) as the caravan my just get away from you.
  13. I am thinking now that given some of the comments, that I might be wrong. Like I said I haven't booked a club site for quite a while but I do book overseas sites every year with the exception of last year and they always add 2 adults that you can add to or take one off, so I think this has been what I am thinking of. I must be getting old...
  14. That's is exactly what happened. Didn't it use to be the price included the pitch + 2 people?
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